Children of TraumaChildren of Trauma

Stressful Life Events and Their Effects on Children and Adolescents Thomas W.
Miller ... elevated levels with early abuse , 21 Grief , versus traumatization , 34 –
35 Group treatment , 227 Guilt in adolescents , 20 in child abuse survivors ,.

Author: Thomas W. Miller

Publisher: International Universities PressInc

ISBN: UOM:39015045647792


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"This volume provides clinical theory and practice models for readers along with current concepts in diagnosis and treatment. Consideration of critical issues for the decade provides direction for current and future planning in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention interventions for children who experience stressful life events."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Childhood Cancer SurvivorshipChildhood Cancer Survivorship

Risk taking and decision making of adolescent long-term survivors of cancer.
Oncol Nurs Forum 20(5):769-76. Hollen PJ, Hobbie WL. 1996. Decision making
and risk behaviors of cancer-surviving adolescents and their peers. J Pediatr
Oncol ...

Author: National Research Council

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 9780309088985


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Only more recently has it been realized that the intense effort to care for and cure a child with cancer does not end with survival. Continued surveillance and a variety of interventions may, in many cases, be needed to identify and care for consequences of treatment that can appear early or only after several decades and impair survivors’ health and quality of life. The more than two-thirds of childhood cancer survivors who experience late effects -- that is, complications, disabilities, or adverse outcomes -- as a result of their disease, its treatment, or both, are the focus of this report which outlines a comprehensive policy agenda that links improved health care delivery and follow-up, investments in education and training for health care providers, and expanded research to improve the long-term outlook for this growing population now exceeding 270,000 Americans.

Pediatric DentistryPediatric Dentistry

Smoking habits in survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer . Med Pediatr
Oncol . 20 : 301 - 6 : 1992 . 7 . Tao ML , Guo MD , Weiss R , Byrne J , Mills JL ,
Robison LL , et al . Smoking in adult survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic ...



ISBN: UCLA:L0099046971



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Life After Cancer in Adolescence and Young AdulthoodLife After Cancer in Adolescence and Young Adulthood

The Experience of Survivorship Anne Grinyer. Frank,A. ... Hollen,P.J. and Hobbie
W.L.(1993) Risk Taking andDecisionMaking of Adolescent Long Term Survivors
ofCancer,Oncology NursingForum, June,20(5): 769–776. Hollen, P.J., Hobbie ...

Author: Anne Grinyer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134022434


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Adolescence and young adulthood is often a difficult enough time without serious illness. However, research has shown that cancer, and surviving cancer, at this age presents distinctive problems medically, socially and psychologically. This important work offers a glimpse into a previously under-researched area and contributes to a better understanding of the needs of young adults post cancer. Focusing not only on the physical effects, but also the social, cognitive, emotional and physiological consequences of surviving cancer in young adulthood, Anne Grinyer draws directly upon data collected from young adults who have been treated for cancer. The book is structured around themes they raised such as fertility; life plans; identity; psychological effects and physical effects. These issues are drawn together in the final chapter and related to clinical and professional practice as well as current policy. This book presents the voices of those who have lived through the experience of cancer in young adulthood, and links them to the theoretical and analytical literature. It will be of interest to professionals and researchers in nursing, social work, counselling and medicine as well as medical sociologists, young adults living with cancer and survivors of young adult cancer.

Handbook of Long Term Care of The Childhood Cancer SurvivorHandbook of Long Term Care of The Childhood Cancer Survivor

(1992). Smoking habits in survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer. Medical
and Pediatric Oncology, 20, 301–306. Larcombe, I., Mott, M., & Hunt, L. (2002).
Lifestyle behaviors of young adult survivors of childhood cancer. British Journal
of ...

Author: Grace A. Mucci

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781489975843


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This authoritative reference examines in depth the myriad challenges facing pediatric cancer survivors and proposes a robust framework for structured follow-up of these patients through adulthood. Approaches to long-term follow-up include both established models of care and targeted models of lifelong surveillance of late effects by bodily systems and neurological outcomes. Sections devoted to quality of life and re-entry after treatment focus on key concerns such as health risk behaviors, school and career issues, psychological challenges, and care disparities. And a robust resources section adds extra usefulness to the expert coverage. Among the Handbook's topics: • Developmental considerations in the transition from child and adolescent to adult survivorship. • Long-term follow-up roadmaps by disease and treatment. • Neuropsychological effects of pediatric brain tumors and associated treatment. • Building resiliency in childhood cancer survivors: a clinician’s perspective. • School issues and educational strategies for survivors of childhood cancer. • Educating and preparing the childhood cancer survivor for long-term care: a curriculum model for cancer centers. A work of rare scope, scholarship, and clinical acumen, the Handbook of Long-Term Care of the Childhood Cancer Survivor is a rewarding, practice-building resource essential to a wide range of healing professionals, including primary care physicians, pediatricians, oncologists, nurses, psychologists, neuropsychologists, child psychologists, and licensed therapists.

Survivors of Childhood and Adolescent CancerSurvivors of Childhood and Adolescent Cancer

A Multidisciplinary Approach Cindy L. Schwartz, Wendy L. Hobbie, Louis S.
Constine, Kathleen S. Ruccione. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31.
32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53.

Author: Cindy L. Schwartz

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319164359


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This book is a comprehensive guide that will help medical professionals – pediatric oncologists, nurses, pediatricians, family practitioners, internists, radiation oncologists, surgeons – to understand and manage the long-term effects of treatment for childhood and adolescent cancer. The consequences of treatment are described for each organ system, with explanation of pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, detection and screening and management. Disease- and organ-based algorithms of care and tables designed to facilitate the assessment of late effects are highlights of the book and will assist in the provision of hands-on care that is up to date and geared to clinical need. Among the other topics addressed are stem cell transplantation, psychological care, legal issues, transition to adulthood and methodological issues in the study of survivorship care.

Adolescent Psychiatry V 20Adolescent Psychiatry V 20

For older children and preadolescents, the parentchild relationship was more
conflictual. There wasa conflict between thechildandthe surviving parent, which
wasresolved before theendofthe story. The dichotomy may be related tothe
authors' ...

Author: Richard C. Marohn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134890613


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Launched in 1971, Adolescent Psychiatry, in the words of founding coeditors Sherman C. Feinstein, Peter L. Giovacchini, and Arthur A. Miller, promised "to explore adolescence as a enter challenging and exciting areas that may have profound effects on our basic concepts." Further, they promised "a series that will provide a forum for the expression of ideas and problems that plague and excite so many of us working in this enigmatic but fascinating field." For over two decades, Adolescent Psychiatry has fulfilled this promise. The repository of a wealth of original studies by preeminent clinicians, developmental researchers, and social scientists specializing in this stage of life, the series has become an essential resource for all mental health professionals working with youth. Volume 20 of the series serves as a tribute to editor emeritus Sherman C. Feinstein. In addition to an appreciation of, and contributions by, Dr. Feinstein, it contains heretofore unpublished papers by two other major figures in adolescent psychiatry, founding father William Schonfeld and a Viennese colleague transplanted to America, Siegfried Bernfeld. With sections on general considerations of adolescence, specific syndromes, and treatment modalities, volume 20 presents the work of many of today's preeminent minds in adolescent psychiatry.

Discovery ReportsDiscovery Reports

355 - 6 ) that the young swarms survive the winter in a purely larval state and that
the early adolescents in the 11 - 20 mm . range , already well established in the
Weddell zone , do not appear until later . Turning again to Fig . 116 ( p . 367 ) in ...



ISBN: UOM:39015038746684



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Surviving in Schools in the 1990sSurviving in Schools in the 1990s

Academic accommodations for adolescents with behavior and learning problems
. In S . Braaten , R . Rutherford , & W . Evans ( Eds . ) , Programming for
adolescents with behavioral disorders : Vol . 2 ( pp . 20 - 30 ) . Reston , VA :
Council for ...

Author: James R. Tompkins

Publisher: University Press of Amer

ISBN: UOM:39015029564914


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In Surviving In Schools in the 1990s, James R. Tompkins and Patricia L. Tompkins-McGill realize the importance and potential excellence of public schools. The authors confront the ever-increasing behavioral and emotional problems of students and offer strategic management ideas. Implementing milieu therapy, they discuss techniques which can help create a growth-enriching environment in the classroom: what rules to enforce, adult/child relationships, the power of groups and families and how to talk to students in times of trouble. Milieu therapy, long used with troubled youngsters in residential settings, and Life Space Interview are explored as significantly beneficial approaches in the public school classroom. The book includes reports from the experiences of educators who applied these practices while working with children from preschool age through adolescence in the public schools. The discussion lends to a deeper understanding of a nurturing classroom environment. Contents: The Importance of Public Schools; A Historical Overview of Milieu Therapy; Comparisons of Milieu Therapy Principles with Other Theoretical Approaches; Managing Children's Behavior; Powerful Milieu Ingredients, Basic Components of a Healthy Environment; Other Powerful Environmental Influences in Classrooms; Entry and Grouping in Schools; Milieu Ingredients Outside the Classroom; The Life Space Interview; The Therapeutic Relationship and the Education of Children; The Therapeutic Influence of Structure; Conclusion; Bibliography.

Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Youths in CambodiaSexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescents and Youths in Cambodia

In the five years preceding the CDHS , 12.9 % of females younger than 20 years
old who had a live birth , delivered in a health facility . ... The socio -
demographics of the female adolescents who delivered their infants in the
NMCHC were not recorded ( NMCHC 2003 ) . hypertension and sepsis ( Ministry
of Health ... One in every 10 babies born in Cambodia does not survive to his or
her first birthday .

Author: World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific

Publisher: World Health Organization

ISBN: UCBK:C093050373


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This is one of a number of publications which review the literature and projects undertaken in eight Asian countries in relation to adolescent sexual and reproductive health, including in relation to: sexually transmitted diseases; knowledge, attitude and practice of sexual and reproductive health issues; teenage pregnancy; mental health and physical safety; HIV/AIDS; unmarried pregnancy and induced abortion; health education and services; use of contraceptives; policies, laws and regulations. This review focuses on Cambodia and covers the period 1995-2003.

Adolescents Reproductive Health PerspectivesAdolescents Reproductive Health Perspectives

Further women experiencing abortion ( spontaneous and induced ) by surviving
children has been examined and given ... Spontaneous and Induced Abortions
by Order of. Less than 5 years 5 - 10 years 11 - 19 years 20 and above 10 . 5 20 .

Author: S. Siva Raju


ISBN: UOM:39015068809006


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With reference to India; contributed papers submitted to the Second National Conference on Globalization and Health Equity, organized during February 4-5, 2005 by the Indian Association of Social Sciences in Health, held in Mumbai.

Surviving AdolescenceSurviving Adolescence

... 222-27 Psychological Self , 38–39 psychology : adolescents ' activity levels
and , 31 childhood development and , 11-17 eating disorders and , 130-31 ego ,
20 , 23 and suicidal thoughts and actions , 162–67 psychopharmacology , 170–
71 ...

Author: Larry Dumont

Publisher: New York : Villard Books

ISBN: 0394574052


Page: 253

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Describes the latest approaches to diagnosing and treating adolescents with such serious problems as eating disorders, substance abuse, learning disabilities, and depression

The AdolescentThe Adolescent

Journal of Early Adolescence , 11 , 20–37 . Lloyd , L. ( April 26 ... Adolescent
School Performance Following Parental Device : Are There Family Factors That
Can Enhance Success ? " Adolescence ... Surviving the Breakup : How Children
and ...

Author: F. Philip Rice

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: CORNELL:31924062827823


Page: 557

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The Adolescent continues to be the most comprehensive book in its subject area, setting the standard for adolescent psychology books since its first publication more than twenty years ago. This book emphasizes the eclectic approach to adolescence, presenting not just one theory on the subject but many, and discussing the contributions, strengths, and weaknesses of each. The authors also take into consideration current and important topics such as ethnic identity formation and gender issues. For anyone in the fields of psychology or education with an interest in adolescents.