Band 12 CopperBand 12 Copper

When Fred gets seperated from his mother while shopping, he meets the alien who stars in the new computer game he saw in a toy shop.

Author: Jenny Nimmo

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780007231171


Page: 336

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Children's, young adult and educational / Educational material / Educational: English language and literacy / Educational: English language: readers and reading schemes (YQCR), Designed / suitable for UK curricula and examinations / Designed / suitable

The Junior BookshelfThe Junior Bookshelf

ISBN 0 330 32704 6 W.M. NIMMO , J. Alien on the 99th Floor Illus . by M.
Chatterton 42pp 180 x 112 Heinemann £ 4.99 Fred reluctantly accompanies his
mother on a shopping expedition and , in the store , escapes into the lift from
which he is ...



ISBN: UCAL:B5104942



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Children s Literature ReviewChildren s Literature Review

... 99th Floor ( Nimmo ) 44 : 155 The Alien Years ( Silverberg ) 59 : 131 All Aboard
Overnight ( Maestro and Maestro ) 45:85 All about Arthur ( An Absolutely Absurd
Ape ) ( Carle ) 10:78 All about Horses ( Henry ) 4 : 114 All About Pets ( Bianco ) ...

Author: Michelle Lee

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0787632279


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Presents literary criticism on writers and illustrators for children and young adults. Critical essays are selected from leading sources, including published journals, magazines, books, monographs, reviews, and scholarly papers.

Contemporary Authors New RevisionContemporary Authors New Revision

... Alien on the 99th Floor and The Witch's Tears , both 1996 ; and The Dragon s
Child and The Owl - Tree , both 1997 . AWARDS , HONORS : Smarties Prize in
ages 7-11 category , Rowntree Mackintosh Co. , 1986 , and Tir Na n'Og Award ...

Author: Gale Group

Publisher: Contemporary Authors New Revis

ISBN: 0787630934


Page: 500

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This volume of Contemporary Authors® New Revision Series brings you up-to-date information on approximately 250 writers. Editors have scoured dozens of leading journals, magazines, newspapers and online sources in search of the latest news and criticism. Writers appearing in this volume include: Stephen E. Ambrose Tom Brokaw Yusef Komunyakaa Alexei Maximovich Peshkov

Smashing DovesSmashing Doves

I stood on the 99th floor of the Senate Hall. The building was a masterpiece of
architecture. It seemed to have stolen something from earth's Stonehenge.
Several tall columns stood in a circle, joined together at the top by a giant circle.
Except ...

Author: Michael W. Greene

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595211319


Page: 296

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His true love went to another galaxy... and then he had to rescue her. Follow the adventures of a boy learning to become a man, and then a man struggling to become a hero. Gilbert, a social misfit at the University of Eastern Indiana, follows his true love to the other side of the galaxy... where he is shot, stabbed, drowned, burned, poisoned, chased by a dragon... and then things get "really" complicated when he discovers there is a rupture in the space time continuum. It wouldn't be that bad... except everyone expects Gilbert to fix it! Sometimes confusing, and very exciting, Smashing Doves is a fun and exciting first novel by author Michael W. Greene (

Out of the Night and Into the DreamOut of the Night and Into the Dream

tical desire, that of ambition, motivates the character of Fowler in "The Man on the
99th Floor,"34 where a scientific technique is employed for purposes of murder.
In "The Sound Sweep" and "Studio 5, the Stars"35 technology encroaches upon ...

Author: Gregory Stephenson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313279225


Page: 182

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The author of Empire of the Sun and other acclaimed novels and stories, British writer J. G. Ballard is here given a penetrating analysis, his work being explored in terms of its internal coherence, thematic continuity and development, and mythic and metaphysical aspects. Ballard's fiction is widely considered to be a critique of our secular, rational, technological culture, but the writer is shown not to be fatalistic, but, rather, concerned with the redemption and regeneration of the human psyche. This study examines Ballard's output over four decades and compares him to several British and American writers of the post-World War II era--within and beyond the often too-rigidly applied categorization of science fiction, as well as to Romantic visionaries of the past.

Collins Big Cat Sets Copper Starter SetCollins Big Cat Sets Copper Starter Set

The Copper Starter Set contains: Mind the Gap 978-0-00-733622-7 Monster in the Mirror 978-0-00-733623-4 Animals on the Move 978-0-00-733624-1 How to be an Ancient Egyptian 978-0-00-733625-8 The Alien on the 99th Floor 978-0-00-723117-1 ...

Author: HarperCollins UK

Publisher: Collins Educational

ISBN: 000792917X


Page: 800

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The ideal way to try Collins Big Cat, to plug gaps and to refresh your reading resources at unbeatable prices. Starter sets contain a complete list of titles from each band with a big discount on the normal price. The Copper Starter Set contains: Mind the Gap 978-0-00-733622-7 Monster in the Mirror 978-0-00-733623-4 Animals on the Move 978-0-00-733624-1 How to be an Ancient Egyptian 978-0-00-733625-8 The Alien on the 99th Floor 978-0-00-723117-1 Living with Climate Change 978-0-00-723118-8 The Monster Joke Book 978-0-00-723075-4 Spider McDrew and the Egyptians 978-0-00-723076-1 Something's Drastic 978-0-00-723077-8 True Life Survival 978-0-00-723078-5 How to be a Viking 978-0-00-723079-2 Weird Little Monsters 978-0-00-723080-8 The House in the Forest 978-0-00-746530-9 Star Gazing 978-0-00-746531-6 Air-sea Rescue 978-0-00-746532-3 Chocolate 978-0-00-746533-0 The Gigantic Turnip Tug 978-0-00-722873-7 There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly 978-0-00-722872-0 The Crazy Critters 978-0-00-722869-0 Brown Bread and Honey 978-0-00-722877-5

Hawkwind Days of the UndergroundHawkwind Days of the Underground

... House's violin fed through effects until it becomes almost unrecognisable , a
distorted alien glossolalia against Brock's ... if slightly overwrought , imagery – “
The tentacles of human gore / Spread out on the pavement from the 99th floor ” .

Author: Joe Banks

Publisher: Strange Attractor Press

ISBN: 9781907222849


Page: 528

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An account of the English rock band Hawkwind shows them to be one of the most innovative and culturally significant bands of the 1970s. Fifty years on from when it first formed, the English rock band Hawkwind continues to inspire devotion from fans around the world. Its influence reaches across the spectrum of alternative music, from psychedelia, prog, and punk, through industrial, electronica, and stoner rock. Hawkwind has been variously, if erroneously, positioned as the heir to both Pink Floyd and the Velvet Underground, and as Britain's answer to the Grateful Dead and Krautrock. It has defined a genre--space rock--while operating on a frequency that's uniquely its own. Hawkwind offered a form of radical escapism and an alternative account of a strange new world for a generation of young people growing up on a planet that seemed to be teetering on the brink of destruction, under threat from economic meltdown, industrial unrest, and political polarization. While other commentators confidently asserted that the countercultural experiment of the 1960s was over, Hawkwind took the underground to the provinces and beyond. In Days of the Underground, Joe Banks repositions Hawkwind as one of the most innovative and culturally significant bands of the 1970s. It's not an easy task. As with many bands of this era, a lazy narrative has built up around Hawkwind that doesn't do justice to the breadth of its ambition and achievements. Banks gives the lie to the popular perception of Hawkwind as one long lysergic soap opera; with Days of the Underground, he shows us just how revolutionary Hawkwind was.

Book Review Index 1997 CumulationBook Review Index 1997 Cumulation

Author: Beverly Baer

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 078761209X


Page: 952

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Provides quick access to reviews of books, periodicals, books on tape and electronic media representing a wide range of popular, academic, and professional interests. More than 60 publications are indexed, including journals and national general interest publications and newspapers.

New Worlds Before the New Wave 1960 1964New Worlds Before the New Wave 1960 1964

Of the others, the novella version of “The Drowned World” appeared (as
discussed last chapter) in Science Fiction Adventures and “The Watch-Towers” in
Science Fantasy, leaving only “The Cage of Sand” and “The Man on the 99th
Floor” in ...

Author: John Boston

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781479409822


Page: 396

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In the mid-1960s, British science fiction and fantasy were convulsed by the "New Wave." This movement emerged from the SF magazines edited by John Carnell. Such brilliant NEW WORLDS and SCIENCE FANTASY writers as J. G. Ballard, Brian W. Aldiss, John Brunner, and Michael Moorcock heralded the rise of this new kind of fantastic fiction. John Boston and Damien Broderick's concluding volume of their critical trilogy examines the history and development of these important magazines--and the fiction that they championed. By the end of this period (1964), Carnell had set the stage for that major development in UK science fiction--the new wave adventures of the transformed NEW WORLDS, under the editorship of Moorcock--and had himself shifted gear into the next mode of SF publishing as editor of the paperback anthology series, New Writings in SF. Boston and Broderick's series will become the definitive critical histories of these important British magazines. Complete with indices of names and titles cited.

ADEC G 5 Volume EADEC G 5 Volume E

Collins Big Cat readers and workbooks help children to learn how to read in English - accurately, fluently and with enjoyment.

Author: Alison Sage

Publisher: Collins

ISBN: 0007934300



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Collins Big Cat readers and workbooks help children to learn how to read in English - accurately, fluently and with enjoyment. Contains the following Readers and Workbooks:� Living with climate change (copper)� The Alien on the 99th Floor (copper)� Weird Little Monsters (copper)� Flash Harriet and Loch Ness monster (topaz)� What Happened to the Dinosaurs (topaz)� Kings of the Wild (topaz)

The 99th MonkeyThe 99th Monkey

... of how it would be for us if a flying saucer landed in our backyard and two
aliens got out and started singing “My Yiddishe ... to sleep squeezed in on the
floor amid 12 people, using my trusty shmatte to protect my face from the grimy

Author: Eliezer Sobel

Publisher: Santa Monica Press

ISBN: 9781595809933


Page: 310

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Suffused with a unique brand of irreverent humor, this account recalls the autobiographical explorations of the most significant alternative communities, ashrams, gurus, shamans, and consciousness-raising seminars of the past 40 years. Serving as a human guinea pig for many of the most popular cutting-edge New Age, human potential, and spiritual experiments, Eliezer Sobel recounts intercontinental adventures in India, Israel, Brazil, and Haiti. From Primal Therapy to the Dalai Lama, this perceptively witty analysis includes brushes with cults, wild experiments with sex and psychedelics, and encounters with visionary gurus and contemporary madmen.