Twentieth Century Drama Dialogue as Ordinary TalkTwentieth Century Drama Dialogue as Ordinary Talk

Survey of English Dialects Volume 3 Part 3: The East Midland Counties and East Anglia. Leeds: E.J. Arnold and Sons. Page, M. 1983. aThe Serious Side of Alan ...

Author: Susan Mandala

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351877244


Page: 152

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In this book, Susan Mandala offers a series of in-depth investigations into how the dialogue of four modern plays 'works' with respect to the pragmatic and discoursal norms postulated for ordinary conversation. After an account of the often-heated debates between linguists and critics concerning the analysis of drama dialogue as talk, four plays are considered: Harold Pinter's The Homecoming, Arnold Wesker's Roots, Terence Rattigan's In Praise of Love, and Alan Ayckbourn's Just Between Ourselves. For readers unfamiliar with linguistic approaches to talk, a chapter outlining the major frameworks used in the analysis of the plays is also included. By considering both linguistic and literary perspectives, this book extends the boundaries of traditional criticism and shows how the linguistic study of conversation can contribute to our understanding of dramatic dialogue.

The Sino Tibetan LanguagesThe Sino Tibetan Languages

Linguistic Survey of India, Volume 3: TibetoBurman Family, Part 3: Specimens of the KukiChin and ... Arleng Alam, die Sprache der Mikir: Grammatik und Texte ...

Author: Randy J. LaPolla

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315399485


Page: 1018

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There are more native speakers of Sino-Tibetan languages than of any other language family in the world. Our records of these languages are among the oldest for any human language, and the amount of active research on them has multiplied in the last few decades. Now in its second edition and fully updated to include new research, The Sino-Tibetan Languages includes overview articles on individual languages, with an emphasis on the less commonly described languages, as well as descriptions and comments on the subgroups in which they occur. There are overviews of the whole family on genetic classification and language contact, syntax and morphology, and also on word order typology. There are also more detailed overview articles on the phonology, morphosyntax, and writing system of just the Sinitic side of the family. Supplementing these overviews are articles on Shanghainese, Cantonese and Mandarin dialects. Tibeto-Burman is reviewed by genetic or geographical sub-group, with overview articles on some of the major groups and areas, and there are also detailed descriptions of 41 individual Tibeto-Burman languages, written by world experts in the field. Designed for students and researchers of Asian languages, The Sino-Tibetan Languages is a detailed overview of the field. This book is invaluable to language students, experts requiring concise, but thorough, information on related languages, and researchers working in historical, typological and comparative linguistics.

The Handbook of Contemporary Syntactic TheoryThe Handbook of Contemporary Syntactic Theory

According to the Survey of English Dialects (Orton and Dieth 1962–) are is ... 4, part 3, 1121, 1131–2, 1134–7) and the East Midland counties (vol.

Author: Mark Baltin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470756355


Page: 880

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This volume provides a comprehensive view of the current issues in contemporary syntactic theory. Written by an international assembly of leading specialists in the field, these 2 original articles serve as a useful reference for various areas of grammar. Contains 23 articles written by an international assembly of specialists in the field. The lucidly written articles grant accessibility to crucial areas of syntactic theory. Contrasting theories are represented. Contains an informative introduction and extensive bibliography which serves as a reference tool for both students and professional linguists.

Current Research and Development in Scientific DocumentationCurrent Research and Development in Scientific Documentation

3 , part 3 , July - September 1960 , pp . 140–154 . ( 5 ) Wang , W. S - Y . , and J. Crawford . " Frequency Studies of English Consonants , " Language and ...

Author: National Science Foundation (U.S.). Office of Scientific Information


ISBN: UCAL:B3909730



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Sociolinguistics SoziolinguistikSociolinguistics Soziolinguistik

In 1986, Californian voters passed a referendum making English the official language of the state. To date, 24 states have passed such legislation.

Author: Ulrich Ammon

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110199871


Page: 891

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The series Handbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science is designed to illuminate a field which not only includes general linguistics and the study of linguistics as applied to specific languages, but also covers those more recent areas which have developed from the increasing body of research into the manifold forms of communicative action and interaction.

Broken EnglishBroken English

Milroy, James and Lesley Milroy, Authority in Language: Investigating Language Prescription and Standardization, London, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1985.

Author: Paula Blank

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134774739


Page: 224

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The English language in the Renaissance was in many ways a collection of competing Englishes. Paula Blank investigates the representation of alternative vernaculars - the dialects of early modern English - in both linguistic and literary works of the period. Blank argues that Renaissance authors such as Spenser, Shakespeare and Jonson helped to construct the idea of a national language, variously known as 'true' English or 'pure' English or the 'King's English', by distinguishing its dialects - and sometimes by creating those dialects themselves. Broken English reveals how the Renaissance 'invention' of dialect forged modern alliances of language and cultural authority. This book will be of interest to scholars and students of Renaissance studies and Renaissance English literature. It will also make fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in the history of English language.

Survey of English Dialects Introduction and Basic MaterialSurvey of English Dialects Introduction and Basic Material

The SED is available as a complete set, or in the following volumes and parts: Introduction: 0-415-18508-4: Volume 1: Six Northern Counties and the Isle of Man Volume 1, Part 1: 0-415-18509-2: Volume 1, Part 2: 0-415-18518-6: Volume 1, Part ...

Author: Harold Orton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 041518178X



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The Survey of English Dialects (SED) is the only detailed nation wide dialect survey which has ever been conducted in England. The SED is a unique repository of data on the traditional dialects of England in the mid-twentieth century. This remarkable record is a valuable resource for scholars in the fields of British English dialectology, sociolinguistics, and English historical linguistics. The SED fieldwork was undertaken in predominantly rural communities in England in the middle of the twentieth century, at a time when social, domestic and working life was undergoing very significant changes. The SED is thus a record of speech which reflects a society different in many ways from today, and as such affords the possibility of comparison which is instructive to those engaged in all types of study of linguistics today. The SED is available as a complete set, or in the following volumes and parts: Introduction: 0-415-18508-4: Volume 1: Six Northern Counties and the Isle of Man Volume 1, Part 1: 0-415-18509-2: Volume 1, Part 2: 0-415-18518-6: Volume 1, Part 3: 0-415-18511-4: Volume 2: The West Midlands Volume 2, Part 1: 0-415-18512-2: Volume 2, Part 2: 0-415-18513-0: Volume 2, Part 3: 0-415-18514-9: Volume 3: The East Midland Counties and East Anglia Volume 3, Part 1: 0-415-18515-7: Volume 3, Part 2: 0-415-18516-5: Volume 3, Part 3: 0-415-18517-3: Volume 4: The Southern Counties Volume 4, Part 1: 0-415-18518-1: Volume 4, Part 2: 0-415-18519-X: Volume 4, Part 3: 0-415-18520-3:


Another major national effort , sponsored by the American Dialect Society ... techniques that have been used to survey English dialects in the New World .

Author: Anna L. DeMiller

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 1563086190


Page: 396

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Thoroughly revised and updated with some 500 new entries- including the addition of pertinent Internet sites-this is the only bibliographic guide to information sources for linguistics. Coverage spans from 1957 to the present, and DeMiller's detailed citations describe and evaluate each work, often offering comparisons to similar titles. Essential to the research and study of general or theoretical linguistics, the book is also indispensable in related areas.

Instrument Engineers Handbook Volume 3Instrument Engineers Handbook Volume 3

Ethernet TCP/IP Operations Maintenance Engineering Internet Intranet PROFIsafe, ... Part 2 (FF-891), Part 3 (FF-892), Part 4 (FF-893), Part 5 (FF-894).

Author: Bela G. Liptak

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439863435


Page: 1139

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Instrument Engineers' Handbook – Volume 3: Process Software and Digital Networks, Fourth Edition is the latest addition to an enduring collection that industrial automation (AT) professionals often refer to as the "bible." First published in 1970, the entire handbook is approximately 5,000 pages, designed as standalone volumes that cover the measurement (Volume 1), control (Volume 2), and software (Volume 3) aspects of automation. This fourth edition of the third volume provides an in-depth, state-of-the-art review of control software packages used in plant optimization, control, maintenance, and safety. Each updated volume of this renowned reference requires about ten years to prepare, so revised installments have been issued every decade, taking into account the numerous developments that occur from one publication to the next. Assessing the rapid evolution of automation and optimization in control systems used in all types of industrial plants, this book details the wired/wireless communications and software used. This includes the ever-increasing number of applications for intelligent instruments, enhanced networks, Internet use, virtual private networks, and integration of control systems with the main networks used by management, all of which operate in a linked global environment. Topics covered include: Advances in new displays, which help operators to more quickly assess and respond to plant conditions Software and networks that help monitor, control, and optimize industrial processes, to determine the efficiency, energy consumption, and profitability of operations Strategies to counteract changes in market conditions and energy and raw material costs Techniques to fortify the safety of plant operations and the security of digital communications systems This volume explores why the holistic approach to integrating process and enterprise networks is convenient and efficient, despite associated problems involving cyber and local network security, energy conservation, and other issues. It shows how firewalls must separate the business (IT) and the operation (automation technology, or AT) domains to guarantee the safe function of all industrial plants. This book illustrates how these concerns must be addressed using effective technical solutions and proper management policies and practices. Reinforcing the fact that all industrial control systems are, in general, critically interdependent, this handbook provides a wide range of software application examples from industries including: automotive, mining, renewable energy, steel, dairy, pharmaceutical, mineral processing, oil, gas, electric power, utility, and nuclear power.

The Monument of Matrones Volume 3 Lamps 5 7 The Monument of Matrones Volume 3 Lamps 5 7

Essential Works for the Study of Early Modern Women, Series III, Part One, Volume 6 Colin ... Texas Studies in Literature and Language 40.1 : 1–25 ( 1991 ) ...

Author: Colin B. Atkinson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351885560


Page: 600

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As its compiler Thomas Bentley writes, The Monument of Matrones (1582) is a 'domesticall librarie plentifullie stored and replenished'. This 1500-page book is one of a long line of books of secular prayer reaching from the Middle Ages through the sixteenth-century English compilations of prayer and meditations that grew out of the English Reformation. It is unique because it is addressed specifically to women and contains prayers and meditations written by women as well as for them. The Monument helped define women's roles in the Anglican Church and is intertwined with the whole nature of the Protestant Reformation and the place of women in it. The work is divided into seven numbered parts which Bentley titles 'Lamps'. This structural theme is based on a fusion of the imagery of the wise and foolish virgins and their lamps in Matthew 25:1-13 with the vision of the seven lampstands (or seven-branched candlestick) in Rev.1:20-2:1. In this facsimile edition Volume 1 contains Lamps 1-3, Volume 2 contains Lamp 4, and Volume 3 contains Lamps 5-7. The Introductory Note that appears in each of the three volumes provides an overview of the contents of The Monument which will help the reader to appreciate the riches of this immense book. It is also significant in identifying, for the first time, the compiler Thomas Bentley as the churchwarden of St Andrew Holborn, City of London. The copy reproduced in this edition is the British Library copy; where necessary, pages from The Huntington Library copy have been substituted.