Sunshine GirlSunshine Girl

I watched these girls intensely , yearning to be part of their clique . I wanted to look like them , sound like them , and dress like them . I was too shy and embarrassed to try to talk to any of them , partly because of my looks and ...

Author: Julianna Margulies

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780525480334


Page: 256

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Known for her outstanding performances on the groundbreaking television series The Good Wife and ER, Julianna Margulies deftly chronicles her life and her work in this deeply powerful memoir. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY GOOD HOUSEKEEPING • “At once a tender coming-of-age story and a deeply personal look at a young woman making sense of the world against a chaotic and peripatetic childhood.”—Katie Couric As an apple-cheeked bubbly child, Julianna was bestowed with the family nickname “Sunshine Girl.” Shuttled back and forth between her divorced parents, often on different continents, she quickly learned how to be of value to her eccentric mother and her absent father. Raised in fairly unconventional ways in various homes in Paris, England, New York, and New Hampshire, Julianna found that her role among the surrounding turmoil and uncertainty was to comfort those around her, seeking organization among the disorder, making her way in the world as a young adult and eventually an award-winning actress. Throughout, there were complicated relationships, difficult choices, and overwhelming rejections. But there were also the moments where fate, faith, and talent aligned, leading to the unforgettable roles of a lifetime, both professionally and personally—moments when chaos had finally turned to calm. Filled with intimate stories and revelatory moments, Sunshine Girl is at once unflinchingly honest and perceptive. It is a riveting self-portrait of a woman whose resilience in the face of turmoil will leave readers intrigued and inspired.

The Haunting of Sunshine GirlThe Haunting of Sunshine Girl

“The Haunting of Sunshine Girlstarts with mysterious ghostly laughter late one night. The laughter quickly turns to horror. It seems Sunshine Griffith has moved into a house haunted by many evil spirits. Trust me—these spirits will ...

Author: Paige McKenzie

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781447287094


Page: 416

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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl is the first in a frighteningly good new series based on the popular YouTube sensation The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Network, created by Paige McKenzie. In that place where you're more asleep than awake any more, I hear something else. A phrase uttered in a child's voice, no more than a whisper: Night Night. Something freaky's going on with Sunshine's new house . . . there's the chill that wraps itself around her bones, the giggling she can hear in the dead of night, and then the strange shadows that lurk in her photographs. But the more weird stuff that happens, the less her mum believes her. Sunshine's always had a quirky affiliation with the past, but this time, history is getting much too close for comfort . . . If there is something, or someone, haunting her house, what do they want? And what will they do if Sunshine can't help them? As things become more frightening and dangerous, and the giggles she hears turn to sobs and screams, Sunshine has no choice but to accept what she is, face the test before her and save her mother from a fate worse than death.

The Awakening of Sunshine GirlThe Awakening of Sunshine Girl

Those aren't exactly the kind of details a girl could just forget willy-nilly. However much she might want to. “Can we please, please change the subject? ... Aidan planted her at Ridgemont High 8 THE Awake NING OF SUNSHINE GIRL.

Author: Paige McKenzie

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781509801862


Page: 320

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The Awakening of Sunshine Girl is the second in a frighteningly good series based on the popular YouTube sensation The Haunting of Sunshine Girl Network, created by Paige McKenzie. Sunshine's Luiseach powers have been fully awakened. For months now, Sunshine has felt spirits everywhere. She hears their voices; feels their emotions . . . it's intense and sometimes overwhelming. She tries to ignore them, but it's impossible. Hoping to get her powers under control (and hoping for answers to her never-ending questions) she agrees to start training with her Luiseach mentor, leaving her family - and her friend Nolan - behind. But Sunshine's mentor doesn't understand her attachment to the humans in her life; and she can't forgive his abandonment of her so many years ago. The only thing getting Sunshine through the terrifying and creepy training is her new, distractingly attractive, friend - another young Luiseach. Though Sunshine's mentor is reluctant to answer her many questions, she finally learns the truth about her lineage, as well as the rift that threatens the future of Luiseach and the human race . . . and the crucial part she has to play in repairing it.

Catalog of Copyright EntriesCatalog of Copyright Entries

SUNSHINE GIRL ; paroles francaises de Jean Eigel , pseud . of Julien Bruyninx , paroles anglaises et musique de John Carter & Geoff Stephens , arrgt de Gidet . ( France ) Parts . Appl . states prev . pub . 30 Jul68 , EF0-130871 .

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office


ISBN: STANFORD:36105006357227



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The Mikado to MatildaThe Mikado to Matilda

Producer George Edwardes ignored the passage of time, and with The Sunshine Girl he offered the kind of musical comedy that had thrived at the turn of the century—a dozen years into that new century. But the musical was packed with ...

Author: Thomas S. Hischak

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781538126073


Page: 312

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In The Mikado to Matilda: British Musicals on the New York Stage, Thomas Hischak provides an overview of British musicals that made their way to Broadway, covering their entire history up to the present day. This is the first book to look at the British musical theatre with reference to those London musicals that were also produced in New York City. The book covers 110 British musicals, ranging from 1750 to the present day, including the popular Gilbert and Sullivan comic operettas during the Victorian era, the Andrew Lloyd Webber mega-musicals of the late twentieth century, and today's biggest hits such as Matilda. Each London musical is discussed first as a success in England and then how it fared in America. The plots, songs, songwriters, performers, and producers for both the West End and the Broadway (or Off Broadway) production are identified and described. The discussion is sometimes critical, evaluating the musicals and why they were or were not a success in New York.

Good Girl Bad WorldGood Girl Bad World

The world needs more sunshine, and they need a lot more girls like you who are willing to be rays of sunshine when everyone else is surviving under clouds. P.S. It is a proven fact that you need Vitamin D to survive, and a major source ...

Author: Alexis Bloomer

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480853300


Page: 114

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Do you worry about not fitting in with others your age? Are you the victim of bullying because you believe in different things or look differently than others? Does your uniqueness leave you feeling lonely, friendless, and hopeless? In her book, Good Girl, Bad World, author Alexis Bloomer shows that you are not alone, you can have friends, and there is hope. Although successful in high school, Bloomer had very few friends. She experienced many of the things you might be facing now. Then, at age twenty-three, she made a video that forever labeled her as the millennial video girl. Her video Dear Elders reached over 70 million people and encouraged millennials to change the status quo. Bloomers experiences encouraged her to start the #GoodGirlMovement, an organization that encourages women to promote self-love and show each other respect. Inspired by the #GoodGirlMovement, Good Girl, Bad World, encourages women to be ladies with self-respect in an age and a society that encourages women to stray from who they truly are. Women from around the world have told their most personal stories in hope that they can help other women. Good Girl, Bad World is like talking with a good friend. With humor and honesty, Bloomers experiences show that you can be a good girl in a bad world. You dont have to compromise your beliefs and values to fit in.

America Our Struggles Lead Us to VictoryAmerica Our Struggles Lead Us to Victory

SUNSHINE GIRL >“They called her the sunshine girl Because she smiled upon the world This time a smile won't be allowed For the sunshine girl is crying From the time she was a child She was always wearing a smile The townsfolk found her ...

Author: Marie Maria

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469100357


Page: 341

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SUNSHINE GIRL Long ago, people called you Sunshine girl, sunshine girl. Rainbows danced to your laughter, Sunbeams sparkled when you smiled! Many young lovers enthralled you, Sunshine girl, sunshine girl. Life was yours ever after, ...


Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469159133


Page: 135

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“The Collected Works of Leonard Wannabe” tells of the professional trials and tribulations experienced by one of today’s most-talented, least-published author/songwriters, Leonard Greenberg. The first section, Remembrances of Encounters Past, recounts the author’s dealings with three icons of modern American culture: Isaac Asimov, Stephen Sondheim, and Beverly Sills. The second section, Short Stories, describes three episodes of a strictly fictional nature, each with a memorable, somewhat shocking ending. The third and last section, Poems and Songs, contains the lyrics to some forty of the over 200 musical compositions that Mr. Wannabe (oops, Greenberg) has produced in the past number of years.