The Best GoodbyeThe Best Goodbye

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines comes the next sizzling novel in the Rosemary Beach series, featuring well-known playboy and Blaire’s half brother, Captain.

Author: Abbi Glines

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781501115318


Page: 256

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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines comes the next sizzling novel in the Rosemary Beach series, featuring well-known playboy and Blaire’s half brother, Captain. The look on Rose’s face had screamed that she was hiding something. Hell, she’d practically run away from me. There was something to that. I knew there was... After ten years in the employ of a mysterious crime boss, River “Captain” Kipling is ready to leave his sordid past—and his cover occupation as an upscale restaurateur—behind him. The only thing standing in the way of his “retirement” is his commitment to launch a new restaurant in the resort town of Rosemary Beach. With his sister, Blaire, nearby, Captain can delay his dream of running a humble bar on the waterfront, but the unwanted attentions of his head server, Elle, have him itching to get out. Until he notices Rose Henderson, the new server at the restaurant. All he knows about the pretty redhead with the cute glasses is that she’s a hardworking single mom from Oklahoma. But there’s something overly familiar about her laugh...something strange about the way she looks at Captain...

Surviving the Breakup Saying Goodbye to Your Best FriendSurviving the Breakup Saying Goodbye to Your Best Friend

It was the best of times. But as the old saying goes, all good times must come to
an end. But if we really think about this, is that absolutely true? Do all good times
have to come to an end? I don't think so. Who says that breaking up with your ...

Author: Joshua Hilton


ISBN: 9781304792624


Page: 40

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Have you recently gone through a breakup? Was it with your best friend? Surviving the Breakup helps those who have recently broken up with their best friend to come to terms with their loss. It explains why the breakups occur and how to become best friends again. Surviving the Breakup helps you to unlock the secrets of staying friends after a complicated breakup between you and your best friend.

The Goodbye DaysThe Goodbye Days

That in and of itself made us the elite, the chosen, the best. It had to be that way.
The dealer was better than we were, knowing every shift of the cards, every slight
of hand, every quirk about a player when he bluffed and so it had to be us, the ...

Author: Ricardo Fleshman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595276301


Page: 120

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The last streak of light before darkness falls is where you will find most of the stories and characters within. The darker side of human nature is exposed for all to see and you will be intrigued by the Impa, child-like demons who plague their master, by the last people left on earth in search of power and finally by the "best of the best" playing their last hand of poker against the devil.It is in your best interest to leave the light on, lest you become one of the stories within.Welcome back, dear traveler, welcome back to Treighton Falls!

The Long GoodbyeThe Long Goodbye

The best of everything, the best food, the best drinks, the best hotel suites. I got a
place in Florida and a seagoing yacht with a crew of five men. I got a Bentley, two
Cadillacs, a Chrysler station wagon, and an MG for my boy. Couple of years my ...

Author: Raymond Chandler

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

ISBN: 9781400030200


Page: 384

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Crime fiction master Raymond Chandler's sixth novel featuring Philip Marlowe, the "quintessential urban private eye" (Los Angeles Times). In noir master Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye, Philip Marlowe befriends a down on his luck war veteran with the scars to prove it. Then he finds out that Terry Lennox has a very wealthy nymphomaniac wife, whom he divorced and remarried and who ends up dead. And now Lennox is on the lam and the cops and a crazy gangster are after Marlowe.

The Last GoodbyeThe Last Goodbye

she stopped and for once glared back and stared firmly back at her. Nidhi
sneered. “ There are many ways to love. You always think you do everything for
the best. Not always your ways are the best. And just because I don't want him to
leave ...

Author: Harsh Jaitak

Publisher: Harsh Jaitak

ISBN: 9789384381028


Page: 53

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What if your lover dies in an accident on the night he kissed you ? What if you meet someone like him and fall in love with that person just because he resembles him?What if you seriously start loving that person ? Finally ,what if you find that the person you love was involved in the death of your lover ? Get ready to demystify the mysteries of love and fall in love all over again .Understand love in a better way and enjoy this emotional romantic saga. If you ever loved someone truly , you couldn't resist crying .

Goodbye VietnamGoodbye Vietnam

“At first we wanted to restore Vietnamese music in the South,” Minh continued, “
but then we realized, correctly, that the music wasn't the cause of the corruption.
So we decided to allow the people to take the best of foreign music and fashion, ...

Author: William Broyles

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781480404335


Page: 284

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In this “essential” memoir, a former marine returns to Vietnam years later to try to make sense of the war (Anthony Swofford, author of Jarhead). When William Broyles Jr. was drafted, he was a twenty-four-year-old student at Oxford University in England, hoping to avoid military service. During his physical exam, however, he realized that he couldn’t let social class or education give him special privileges. He joined the marines, and soon commanded an infantry platoon in the foothills near Da Nang. More than a decade later, Broyles found himself flooded with emotion during the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. He decided to return to Vietnam and confront what he’d been through. Broyles was one of the very first combat veterans to return to the battlefields. No American before or since has gone so deeply into the other side of the war: the enemy side. Broyles interviews dozens of Vietnamese, from the generals who ran the war to the men and women who fought it. He moves from the corridors of power in Hanoi—so low-tech that the plumbing didn’t work—to the jungles and rice paddies where he’d fought. He meets survivors of American B-52 strikes and My Lai, and grieves with a woman whose son was killed by his own platoon. Along the way, Broyles also explores the deep bonds he shared with his own comrades, and the mystery of why men love war even as they hate it. Amidst the landscape of death, his formerly faceless enemies come to life. They had once tried to kill each other, but they are all brothers now. Previously published as Brothers in Arms, this edition includes a new preface by the author.

Saying GoodbyeSaying Goodbye

It hurt to say goodbye to my parents, my best friend Jessie, my old boyfriend
Tomper, the town I'd lived my whole life in. I never knew anything could hurt so
bad. In the summer it had been easy to say, "Yeah, I'm going to Harvard."
Everyone ...

Author: Marie G. Lee

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0395670667


Page: 219

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In this sequel to "Finding My Voice," Ellen Sung explores her interest in creative writing and in her Korean heritage during her freshman year at Harvard.

Goodbye Back PainGoodbye Back Pain

Again read the instructions carefully, and follow them exactly for best results. The
best home exercise program is with a large, inflatable ball. With this ball and the
correct level of exercises that pro- gressively get more difficult as your CORE ...

Author: Leonard J. Faye D. C.

Publisher: Goodbye Back Pain

ISBN: 9781419691447


Page: 146

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Goodbye Back Pain interactively allows the reader to self-diagnose the type and cause of their back pain, choose the best type of treatment for their problem and prevent back pain from returning.

Not the Last GoodbyeNot the Last Goodbye

On the face of it, this academy wasn't the most receptive audience to this kind of
approach, and I wasn't exactly on my best form. But I felt that I succeeded in
sparking the interest of my listeners. I was on the right track, and was resolved to
trust ...

Author: David Servan-Schreiber

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230765658


Page: 144

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This is the story of an award-winning psychiatrist and neuroscientist who was diagnosed with a brain tumour by his own MRI machine at the age of thirty. It is the story of a doctor turned patient who, after overcoming cancer against the odds, started a twenty-year crusade to inform people about the disease and inspire them to take responsibility for their health. It is the story of a husband and father who is told that the cancer has returned, and that he only has a short time left. This is a story about dying. But most of all, it is a story about living. 'A staggering manual for living' Paris Match 'Each word rings true, each memory lingers, each detail of his life, now in limbo, brings us closer to the human condition. This book is a gift' Elle

Say Goodbye to Whining Complaining and Bad Attitudes in You and Your KidsSay Goodbye to Whining Complaining and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids

PRAISE For Say Goodbye to Whining “This is the best book on the subject I have
ever read. I need it, my kids need it, and you need it! It will do wonders for your
attitude and your children. Barbara and I could have really used this fifteen years

Author: Scott Turansky

Publisher: Shaw Books

ISBN: 0307568970


Page: 240

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Adding honor as a factor in raising kids …and parent-child relationships. Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller offer a thorough program for establishing honor as a basis of family life — not just children honoring parents, but parents respecting children and children honoring each other. Even if honor seems a long way off in your household, you will find practical suggestions here to bring that goal a little closer — suggestions for kids of all ages. Honor is the biblical value that will bring about good behavior. It’s more than just changing what kids do; it’s changing the deeper issues of the heart that triggered the behavior.

A Long GoodbyeA Long Goodbye

Woody seemed to care about me and this was either going to be the best long
goodbye ever, or the worst. One I wouldn't recover from. I could feel his eyes
burning a hole through my dress staring at my behind as we walked toward my

Author: Kelly Mooney

Publisher: Kelly Mooney



Page: 275

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Unable to pretend to be the perfect daughter, marry the perfect Southern gentleman, and have perfect babies like her overprotective father expects her to, Ashton Winslow and her best friend, LuLuBelle set out on a two-week vacation to change all that. Two weeks of freedom is exactly what she craves and needs. Ashton is tired of being told she's perfect, and tired of pretending to be someone she isn't. She wants to reinvent herself, if only for a short time and she hopes Nashville is the place to do it. Preferably with a smooth talking cowboy. With no one watching her every move, or so she thinks, Ashton finds the one person who finally sees her for the woman she wants to be. Dane Woods has just come home from fighting overseas after losing his best friend. Everyone, including himself expects him to reenlist for another tour, but he can't break a promise he made to his dying friend. The last thing Dane has on his mind while tailing a Southern Princess like Ashton Winslow is falling in love. She's supposed to be two week job, but it turns into so much more. Will Dane risk everything to be with Ashton or will his lies and betrayal destroy her love for him?

Sammy Keyes and the Kiss GoodbyeSammy Keyes and the Kiss Goodbye

That's the best either had to offer. Wait and see. “Look, Mrs. Cole,” the nurse said
sympathetically, “I know this is hard. We're doing the best we can, all right?
Everyone wants your daughter to wake up, including me. You've just got to hang
in ...

Author: Wendelin Van Draanen

Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 9780307974105


Page: 240

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The final mystery starring Sammy Keyes: “the most winning junior detective ever in teen lit. (Take that, Nancy Drew!)” —Midwest Children’s Book Review Sammy doesn’t go looking for trouble, but she seems to find it everywhere. She’s forever sniffing out clues and chasing down bad guys—and driving her friends a little nuts. She’s gone up against thieves and counterfeiters and gangsters and blackmailers and murderers, and always stayed one step ahead. Until now. Last night, one of the bad guys caught up. Last night, someone followed Sammy up the fire escape and pushed her from the third story. Now she’s in the hospital, out cold. And her friends are left with the questions Sammy’s always been so good at answering: Why? How? But most of all . . . WHO? In this emotional conclusion to her beloved long-running series, Wendelin Van Draanen shows just how many lives one nosy girl can touch and pays tribute to a life well sleuthed. Praise for Sammy Keyes: “If Kinsey Millhone ever hires a junior partner, Sammy Keyes will be the first candidate on the list. She’s feisty, fearless, and funny. A top-notch investigator!” —Sue Grafton “Sammy’s brave, resourceful, observant and a loyal friend, but this girl sleuth is no well-mannered Nancy Drew. She’s endearingly hot-tempered, nosy, and not always obedient—in short, she’s someone I want to read about again.” —Margaret Maron

Summary Kiss Theory GoodbyeSummary Kiss Theory Goodbye

To achieve this, you have to be willing to hire people who are smarter than you in
their areas of specialization and allow them to do what they consider best. Great
leaders always have a vision of where the organization needs to head in the ...

Author: BusinessNews Publishing

Publisher: Primento

ISBN: 9782511019504


Page: 15

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The must-read summary of Bob Prosen's book: "Kiss Theory Goodbye: Five Proven Ways to Get Extraordinary Results in Any Company". This complete summary of the ideas from Bob Prosen's book "Kiss Theory Goodbye" shows that there is never a shortage of good business plans that should work, however, almost no businesses live up to their potential. In his book, the author suggests five building blocks to narrow the gap between your business plan and your organisation's ultimate achievements, which must be consistently acted upon. This summary explains each of these building blocks and provides the reader with practical ways to improve. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your business knowledge To learn more, read "Kiss Theory Goodbye" and find out what you can do to make sure that your organisation reaches its goals.

Never Say GoodbyeNever Say Goodbye

I'm not sure I'm the best example to hold up to people. There are a lot of things I'm
still struggling with. And even though I do have hope, I'm not where I want to be
yet.” “That's precisely the point, Scott. Your hope will be inspiring to many ...

Author: Irene Hannon

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459217799


Page: 224

View: 735

FROM HEAVEN TO HELL… Three years ago, married father Scott Mitchell had everything a man could want. Then, in a blinding instant, a fateful error in judgment shattered his perfect world. Yet through the long years in prison, Scott found his faith—even as his estranged wife was losing hers…. TO HEAVEN AGAIN? Consumed by grief, Jess had never intended her path to cross Scott's again. Now he was back, asking her forgiveness—and more. He wanted to rebuild their lives together. Yet how could she put her trust in the man she blamed for her most tragic loss—and in the Lord who had abandoned her in her darkest hour?

Kissing Your Heartache GoodbyeKissing Your Heartache Goodbye

One of the best ways to do that is to get to know his mom. His mom typically tells
you everything you need to know about him. The mom wants the best for her son,
so she's going to be real with you. Also, the way a man treats his mother can ...

Author: Shawon Watson

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466969360


Page: 60

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Many women have tried to go into new relationships without being healed, still carrying deep wounds from previous relationships. Often these women become discouraged when subsequent relationships do not work out. Shawon Watson sets out a step-by-step plan for healing past wounds and reconditioning yourself for new relationships using biblical and psychological principles to teach forgiveness. Shawon shows how to let go of even the most devastating betrayals, rediscover your self-worth, raise your own awareness of habits standing in the way of fulfilling relationships, clarify what you want out of relationship, choose prospective mates by understanding the different types of men on the dating market, and more based on extensive research and conversations with everyday women. Kissing Your Heartache Good-bye gives an empathic and insightful perspective to love relationships.

Kissing You GoodbyeKissing You Goodbye

“This is perfect,” I say. Alex rotates his flashlight around at the object. “It's an old
counter?” “Precisely,” I move behind the counter and speak in a woman's voice, “
excuse me, what is your mental disability? We may not have the best security, but

Author: Jodie Rae Larsen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465377098


Page: 492

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Andre Hunter is a the guy that everyone wishes they can be in high school, and it is up to him to bring life to a local, low-budgeted haunted house, Shadows. When he calls upon his truest of friends from kindergarten, whom call themselves the Misfits, he needs their help to establish and prevent sabotage from their rival members of Castle Thirteen. After Andre witnesses the deaths of two friends, including Ange Kornele, he hopes for one thing, a parallel life to change it. Between his late grandfathers journal and a mysterious red book, Andre finds himself into another world he had never imagined. Where circumstances have changed and he finds himself in the shoes of the modern day Scrooge, where he had been shunned by the Misfits. He also discovers that Anges older sister, Justice, is experiencing the same transition. Furthermore, Ange is unmanageable and no longer the innocent girl he grown to love. In order to prevent certain events from occurring, Andre must convince the Misfits that he is not the person of hostility, and it will take more than one to stand united.

The Goodbye WitchThe Goodbye Witch

Perfect,” I said, smiling. “Go back tosleep.” We were athis house—Aunt Ve had
insisted Mimi and Higgins spend the nightwith her—and I hadhours and hours
before I had to face the real world again. Right nowI feltalittle bitlike Iwas living
ina ...

Author: Heather Blake

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101636008


Page: 320

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As Enchanted Village’s resident Wishcrafter, Darcy Merriweather has the power to make other people’s wishes come true, but what she really wishes is that she had the power to uncloak the invisible man who’s stalking her best friend.... Darcy’s closest friend and fellow witch, Starla Sullivan, hoped she’d never see her ex-husband, Kyle, again. Two years ago he tried to kill her, and he has been a fugitive ever since. Now Starla claims to have seen him back in Enchanted Village, but it seems she’s the only one who can see him. To everyone else, her ex is invisible. Darcy only wishes his motives were as transparent as the rest of him. Since the police can’t arrest someone they can’t see, it’s up to Darcy to find the secret behind Kyle’s latest disappearing act—before he does something they can’t see coming….

The Long Road to GoodbyeThe Long Road to Goodbye

So Ijust want people to see methere inthe casket with aforkin my hand and to
realize that the best isyet to come.” I the news remember stories about Flight 800
out of New York, bound for Europe. Shortly after takeoff, the plane exploded and

Author: Floyd Fought

Publisher: Redemption Press

ISBN: 9781632328304


Page: 67

View: 789

After nearly 50 years in the Methodist pastorate, Floyd and Wilma Fought eagerly anticipated their retirement. They dreamed of travel, leisurely days, long walks, and visits from grandchildren. Then Wilma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The Long Road to Goodbye: Our Journey with Alzheimer's recounts Floyd's experience with Wilma, from the moment they discovered her illness until the day she received "full healing" by graduating to heaven. But rather than just a memoir, this book is part instruction manual, part devotional guide-and a major inspiration to anyone caring for a terminally ill loved one. Early on, Floyd decided to be Wilma's 24/7 caregiver in an effort to avoid institutionalizing her. Using creativity and improvisation, he took on the duties of housekeeper, launderer, seamstress, beautician, chef, and nurse. As the disease progressed, Floyd realized how critical his choice was, not only for Wilma's comfort but also for his own peace of mind. While she benefited from his compassion, he gained a deeper love for his wife and a richer understanding of his faith. Whether you are a caregiver, a loving spouse, or simply a Christian looking to strengthen your bond with the Lord, this book will motivate you to seek God's will and trust Him in all situations. Join Floyd Fought as he takes you on "The Long Road to Goodbye."

Complete Prose Works Specimen Days and Collect November Boughs and Goodbye My FancyComplete Prose Works Specimen Days and Collect November Boughs and Goodbye My Fancy

Perfect, or nearly perfect days, I notice, are not so very uncommon; but the
combinations that make perfect nights are few, even in a life time. We have one of
those perfections tonight. Sunset left things pretty clear; the larger stars were
visible ...

Author: Walt Whitman

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465534071


Page: 527

View: 582

Goodbye FriendGoodbye Friend

As a parent anda minister, I have come to believe that the best way to help our
children cope with death is by talking about it frankly and forthrightly. That rule
holds whether we are discussing the loss of aperson or a pet. Most children excel
at ...

Author: Gary Kowalski

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781608680870


Page: 184

View: 487

The loss of an animal companion can be a painful, wrenching experience. In Goodbye, Friend, Gary Kowalski takes you on a journey of healing, offering warmth and sound advice on how to cope with the death of your pet. Filled with heartwarming stories and practical guidance on such matters as taking care of yourself while mourning, creating rituals to honor your pet’s memory, and talking to children about death, Goodbye, Friend is a beautiful and comforting book for anyone grieving the loss of a beloved animal.