The Swords of DarknessThe Swords of Darkness

She had an awesome bow—in shield blue dark at the ends with special designs all over it—in her hand, and the logo in between was her with the spherical shield. Akiro and Motoyami had already pulled their swords out.

Author: Swarnim

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482819397


Page: 146

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A cadre of four siblings, three boys and one girl, the eldest being Ichiro, a boy of 13, live without their parents in Serran, the capital of The Spirit Island as their parents are sailors and hardly ever meet them. Everything goes well. But of course, only as long as god wants it to. On his thirteenth birthday Ichiro receives a letter and a gift apparently from their parents. The letter claims their parents to be dead and the gift being the fabled spirit fruits. There are instead four metallic spheres in the box. Definitely not something a human can digest. None of them believes the letter, but when Ayami, the youngest of the four, takes a bite from one of those four supposed-to-be-fruits, and Ichiro follows, they are gifted with supernatural powers. Following the instructions of the letter, they then start training with the newly-gifted powers and on Ichiros fourteenth birthday, set off on a journey to revive their parents by defeating the evil soul, the one that has managed to keep the Spirit God a captive. To become worthy opponents of the evil soul, they have to go through twelve forts at each of which they have to defeat a guardian, most of who arent even humans, and thus obtain more spirit fruits, each one making them stronger. The guardian of the very first fort is an immortal genius and renders the siblings powerless, literally, though a machine called the disc of power. Will they fight through it all? Alone? Definitely not. With some help? Who knows.

Inferno of Darkness Order of the Blade Inferno of Darkness Order of the Blade

She realized suddenly that the sword of darkness was no longer fused to his hand. It had released him once the veil had been severed. Or maybe the fact it was still lodged in his chest was enough of a connection between them.

Author: Stephanie Rowe

Publisher: Authenticity Playground, LLC

ISBN: 9781940968001


Page: 200

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★★★★★ "EXCELLENT! Powerful from beginning to end." Five-star Amazon Review Fatally wounded by his father, Dante Sinclair has only hours left to destroy his family's tainted legacy before he succumbs to the poison coursing through him. Rigidly focused on his goal, he has no time for anything else, until he meets a sensual, tormented woman that calls to his soul in ways that strip him raw and derails him from his mission. Elisha, the princess of darkness, is willing to give up her life to save the world she loves, until Dante Sinclair robs her of the one tool she has to defeat the evil that courses through her veins. The darkness is closing in on them both, and the two tormented souls are torn from their chosen paths and thrust into a passionate whirlwind of sacrifice, betrayal, and devastating choices. And so it began, many centuries ago... "Rowe is a paranormal star!" ~J.R. Ward ★★★★★ "Great alpha characters overcoming impossible odds." ~applepie1 (Five-star Amazon Review) ★★★★★ "The Order of The Blade is a Brotherhood of Hotties!" ~Annettepj (Five-star Amazon Review) ★★★★★ "What an amazing book!! I would love to give it 6 stars if I could." Bossert (Five-star Amazon Review) ★★★★★ "Keeps you riveted until the very end." Lady D (Five-star Amazon Review) ★★★★★ "Great story full of intrigue, suspense, and love. Author Stephanie Rowe writes with a huge lesson, "A life without love isn't a life worth living!"" ~D.Patience (Five-star Amazon Review) BIO: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe is "a paranormal star" (JR Ward). She's thrilled to be a 2021 Vivian® Award nominee, and a RITA® Award winner and five-time nominee, the highest awards in romance fiction. As the bestselling author of more than fifty books, Stephanie delights readers with her wide range of genres, which include contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense novels. *Author's note: Originally intended to be a novella, INFERNO OF DARKNESS ended up being too long and complex to be a novella. It is a complete novel that is slightly shorter than the other novels in the Order the Blade series.

Triumph of the DarkswordTriumph of the Darksword

“He carries a sword of darkness that sucks the life out of its victims. . . ." “He murdered countless numbers, but only the wicked, or so I heard. He was falsely accused and now he has come back from the dead to seek his revenge.

Author: Margaret Weis

Publisher: Spectra

ISBN: 9780307434685


Page: 384

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Volume III in the heroic saga of magic, betrayal and adventure, The Darksword Trilogy. In the realm where magic is life, Joram was one of the Dead. Born without power, he was denies his royal birthright and sentenced to the Turning—his mind to be imprisoned inside a husk of living stone. Yet at the last moment, Saryon took his place, suffering the eternal torment for his young master, And joram and his wife Gwendolyn vanished into the mists that marked the Border of the World. . . . Now, ten years later, Joram and Gwendolyn have returned to reclaim their rightful place in Merilon. Wielding one last time the terrible, magic-thirsting Darksword, Joram must confront the evil sorcerer Menju and his army of Technologists from beyond the Border in a final apocalyptic battle. Rejoined by Saryon, the mage Mosiah and Simkin, Joram will fulfill the ancient prophecy of the Darksword—the prophecy that puts in his hands the power to destroy the world . . . or save it.

The Jakob Legends II the Sword of DarknessThe Jakob Legends II the Sword of Darkness

The legend is coming to an end.

Author: J. Nelson-Philpot


ISBN: 1456414631


Page: 302

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The legend is coming to an end...Two years ago, there was a war in the world, and it was ended by a group of children destined to save the world from the forces of darkness. However, that war is beginning to return... an even more powerful adversary has risen to power, many wars are rising in the Adlinian nation, and the darkness has a grip on the world that grows tighter and tighter as the wars increase. Now, the same group of heroes must continue their journey to put an end to the legend...

Sword in the DarknessSword in the Darkness

The rock encasing the lower part of the blade fell away as Marisol thought of the resilience it gave her. The will to push back. ... As the sword rose in her two hands, she swept away the darkness of the cave. From within her poured the ...

Author: Paolo Bicchieri

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725251632


Page: 180

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Sword in the Darkness is a West Coast misadventure. Three teens find themselves thrust into a mythological power struggle spanning countries and cultures. Through no mere coincidence, all three are drawn to Brewer's Yawn, a recently and bizarrely formed cave in the Deschutes Forest of Central Oregon. There they meet Archibald and Shanna, owners and operators of "The Ore-gone-ian" cafe, who guide them along the way. They discover a sword hidden in the cave that is powerful enough to shape reality. But other forces want the magical artifact, too. The travelers will have to realize their power to stop the malevolent King Karrabad and escape his lair, with the help of some Klamath Native legends. Along the way, they see that they may have had the power to shape their worlds before they ever stumbled into Brewer's Yawn. Fans of The Vicious Deep, The Lightning Thief, Brooklyn Brujas, Godless, and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian will enjoy.

Discourse Analysis beyond the Speech EventDiscourse Analysis beyond the Speech Event

For example, when Joo-eun says that in line 015, “does that mean the sword is dark,” that might refer back to the prior phrase, the sword of darkness, in lines 012 and 013. That may be a word standing in for the sword of darkness, ...

Author: Stanton Wortham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317563273


Page: 196

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Discourse Analysis beyond the Speech Event introduces a new approach to discourse analysis. In this innovative work, Wortham and Reyes argue that discourse analysts should look beyond fixed speech events and consider the development of discourses over time. Drawing on theories and methods from linguistic anthropology and related fields, this book is the first to present a systematic methodological approach to conducting discourse analysis of linked events, allowing researchers to understand not only individual events but also the patterns that emerge across them. Discourse Analysis beyond the Speech Event Provides a method for detailed examination of speech, writing and other communication Introduces students and researchers to the discourse analytic tools and techniques required to analyse the relationships between discourse events Offers explicit guidelines that direct the reader through different stages of discourse analytic research, including worked examples from conversation, magazines and social media Incorporates sample analyses from ethnographic, archival and new media data. This book is essential reading for advanced students and researchers working in the area of discourse analysis.

A Sword Between Light And DarknessA Sword Between Light And Darkness

Sword. Aron opened his eyes. He didn't even remember closing them, to tell the truth. The warrior was in a dark place, but didn't feel threatened by it. it felt like being in one of his dreams, but there was something different.

Author: Roberto Donini

Publisher: Babelcube Inc

ISBN: 9781547594788


Page: 142

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Aron, a warrior without memory, find himself overpowered by a mysterious opponent. Saved by the last powers of his legendary sword, he is helped by a family of farmers. Before he can regain his strength, the war struck him and his saviors’. Stripped of his weapon, a journey begins for him between hope and despair, dragons and sorcerers, to search for the origin of his nemesis, and whose final goal will be learning the most important lesson of his life and, at the same time, save the whole realm before chaos overcomes everything.

Overlord Vol 5 light novel Overlord Vol 5 light novel

“The Four Great Swords of Darkness...?” asked Climb. One of the Thirteen Heroes, the Black Knight, was said to possess four swords: Evil Sword, Humiris; Demonic Sword, Killineiram; Canker Sword, Coroquedavarre; and Death Sword, Sufiz.

Author: Kugane Maruyama

Publisher: Yen Press LLC

ISBN: 9780316397629


Page: 272

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In the kingdom of Re-Estize, a sinister organization known as the Eight Fingers holds sway of the criminal underworld. Ainzs orders Sebas to infiltrate the capital to gather intel on this shadowy group sucking the marrow from the kingdom's bones. At the same time, a young soldier named Climb struggles to hone his skills to better serve the "Golden Princess" while the once great warrior Brian returns home a broken man... Against the backdrop of an ancient city fraying at its edges, three men will challenge the corruption of the vicious Eight Fingers!

The Dark PrincessThe Dark Princess

"If you don't, I shall stab this blade through you; father or not! ... Realizing the offence, Leremi unsheathed his black sword of Darkness. ... Both swordsmen of the same level, neither one could strike past the other's blade.

Author: Amanda Kostro

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781598587104


Page: 412

View: 178

Evil can be a corrosive force. especially when you grow up within it. The Dark Princess is a fifteen-year-old who realizes the evil reign of her uncle, the Dark King, must be stopped before the land of Taintis falls into turmoil.That to her is known, but her name is not. The journey she takes gives her a new outlook on her country and its inhabitants. The Dark Princess meets magical creatures, unusual circumstances and complicated, secretive people. Who is an ally, who is an enemy? Her adventure leads her to see who she really is and who she has yet to become. Is the Dark Princess on her way to defeating Darkness, or are her actions and choices only going to pull Taintis further under her uncle's influence? She knows the Dark King and his force of Darkness are evil, merciless and blood thirsty. but can the Dark Princess wash that all away to find freedom and peace for the citizens of Taintis? And for herself? Amanda Kostro, now fourteen, began The Dark Princess when she was twelve. She had such an urge to write, that she would take advantage of any opportunity, often writing through the night in lieu of sleep. The idea for The Dark Princess came suddenly while riding in the car. The story unfolded around the central idea of a girl, born into evil, who eventually realizes she must escape the maleficent bonds of her childhood in order to change the future for herself and the citizens of Taintis. Amanda lives in Riverside, Illinois. An only child, she shares her life with a menagerie of animals including a dog, cats, birds and her horse Micki. She recently graduated from Hauser Junior High School and will be an incoming freshman at Riverside Brookfield High School in the fall. When asked if there will be a continuation of The Dark Princess, Amanda reports, "I think there is more to the story. I just have to write it." For updates, check out:

Soldier King of LifeSoldier King of Life

Following that, Dark Lord's main body appeared from within the dark particles. Dark Lord was like a giant monster with scales all over his body. Grabbing the Sword of Darkness, he also sent out three sword lights towards Perfect ...

Author: Wo ZiDuiTianXiao

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781636318158



View: 760

Mercenary King Chen Qingyang returned to the city to protect his comrade's sister. the goddess. In the bustling city, Chen Qingyang was like a fish in water, carefree and at ease. And to see how the previous generation's soldiers would use their iron fists and wits to build a business empire...

Swamp OutlawSwamp Outlaw

He summon Field-Massuh McFestus, the biggest debbil in the place, along with Boss-Driver Beezle-Bob, the second biggest, and tell them 'Go you get that Evil Niga and take this SWORD O'DARKNESS in case he give you sass.

Author: David Ball

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781665512008


Page: 456

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The South had lost the Civil War and was losing its soul. Uniformed Rebels who had fought honorably in the light of day now wore tattered sheets in the dark and burned crosses. In armed packs they dragged the helpless Negro or Indian from his bed and stopped his hurried prayers with noose or buckshot. In North Carolina’s Robeson county, the Ku Klux did not see the vengeance it was stirring up: Henry Berry Lowery's gang of Swamp Outlaws, who ruthlessly protected themselves and the county's Indians and Negroes. "We kill anyone who hunts us, from Sheriff on down,” Lowery promised, and by forays out of the swamps to keep that promise he became the highest-bountied outlaw in the nation’s history. This tale of bloody revenge and brilliant survival is drawn from the gang’s real victims, benefactors, and descendants – all as told by the Yankee reporter from the New York Herald who joined the gang to get the story.

Darkness HiddenDarkness Hidden

Against all odds, Mio, Jack and Shinobu have defeated the terrifying Nekomata and got home alive.

Author: Zoë Marriott

Publisher: Name of the Blade

ISBN: 1406342394


Page: 352

View: 707

Who would you sacrifice to save the world? Don't miss the second explosive book in the young adult fantasy series, The Name of the Blade. Against all odds, Mio, Jack and Shinobu have defeated the terrifying Nekomata and got home alive. But Mio is still compelled to protect the katana, and now the Underworld has spawned a worse monster - one carrying a devastating plague that sweeps through London like wildfire. As Mio struggles to protect the city and control the sword's deadly powers, she realizes that this time there is no way she can keep everyone she loves out of the line of fire.

Power of the SwordsPower of the Swords

of Darkness possesses a power far too evil for the Elders to simply give away,” Brad answered. The Blood Blade sounded almost worse than the Sword of Darkness, but based on the name, Robert could understand why they didn't want to let ...

Author: Spencer Day

Publisher: Book Venture Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781640695849


Page: 320

View: 954

Robert Soulman is a seemly normal 16-year old boy, basketball star, and all around great guy. After a strange dream and impossible encounter with a famous myth, he gets wrapped up in a world of magic and deceit. Peter Nightings is an orphan, an outcast, and a ghost to all those around him in the world of Elris. He is determined to discover his heritage, and, along the way, gets caught up in a battle for his whole world. Brianna is a prisoner in the magical world of Elldia, but knows nothing about her captor, her prison, or why she’s been in prison her whole life. After being separated from her father in the prison, she begins to receive visits from the Ghost of Magyk, who raises her and assures her that she will one day be set free. The Ghost of Magyk makes an effort to bring these three characters together, in hopes of saving the three worlds, Elldia, Earth, and Elris, from utter destruction.

Mastering the Winning PrinciplesMastering the Winning Principles

This triangle points to the power of occultism/mysticism when it is turned upside down, while the remaining components inside it tell of its desire to operate as a universal sword of darkness. In the same way, the Cross of our Lord ...

Author: Abraham Adoke

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

ISBN: 9781543764444


Page: 168

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The kingdom war is rooted in complex hostilities and diverse maneuvers, and the Dragon is enacting a consistent offensive that is designed to wear out the children of God. But this book points out the fact that those who obey the command of God and walk in the universal power of Christ will stand victorious whenever they battle against the enemy of our salvation. Therefore, mastering the winning principles of the kingdom war is a prerequisite for victory!

The Battle of Distant TimesThe Battle of Distant Times

I said charging at him clashing swords. “The light shall win! The darkness will never win and conquer this world!” Just then my sword hit the ground hard just as Dark Powers disappeared into thin air almost like he never really was here ...

Author: Ethan Zielonka

Publisher: Createspace

ISBN: 9781478318262


Page: 334

View: 887

Welcome to the world of the Dreamkeepers. For many centuries the world has been saved by the Army of the Light until 1603, when the Darkness was taken from the world. Now the Darkness is back and is targeting the Dreamkeepers throughout time.....This is just the beginning

Invincible Emperor SovereignInvincible Emperor Sovereign

it filled with a desolate darkness, as the rolling swords of darkness interweaved with one another, mixed with the aura of engulfing all living things, and completely destroyed the illusory golden divine hand. The terrifying sword of ...

Author: Hei PaoLaoZu

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781648574016



View: 286

Forced to come into a world of martial arts, if it were not a mysterious weapon with him, it would be difficult for him to survive. His body was instantly destroyed because of a sneak attack by a friend when they were deep in the predicament, and his soul traveled through time and space to a world-respected by martial arts . The strong men and denominations here are as much as trees in forests. He was humble at first and found it difficult to adapt. But there must be a reversal in desperation. When his soul fled, he accidentally took away a weapon with a mysterious power. With this weapon, he practiced faster than others and his martial arts were also stronger. Even becoming an imperial emperor is no longer whimsical. ☆About the Author☆ Hei Pao Lao Zu, an outstanding online novelist. He is especially good at fantasy novels. His novels are rich in twists and turns and are welcomed by most readers.

Immortal Becomes a Stay at home Dad After ReturnImmortal Becomes a Stay at home Dad After Return

Like a meteor that rose from the Hidden Sword Coffin, it directly grew larger in the air, and like an enormous tree that had undergone countless vicissitudes, it ruthlessly slashed at the stiff sword of darkness!

Author: Shui Shan

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781636457369



View: 565

A thousand years ago, Mo Xun was accidentally swallowed by a spatial crack and entered the cultivation world. A thousand years later, he came back to earth, but only seven years had passed on Earth! Furthermore, his wife even gave birth to a girl, who is his daughter! His wife is beautiful, the child is cute. He had wanted to stay at home and live a simple life, but unexpectedly, he was left with a huge amount of debts. Mo Xun sighed and had no choice but to help his wife and daughter create a land of happiness...

Savior of DayspringSavior of Dayspring

Looking up, Guntharr saw what appeared to be two or maybe three identical copies of Wilstrom standing before him with a sword of pure darkness in his right hand. The three Wilstrom's seemed to swim back and forth in front of him, ...

Author: Wm. Matthew Graphman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781663209382


Page: 312

View: 577

The end is near. The mastermind has decided to reveal himself at long last. Spire Tree, the fortress of Silverwood, has been destroyed. An invading army of Talicrons, like no one has seen before, is marching toward Dayspring’s capital city, Fairhaven. With the Guardian Corps destroyed, nothing can stop the forces of darkness from overrunning Teradandra. Guntharr, Firebane and the other’s attempt at locating the last piece of the talisman has stalled. Rift and Raskin have returned home, their adventuring and fighting days behind them. Taya alone still has hope and a good guess where to go next. Striking out on her own, Taya sets out to prove to herself and the others that she is ready to take on the title of Silverwood’s Heir. Traveling back to her and Guntharr’s original home, Taya encounters the unlikeliest of allies in the form of a young red dragon. But even the dragon is not cunning enough for Wilstrom and his conspirators as they intercept Taya just as she recovers the final gem. Imprisoned and alone, Taya has only one hope left, faith that her companions can find her. But how will they do that, when even she does not know where Wilstrom has taken her. With the looming Talicron threat, time is not on their side. For one member of the group, time is up.