And the record in the Boxing case indicates that those jurisdictional facts - chiefly
substantial income from sale of ... The aura surrounding the term " sports ” will not
cast any protective glow around the business stemming from such a sport . 2.

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary


ISBN: UOM:39015012908003



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Boxing the KangarooBoxing the Kangaroo

This would have given the work the aura of a campaign book—an aura different
from what I wanted. Since I had a unique mass of documents at my command,I ...
Who Said John Foster Dulles Couldn't Tell a Fib? Late 54 Boxing the Kangaroo.

Author: Robert J. Donovan

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 0826262163


Page: 160

View: 622

"The host had brought out a pair of boxing gloves and asked the president if any of his friends would like to indulge in the Australian sport of boxing kangaroos. Once the president of the United States had selected me, there was almost no way out, unless I ran home to tell my mother." In Boxing the Kangaroo: A Reporter's Memoir, Robert J. Donovan shares many exciting events that highlighted his stellar journalistic career. As an investigative reporter during five presidential administrations, Donovan has had many "insider" experiences. His memoir delightfully humanizes each of the five presidents he reported on: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. Donovan began his career working as a night copyboy for the Buffalo Courier-Express, earning seven dollars a week. In 1937, he got a job as a reporter for the New York Herald Tribune, where he worked for many years. By 1942 the Herald Tribune had assigned Donovan to cover City Hall and the lively activities of Fiorello La Guardia. After his service in World War II he returned to the Herald Tribune to cover the man from Missouri who followed FDR. Ultimately, Donovan served as chief of the New York Herald Tribune Washington bureau and the Los Angeles Times Washington bureau. Donovan traveled across the country with Harry S. Truman during his "Give 'Em Hell, Harry" campaign. He covered Dwight D. Eisenhower's election, about which he says there was never a doubt--Ike, the war hero, mesmerized the country. He was a personal friend of John F. Kennedy, having written about the President's PT-109 heroics in World War II, and was on the scene the day Kennedy was assassinated: "The drama in the second press bus, in which I rode in the presidential motorcade in Dallas, is unforgettable. Why has the motorcade stopped?' a reporter asked as we drew near the Texas School Book Depository. . . . I heard a shot,' another said. A voice in the rear contradicted him. That was a motorcycle backfiring.'" Donovan would find out shortly before the rest of the world that, in fact, it was not a motorcycle backfiring, but the firing of an assassin's bullet that killed the nation's thirty-fifth president. Boxing the Kangaroo is one of the best "I was there" accounts of American history. This fascinating book will appeal to journalists, American history buffs, and the general reader alike.

Historical Dictionary of BoxingHistorical Dictionary of Boxing

WOMEN ENTER THE RING For the better part of the 20th century, women's
participation in boxing was limited to a few who worked as promoters. In the
1970s, a few became licensed as judges, and a few actually entered the ring as

Author: John Grasso

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810878679


Page: 588

View: 273

The Historical Dictionary of Boxing focuses on the as champions of boxing along with the lesser-known boxers who helped shape this sport. More of these boxers come from the United States but there are others from Europe, Asia and Latin America, and there are also entries on the major boxing countries as well. Plus entries on the rules, on the organizations, and on the technical terminology and jargon you have to know just to follow the bouts. The introduction provides a broad view of boxing’s history while the chronology traces events from 688 B.C. to 2012 A.D. Not all that much has been written on boxing that is not ephemeral, but much of that literature can be found in the bibliography. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about the sport of boxing.

The Cambridge Companion to BoxingThe Cambridge Companion to Boxing

But it was the aura of close-knit, protective, almost cultish violence that
surrounded the Nation of Islam, which Ali joined in 1964, that made the ... Did Ali
join the Muslims because he felt he needed “muscle” to negotiate the boxing

Author: Gerald Early

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107058019


Page: 396

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Offers accessible and informative essays about the social impact and historical importance of boxing around the globe.

From Black to SchwarzFrom Black to Schwarz

Predating Max Schmeling's famous victory over Joe Lewis in 1936 by two years,
The Prodigal Son clearly draws on the aura boxing had acquired at all levels of
society in the 1930s. While conservative and reactionary circles conceived of ...

Author: Maria Diedrich

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783643101099


Page: 378

View: 230

From Black to Schwarz explores the long and varied history of the exchanges between African America and Germany with a particular focus on cultural interplay. Covering a wide range of media of expression - music, performance, film, scholarship, literature, visual arts, reviews - the essays collected in this volume trace and analyze a cultural interaction, collaboration and mutual transformation that began in the eighteenth century, literally boomed during the Harlem Renaissance/Weimar Republic, could not even be liquidated by the Third Reich's `Degenerate Art' campaigns, and, with new media available to further exchanges, is still increasingly empowering and inspiring participants on both sides of the Atlantic.

Boxing for BeginnersBoxing for Beginners

But these were a pale carbon of the real thing , when the aura of a title fight would
build up interest for weeks before and put even Shelby , Montana , on the map .
In boxing , because all of the action is centered in a small area , usually a ...

Author: Jim Fitzgerald

Publisher: Atheneum Books

ISBN: PSU:000021942044


Page: 114

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Traces the interest in amateur boxing in the United States and outlines its recent growth. Offers advice on getting into the sport, motivation, training, selecting a coach and a site for training, physical conditioning, footwork, defense, offensive punches, preparing for a match, and finding the correct weight at which to box.


This is a documen role of the father who is losing THE MINX tary about boxer
Cassius Clay . ... 7th Ave power structure , national attitudes to age as well as in
their heyday , an ward black athletes , the aura of boxing ment of camp takes over



ISBN: IND:30000117902399



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Denver ' s Felipe emerging from the aura of phoniness using both my boxing and
my karate . " García , the longest - reigning contact that plagued such sports as
televised In kick - boxing , apparently , García karate champion in the history of ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105012187972



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Cultures of BoxingCultures of Boxing

Bringing together boxing writers from different cultural and disciplinary perspectives, the book offers a vital and original contribution to the understanding of this enduringly fascinating and controversial sport.

Author: David Scott


ISBN: 303431860X


Page: 192

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Bringing together boxing writers from different cultural and disciplinary perspectives, this book offers a vital and original contribution to the understanding of this enduringly fascinating and controversial sport. This collected volume investigates what is at stake in boxing in the modern world by exploring different aspects of boxing culture and problematic concepts attached to the sport such as masculinity and violence. This approach implies input from different academic and creative disciplines including aesthetics, cultural studies, creative writing, anthropology, history, literature and sociology. The points of view of participants in boxing as a sport, amateur and professional, will also be incorporated. In this way, themes as different as what it feels like to receive a punch on the nose or the role of fist-fighting in traditional Russian folk customs will be explored.

An Introductory Study of the I ho the Boxer Movement Images and RealityAn Introductory Study of the I ho the Boxer Movement Images and Reality

The aura of evil is ascendant now . Innocent people should behave kindly in a
time like this . Gods will see to the fair - minded people . They will protect and
direct loyal people in the living world . Beware of the chaos which occurred in the
Hst ...

Author: Chung-In Lee




Page: 236

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New YorkNew York

SPORTS centration — that already gives Muriqi the aura of a champion . His
opponents have not ... the Albanian flag . But Muriqi ry Cooney , and Magic
Johnson Elvir Muriqi , a boxer and Kosovo separatist . is blaring from the spots a
serious ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105022091974



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For Brecht , boxing became a model for a different conception of theatrical
performance : in place of the stuffy bourgeois theater of Wilhelmine Germany with
which he had grown up , Brecht envisioned a theater that would cross over into
other ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105113590934



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607 pages . makes her new book , On Boxing Knopf . ... Oates rap- ly revered by
an otherwise fractious profesidly sketches boxing's past , sion , not only for the
quality of his ... The " third man says already has the aura of a classic . in the ring



ISBN: STANFORD:36105007062479



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Cable VisionCable Vision

the sporting life IT'S NOT ALL FUN & GAMES Boxing Seeing Stars g I Lewis is
the champ , but lacks Holyfield's fierce ... Holyfield a major PPV attraction , as well
as While the ringside judges this time declared the aura outside the ring that ...



ISBN: UCLA:L0081260937



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HISTORY Jack Dempsey , boxing ' s first real star IV [ wen Boxing has been the
sport of some of the twentieth century ' s finest athletes . It has also been a
shortcut to stardom for some of its champions . And the sport ' s first real celebrity
was ...

Author: Christian Delcourt

Publisher: Universe Pub

ISBN: 0789301067


Page: 287

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Features photographs of eighteen boxing champions and includes brief profiles of their lives and careers

Mike Tyson Text Only Edition Mike Tyson Text Only Edition

His size, his prowess, and the aura of inexplicable power made him almost
freakish to the other boys. Special treatment by Stewart ... is on the outside,”
Stewart said. Nor did Tyson have any desire, it seemed, to use boxing to become
a leader.

Author: Monteith Illingworth

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780008193355


Page: 400

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Originally published in 1992 and now available as an ebook. This biography of the now-notorious Tyson is a compelling exposé of secrets, misconceptions, hype, greed – and racism.

Boxing StoriesBoxing Stories

Howard ' s first published boxing story , “ The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux . ” This tale
appeared in the pulp Ghost Stories in April 1929 and was a curious marriage of
ghost and sport story . It featured Ace Jessel , an AfricanAmerican boxer with lots

Author: Robert Ervin Howard


ISBN: UOM:39015060661074


Page: 313

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A collection of sixteen short stories and three poems showcases the author's love for and participation in the sport of boxing in a collection that includes the adventures of semipro pugilist Steve Costigan, as well as such tales as the restored version of "Iron Men," which Howard considered his finest boxing work. Simultaneous.