Woodcock Status Report 1965Woodcock Status Report 1965

All of the check routes were covered by the same Bureau employee so that a correction factor could be computed for ... Consider now the Blue Jay sightings for the same ten observers on the same Maryland route , as shown in figure 5 .

Author: William H. Goudy


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Banding is one of the most important elements in the study of migratory game bird populations. Over 3,100 woodcock were banded in North America during 1965, with major programs conducted in Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, and West Virginia.

Ecological Distribution of Breeding Birds in the Upland Forests of Southern WisconsinEcological Distribution of Breeding Birds in the Upland Forests of Southern Wisconsin

that canopy density is the only , or even main , factor involved in habitat selection until more information is available . Two other possible factors in the distribution of the blue jay in this continuum are suggested from the data ...

Author: Richard Randolph Bond


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Baseball and the Blame GameBaseball and the Blame Game

One factor explaining this marked rise was a scoring change in which a pitcher was charged with a wild pitch (or a ... The highest number was 83, roughly one every other game, recorded by the ¡993 Toronto Blue Jays, whose sta› ace, ...

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Most baseball fans know what links Fred Merkle, Fred Snodgrass, Mickey Owen and Bill Buckner. It's a pantheon of public failure. They would be harder put to say what links Eric Byrnes, Tony Fernandez, and Babe Ruth, though these players made misplays every bit as egregious. In this smart, highly readable history of scapegoating, John Billheimer identifies the elements that combine to condemn one player to a life sentence while another gets a wrist slap for the same offense. As it turns out, the difference between a lower-case e in some forgotten box score and a lifetime of ignominy can hinge on a number of factors, including timing, geography, reputation, misunderstanding, media bias, and just plain bad luck.

The Kid ChroniclesThe Kid Chronicles

Empathy is another factor that pulls Tren to Jesse James. When Tren and Blue Jay reach the casket, she looks at Blue Jay with sympathetic eyes as she rubs his back. He touches his sisters cold face covered in makeup to cover the bruises ...

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The story centers on two social workers who lead a support group for students with behavior disorders who have committed a violent offense at school. The participants and their mothers have been ordered by the court to participate in the seven-session program. Mrs. Campbell, the facilitator of the boys’ group, uses gritty, entertaining stories to help the ten boys make emotional connections to their behavior.


Spring Migration Of Wisconsin Blue Jays light and continued until about 10 o'clock in the morning . ... Migrations started shortly after dayDabbri Speed and direction of the wind is a big factor in blue jay migration , especially in ...



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