Type Logical SyntaxType Logical Syntax

Chapter 10 examines the issue of island constraints . Analyses of ... Though this
type of argumentation has been standard practice in the syntactic literature over
the last fifty years since Ross ( 1967 ) first discovered syntactic islands , recent ...

Author: Yusuke Kubota


ISBN: 9780262539746


Page: 420

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"In this book, Yusuke Kubota and Robert Levine propose a type-logical version of categorial grammar as a viable alternative model of natural language syntax and semantics. They show that this novel logic-based framework is applicable to a range of phenomena--especially in the domains of coordination and ellipsis--that have proven problematic for traditional approaches."--

Experimental Syntax and Island EffectsExperimental Syntax and Island Effects

Thus, it appears that child-directed speech input presents an induction problem
to a learner attempting to acquire adult grammatical knowledge about syntactic
islands. The existence of an induction problem then requires some sort of
learning ...

Author: Jon Sprouse

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107652705


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This volume brings together cutting-edge experimental research from leaders in the fields of linguistics and psycholinguistics to explore the nature of a phenomenon that has long been central to syntactic theory - 'island effects'. The chapters in this volume draw upon recent methodological advances in experimental methods in syntax, also known as 'experimental syntax', to investigate the underlying cognitive mechanisms that give rise to island effects. This volume presents a comprehensive empirical review of a contemporary debate in the field by including contributions from researchers representing a variety of points of view on the nature of island effects. This book is ideal for students and researchers interested in cutting-edge experimental techniques in linguistics, psycholinguistics and psychology.

Unbounded Dependency ConstructionsUnbounded Dependency Constructions

Syntactic Islands and Learning Biases: Combining Experimental Syntax and
Computational Modeling to Investigate the Language Acquisition Problem.
Language Acquisition 20(1), 23–68. Pereira, Fernando C. N. and Warren, David
H. D. ...

Author: Rui P. Chaves

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198784999


Page: 336

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This book examines the nature, creation, and comprehension of constructions in which words that go together in meaning occur arbitrarily far away from each other. It provides a detailed survey of the factors responsible for their creation and comprehension, alongside new experimental evidence and suggestions for future research.

Descriptive and Applied LinguisticsDescriptive and Applied Linguistics

Here , I will only point out that Ross's notion of ' island ' seems much more
plausible than Nakau's constraint ( For ... Thus , it seems clear that the notion of '
syntactic islands ' explains the range of data pointed out by Nakau better than his

Author: Summer Institute in Linguistics


ISBN: UCAL:$B777176



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A Syntactic Analysis of Sea Island CreoleA Syntactic Analysis of Sea Island Creole

For additional discussion of the role of the following informants, both in general
and in particular, please see section I.2.1 A. Textual Informants Henrietta, a
widow about fifty years old and a native of Yonges Island, South Carolina, was
my chief ...

Author: Irma Aloyce Ewing Cunningham

Publisher: Amer Dialect Society

ISBN: UCSC:32106010417407


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A comprehensive account of the grammatical system of Sea Island Creole (Gullah), this work draws on extensive field research to present a systematic treatment of the syntactic and semantic structures of this English-based Creole language.

Syntactic Movement and Comprehension Deficits in Broca s AphasiaSyntactic Movement and Comprehension Deficits in Broca s Aphasia

Island effects This section discusses an important syntactic property shared by
both types of whquestions in ( 37 ) : both exhibit the so - called island effects . The
notion ' island ' refers to a syntactic domain out of which elements cannot move .

Author: Ineke van der Meulen


ISBN: STANFORD:36105112537035


Page: 237

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Intensional Descriptions and the Romance Subjunctive MoodIntensional Descriptions and the Romance Subjunctive Mood

... that all the sentences that appear to be ambiguous with respect to quantifier
scope are indeed ambiguous , independently of the entailment relationship that
might hold between the two readings . Quantifier scope and syntactic islands a
100 ...

Author: Donka Farkas

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: UOM:39015013511996


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Papers from the Regional Meeting Chicago Linguistic SocietyPapers from the Regional Meeting Chicago Linguistic Society

The NP every French town is not in a syntactic island , as the sentences in ( 3 )
show : ( 3 ) Where did John tell a reporter that Peter lived ? This is the town that
John told a reporter that Peter lived in . Thus , ( 2 ) should be ambiguous between
a ...

Author: Chicago Linguistic Society. Regional Meeting


ISBN: UCSC:32106006464801



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Linguistische BerichteLinguistische Berichte

Mulder , R . ( 1992 ) : The Aspectual Nature of Syntactic Complementation .
Dissertation , University of Leiden ( HIL Dissertations 3 ) . Müller , G ( 1995 ) : A -
bar Syntax . ... Sabel , J . ( 2002 ) : „ A Minimalist Analysis of Syntactic Islands “ .



ISBN: UOM:39015066027221



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An Effective Computational Approach to the Comprehension of Purposeful English DialogueAn Effective Computational Approach to the Comprehension of Purposeful English Dialogue

An island ' s essential nature is not necessarily its syntactic type . The meaning of
an input is more important than its surface form to our paranoid model , so the
parser builds islands to emphasize a construction ' s semantic content over its ...

Author: Roger Clyde Parkison


ISBN: STANFORD:36105025687992


Page: 294

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Approaches to Island PhenomenaApproaches to Island Phenomena

... syntactic islands ) , but rather in terms of a diversity of ( often interacting )
syntactic , semantic , pragmatic , and perceptual principles ; ( ii ) that there is a
basic important distinction between restrictions which depend on hierarchical
structure ...

Author: Alexander Grosu

Publisher: North Holland

ISBN: UOM:39015010201765


Page: 345

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Maximality in the Semantics of Wh constructionsMaximality in the Semantics of Wh constructions

In Ross ( 1984 ) , the earliest systematic discussion of the phenomenon ,
sentences such as ( 1b ) and ( 2b ) were assumed to instantiate a special kind of
syntactic island , and were referred to as ' inner islands ' . Inner islands have also

Author: Hotze Rullmann


ISBN: STANFORD:36105016302999


Page: 476

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