The Big Book of Catapult and Trebuchet Plans The Big Book of Catapult and Trebuchet Plans

This text is a compilation of step-by-step instructions for how to build nine different types of catapults and trebuchets.

Author: Ron L. Toms


ISBN: 0977649733


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This text is a compilation of step-by-step instructions for how to build nine different types of catapults and trebuchets. Each set of instructions includes dimensional drawings of all wooden parts, lists of required hardware and sources, an abundance of photos, diagrams, and detailed descriptions of the assembly process.

Let s PlayLet s Play

The Art of the Catapult: Build Greek Ballistae, Roman Onagers, English Trebuchets, and More Ancient Artillery by William Gurstelle • The Big Book of Catapult and Trebuchet Plans! by Ron Toms • Stomp Rockets, Catapults, ...

Author: Jeff A. Johnson

Publisher: Redleaf Press

ISBN: 9781605543420


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Let children experience the learning power of play! Let’s Play is a handbook full of child-led, open-ended learning adventures. The 39 fresh, fun, and budget-friendly activities (plus more than 225 play variations) are packed with learning that helps children develop important motor, cognitive, language, and social skills. These activity starters were all tested by a slew of early childhood professionals and approved by the children they work with. Building on the early learning principles presented in the author team’s first book together, Let Them Play: An Early Learning (Un)Curriculum, they also support your transition to a play-based, child-led (un)curriculum. Jeff A. Johnson has more than twenty years of early childhood experience as a former child care center director and current family child care business owner. He is a popular keynote speaker, trainer, and author of six books. Denita Dinger has been a child care provider for more than ten years and is a frequent speaker at early childhood conferences, focusing on the topics of hands-on and play-based learning. This is her second book.

Catapult Design Construction and Competition with the Projectile Throwing Engines of the AncientsCatapult Design Construction and Competition with the Projectile Throwing Engines of the Ancients

One of the last occasions on which the trebuchet was used with success is described by Guillet in his 'Life of Mahomet II.'1 This author writes : 'At the siege of Rhodes in 1480, the Turks set up a battery of sixteen great cannon, ...

Author: Bernard F. Barcio

Publisher: RLT Industries

ISBN: 9780977649709


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Filled with anecdotes, plans, photographs, drawings and detailed descriptions of the workings and history of all the major types of catapults, these pages will help readers get started in this fascinating hobby of harnessing the power and energy of simple and ancient machines, then using them to hurl all sorts of silly things into the air just to watch them splat.

The Art of the CatapultThe Art of the Catapult

Build Greek Ballistae, Roman Onagers, English Trebuchets, And More Ancient Artillery William Gurstelle ... The techniques of the medieval carpenters for building the big siege engines of Richard and Philip Augustus are still practiced ...

Author: William Gurstelle

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9780912777351


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Calling all pumpkin chuckers, wannabe marauders, and tinkerers of all ages! Flinging things and playing at defending your own castle has never been more fun. Whether playing at defending their own castle or simply chucking pumpkins over a fence, wannabe marauders and tinkerers will become fast acquainted with Ludgar the War Wolf, Ill Neighbor, Cabulus, and the Wild Donkey—ancient artillery devices known commonly as catapults. Updated and improved instructions and diagrams illustrate how to build 10 authentic working model catapults, including an early Greek ballista, a Roman onager, and the apex of catapult technology, the English trebuchet. Additional projects include learning how to lash and make rope and how to construct and use a hand sling and a staff sling. Building these simple yet sophisticated machines introduces fundamentals of math and physics using levers, force, torsion, tension, and traction. The colorful history of siege warfare is explored through the stories of Alexander the Great and his battle of Tyre; Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, and the Third Crusade; pirate-turned-soldier Jon Crabbe and his ship-mounted catapults; and Edward I of England and his battle against the Scots at Stirling Castle. For the legions of Tolkien fans, budding backyard warriors, and engineering wizards, this book is a must-have.

The Book of the CrossbowThe Book of the Crossbow

The missile of the balista consisted of a huge steel-tipped wooden bolt which, although of far less weight than the great ball of stone cast by a catapult or the far larger one thrown by a trebuchet, was able to penetrate roofs and ...

Author: Ralph Payne-Gallwey

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486287201


Page: 409

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This fascinating study, the only book devoted exclusively to the crossbow, traces its use as a military and sporting weapon as well as its construction and management in medieval and modern times. The work also covers such related weapons as the balista, catapult, Turkish bow, and more. Over 240 illustrations.

A Midevil TaleA Midevil Tale

The book contained weapons and inventions, state of the art, even futuristic contraptions of great power. It contained the plans to build the trebuchet, a catapult of great efficiency. It was the weapon of invaders.

Author: Michael Rogers

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781412033312


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This is the story of the fortunes of a jester whose adventures span Europe and the Middle East.

Of Orbs and LordsOf Orbs and Lords

The next book he picked up was on the subject of military engineering. It contained numerous catapult and trebuchet designs. In addition, there were designs for crossbows, ... This day, like the day before, yielded great progress.

Author: P. Gordon Kennedy

Publisher: P. Gordon Kennedy

ISBN: 9781598245639


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Of Orbs and Lords is an exciting adventure fantasy novel! The adventure begins when a young explorer named Xeoromir discovers a mysterious and powerful crystal orb. Later, he learns of the orb's connection to the evil Lord Aniitron and must set out on a great journey with a companion named Immahyr. Years after Lord Aniitron is successfully defeated in battle, Immahyr's life takes a quite unexpected turn and Xeoromir begins another adventure, an adventure that will bring him intimate knowledge of the joyful world of the tiny earth-fairies.

Appendix to The Book of the Crossbow and Ancient Projectile Engines History of Archery Series Appendix to The Book of the Crossbow and Ancient Projectile Engines History of Archery Series

The plans I have given are those of my largest engine, which, ponderous as it seems—(it weighs two tons)—is, however, less than half the size of the catapult used by the ancients for throwing stones of from forty to fifty pounds in ...

Author: Ralph Payne-Gallwey

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 9781473340169


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This vintage book contains a detailed treatise on the crossbow, being a historical account of its development and evolution throughout the centuries. The crossbow was a revolutionary advancement in ballistic weaponry which was arguably the forerunner to hand-held guns. This volume explores its history and discusses how its design and development varied from country to country. Contents include: "The Slurbow", "The Sixteenth-century Sporting Crossbow", "The Cranequin, and How it was Applied to Bend the Steel Bow of a Crossbow", "The Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Century Spanish Sporting Crossbow, with a Steel Bow of Moderate Strength which was Bent by a Cranequin", et cetera. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern edition complete with an introductory essay on History of Archery by Horace A. Ford.

Make Technology on Your Time Volume 28Make Technology on Your Time Volume 28

GRAVITY CATAPULT Get medieval with this portable, stowable, gravity-powered trebuchet. ... First, for any projectile larger than a golf ball, catapults have to be big, and building big things can be a challenge in terms of cost and ...

Author: Mark Frauenfelder

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781449309930


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The first magazine devoted entirely to do-it-yourself technology projectspresents its 28th quarterly edition for people who like to tweak, disassemble, recreate,and invent cool new uses for technology. Express your inner child with MAKE Volume 28, featuring toys and games. Any maker can tell you that lots of experimentation and play time are essential to developing brainpower and creativity. This issue pays tribute to the beloved toys and games you grew up with and their evolution through technology.