The Boy Who Lost His FaceThe Boy Who Lost His Face

And when he finally gets his nerve up to ask out a cute girl, his trousers fall down midway! But is this the curse at work or is David turning into a total loser? Another witty and very clever tale by the master storyteller Louis Sachar.

Author: Louis Sachar

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408850336


Page: 210

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CURSED! David was only trying to be cool when he helped some other boys steal an old lady's cane. But when the plan backfires, he is the one whom she 'curses'. Now David can't seem to do anything right. The cool kids taunt him and his only friends are weirdos. He even walks into Spanish class with his fly unzipped! And when he finally gets his nerve up to ask out a cute girl, his trousers fall down midway! But is this the curse at work or is David turning into a total loser? Another witty and very clever tale by the master storyteller Louis Sachar.

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LOUIS SACHAR The Boy Who Lost His Face New York : Knopf , 1989 ALVIN SCHWARTZ Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark New. Wanting to be a member of the popular crowd , David joins Roger , Scott , and Randy in a cruel prank .

Author: American Library American Library Association

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 0838908306


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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, A Wrinkle in Time, Blubber, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - these are some of the most beloved, and most challenged, books, Leaving controversial titles such as these out of your collection or limiting their access is not the answer to challenges. The best-selling Hit List series gives you the information you need to defend challenged books with an informed response, all the while ensuring free access to young book lovers. Featuring 24 hot button books, Hit List for Children 2 presents a who's who of children's literature writers including Dahl, Allard, Blume, Rowling, Stine, L'Engle, Lowry, and Naylor. With a profile of each book that includes its plot, characters, published reviews, awards and prizes, and author resources, you will be prepared to answer even the toughest attacks. The most recent and compelling challenges are also discussed so that you will be prepared to address specific points. Eleven new books have been added to the second edition including Mommy Laid an Egg, the Alice series, Witches, and Guess What? For any librarian who feels alone on the front lines of the free access debate, the appendix reassuringly details wha

The Boy Who Lost His SightThe Boy Who Lost His Sight

Looking up with a prepared smile, I was startled to face Aiden Hunt right in front of me. He had on jeans and a Blue Hill yellow apron tied around his waist that matched his cap. “Ellie?” He seemed equally surprise.

Author: Bella Zamri

Publisher: Terfaktab Media

ISBN: 9789670774541


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Away from Lenoir, Ellie Burke found a place to breathe again. A brighter home surrounded with her loved ones. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to change her life. Everything seemed perfect enough - until she met Riley Flynn. A mysterious young boy with a devilish smile, silently living with a traumatic secret buried away from others. In the midst of rain, uncertainty and burning desire - Ellie Burke finally found her salvation. But when there is hope, there is always a risk for major heartbreak. [Terfaktab] [Write & Brave]


He clutched his trousers in his free hand and turned back to the little house outside the Gate to find the Witch-girl. What would she make of the dog ... The stupid dog jumped up and put his paws on the Boy's chest andlicked his face.



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A boy is driven, nameless, from his village for stealing food. A girl is abandoned by her apparently loving parents. They meet and travel together following strange voices that seem to be calling his lost name.

The Boy who Lost His BirthdayThe Boy who Lost His Birthday

I was like a child pressing his face against a department store window, looking through the glass but unable to enter. My father had secured a job as a registrar of graves at the central Jewish cemetery in Budapest.

Author: Laszlo Berkowits

Publisher: Government Institutes

ISBN: 9780761840657


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The author describes his life and experiences in Hungary during the Holocaust and his eventual journey to the United States to become an influential spiritual leader and rabbi.

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The Boy Who Lost His Face . 1997. 198p . Random House . AGES 9-12 After taunting an elderly woman , Danny Ballinger loses his popularity at school when he receives a curse , and he quickly learns the price of popularity .

Author: Pat Scales

Publisher: American Library Association

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As a standard-bearer for intellectual freedom, the school librarian is in an ideal position to collaborate with teachers to not only protect the freedom to read but also ensure that valued books with valuable lessons are not quarantined from the readers for whom they were written.

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CD 13 The Boy Who Lost His Face by Louis Sachar In his review of Holes , Ken says that Louis Sachar's books are boys ' books , but Ken doesn't mention that lots of girls love Louis Sachar books too . Here is a chapter from The Boy Who ...


Publisher: Gyldendal Uddannelse

ISBN: 870207799X


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There s a Boy in the Girls BathroomThere s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom

Louis Sachar. Read an excerpt from THE BOY WHO LOST HIS FACE by LOUIS SACHAR Excerpt copyright © 1989 by Louis Sachar. Published in the. Excerpt from The Boy Who Lost His Face.

Author: Louis Sachar

Publisher: Yearling

ISBN: 9780307797117


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The beloved bestseller from Newbery Medalist and National Book Award winner Louis Sachar (Holes), with a brand-new cover! “Give me a dollar or I’ll spit on you.” That’s Bradley Chalkers for you. He’s the oldest kid in the fifth grade. He tells enormous lies. He picks fights with girls, and the teachers say he has serious behavior problems. No one likes him—except Carla, the new school counselor. She thinks Bradley is sensitive and generous, and she even enjoys his far-fetched stories. Carla knows that Bradley could change, if only he weren’t afraid to try. But when you feel like the most hated kid in the whole school, believing in yourself can be the hardest thing in the world. . . .

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The Boy Who Lost His Face, Louis Sachar 49 American literary breakthrough. In the late 2000s, the book was adapted first as a play and then as a film. Both received positive critical reactions. While many readers have appreciated the ...

Author: Zeke Jarvis

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

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Censorship has been an ongoing phenomenon even in "the land of the free." This examination of banned books across U.S. history examines the motivations and effects of censorship, shows us how our view of right and wrong has evolved over the years, and helps readers to understand the tremendous importance of books and films in our society. • Provides readers with a broad understanding of the different levels of censorship • Puts challenges to books into historical context of societal standards and current events • Takes both historical and literary perspectives, recognizing the lasting cultural influences of texts and their literary significance • Presents biographical background of major authors who have been challenged • Identifies the source and explains the result of challenges to the most important or influential banned books • Compares challenges to controversial books against similar challenges to controversial films, television shows, and video games