The Black Book of the AdmiraltyThe Black Book of the Admiralty

1 Vol. V.-—-l562. Vol. II.-—l559-1560. Vol. VI.-1563. Vol. IIL—1560-1561. Vol. VII—15644565. Vol. IV.-—l561-l562. Vol. VIII.—l566—1568. These volumes contain a Calendar of the Foreign Correspondence during the early portion of the reign ...

Author: Travers Twiss

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108048927


Page: 628

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The Black Book of the Admiralty is a late medieval Old French manuscript containing a variety of documents relating to the administrative and legal responsibilities of the office of the lord high admiral, with later additions relating to the court of chivalry and the laws of war. The edition of this manuscript produced by Sir Travers Twiss (1809-97) between 1871 and 1876 filled only part of one of four volumes. The remaining content ranges from a late thirteenth-century borough custumal of Ipswich and other later medieval general custumals from south-west France, to a variety of different codes of maritime law also from south-west France, Catalonia, southern Italy, the Baltic and the crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. Volume 2 contains the custumal of the borough of Ipswich and late medieval coutumiers of the town of Royan and the commune of Oleron in south-west France, as well as collections of maritime legal customs also associated with Oleron.

The Everything Giant Book of Word Searches Volume VThe Everything Giant Book of Word Searches Volume V


Author: Charles Timmerman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440545610


Page: 384

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The Black BookThe Black Book

Foreign Relations of the United States 1919: The Paris Peace Conference Vol. V. Washington: United States Government Printing Office. (FRUS V) U.S. Department of State. 1946. Foreign Relations of the United States 1919: The Paris Peace ...

Author: Wesley J. Reisser

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739171110


Page: 204

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This book is the first ever in depth look at the geographic peace plans used by the United States at the end of World War I. It analyzes the negotiation and implementation of these plans and analyzes the lasting impact of the territorial settlements on the ensuing history of Europe and the Middle East.

A History of American Magazines Volume V 1905 1930A History of American Magazines Volume V 1905 1930

59 James A. Linen once acknowledged occasional slips , telling us in his weekly " Letter from the Publisher ” that Time kept a black book in which its errors were entered , with the proper corrections . He did not tell us how large the ...

Author: Frank Luther Mott

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674395549


Page: 616

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In 1939 Frank Luther Mott received a Pulitzer Prize for Volumes II and III of his History of American Magazines. In 1958 he was awarded the Bancroft Prize for Volume IV. He was at work on Volume V of the projected six-volume history when he died in October 1964. He had, at that time, written the sketches of the twenty-one magazines that appear in this volume. These magazines flourished during the period 1905-1930, but their "biographies" are continued throughout their entire lifespan--in the case of the ten still published, to recent years. Mott's daughter, Mildred Mott Wedel, has prepared this volume for publication and provided notes on changes since her father's death. No one has attempted to write the general historical chapters the author provided in the earlier volumes but which were not yet written for this last volume. A delightful autobiographical essay by the author has been included, and there is a detailed cumulative index to the entire set of this monumental work. The period 1905-1930 witnessed the most flamboyant and fruitful literary activity that had yet occurred in America. In his sketches, Mott traces the editorial partnership of H. L. Mencken and George Jean Nathan, first on The Smart Set and then in the pages of The American Mercury. He treats The New Republic, the liberal magazine founded in 1914 by Herbert Croly and Willard Straight; the conservative Freeman; and Better Homes and Gardens, the first magazine to achieve a circulation of one million "without the aid of fiction or fashions." Other giants of magazine history are here: we see "serious, shaggy...solid, pragmatic, self-contained" Henry Luce propel a national magazine called Time toward its remarkable prosperity. In addition to those already mentioned, the reader will find accounts of The Midland, The South Atlantic Quarterly, The Little Review, Poetry, The Fugitive, Everybody's, Appleton's Booklovers Magazine, Current History, Editor & Publisher, The Golden Book Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Hampton's Broadway Magazine, House Beautiful, Success, and The Yale Review.

The Oxford History of the Irish Book Volume VThe Oxford History of the Irish Book Volume V

... 291, 296n, 300, 302 Bisto Book Awards 386 Black and Tans 112n Blackham, Dorothy 546 Blackie and Son 74, 109, 347n, 374, 630 school books 217, 344, 345, 410 Blacklion 327 Blackmore, Sir Charles 347n, 350n, 361n Blackstaff Press 5, ...

Author: Clare Hutton

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199249114


Page: 747

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Part of a series providing an authoritative history of the book in Ireland, this volume comprehensively outlines the history of 20th-century Irish book culture. This book embraces all the written and printed traditions and heritages of Ireland and places them in the global context of a worldwide interest in book histories.

The Little Black Book of Emergency MedicineThe Little Black Book of Emergency Medicine

... or white blood count Weeks ( s ) Withing normal limits Wolff - Parkinson - White syndrome Weight wk WNL WPW wt V ... VMA Vanillymandelic acid vol Volume Versus VSD Ventricular septal defect xmatch Cross - match yr Year ( s ) ZE VS ...

Author: Steven E. Diaz

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 076373456X


Page: 507

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Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of this pocket-sized handbook provides comprehensive, concise, evidence-based information on diagnosing and treating illness and injury in the emergency setting. The Little Black Book of Emergency Medicine is a convenient resource offering quick access to vital information and makes a great reference for solving pressing problems on the ward or in the clinic. Also available in PDA format!

Little Black Book of Nephrology and HypertensionLittle Black Book of Nephrology and Hypertension

Teaspoon ( s ) Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura Transurethral resection of prostate Vs VMA Vanillymandelic acid vol Volume V / Q Ventilation / perfusion versus VSD Ventricular septal defect VT or Vtach Ventricular tachycardia VWF von ...

Author: Charles N. Jacobs

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 0763752975


Page: 360

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Little Black Book of Nephrology and Hypertension is a comprehensive pocket reference to all aspects of kidney disease. This convenient resource offers quick access to vital information and makes a great reference for solving pressing problems on the ward or in the clinic.

The Black Book of Quantum ChromodynamicsThe Black Book of Quantum Chromodynamics

(3.24) V i=1 Here x denotes a point in the D-dimensional finite phase space with volume V, and the xi are uniformly randomly distributed in it. In Monte Carlo integration the exact value of the integral I is estimated as an average over ...

Author: John Campbell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199652747


Page: 768

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The Black Book of Quantum Chromodynamics is an in-depth introduction to the particle physics of current and future experiments at particle accelerators. The book offers the reader an overview of practically all aspects of the strong interaction necessary to understand and appreciate modern particle phenomenology at the energy frontier. It assumes a working knowledge of quantum field theory at the level of introductory textbooks used for advanced undergraduate or in standard postgraduate lectures. The book expands this knowledge with an intuitive understanding of relevant physical concepts, an introduction to modern techniques, and their application to the phenomenology of the strong interaction at the highest energies. Aimed at graduate students and researchers, it also serves as a comprehensive reference for LHC experimenters and theorists. This book offers an exhaustive presentation of the technologies developed and used by practitioners in the field of fixed-order perturbation theory and an overview of results relevant for the ongoing research programme at the LHC. It includes an in-depth description of various analytic resummation techniques, which form the basis for our understanding of the QCD radiation pattern and how strong production processes manifest themselves in data, and a concise discussion of numerical resummation through parton showers, which form the basis of event generators for the simulation of LHC physics, and their matching and merging with fixed-order matrix elements. It also gives a detailed presentation of the physics behind the parton distribution functions, which are a necessary ingredient for every calculation relevant for physics at hadron colliders such as the LHC, and an introduction to non-perturbative aspects of the strong interaction, including inclusive observables such as total and elastic cross sections, and non-trivial effects such as multiple parton interactions and hadronization. The book concludes with a useful overview contextualising data from previous experiments such as the Tevatron and the Run I of the LHC which have shaped our understanding of QCD at hadron colliders.

The Everything Easy Large Print Crosswords Book Volume VThe Everything Easy Large Print Crosswords Book Volume V

... (Lady Bird Johnson) Lofty tennis shots Sheep cries 44. “Back in Black” band 46. Opposite of post48. Arrow's path 49. One of the Stooges 50. Finale Solution on Page 333 1. 4. 7. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 18. 20. PUZZLES • 167 Puzzle 78.

Author: Charles Timmerman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440559938


Page: 352

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Easy to see--and solve! If you are tired of squinting to read crossword clues and spending hours wracking your brain for just one answer, The Everything Easy Large-Print Crosswords Book, Volume V is perfect for you! Everything is bigger in this brand new volumeùthe clues, the numbers, the grids--even the answers! With themes such as: Beloved books Classic TV shows Favorite foods Popular vacation spots These light and easy puzzles are perfect for taking a break--without having to use a dictionary. And each new crossword will help you improve vocabulary, memory, and problem-solving skills, too. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced puzzler, you'll enjoy the satisfaction of quickly solving these entertaining crosswords.