Introduction to Superstrings and M TheoryIntroduction to Superstrings and M Theory

The symmetries of the superstring theory, by a series of “miracles,” can cancel all of its potential anomalies. (3) Powerful arguments from the theory of Riemann surfaces indicate that the theory is finite to all orders in perturbation ...

Author: Michio Kaku

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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Called by some "the theory of everything," superstrings may solve a problem which has eluded physicists for the past 50 years -- the final unification of the two great theories of the twentieth century, general relativity and quantum field theory. This is a course-tested comprehensive introductory graduate text on superstrings which stresses the most current areas of interest, not covered in other presentation, including: string field theory, multi loops, Teichmueller spaces, conformal field theory, and four-dimensional strings. The book begins with a simple discussion of point particle theory, and uses the Feynman path integral technique to unify the presentation of superstrings. Prerequisites are an aquaintance with quantum mechanics and relativity. This second edition has been revised and updated throughout.

Dual Resonance Models and SuperstringsDual Resonance Models and Superstrings

Physics , Colorado , that 0 ( 32 ) is anomaly free for open superstrings . This message was conveyed to me because just four months earlier I had stated at the ICTP in Trieste , Italy , that all open superstrings were potentially ...

Author: Paul H. Frampton

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9971500809


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This is an excellent book on dual model and string theories. This updated issue of the author's book ?Dual Resonance Models? has new chapters on string theories added to it. This new volume therefore provides much background on the non-symmetrical aspects as well as modern development in the theory of strong interactions. This is a must for high energy physicists.

The Elegant Universe Superstrings Hidden Dimensions and the Quest for the Ultimate TheoryThe Elegant Universe Superstrings Hidden Dimensions and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

Superstring. Theory. Music has long since provided the metaphors of choice for those puzzling over questions of cosmic concern. From the ancient Pythagorean “music of the spheres” to the “harmonies of nature” that have guided inquiry ...

Author: Brian Greene

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393338102


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Introduces the superstring theory that attempts to unite general relativity and quantum mechanics.


The superstring in d=10 is then obtained after a consistent truncation that discards all the modes that are y-dependent (by ... may be viewed as a “tower of superstrings” in d=10, with the massless level being the type IIA superstring.

Author: Peter G.O. Freud

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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The Advancea Kesearch Workshop on Superstrings was held on the campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder from July 27th through August 1, 1987. Since the work of Green and Schwartz in the summer of 1984, string theories have elicited tremendous amount of interest from both theoretical physicists and mathematicians. The objective of the Workshop was to bring together practitioners in the field to discuss the progress and problems, and possible directions of future research. There were ten talks of one hour each and twenty three talks of one-half hour each. The talks covered new formulations and technical developments. There were intense discussions both during and at the end of the lectures; 'further discussions continued during lunch and dinner. These proceedings contain all talks given at the Workshop except those by Victor Kac, Darwin Chang and Doron Gepner. The Workshop was sponsored by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which provided generous financial support enabling many young physicists from the U.S. and abroad to participate in the Workshop. Additional co-sponsors were the U.S. Department of Energy and the University of Colorado. The former offered further financial assistance and the latter furnished clerical and technical services and its campus facilities for the purpose of the organization and running of the Workshop. The International Organizing Committee consisted of John Ellis, Francois Englert, Peter G.O. Freund (co-director), K. T. Mahanthappa (co-director) and Abdus Salam.


In 1984 , Michael Green and I did a calculation for one of these superstring theories to see whether , in fact , this anomaly occurred or not . What we discovered was quite surprising to us . We found that , in general , there was ...

Author: P. C. W. Davies

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052143775X


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Discusses the background of the superstring theory and shares interviews with some of the physicists working on a unified theory of nature

Finite SuperstringsFinite Superstrings

We can do that with a certain degree of tranquillity since superstring research is no longer the frenzied field of activity it was in the mid-80's. In fact there are few important new results in the field over the last two years, ...

Author: J G Taylor

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814505581


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This is the first complete account of the construction and finiteness analysis of multi-loop scattering amplitudes for superstrings, and of the guarantee that for certain superstrings (in particular the heterotic one), the symmetries of the theory in the embedding space-time are those of the super-poincaré group SP10 and that the multi-loop amplitudes are each finite. The book attempts to be self-contained in its analysis, although it draws on the works of many researchers. It also presents the first complete field theory for such superstrings. As such it demonstrates that gravity can be quantized satisfactorily by superstrings. Contents:IntroductionFree Superstrings in the Light ConeField Theory for SuperstringsStrings on ToriConstructing Multi-loop AmplitudesDivergence AnalysisClosure of AlgebraFuture DirectionsAppendices: Introduction to Riemann Surfaces, Light Cone Functional Details Readership: Theoretical physicists and mathematicians. keywords:Finite Superstrings;Multi-Loop Amplitudes;Light-Cone Gauge;Light-Cone Algebra;Superstring Algebra;Superstring Singularities;Heterotic Superstrings;Type-Two Superstrings;All-Order Calculation;Superstring Divergence Removal “This book is somewhat difficult to read, but the motivated reader can certainly find a lot of information.” Mathematical Reviews

Beyond SuperstringsBeyond Superstrings

BEYOND SUPERSTRINGS The full text is available in PDF format 1 Introduction The world beyond Superstrings describes a world with dimensions smaller than Planck length (1.616229 x 10-35 [m]). Since 1971 Superstrings ...

Author: Wim Vegt

Publisher: Brave New Books

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The world beyond Superstrings describes a world with dimensions smaller than Planck length (1.616229 x 10-35 [m] ). Since 1971 Superstrings within the dimensions of the Planck length have been considered the building elements for elementary particles . The question rises: What are Superstrings made of? What is the building material for Superstrings. What are the 10 dimensions? This book offers an attempt to find new answers beyond unknown borders. To find the new unknown boundaries we have to go back in time. Because when we start with the same mathematical equations, the same knowledge, the same procedures, we will always find the same outcome, the same answers. And soon we will believe that there is only one outcome. The only outcome within the Standard Model where we will find the same elementary particles grounded on the same Superstring Theory. To escape from the vicious circle in Quantum Mechanics, we have to leave the path of well known physics. We have to leave behind the founders of Quantum Physics. Great scientists like Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. We have to leave behind the safe path of well- known physics. We even have to leave behind the founders of classical physics. We have to leave behind a very special scientist like James Clerk Maxwell, the founder of Classical Electrodynamics. And when we walk all alone in darkness, wondering where to go, we have to remember the first beginning of the discovery of light. How a man, half a monk, half a scientist, like Isaac Newton discovered the first principles of the light when he saw the first secrets of light being revealed. When the pure white light was broken through a prism and separated in the colors of the rainbow. Isaac Newton was touched by the beauty of the light as well as in his religious way as well as in his scientific way. And that is the secret that the world has forgotten. Everything will be revealed to us, when we step down from our towers of power and kneel humble for the beauty of that what has been given to us. Because there is wisdom in beauty. There is knowledge in prayer. And the most powerful wisdom will be given to us out of love. Do not claim wisdom but receive it humble and enjoy the beauty of it. There is nothing more “non-scientific” in the world than to claim that we have found the “God’s particle”. There is nothing more arrogant in the world than to claim that we have found the theory of everything and that we have framed God into a quantum mechanical box. But when we make ourselves humble and kneel for the beauty of the world. When we open our heart for the love that is carried by the beauty, wisdom will come to us and answers will be given for free. Doors will be opened. And we will discover the secrets to open the hidden doors to the unknown worlds. When we go back in time, back to 1672 when Isaac Newton just had discovered the beauty of light, showing all its hidden colors. And we ask the “hidden world showing the beauty of light”: how can we build a world? We will simply find the answers. And knowledge will be given to us for free. Knowledge beyond Superstrings. Knowledge beyond 10-dimensional spaces. Because the world is always in balance. Newton’s second law of motions simply expresses the balance in nature. And balance will be our answer. To build a world, we have to build a world in balance. And that is the only knowledge that has been used to build a new theory beyond Superstrings and beyond 10-dimensional spaces. The discovery journey to this new theory beyond Superstrings will be lonely and dark. Because there will be no guidance from well known physics. Equations have to be reinvented. And the road will lead straight through faith and believe, through manipulation of truth, through political intrigues, through the darkness of the world. But there is always the hope that at the end of the tunnel of darkness, there will be light.

Advance Superstrings IIAdvance Superstrings II

Advance Superstrings: Incalculable particles Isaac Newton brought order to the natural world by imposing numbers and measures. Leading to the birth of the physical sciences. Advance superstrings furthers progress in Advance Physics by ...

Author: Miguel A. Sanchez-Rey

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781973729280


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A terraformic process.