Surviving a CyberstalkerSurviving a Cyberstalker

"The goal of this book is to help educate, empower, and inform readers worldwide of the realities faced by victims.

Author: Alexis Moore


ISBN: 0692894209



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This book is written to help you protect yourself from cyberabuse and stalking and to empower you to fight back. It is vital to regaining control over your life in case you and a cyberpredator or stalker ever cross paths. Many victims find little or no help from any law enforcement agency or victim service providers, even though there are stalking and cyberabuse laws. Regulations fail to evolve quickly enough to address the creativity and spontaneity of today's predators. Alexis Moore is the foremost cyberstalking authority in the world and cyberabuse can take many forms. In this book she shares her creative tactics overcoming stalking and cyberstalking for those in similar situations, and how to utilize tools that are available to help readers protect and defend themselves.


Chapter 10: Dealing with Cyberstalking Gross, L. 2000. Surviving a stalker: Everything you need to know to keep yourself safe. New York: Marlowe and Company ...

Author: Paul Bocij

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275981185


Page: 268

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This is the first book devoted entirely to an examination of cyberstalking's causes and consequences, as well as advice for protecting yourself and your loved ones.

99 Things Parents Wish They Knew Before Cyberbullying Victimized Their Children99 Things Parents Wish They Knew Before Cyberbullying Victimized Their Children

They don't understand that to some, it's a game of voyeurism and that some choose their victims online.For years Alexis A. Moore played the game.

Author: Alexis A Moore


ISBN: 0986692379


Page: 148

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Every day you hear another statistic about victims of cyberbullying. Teens and tweens unknowingly invite strangers into their worlds. They provide the ammunition for these strangers to emotionally tear them down when online relationships fall apart, as they typically do with teens. Reality television is partly to blame. We see into the worlds of private, everyday citizens with nothing deemed too personal. With the popularity of social networking combined with the real aspects of reality television, teens and tweens believe it's acceptable to put their entire lives on display. They don't understand that to some, it's a game of voyeurism and that some choose their victims online.For years Alexis A. Moore played the game. She was the target of playground bullies and she didn't realize that she gave the bullies the ammunition they needed to target her. It was in the third grade when she first learned the saying, "They can't get your goat if they don't know where it's tied." As a young child, the meaning behind the words didn't sink in until years later after surviving domestic violence and online stalking that she learned how to tie her goat. Now she's teaching others the difference between being social and smart online and tying your goat where everyone has access to it and knows how to "get your goat." Today, Moore has transformed herself from victim to survivor as a nationally recognized advocate for domestic violence and cyberstalking and bullying victims. She is leading the way in bringing awareness to needed reform of the current system of domestic abuse treatment after founding and serving as President of Survivors in Action (, a nationwide non-profit advocacy group that supports victims of crimes including domestic violence, identity theft, elder abuse, cyberstalking, stalking, child abuse, rape, and sexual assault.In her efforts to bring awareness, Moore has given presentations across the country and has been featured on ABC's Good Morning America. She has also contributed articles on domestic violence, stalking, and cyberstalking for outlets such as The New York Times, Glamour, and She keeps other survivors up-to-date with news and trends with her blog at http: // Moore's story arc is certainly clear-from victim to victim's advocate-from scared, uninformed girl to woman in control of her life. Moore is an experienced high-tech investigator and shares her sage advice for online safety in a manner which parents and caregivers of teens and tweens can relate and then utilize in their protection efforts--starting with her playground experience and the lesson that she has never forgotten.99 Things Parents Wish They Knew Before... Cyberstalking victimized their children is a parent's survival guide to engaging with children and grandchildren to help ensure that they find refuge and security from their family members and caregivers when and if a cyberstalker or cyberbully and your child cross paths.

The Parent s Guide to Cyberstalking and CyberbullyingThe Parent s Guide to Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying

The Parent's Guide to Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying is a parent's survival guide to engaging with children and grandchildren to help ensure that they find refuge and security from their family members and caregivers when and if a ...

Author: Alexis Moore


ISBN: 149226024X


Page: 112

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The Parent's Guide to Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying is a parent's survival guide to engaging with children and grandchildren to help ensure that they find refuge and security from their family members and caregivers when and if a cyberstalker or cyberbully and your child cross paths.

A Parent s Guide to Cyberstalking and CyberbullyingA Parent s Guide to Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying

This book is a parent's survival guide to engaging with your children and grandchildren to help ensure that they all find refuge and security from their family members and caregivers when and if a cyberstalker or cyberbully and your child ...

Author: Alexis Moore

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1978250460


Page: 138

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This book is a parent's survival guide to engaging with your children and grandchildren to help ensure that they all find refuge and security from their family members and caregivers when and if a cyberstalker or cyberbully and your child cross paths.

A Practical Guide to Coping with CyberstalkingA Practical Guide to Coping with Cyberstalking

National Centre for Cyberstalking Research. Network for Surviving Stalking – http://wwwnssadvice org/ Provides advice and information about stalking ...

Author: National Centre for Cyberstalking Research

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9781785381744


Page: 172

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To create fear, distress and to disrupt the daily activities of another person through cyberstalking is a crime, if you are currently affected by cyberstalking, it is crucial that you alert the police to your situation to keep yourself safe. This practical guide offers an outline of the area of cyberstalking and cyber abuse. Written in an approachable way, it describes the forms of intrusions that have been identified by research and through the accounts of victims. It considers the motivations of cyberstalkers and the enormous impact cyberstalking has on the lives of victims as well as the threats posed. The book provides advice and information about security for people currently experiencing cyberstalking and those who simply wish to take steps to further secure their online presence by taking preventative steps. The personal experience of living with threatening intrusions and recovery from the trauma of cyberstalking is explored.

Surviving StalkingSurviving Stalking

Cyberstalking The cyberstalker , though often an intelligent individual with sophisticated computer skills , is likely to be an emotionally immature and ...

Author: Michele Pathé

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139439022


Page: 166

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Surviving Stalking is a practical and comprehensive 2002 survival manual for victims of stalking and related crimes. It offers sound, realistic, practical advice to victims and also gives guidance through each stage of the criminal justice processes in America, Britain and Australia. Using case descriptions, Michele Pathé describes the traumatic effects of stalking, the course of these symptoms, and how best to access psychological care and support. It is the first comprehensive book for a general readership providing a contemporary account of victim types, stalker types, stalkers' motives, strategies to prevent and overcome stalking, and a list of the resources available to victims of stalking. Surviving Stalking will be of great interest not only to those who have been or are being stalked, but also to the health, law enforcement and legal professionals who work with stalkers and their victims.

Personal Stress Management Surviving to ThrivingPersonal Stress Management Surviving to Thriving

... control, manipulation, false accusations, or humiliation. cyberstalking A form of cyberbullying that uses online sites, Twitter, e-mail messages, ...

Author: Dianne Hales

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781337516457


Page: 322

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Conquer the pressures of college life with PERSONAL STRESS MANAGEMENT: FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING. This book provides you with helpful insights and personal strategies for managing the demands ahead and throughout your college career. Written by health and psychology experts, this book offers self-assessments, helpful tips, and even a customizable toolkit for dealing with academics, time management, relationships, and more. You’ll also learn how to change your perspective and respond to stress in creative ways, with confidence and resilience, empowering you to be smarter, stronger, and more successful for the rest of your life. Engaging you with skills you can use right away, PERSONAL STRESS MANAGEMENT: FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING incorporates the latest insights from neuroscience, exercise physiology, nutrition, and medicine, while encouraging healthy habits like regular exercise and good nutrition to prevent burnout. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Mediating MisogynyMediating Misogyny

Cyberstalking Following Reyns et al. (2010), we define cyberstalking as the use of ICTs to pursue victim-survivors, and also create a sense of omnipresence ...

Author: Jacqueline Ryan Vickery

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319729176


Page: 429

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Mediating Misogyny is a collection of original academic essays that foregrounds the intersection of gender, technology, and media. Framed and informed by feminist theory, the book offers empirical research and nuanced theoretical analysis about the gender-based harassment women experience both online and offline. The contributors of this volume provide information on the ways feminist activists are using digital tools to combat harassment, raise awareness, and organize for social and political change across the globe. Lastly, the book provides practical resources and tips to help students, educators, institutions, and researchers stop online harassment.

A Pre Book and A Victim s Guide to Surviving the Narcissist Sociopath UpdatedA Pre Book and A Victim s Guide to Surviving the Narcissist Sociopath Updated

... with the victim or in some type of relationship and the stalker perceived it to be romantic even if it was not), acquaintance stalker, cyberstalker.

Author: Sereena Nightshade

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781493117970


Page: 1074

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The Victim's Guide to Surviving the Narcissist/Sociopath Updated and its first position 300-plus page Pre-Book is a two books-in-one book designed to assist victims of covert spousal predators and their support persons understand the reality of the covert spousal predator (i.e. the narcissist, malignant narcissist, sociopath/psychopath, dual diagnosed/dual diagnosable, narcopath). This material delves into the worst case scenario possible for the spousal victim as well as common red flags, exploitation, strip-mining, predatory take-ALL agenda and abuse patterns perpetrated by the covert spousal predator in his/her hunting prime and afterward when the predator decompensates. Many valuable references are provided throughout this book for further education/research and understanding. Readers are strongly encouraged to continue their review of material created by all of the referenced educators and authors listed in this book. Moreover, the top mistakes made by victims, support persons for victims, professionals, law enforcement and others are detailed in the hopes that readers will avoid making as many of these errors as they face various scenarios with the predator or predators in their lives or in the lives of others they are attempting to assist. For spousal victims in the worst case scenario with an empowered/aided and abetted covert spousal predator (i.e. situations where common minor children are involved) this book covers topics typically not touched in the material of others. This book is not about overt spousal predators (i.e. abusers whose victims can effectively use the system and/or domestic violence shelter assistance to flee) though overt predators perpetrate many of the same abuse patterns minus the skill of becoming aided and abetted via abuse by proxy scams, which are commonly the mainstay of the covert predator's take-ALL agenda.

Surviving Separation And DivorceSurviving Separation And Divorce

The TimesPicayune in New Orleans, Louisiana, reported that a state judge ordered two years probation and a sixmonth suspended sentence on cyberstalking ...

Author: Loriann Hoff Oberlin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440500862


Page: 304

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Reclaim you life and your self! The weeks following your separation may prove to be the most difficult weeks of your life. But with a little help and support, you'll find the strength you need to get through the divorce process and move on. Author Loriann Hoff Oberlin, M.S., understands the rough road to starting over. A survivor herself, she shares her personal experience as well as her professional expertise as she shows you how to rebuild your life, step by step. Surviving Separation and Divorce, 2nd Edition provides you with markers for the legally and emotionally taxing journey ahead, including how to: Rebuild your self-esteem Explore reconciliation--or not Help your children get through the transition Deal with lawyers and the court system Manage money and finances Return to and thrive in the workforce Develop an active social life Consider remarriage With this completely revised and updated classic at your side, you'll summon your inner strength, let go of the past, and build a better future--starting today.

Cyber Attack Survival Manual From Identity Theft to The Digital ApocalypseCyber Attack Survival Manual From Identity Theft to The Digital Apocalypse

As the cyberstalking intensified, as more information Then the cyberstalker raised the stakes and began to attack my friends, my family, and my about me was ...

Author: Heather Vescent

Publisher: Weldon Owen

ISBN: 9781681886541


Page: 224

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"The Cyber Attack Survival Manual is the rare security awareness book that is both highly informative and interesting. And this is one of the finest security awareness books of the last few years." – Ben Rothke, Tapad Engineering Let two accomplished cyber security experts, Nick Selby and Heather Vescent, guide you through the dangers, traps and pitfalls of online life. Learn how cyber criminals operate and how you can defend yourself and your family from online security threats. From Facebook, to Twitter, to online banking we are all increasingly exposed online with thousands of criminals ready to bounce on the slightest weakness. This indispensable guide will teach you how to protect your identity and your most private financial and personal information.

My Darkest SecretsMy Darkest Secrets

The flames of the past burn brightly as Domestic Violence repeatedly interrupts my bedazzling journey to letting it all go & healing the wounds created by years of a terrible marriage to Darin. These are My Darkest Secrets.

Author: Alessandra Toscanelli

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 152333598X


Page: 88

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One woman with two different lives: Sarah Kate Henecke ~ Alessandra V. Toscanelli. A strangled tale of Domestic Violence, the struggle to survive the darkest moments, & the twisted journey to BEDAZZZLING My Sweetest ALOHA. This is the story behind the blog... Behind the drama... Behind the court cases... It is a paparazzi life & a photogenic smile of woman who struggles to survive the never-ending abuse of a flawed system for Domestic Violence Survivors, the abuse of her abuser, & the twisted obsession of those who refuse to face the truth of Domestic Violence. The cyber-stalker: "Gotta laugh at the horrible makeup job for that black eye. Even Photoshop can't make that look real! A black eye from a strangulation case. Why didn't she put makeup on her neck and at least try to associate the photo with the case she mentioned? Look at that case. The charges were dropped. Wouldn't it be nice to read the police report associated with that case? It was not included in this "book". Wonder what the author has to hide..." ~ no one of consequence, Amazon Review on My Darkest Secrets."If this is like the other publications by this author, this is libel against her ex-husband and others, whom she has named and pictured. She and her co-author should be sued for this. Not worthy of even one star." ~ no one of consequence, Amazon Review on My Sweetest Aloha.The false accusations: "Unless you are Alessandra, and I wouldn't put it past her to make some bogus profile just so she could comment on her own books." ~ Misty, Amazon Comment on My Sweetest Footprints. (A book that has nothing to do with Domestic Violence or the story of how I changed my name...).The comforting comments of those who study Domestic Violence: "I feel terrible for the children, taken from their mother due to a bogus default judgement, and now they are forced to live with their monster of a father. He has stated that he loves and cares for his children, but it's obvious that he only wanted custody in order to punish his ex-wife for leaving with his children (even though she was doing the right thing). Even after he was granted custody of the children he continues to attack his ex online. It's sad and pathetic." ~ Doesn't Matter, Amazon CustomerThe cycle of the cyber-stalker with an agenda to shame my past: "Maybe you should try posting police reports, you know, all those reports where you admit to the police that you attacked Darin repeatedly and tried to make up phony rape charges, among other ridiculous lies." ~ no one of consequence, Amazon ReviewerOne thing is certain... The flames of the past burn brightly as Domestic Violence repeatedly interrupts my bedazzling journey to letting it all go & healing the wounds created by years of a terrible marriage to Darin. These are My Darkest Secrets...


But you survived , Elizabeth reminded herself . You survived , and he didn't . Still ,
the memory of William's sightless eyes staring at Elizabeth as he lay slumped
over the wheel of the car didn't do much to comfort her now . Nor had it comforted

Author: Laurie John

Publisher: Sweet Valley

ISBN: 0553492276


Page: 281

View: 243

When Elizabeth enters cyberspace at the Virtual Reality Fair, she encounters William White, a wicked man she once loved and thought was dead, and she must now face her fears all over again. Original.

How to Survive a Stalking NightmareHow to Survive a Stalking Nightmare

This book is written to help you to protect yourself from Cyber Stalking and to empower you with knowledge of what to do and what not to do.

Author: L. E. St Clair

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 150054079X


Page: 116

View: 333

The writer is your typical hardworking wife and mother brought up with good moral principles. Her world was instantly turned upside down when a disturbed woman she has never met sadistically victimized her through emails, profiles and internet groups. This book reveals the victim's perspective of the horrific nightmare of Cyberstalking.

Encyclopedia of Interpersonal ViolenceEncyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence

Extent of Cyberstalking There is no comprehensive national study of the extent ... Survival in Cyberspace Socialization for survival in cyberspace was not ...

Author: Claire M. Renzetti

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412918008


Page: 925

View: 283

The Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence, edited by Claire M. Renzetti and Jeffrey L. Edleson, is the definitive resource for members of the general public who are interested in learning more about various aspects of this problem, including different forms of interpersonal violence, incidence and prevalence, theoretical explanations, public policies, and prevention and intervention strategies. It is a useful resource for students at all educational levels, who are studying about types of interpersonal violence or who are anticipating a career in one of the many fields in which professionals address aspects of interpersonal violence. Practitioners and clinicians in a wide range of fields will also find the Encyclopedia helpful as a quick reference guide to contemporary statistics, theories, policies, and prevention/intervention programs. The Encyclopedia consists of two volumes, which together contain over 500 alphabetically arranged entries written by experts on the topic addressed and cross-referenced with related entries. Volume 2 also contains appendices that provide information on current data on incidence of interpersonal violence in each state.

Routledge Handbook on Victims Issues in Criminal JusticeRoutledge Handbook on Victims Issues in Criminal Justice

... can be the most dangerous thing a survivor does as she is putting herself ... online technology.84 Cyberstalking can occur in conjunction with offline ...

Author: Cliff Roberson

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317290599


Page: 292

View: 950

The Routledge Handbook on Victims’ Issues in Criminal Justice is a comprehensive and authoritative handbook on current issues, with a distinctive emphasis on the delivery of suitable and effective services. The editor provides an introduction and conclusion to the handbook, synthesizing original contributions from current leaders in the field, surveying victims’ rights in the United States, victim participation in the criminal justice system, victims’ welfare and needs, and most notably the services that have been developed in response. A section on special populations in the United States brings focus to current and emerging issues faced within the country, while a section covering international and transnational victimization explores globalization and the implications of other legal traditions and systems. This handbook addresses the crucial and complex topic of victims’ issues, examining both societal and governmental reactions to victims’ concerns and acquainting readers with the issues that discord may cause, and how they affect the provision of services. This book will serve as an essential reference for academics and practitioners working with crime victims, as well as for students taking courses in victimology, criminology, sociology, and related subjects.

Counselling Survivors of Domestic AbuseCounselling Survivors of Domestic Abuse

To compromise moral integrity, some abusers force the survivor to engage in ... and stalking or cyberstalking, especially after the relationship ended.

Author: Christiane Sanderson

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1846428114


Page: 272

View: 212

Counselling Survivors of Domestic Abuse explains how counsellors can facilitate recovery from domestic abuse within a secure, supportive therapeutic relationship. There has been growing awareness in recent years of the impact and consequences of domestic abuse, especially the relationship between domestic abuse and mental health. To appreciate the nature of trauma caused by domestic abuse, professionals need to understand its complex nature and the psychobiological impact of repeated exposure to control and terror. This book examines the therapeutic techniques and specific challenges, such as secondary traumatic stress, faced by professionals when working with survivors of domestic abuse. The author stresses the importance of identifying domestic abuse so that it can be addressed in the therapeutic process to aid recovery, and explores issues such as safety and protection, the long-term effects of abuse and the importance of grieving to the restoration of hope. This book is essential reading for counsellors, therapists, social workers, mental health professionals, health care professionals including GPs and midwives, managers of refuges, legal professionals and all those working with survivors of domestic abuse.

The Human Factor of CybercrimeThe Human Factor of Cybercrime

In a recent study involving social service personnel and survivors, ... in account takeovers (e.g. coercing access to victims' accounts), cyberstalking, ...

Author: Rutger Leukfeldt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429864179


Page: 432

View: 438

Cybercrimes are often viewed as technical offenses that require technical solutions, such as antivirus programs or automated intrusion detection tools. However, these crimes are committed by individuals or networks of people which prey upon human victims and are detected and prosecuted by criminal justice personnel. As a result, human decision-making plays a substantial role in the course of an offence, the justice response, and policymakers' attempts to legislate against these crimes. This book focuses on the human factor in cybercrime: its offenders, victims, and parties involved in tackling cybercrime. The distinct nature of cybercrime has consequences for the entire spectrum of crime and raises myriad questions about the nature of offending and victimization. For example, are cybercriminals the same as traditional offenders, or are there new offender types with distinct characteristics and motives? What foreground and situational characteristics influence the decision-making process of offenders? Which personal and situational characteristics provide an increased or decreased risk of cybercrime victimization? This book brings together leading criminologists from around the world to consider these questions and examine all facets of victimization, offending, offender networks, and policy responses.

Our SexualityOur Sexuality

survivors are having the courage to speak out and demand social change. ... 2011). cyberstalking Threatening behaviors or unwanted advances that use ...

Author: Robert L. Crooks

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780357038390


Page: 720

View: 357

The most respected and authoritative human sexuality college textbook available, Crooks/Baur/Widman's OUR SEXUALITY, 14th Edition has been meticulously revised and updated with the latest research findings and psychosocial developments. It also is the first college text to deliver cutting-edge and in-depth emphasis on the impact of politics on sexuality. Direct yet nonjudgmental, the text covers our sexuality in an accessible, straightforward manner as it explores the similarities of sexual and relationship matters across cross cultural boundaries and sexual orientation lines. With a focus on strengthening readers' self-awareness and sexual intelligence, the text is packed with exciting new research, personally relevant examples and practical information on sexual health. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.