Radio Telemetry Methods for Studying Spotted Owls in the Pacific NorthwestRadio Telemetry Methods for Studying Spotted Owls in the Pacific Northwest

Basic Telemetry There are three basic components to a radio telemetry system : transmitter , receiver , and antenna . ... Selecting Owls Study objectives should be the primary concern when selecting owls to attach radios to .

Author: John H. Guetterman


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Studying Popular Music CultureStudying Popular Music Culture

Barnard, Stephen (1989) On the Radio: Music Radio in Britain. Milton Keynes and Philadelphia, PA: Open University Press. Barnard, Stephen (2 000) Studying Radio. London: Arnold. Barnes, Ken (1988) 'Top 40 radio; a fragment of the ...

Author: Tim Wall

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446272053


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That rare thing, an academic study of music that seeks to tie together the strands of the musical text, the industry that produces it, and the audience that gives it meaning... A vital read for anyone interested in the changing nature of popular music production and consumption" - Dr Nathan Wiseman-Trowse, The University of Northampton Popular music entertains, inspires and even empowers, but where did it come from, how is it made, what does it mean, and how does it eventually reach our ears? Tim Wall guides students through the many ways we can analyse music and the music industries, highlighting crucial skills and useful research tips. Taking into account recent changes and developments in the industry, this book outlines the key concepts, offers fresh perspectives and encourages readers to reflect on their own work. Written with clarity, flair and enthusiasm, it covers: Histories of popular music, their traditions and cultural, social, economic and technical factors Industries and institutions, production, new technology, and the entertainment media Musical form, meaning and representation Audiences and consumption. Students' learning is consolidated through a set of insightful case studies, engaging activities and helpful suggestions for further reading.

Women and RadioWomen and Radio

9 The establishment of the UK Radio Studies Network has been instrumental in highlighting radio as an area for research and study. See Contacts section for details. 10 Natalie Fenton acknowledges the fragmented and contested nature of ...

Author: Caroline Mitchell

Publisher: Routledge

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Combining classic work on radio with innovative research, journalism and biography, Women and Radio offers a variety of approaches to understanding the position of women as producers, presenters and consumers as well as offering guidelines, advice and helpful information for women wanting to work in radio. Women and Radio examines the relationship between radio audiences, technologies and programming and reveals and explains the inequalities experienced by women working in the industry.

Atmosphere of Venus as Studied with the Mariner 5 Dual Radio Frequency Occultation ExperimentAtmosphere of Venus as Studied with the Mariner 5 Dual Radio Frequency Occultation Experiment

Another method to increase the versatility of these measurements would be to include one or more higher radio frequencies in the experiment ( Fjeldbo et al , 1965 ) . Such measurements are being planned for the Mariner mission to Mars ...

Author: Stanford University. Stanford Electronics Laboratories. Radioscience Laboratory


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Studying SpaceStudying Space

Astronomers wanted larger and more efficient telescopes to study fainter and more distant objects. The need for a different kind of telescope became apparent. Radio waves from space were first identified in 1931 by an American engineer, ...

Author: Joan & Fred Giessow

Publisher: Milliken Publishing Company

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The activities in this packet reinforce basic concepts in the study of the universe, including electromagnetic radiation, satellites and probes, optical and radio telescopes, and spectroscopes. General background information, suggested activities, questions for discussion, and answers are included.

Twenty Years of Studying DemocratizationTwenty Years of Studying Democratization

As was reported in the Sierra Leonean study, international assistance has been vital in the diversification of radio ownership: From a situation where there was only one radio station in Freetown owned by the Government of Sierra Leone, ...

Author: Aurel Croissant

Publisher: Routledge

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Democratization emerged at a time of epochal change in global politics: the twin impacts of the end of the Soviet Union and the speeding up and deepening of globalisation in the early 1990s meant a whole new ball game in terms of global political developments. The journal’s first issue appeared in early 1994. Over time, the editorial position has been consistently to focus on ‘the third wave of democracy’ and its aftermath. The third wave is the most recent exemplar of a long-term, historical trend towards more democratically viable regimes and away from authoritarian systems and leaders. In short, the journal wants to promote a better understanding of democratization – defined as the way democratic norms, institutions and practices evolve and are disseminated both within and across national and cultural boundaries. Over the years, the many excellent articles that we have featured in the journal have shared our focus on democratization, viewed as a process. The journal has sought – and continues to seek – to build on the enduring scholarly and of course popular interest in democracy, how and why it emerges, develops and becomes consolidated. Our emphasis over the last 20 years has been contemporary and the approach comparative, with a strong desire to be both topical and authoritative. We include special reference to democratization in the developing world and in post-communist societies. In sum, just as 20 years ago, the journal today aims to encourage debate on the many aspects of democratization that are of interest to policy-makers, administrators and journalists, aid and development personnel, those involved in education, and, perhaps above all, the tens of millions of ordinary people around the world who do not (yet) enjoy the benefits of living under democratic rule. The two dozen articles collected in this ‘virtual’ special issue are emphatic proof of the power of the written word to induce debate, uncertainty, and ultimately progress towards better forms of politics, focused on the achievement of the democratic aspirations of men and women everywhere.

Studying Captive AnimalsStudying Captive Animals

Radio collars have been widely used to locate animals living wild and to determine their home range. However, the technology has also been used to study animals in semi‐wild enclosures and prior to release in reintroduction and ...

Author: Paul A. Rees

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118629321


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Studying Captive Animals outlines the methods that may beused to study the behaviour, welfare and ecology of animals livingunder the control of humans, including companion animals, feralpopulations, and those living on farms and in zoos. This book is a step-by-step guide to the whole process ofconducting a scientific study: from designing the original project,formulating testable hypotheses, and collecting and analysing thedata, to drawing conclusions from the work and writing it up as ascientific report or paper. It also illustrates how to write aformal research proposal - a crucial and often difficult element ofthe student project - and how to deal with the ethical reviewprocess. Sample data collection sheets are provided and the analysis andpresentation of data are worked through in diagrammatic form. Inaddition, exercises are included that enable the reader to practice analysing different types of data and advice isprovided on the selection of appropriate statistical tests. Thetext describes the different types of student projects that may beundertaken in the field, and explains where secondary data may befound for zoos. This is an insightful resource, particularly for those studyingand working with zoo and farm animals. It is essential reading forstudents studying zoo biology and animal management; it is alsosuitable for students on courses in animal behaviour, animalwelfare, zoology, biology, psychology, animal science, animalproduction, animal ecology, conservation biology, and veterinaryscience. This book is primarily intended for undergraduates butwill also be of value to postgraduate students who have notpreviously engaged in field studies. Professionals working ininstitutions that are members of the World Association of Zoos andAquariums, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria and otherregional and national zoo organisations will benefit from access tothis practical guide.

Radio Tracking and Animal PopulationsRadio Tracking and Animal Populations

The UD is a potentially powerful though underutilized analytical tool available to those studying radio-tagged animals. The UD is a probability density function that maps an individual's or group of individuals' relative use of space.

Author: Joshua Millspaugh

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780080540221


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Radio Tracking and Animal Populations is a succinct synthesis of emerging technologies and their applications to the empirical and theoretical problems of population assessment. The book is divided into sections designed to encompass the various aspects of animal ecology that may be evaluated using radiotelemetry technology - experimental design, equipment and technology, animal movement, resource selection, and demographics. Wildlife biologists at the leading edge of new developments in the technology and its application have joined forces.

Studying Congregational MusicStudying Congregational Music

According to the “Music & Millenials” study by Music Biz and LOOP, the general population listens to terrestrial radio 35% of the time, giving it a slim lead over other listening formats. However, only 12% of fifteen- to ...

Author: Andrew Mall

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429959653


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Studying the role of music within religious congregations has become an increasingly complex exercise. The significant variations in musical style and content between different congregations require an interdisciplinary methodology that enables an accurate analysis, while also allowing for nuance in interpretation. This book is the first to help scholars think through the complexities of interdisciplinary research on congregational music-making by critically examining the theories and methods used by leading scholars in the field. An international and interdisciplinary panel of contributors introduces readers to a variety of research methodologies within the emerging field of congregational music studies. Utilizing insights from fields such as communications studies, ethnomusicology, history, liturgical studies, popular music studies, religious studies, and theology, it examines and models methodologies and theoretical perspectives that are grounded in each of these disciplines. In addition, this volume presents several “key issues” to ground these interpretive frameworks in the context of congregational music studies. These include topics like diaspora, ethics, gender, and migration. This book is a new milestone in the study of music amongst congregations, detailing the very latest in best academic practice. As such, it will be of great use to scholars of religious studies, music, and theology, as well as anyone engaging in ethnomusicological studies more generally.

Reprints National Radio Astronomy Observatory Green Bank W Va Series A Reprints National Radio Astronomy Observatory Green Bank W Va Series A

I in absorpt : correlaterad ties of the Peak Natin onal Radio distribution Eon . d extragala 420 MHz ... The H 11 regions are being mapped in D. E. Hogg has completed the study of about 40 the radio continuum by W. Altenhoff at 6 and 11 ...

Author: National Radio Astronomy Observatory (U.S.)


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