The Land of the Seal PeopleThe Land of the Seal People

Most of the seal stories here were recorded and published in two previous books
by Duncan Williamson: Tales of the Seal People (Canongate, 1992; Interlink,
2005) and The Genie and the Fisherman (Cambridge University Press, 1991).

Author: Duncan Williamson

Publisher: Birlinn Ltd

ISBN: 9780857909657


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No stories were more potent, more engaging, more subtle or profound than these half-animal, half-human tales of the sea. Time and time again listeners enthralled by Duncan Williamson's lore would ask him for the silkie tale. Duncan grew up with the seals, slept nights stranded by the tide in their colonies, heard countless stories from crofters, fishermen and travellers alike about the strange people who were related to the seal; the silkie stories magically link the two worlds, animal and human, sea and land. This new and expanded edition contains twenty-four stories, including thirteen that are previously unpublished, with a new introduction by Linda Williamson which examines the background of the West Highland belief in the seal people. 'The Land of the Seal People' is a work of a master narrator, Scotland's greatest contemporary storyteller. The book is adult fiction of high intellectual and literary standards, and, as Scottish folk tales, suits children and adults alike. From the oral tradition of the West Coast, these stories are a vital part of Scotland's heritage.

The People of the SeaThe People of the Sea

Timeless and haunting, The People of the Sea retains its spellbinding charm and brings to life the enchanting stories of these mysterious creatures of Celtic folklore.

Author: David Thomson


ISBN: 1786892464


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When David Thomson took a journey to the sea coasts of Scotland and Ireland to seek out the legend of the selchies - mythological creatures who transform from seals into humans - a magical world emerged. Men were rescued by seals in stormy seas, took seal-women for their wives and had their children suckled by seal-mothers. Timeless and haunting,The People of the Sea retains its spellbinding charm and brings to life the enchanting stories of these mysterious creatures of Celtic folklore.

Water ShaperWater Shaper

There are many other seal tales. The People of the Sea by David Thomson has
seal stories from the Hebrides, the coasts of Scotland and Ireland, and the
Shetland and Orkney Islands. Duncan Williamson, a Scottish traveler and
storyteller, ...

Author: Laura Williams McCaffrey

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0618614893


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Having escaped from her father's control with help from a handsome holy man who is king of a western land, fifteen-year-old Princess Margot finally travels to the sea where her mother lived, and from which she can draw a powerful magic.

Animal Folk Tales of Britain and IrelandAnimal Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland

Scandinavia are those of selkies or seal people. In Gaelic and Gallic the words
for 'seal' can be roughly translated as 'hound of the sea' or 'sea dog'. This
descriptive name tallies with their dog-like characteristics such as their curiosity
about ...

Author: Sharon Jacksties

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 9780750994460


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Stories and animals have long travelled the same routes. Through our heritage of charming, quirky and profound tales, you will find yourself re-acquainted with Britain’s wondrous fauna. Find out how hedgehog ended up with spines and what makes him scuttle so fast, discover how pigs saved a prince from leprosy and why the wealthy lord was so intent on capturing the black fox. Sharon Jacksties’ wonderful book combines traditional stories, little-known zoological facts and true anecdotes to create a treasure trove of stories for animal lovers of every kind.

Storytelling MagazineStorytelling Magazine

Benwell , Gwen and Arthur Waugh , Johnson , Clifton , ed . , “ The Seal untitled in
Sea Enchantress : The Tale of Catcher " in ... Williamson , Duncan , " The
Wounded Seal ” in Tales of the Seal People , New York : Interlink Books , 1992
and ...



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Headless George and Other Tales Told in CanadaHeadless George and Other Tales Told in Canada

When the boy swam out to join his new acquaintances , he found , instead of
seals , people like himself , boys and girls , young hunters and warriors , elder
princes of the tribe , and mysterious women of magic . Had he become a seal or
had ...

Author: Steven Freygood

Publisher: Key Porter

ISBN: IND:39000005498360


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The Quest for the Celtic KeyThe Quest for the Celtic Key

From the Celtic legends of Cuchullin and Fionn to the mythical tales of seal -
people and magicians these stories have a timeless quality . Often , strands of the
stories will interweave and cross over , building a delicate tapestry of Scotland as
a ...

Author: Karen Ralls

Publisher: Luath Press Limited

ISBN: WISC:89081351546


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The authors argue strongly that the evidence they have uncovered within folklore, legends, the guilds, and the oral traditions of secret societies in Scotland, link together with striking similarities. They further suggest that these links are not coincidence but the last visible threads of belief systems that have been at the center of the Scottish psyche for centuries. The Celtic Key makes sense of the underlying beliefs that have contributed to, motivated, and shaped a nation through the ages.
Covering every aspect of human life in Scotland, this list of ethnological papers makes a substantial contribution to ethnological scholarship, particularly in national identity. In addition to papers, aids to ethnological research are included and are classified as such under subject headings.

Tales of Folk FeyTales of Folk Fey

Alana thought about what she knew about selchies; her grandmother had told
her stories of the seal people when Alana was a little girl: selchies, seal women,
came to the shore. They slipped out of their Other-Skins, and sometimes, if they ...

Author: Melissa Marr

Publisher: Melissa Marr



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Return to the world of Wicked Lovely with an all new Dark Court short story. Set after the end of the series, “Love Hurts” catches up with Irial, Niall, and Leslie—and offers clues about the new Wicked Lovely prequel novel, Cold Iron Heart (May 2020). Tales of Folk & Fey is a collection of Marr’s tales of Celtic faeries and fey creatures. It includes “Old Habits” and “Stopping Time” (previously published Wicked Lovely Dark Court stories) and two previously published selchie short stories (“Awakened” and “Love Struck). The collection also includes “Carnival of Lies,” a prequel story to the 2012 novel Carnival of Secrets, and excerpts of first book in the faery duology, Seven Black Diamonds (2016), and ColdI ron Heart: A Wicked Lovely Novel (2020).

Elements of LiteratureElements of Literature

Connections iol?i4c jfj|^ Cultural Connections Seal people are also prominent in
Irish and Scottish folklore, where they are known as Roane or as ... Many tales of
these people resemble "Sealskin, Soulskin" (as suggested in Question 7, p.



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State-adopted textbook, 2001-2007, grade 7.

The Postmodern BeowulfThe Postmodern Beowulf

( 1990 ) , and Tales of the Seal People ( 1992 ) , all published in Edinburgh , and
also A Thorn in the King ' s Foot ( Harmondsworth , 1987 ) and The Genie and the
Fisherman and Other Tales from the Travelling People ( Cambridge , 1991 ) .

Author: Eileen A. Joy


ISBN: UOM:39015066842249


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Twenty-three distinguised literary critics offer a twenty-first-century look at the one-thousand-plus-year-old Anglo-Saxon epic poem, addressing gender, race, nationalism, and other issues of cultural and personal identity.

Illustrated Book of Fairy TalesIllustrated Book of Fairy Tales

There he saw a band of the selkie folk , the seal people who live in the ocean in
those parts . They were naked , having set aside their seal skins in the warm sun .
They were playing and laughing , and diving off rocks into the sea . But although


Publisher: Dk Pub

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A multicultural collection of traditional tales from Europe, Asia, Australia, and North and South America.