Succession Planning in Canadian Academic LibrariesSuccession Planning in Canadian Academic Libraries

The literature review demonstrates the lack of reported succession planning activities in Canadian academic libraries.

Author: Janneka Guise

Publisher: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 9780128023723


Page: 124

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Succession Planning in Canadian Academic Libraries explores the current Canadian academic library environment, and the need for succession planning in that environment. The literature review demonstrates the lack of reported succession planning activities in Canadian academic libraries. Site visits and in-depth interviews with professional librarians at six libraries across Canada highlight best practices and barriers to succession planning. These best practices and barriers are addressed in individual chapters, with tips and strategies for library leaders. Focuses on the Canadian academic library Includes a comprehensive literature review on succession planning in academic libraries Provides evidence-based approach to why succession planning is or is not happening in Canadian academic libraries

Staff Planning in a Time of Demographic ChangeStaff Planning in a Time of Demographic Change

This work identifies the issues related to the large number of expected retirees in libraries and information management organizations over the next five to ten years.

Author: Vicki Whitmell

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0810852152


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The aging of the professional is quickly becoming an increasingly popular topic among librarians of late. This work identifies the issues related to the large number of expected retirees in libraries and information management organizations over the next five to ten years. Practitioners, researchers, and educators discuss the situation and the urgent need for action that will ensure that these organizations can provide the education, training, and proper work environment for their staff.

Succession Planning and Implementation in Libraries Practices and ResourcesSuccession Planning and Implementation in Libraries Practices and Resources

RLLF in the rear-view mirror: A report on the impact and value of the ARL
academic library leadership fellows program. ... Integrating leadership
development and succession planning best practices. ... for librarians: Building a
strengthsbased institute to develop librarians' research culture in Canadian
academic libraries.

Author: Deards, Kiyomi D.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781466658134


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As the baby boomer generation begins to retire, the focus shifts to the next generation of global leaders in diverse industries. Within the field of library science, succession planning has become a topic of interest to ensure the success of future libraries as the workforce shifts and enable up-and-coming leaders. Succession Planning and Implementation in Libraries: Practices and Resources provides valuable insight into the process of implementing succession planning in libraries. This book delves into the challenges and possibilities of a succession plan’s effect on the success of library organizations. Human resources officers, library administrators, academicians, and students will find this book beneficial to furthering their understanding of current practice in succession planning.

Strategic Human Resource Planning for Academic LibrariesStrategic Human Resource Planning for Academic Libraries

Succession Planning in the Library: Developing Leaders, Managing Change.
Chicago: ... Relationships and engagement: the challenges and opportunities for
effective leadership and change management in a Canadian research library. Lib

Author: Michael A. Crumpton

Publisher: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 9781780634456


Page: 110

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Strategic Human Resources Planning for Academic Libraries: Information, Technology and Organization provides an in-depth discussion of human resources as a strategic element of a library organization, especially as staffing needs and competencies change. The book focuses on the impact of human resource practices in a library setting, discussing several aspects, including the role of human resources when the library is part of a larger organization, along with information on how to identify strategic objectives that are expected and related to workforce issues. In addition, the book reviews hiring practices, reorganizations of staff, use of temps or time-limited positions, and how students, volunteers, and internships can make a strategic difference overall. Chapters address competencies across different levels of employment within different library types and consider how those competencies are changing Presents how leadership and library leaders must utilize human resources as a valuable tool for developing a strong and healthy organization Addresses human resource tools, such as job tasks analysis and the creation of equitable payroll structures Demonstrate the use and benefit of multiple employee statuses that provide flexibility and resourcefulness to end users

Academic Librarianship TodayAcademic Librarianship Today

Her research interests include academic library leadership and succession
planning; open access in Latin America; and ... He is an associate with SFU's
Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing and SFU's Master of Publishing

Author: Todd Gilman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442278769


Page: 262

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Intended for use by both librarians and students in LIS programs, Academic Librarianship Today is the most current, comprehensive overview of the field available today. Key features include: Each chapter was commissioned specifically for this new book, and the authors are highly regarded academic librarians or library school faculty— or both Cutting-edge topics such as open access, copyright, digital curation and preservation, emerging technologies, new roles for academic librarians, cooperative collection development and resource sharing, and patron-driven acquisitions are explored in depth Each chapter ends with thought-provoking questions for discussion and carefully constructed assignments that faculty can assign or adapt for their courses The book begins with Gilman’s introduction, an overview that briefly synthesizes the contents of the contributors’ chapters by highlighting major themes. The main part of the book is organized into three parts: The Academic Library Landscape Today, Academic Librarians and Services Today, and Changing Priorities, New Directions.

Library Staffing for the FutureLibrary Staffing for the Future

This latest volume contains approaches from researchers around the world.


Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781785604980


Page: 384

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This latest volume contains approaches from researchers around the world. The chapters explore such issues as skills-building and other professional development activities, changing demographic profiles of staff, changing modes of resource provision, succession planning, remote work, and planning for Linked Data.

The Future of Human Resources in Canadian LibrariesThe Future of Human Resources in Canadian Libraries

Many in the library community have expressed concern about a lack of
succession management ( either for individual ... As the Association of College
and Research Libraries ( ACRL ) , Ad Hoc Task Force on Recruitment and
Retention in ...

Author: Ernest Boyce Ingles

Publisher: Wirth-Institute for Australian and Central Europe Studies

ISBN: UOM:39015061015007


Page: 275

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The University of Alberta, with financial assistance from various library associations, governments, individual libraries and universities developed a comprehensive study on the state of human resources of the library profession in Canada. The 8 R’s discussed in the report are: recruitment, retirement, retention, rejuvenation, repatriation, re-accreditation, remuneration and restructuring.

Library Information Science AbstractsLibrary Information Science Abstracts

1 To examine the evolving role of the Master of library Science ( MLS ) degree in
academic libraries , pooled cross - sectional data were ... Succession planning , a
strategy for developing leaders from within the company or organization , is a
technique that could be useful to libraries . ... L108820 Shepstone * , Carol &
Currie , Lyn ( Mount Royal College Library , Mount Royal College , Canada (
email ...



ISBN: UOM:39015079674613



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Continuing Professional Development Preparing for New Roles in Libraries A Voyage of DiscoveryContinuing Professional Development Preparing for New Roles in Libraries A Voyage of Discovery

Sixth World Conference on Continuing Professional Development and
Workplace Learning for the Library and ... AND NON-DEGREED LIBRARIANS IN
A REGIONAL INSTITUTE Janelle M. Zauha Montana State University Libraries,
PO Box 173320 ... (PNLA), a bi-national organization that serves a large region
spread over the western United States and Canada. ... All of these factors enter
into our discussions of succession planning, leadership, and the basic future of
the profession.

Author: Paul Genoni

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783598440168


Page: 307

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Librarians and information workers the world over are faced with the constant challenge of remaining abreast of developments in their field. Rapid changes in technology and workplace roles threaten to make their skills obsolete unless they undertake constant professional development. This international collection presents a comprehensive overview of current continuing professional development theory and practice for those who manage and work in library and information services. Papers by academics and practitioners describe numerous innovative responses to emerging continuing education and training needs, including workplace learning; individual learning and learning organisations.

Library Literature Information ScienceLibrary Literature Information Science

Succession Planning for Technical Services Leaders and Managers, a Report of
the ALCTS Technical Services Administrators of ... Michael, and Kunda, Sue
Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Metadata Workflow at Oregon State University
Libraries [Part of the special ... Fair il Calif State Libr Found Bull no93 p25-6 2009
Canada See also BookExpo Canada Germany See also Frankfurt Book Fair
Great ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105211724120



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An index to library and information science literature.

The Road to Information LiteracyThe Road to Information Literacy

Librarians as Facilitators of Learning Roisin Gwyer, Ruth Stubbings, Graham
Walton. Planning for Succession : Building Upon an Information Literacy
Instruction Experience Juanita Jara de Súmar McGill University , Montreal ,
Canada ...

Author: Roisin Gwyer

Publisher: De Gruyter Saur

ISBN: UCBK:C106604446


Page: 343

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Information literacy has been identified as a necessary skill for life, work and citizenship - as well as for academic study - for all of us living in today's information society. This international collection brings together practitioner and research papers from all sectors of information work. It includes case studies and good practice guides, including how librarians and information workers can facilitate information literacy from pre-school children to established researchers, digital literacy and information literacy for citizens.

Quill QuireQuill Quire

E - BOOKS GO TO COLLEGE A group of U . S . textbook publishers has put
together another big digital push - and they ' re eyeing Canada ... ( COMPUTER
AND BOOKS ) FROM ISTOCKPHOTO University libraries make Canadian digital
connection Canadian e - publishing ... has no concrete timeline or definite
succession plans , LePan would like to see someone filling his shoes within a
couple of years .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105029524449



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Leading LibrariesLeading Libraries

This book seeks to explore leading in libraries, not leadership in terms of authority, but emphasising the act of leading, with a focus on what it means to lead, the acts and behaviours that are needed and how they impact on a wider ...

Author: Wyoma VanDuinkerken


ISBN: 1783300655


Page: 167

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This book seeks to explore leading in libraries, not leadership in terms of authority, but emphasising the act of leading, with a focus on what it means to lead, the acts and behaviours that are needed and how they impact on a wider organisation. Leading Libraries uses examples and case studies, along with reflective exercises, to show how a commitment to a service in libraries looks in action. The authors argue that commitment to service is mandatory in libraries and offer practical tools and tips for exercising leadership skills and leadership behaviours to help realize this. Topics covered include: leadership theories - traditional and transformational balancing encouragement and accountability innovation and evolving service strategic planning sustaining service as a value formalizing service leadership This book will be useful for information professionals and aspiring leaders seeking to understand leadership and to develop their own service-lead leadership.

Against the GrainAgainst the Grain

ATG : The budgets of American academic libraries are suffering right now . ...
ATG : Besides impending retirements , what are the issues in Canadian
librarianship tobroadband technology in Canada . ... Why ating succession plans
, the administrative isn ' t there someone to say , “ You can be good buzzword for
a year or ...



ISBN: UOM:39015063375169



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Team Planning for Project Managers and Business AnalystsTeam Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts

a systematic process for team planning according to specific performance
measurements. ... teams that work constructively together, and creating a team
succession plan for the benefit of organizational longevity. ... Vijay K. Verma, PMI
Fellow, PMP, MBA, P.Eng. Manager, Project Management Services, TRIUMF (
Canada's National Research Library located at University ofBritish Columbia)
Author of the ...

Author: Gail Levitt

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781466578654


Page: 225

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Supplying busy project professionals with time-tested tips and templates for developing teams efficiently and effectively, Team Planning for Project Managers and Business Analysts provides the planning materials required to increase team collaboration and productivity in a global workplace.This comprehensive resource offers insights and access to c

Library JournalLibrary Journal

Retaining its decidedly British ( The Digital Factor in Library and Information
Harris , a librarian at University Laboratory bent , this first ... ISBN 0-8108Heirs
apparent : succession planning , a notable successor menting and updating
other science 5215-2 . pap . ... While many of the papers focus Cape Elizabeth ,
ME Scholarly Publishing in an Electronic Era : on Canadian libraries ( editor
Whitmell is ...

Author: Melvil Dewey


ISBN: UOM:39015063398211



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Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.

Bringing Leadership to Life in Health LEADS in a Caring EnvironmentBringing Leadership to Life in Health LEADS in a Caring Environment

This book will illustrate this framework through supportive research, relevant stories solicited from health leaders at all levels as well as the inclusion of ‘learning moments’ to help the readers reflect on their own experiences.

Author: Graham Dickson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781447148753


Page: 190

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Globally, the health sector faces significant demands for reform and improvement to meet the needs of the 21st Century. To achieve that goal, highly sophisticated and capable leaders are required across all dimensions of the health system. This book describes the key challenges that demand reform, why better leadership is the source code for better system performance, and the issues that stand in the way of getting that leadership. It includes substantive treatment of the modern democratic challenges that healthcare leaders face; and the essence of what it means to be a leader in today’s world. The essence of leadership itself is described, and the case made for the need for people to use the workplace as the place to develop leadership rather than relying solely on formal programs. It will also outline a self-directed learning process that any individual leader—citizen, clinician, or senior executive—can use to develop their own leadership capability, and thus become more active as a leader of change. This book addresses the need for leaders to think on a system-wide scale. A second part of the book focuses primarily on the Canadian Health system and LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework, and the link between LEADS and frameworks in Australia and the UK. LEADS was developed through a partnership between members of the Healthcare Leaders Association of British Columbia and the Canadian College of Health Leaders, the Canadian Health Leadership Network and Royal Roads University. Currently it is stewarded by a not-for-profit collaboration that has endorsed LEADS as an evidence-informed set of national expectations for Canadian health leaders. LEADS has been endorsed by many health organizations in almost all provinces in Canada as a foundation for their talent management programs in leadership (development and succession planning). The book will address the research foundations for the LEADS framework; how it was developed; the framework’s contents; its congruence with other national frameworks, and how LEADS can be used as a model to envisage and plan change.