Taobao TechnologyTaobao Technology

This book describes the development of the gigantic internet system that is Taobao, and the cause and effect of all the active and passive technological revolutions, told from the perspectives of the engineers.

Author: Chao Zhao

Publisher: Royal Collins Publishing Company

ISBN: 0991833813


Page: 242

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No website develops overnight. As often as not, a website encounters various problems and faces pressure from its business along the way. However, it is these problems and challenges that drive the progress and development of technology which will in turn promote a greater improvement of business. Currently, the traffic of ranks within the top 15 worldwide and top 3 in China, with its system servers expanding from one to over ten thousand. This book describes the development of the gigantic internet system that is Taobao, and the cause and effect of all the active and passive technological revolutions, told from the perspectives of the engineers. There are a great variety of stories here: a look behind-the-scenes, product experience, framework evolution, technical enlightenment, the growth of prominent figures, inside gossip, and failures as well as inspirational stories. The book is smoothly written with a humorous touch that is rarely found in technical writing, with these first-hand experiences giving the reader a sense of being part of this revolutionary development.

Information Technology LawInformation Technology Law

... above; Alibaba Group Holding Limited v Tian Shuping, Case No. HKS-1400002 (ADNDRC 21 May 2014) (<>, <>, <>). 245 Virgin Enterprises Limited v Lawrence Fain (Claim No. FA1402001545807.

Author: Uta Kohl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136006487


Page: 550

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The fifth edition of Information Technology Law continues to be dedicated to a detailed analysis of and commentary on the latest developments within this burgeoning field of law. It provides an essential read for all those interested in the interface between law and technology and the effect of new technological developments on the law. The contents have been restructured and the reordering of the chapters provides a coherent flow to the subject matter. Criminal law issues are now dealt with in two separate chapters to enable a more focused approach to content crime. The new edition contains both a significant amount of incremental change as well as substantial new material and, where possible, case studies have been used to illustrate significant issues. In particular, new additions include: • Social media and the criminal law; • The impact of the decision in Google Spain and the ‘right to be forgotten’; • The Schrems case and the demise of the Safe Harbour agreement; • The judicial reassessment of the proportionality of ICT surveillance powers within the UK and EU post the Madrid bombings; • The expansion of the ICANN gTLDs and the redesigned domain name registration and dispute resolution processes.

China s Technology InnovatorsChina s Technology Innovators

... far earlier than many US tech companies • 2003 Alibaba launches Taobao, the consumer e-commerce website • 2004 Online payment system Alipay is launched • 2005 Alibaba Group forms a strategic partnership with Yahoo, taking over the ...

Author: Xiaoming Zhu

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811053887


Page: 180

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This book is one of the first to explore how Chinese companies are feeling the impulse of emerging business trends and seizing opportunities brought by technology innovation. It consists case studies of 7 Chinese companies: 3DMed, Wechat from Tencent, Shanghai GM, CP Group, Alibaba, AutoNavi, and ICBC. Each Chinese company has its unique perspectives and different ways to make transformation and business model adjustments. The book helps fill the gap between the global interest in “Innovate in China” and the limited availability of cases on innovations in the country. It is a valuable reference resource for readers in China and beyond wishing to address challenges in the context of growing digital technologies and overwhelming business trends.

HBR s 10 Must Reads on Technology and Strategy Collection 7 Books HBR s 10 Must Reads on Technology and Strategy Collection 7 Books

The selection is generated automatically by Taobao's powerful recommendation engine. Its algorithms, which are designed to optimize the conversion rate of each visit, churn data generated across Taobao's platform, from operations to ...

Author: Harvard Business Review

Publisher: Harvard Business Press

ISBN: 9781647820299


Page: 1408

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Are analytics and technology a strategic part of your business? Artificial intelligence, platforms, algorithms, machine learning. Most business leaders know the value in advanced technologies. But how do you embed them into your business—and make them a key part of your strategy? HBR's 10 Must Reads Technology and Strategy Collection features innovative ideas to help you understand what new technologies offer, decide what business models are best for your business, and move forward with new innovations. Included in this seven-book set are: HBR's 10 Must Reads on AI, Analytics, and the New Machine Age HBR's 10 Must Reads on Business Model Innovation HBR's 10 Must Reads on Platforms and Ecosystems HBR's 10 Must Reads on Innovation HBR's 10 Must Reads on Design Thinking HBR's 10 Must Reads on Strategy HBR's 10 Must Reads on Strategy, Vol. 2 The collection includes seventy articles selected by HBR's editors from renowned thought leaders including Clayton M. Christensen, W. Chan Kim, Renee Mauborgne, and Thomas H. Davenport, plus the indispensable article "Why Every Company Needs an Augmented Reality Strategy" by Michael E. Porter and James E. Heppelmann. With HBR's 10 Must Reads Technology and Strategy Collection, you can bridge the divide between your digital and strategic efforts, and ensure your business is on the cutting edge. HBR's 10 Must Reads paperback series is the definitive collection of books for new and experienced leaders alike. Leaders looking for the inspiration that big ideas provide, both to accelerate their own growth and that of their companies, should look no further. HBR's 10 Must Reads series focuses on the core topics that every ambitious manager needs to know: leadership, strategy, change, managing people, and managing yourself. Harvard Business Review has sorted through hundreds of articles and selected only the most essential reading on each topic. Each title includes timeless advice that will be relevant regardless of an ever‐changing business environment.

International Conference on Cognitive based Information Processing and Applications CIPA 2021 International Conference on Cognitive based Information Processing and Applications CIPA 2021

optimize e-commerce shopping mode, and provides reliable technical support for various software of e-commerce platforms, ... Taobao also use its huge users into social electricity, even electricity live with goods, in 5g era, technology ...

Author: Bernard J. Jansen

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811658549


Page: 1001

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This book contains papers presented at the International Conference on Cognitive based Information Processing and Applications (CIPA) held during August 21, 2021, online conference (since COVID 19), which is divided into a 2-volume book. The papers in the second volume represent the various technological advancements in network information processing, graphics and image processing, medical care, machine learning, smart cities. It caters to postgraduate students, researchers, and practitioners specializing and working in the area of cognitive-inspired computing and information processing.

Android App Hook and Plug In TechnologyAndroid App Hook and Plug In Technology

On March 27, 2013, Bokui, the developer of the Taobao app, shared technical information on Taobao's plug-in framework. The name of this plug-in framework is Atlas†. In this topic, he introduced a way to modify the internal API of ...

Author: Jianqiang Bao

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780429558023


Page: 426

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This book presents the Android plug-in technology used in Android development. This technology is widely used by a majority of Chinese internet companies, and is becoming more widely used worldwide. The book fully describes the history of Android plug-in technology, the installation and startup process, and new features of the Android plug-in technology. It also explores plug-in solutions for peripheral technologies. The book is designed to help Android app developers better understand the underlying technology of the Android system. Features Introduces Android system knowledge, including the communication between AMS and four components Describes the Hook technique by Proxy.newProxyInstance and reflection, to modify Android system behavior, for example, to launch an activity not declared in the AndroidManifest. Shows how to use the Hook apk packaging process in Gradle Covers how to merge the resources in the plugin app and the host app, and how to merge dex of the host app and all the plugin apps Presents the SO technique and how to launch SO files dynamically

Future Cities New Economy and Shared City Prosperity Driven by Technological InnovationsFuture Cities New Economy and Shared City Prosperity Driven by Technological Innovations

Thanks to digital twin technology, cities contributes to a set of precise maps and spatial archives covering full-lifecycle of the city. In the business-driven era, we developed Taobao, but in the technology-driven era, ...

Author: Lei Guo

Publisher: United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat)

ISBN: 9789966138477


Page: 157

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This publication delivers an interdisciplinary approach from professionals and scholars working in government, the United Nations, academia, scientific research, and private sector. The purpose of this publication is (1) to raise awareness on new technological innovations and how these changes affect urban infrastructure and the quality of living of urban dwellers; (2) to enhance collective knowledge on different user cases of new technologies in cities and the potential benefits and risks; and (3) to call for collaboration and collective actions from all cities to smartly use and govern new tech solutions for a safer, more inclusive, and more prosperous urban environment. The launch of this publication coincided with the 10th World Urban Forum (WUF10), Abu Dhabi, 2020. Principal authors: Michael Keith, Jian Gao, Tao Zhou, Quanhui Liu, Hui Zeng, Mingxiao Zhao, Baolin Cao, Gerhard Schmitt, Jaideep Gupte, Saiful Ridwan, Harrison Simotwo, Pietro Visetti, Keli Zhu, Hongshan Zhang, Shudong Cui, Yifan Li, He Jia, George Economides, Zhiyong Fu, Peter Scupelli, Jiajun Xu, Xinyue Wu, Haishan Wu, Lei Yin, Shantian Cheng, Deyi Wu, and Bingnan Yin

New Media and China s Social DevelopmentNew Media and China s Social Development

Alibaba is already providing services with Big Data technology. For instance, Taobao matches the time of transaction, commodity price and amount of purchase with personal information such as the buyer's and seller's age, gender, ...

Author: Yungeng Xie

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811039942


Page: 183

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Starting from a history of new media, this book presents the development of network technology and media applications in China, while also examining the relationship between new media and politics, economy, culture, lifestyle, traditional media, law, knowledge, etc. As of 2014, China had been connected to the Internet for 20 years. During those two decades, China has witnessed drastic changes, from its national makeup to people’s daily lives. The book analyzes the changes in China brought about by the new media on the basis of large-scale data. Further, through comparisons with international trends in new media development, it seeks to clarify the new media development in China and comprehensively demonstrate the revolution and brand-new faces of Chinese society over the past two decades in the wake of new media. As such, it outlines the bright future of new media by revisiting and summarizing the developmental courses of new media and Chinese society.

Being OnlineBeing Online

Alibaba was rather fortunate because the Taobao tech team were interested in innovating and were the first to take on the technological and commercial risks of the de-IOE process. De-IOE is a process of technological development, ...

Author: Jian Wang

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781951627966


Page: 312

View: 211

A pioneer of cloud computing and big data offers his vision of the future world taking shape around us. Jian Wang was the founder and architect of Alibaba's cloud and has been the driving force behind its technology innovations. He was also the founder of the City Brain initiative to develop a new digital infrastructure for sustainable cities. Being Online is his meditation on the moment we are in, as the digital era shifts to the internet era, spawning new innovations at a seemingly dizzying pace: cloud computing, 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, wearables, robots, virtual reality, the internet of things, blockchain, and more. For Wang, the invisible hand that connects them is being online. The conjunction of computing, data, and the internet has erased the difference between being online and off. When computing can be done in the cloud, it is on the road to becoming a utility. When data is connected, making it big, its usefulness multiplies exponentially in unforeseeable ways, as does its value. This moment will be as transformative for humanity as Henry Ford's production line. Data is changing the nature of business. Computing is reshaping the economy. The cloud will help us do things we could never do before, at scales that were previously impossible. It will reshape our vision of the world, as electrification once did and, more recently, the transition from analog to digital. While telling the story of Alibaba’s breakthroughs and the development of his own understanding of the internet, Jian Wang's visionary book lays out the implications of this shift and how to think about being online.

Web Technologies and ApplicationsWeb Technologies and Applications

... Kunming, Yunnan, China 2 Yunnan Computer Technology Application Key Lab, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, Yunnan, China 3 Taobao (China) Software Technology Limited Company, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Abstract.

Author: Hua Wang

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642294259


Page: 270

View: 895

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of 4 international workshops held in conjunction with the 14th Asia-Pacific Web Conference, APWeb 2012, in Kunming, China, in April 2012 (see LNCS 7235). The 29 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected for presentation at the following 4 workshops: the 1st workshop on sensor networks and data engineering (SenDe 2012), the 1st international workshop on intelligent data processing (IDP 2012), the 1st international workshop on information extraction and knowledge base building (IEKB 2012), and the 3rd international workshop on mobile business collaboration (MBC 2012).

The Language Situation in ChinaThe Language Situation in China

Technology sent Taobao-style text notifications before sending formal admission letters to the freshers. There was also a case where the police in several regions published Taobao-style public security information and warnings on their ...

Author: Li Yuming

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9781501511417


Page: 348

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China, with the world's largest population, numerous ethnic groups and vast geographical space, is also rich in languages. Since 2006, China's State Language Commission has been publishing annual reports on what is called "language life" in China. These reports cover language policy and planning invitatives at the national, provincial and local levels, new trends in language use in a variety of social domains, and major events concerning languages in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Now for the first time, these reports are available in English for anyone interested in Chinese languge and linguistics, China's languge, education and social policies, as well as everyday language use among the ordinary people in China. The invaluable data contained in these reports provide an essential reference to researchers, professionals, policy makers, and China watchers.

Handbook of Strategic e Business ManagementHandbook of Strategic e Business Management

For instance, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, TaoBao and MercadoLibre have their own payment technology. TaoBao and eBay integrate communication technologies such as instant messaging or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) in their product ...

Author: Francisco J. Martínez-López

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642397479


Page: 1011

View: 316

This research handbook provides a comprehensive, integrative, and authoritative resource on the main strategic management issues for companies within the e-business context. It covers an extensive set of topics, dealing with the major issues which articulate the e-business framework from a business perspective. The handbook is divided into the following e-business related parts: background; evolved strategic framework for the management of companies; key business processes, areas and activities; and, finally, emerging issues, trends and opportunities, with special attention to diverse Social Web-related implications. The articles are varied, timely and present high-quality research; many of these unique contributions will be especially valued and influential for business scholars and professionals interested in e-business. Many of the contributors are outstanding business scholars who are or have been editors-in-chief of top-ranked management and business journals or have made significant contributions to the development of their respective fields.

Digital agriculture report Rural e commerce development experience from ChinaDigital agriculture report Rural e commerce development experience from China

... in the form of system technical support and transfers orders from Alibaba's rural Taobao or other Taobao platforms. ... Hema is a new retail platform driven by data and technology ...

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN: 9789251345108


Page: 64

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This publication, produced by FAO and Zhejiang University, examines how rural e-commerce could advance the digital transformation of agri-food systems, including increasing production efficiency, expanding farmers’ market access, improving poverty alleviation, fostering agricultural entrepreneurship, and attracting young generations back to their villages for economic revival and rural revitalization. It is highlighted that an enabling ecosystem with favourable government policies and strategies, public-private partnerships and innovative business models is of great importance to accelerate the development of rural areas in China, and generate larger economic, social and environmental impacts. As the largest developing country in the world, the experience of digital agriculture transformation in China could be shared with other developing countries. The report also discusses some of the challenges encountered and lessons learned during the development of rural e-commerce, as well as the proposals for the way forward.

Encyclopedia of E Commerce Development Implementation and ManagementEncyclopedia of E Commerce Development Implementation and Management

Prevalence of mobile services depends not only on technology advancement, but also on user adoption. Taobao is one of the world's largest e-commence website similar to eBay and Amazon that is operated in China by Alibaba Group.

Author: Lee, In

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466697881


Page: 2375

View: 357

The convenience of online shopping has driven consumers to turn to the internet to purchase everything from clothing to housewares and even groceries. The ubiquity of online retail stores and availability of hard-to-find products in the digital marketplace has been a catalyst for a heighted interest in research on the best methods, techniques, and strategies for remaining competitive in the era of e-commerce. The Encyclopedia of E-Commerce Development, Implementation, and Management is an authoritative reference source highlighting crucial topics relating to effective business models, managerial strategies, promotional initiatives, development methodologies, and end-user considerations in the online commerce sphere. Emphasizing emerging research on up-and-coming topics such as social commerce, the Internet of Things, online gaming, digital products, and mobile services, this multi-volume encyclopedia is an essential addition to the reference collection of both academic and corporate libraries and caters to the research needs of graduate-level students, researchers, IT developers, and business professionals. .

Financing from MassesFinancing from Masses

As a subsidiary of Alibaba, Taobao Crowdfunding was launched by Taobao on March 1, 2014, with headquarters in Hangzhou, ... charity, book, entertainment, science and technology, design, cartoon, games, and agriculture.

Author: Jiazhuo G. Wang

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811058431


Page: 143

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This book addresses the integration of the Internet and finance which recently has been one of the most notable topics of discussion in the media, the business community, academia, and among policymakers, both in China and worldwide. As a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of the one of the fastest growing industries in China, the book covers all the most important areas and issues in the crowdfunding industry in China, including the definition, types, and history of crowdfunding, the scale of the crowdfunding market, the basic business models and risk analysis of crowdfunding, the characteristics of the typical crowdfunding platforms, case studies of the leading crowdfunding platforms in China, and the future development of the crowdfunding industry in China. The book combines theoretical analysis with conceptual discussions and best practices in the crowdfunding industry in China. It is of interest to a variety of readers around the globe, such as (1) existing and potential fund demanders; (2) existing and potential fund providers; (3) investors and professionals running crowdfunding platforms; (4) professionals and major shareholders of traditional financial institutions; (5) staff in regulatory government agencies; (6) academics; and (7) the general public.

Cyber Policy in ChinaCyber Policy in China

investment in China relations with China official contacts with China Taobao technology transfer see also foreign firms telecommunications in China international aspects Ten Cent QQ Tianji Toffler, Alvin transparency see open government ...

Author: Greg Austin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780745685885


Page: 200

View: 132

Few doubt that China wants to be a major economic and military power on the world stage. To achieve this ambitious goal, however, the PRC leadership knows that China must first become an advanced information-based society. But does China have what it takes to get there? Are its leaders prepared to make the tough choices required to secure China’s cyber future? Or is there a fundamental mismatch between China’s cyber ambitions and the policies pursued by the CCP until now? This book offers the first comprehensive analysis of China’s information society. It explores the key practical challenges facing Chinese politicians as they try to marry the development of modern information and communications technology with old ways of governing their people and conducting international relations. Fundamental realities of the information age, not least its globalizing character, are forcing the pace of technological change in China and are not fully compatible with the old PRC ethics of stability, national industrial strength and sovereignty. What happens to China in future decades will depend on the ethical choices its leaders are willing to make today. The stakes are high. But if China’s ruling party does not adapt more aggressively to the defining realities of power and social organization in the information age, the ‘China dream’ looks unlikely to become a reality.

The Oxford Handbook of China InnovationThe Oxford Handbook of China Innovation

The growth in e- commerce driven by digital technology promoted the formation of “Taobao Villages,” administrative villages where the total annual e- commerce transaction volume is at least 10 million RMB (US$1.6 million); at least 10% ...

Author: Xiaolan Fu

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190900533


Page: 832

View: 306

"The Oxford Handbook of China Innovation provides a contemporary and authoritative view of the role of innovation in China's extraordinary emergence. The Handbook consists of chapters written by over sixty experts from universities and research institutions worldwide, who describe and analyze this phenomenon with criticism, discussion of policy issues, and views about further development. It focuses on the microeconomic factors in China's growth, of which the critical force has been the steady drive for innovation. It identifies the many factors instrumental in the development of innovation and evaluates those that are specific to China's context, and those applicable to other nations. The scope of topics is comprehensive, covering China's development policies, the place of innovation in national priorities, the components of the national innovation system and the resources required for their effective deployment. These include the institutions and policies that provide incentives and support to technological development, including people, financial mechanisms, private ownership, rule of law and culture. The issue of foreign influence is also addressed, including the evolution of policy towards inward foreign direct investment and knowledge transfer and China's goals for outward foreign direct investment. The chapters include discussion of the capabilities and strategies of world-class Chinese innovators, together with emerging issues such as environmental remediation, green energy, digital innovation, open innovation, mass innovation and China's future science and technology policy. As China emerges as a contender for global leadership in many fields, the Handbook provides a foundation for informed conjecture regarding the challenges ahead"--