How Great Generals WinHow Great Generals Win

More important, the Royal Navy's submarines were strangling the Axis forces,
sinking a third of all deliveries in September and half in October. Rommel himself
had become sick and was recovering in Austria when the attack opened. He flew

Author: Bevin Alexander

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

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"An astute military historian's appraisal of what separates the sheep from the wolves in the great game of War." —Kirkus Reviews If a key to military victory is to "get there first with the most," the true test of the great general is to decide where "there" is—the enemy's Achilles heel. Here is a narrative account of decisive engagements that succeeded by brilliant strategy more than by direct force. The reader accompanies those who fought, from Roman legionaries and Mongol horsemen to Napoleonic soldiery, American Civil War Rebels and Yankees, World War I Tommies, Lawrence of Arabia's bedouins, Chinese revolutionaries, British Desert Rats, Rommel's Afrika Korps, and Douglas MacArthur's Inchon invaders. However varied their weapons, the soldiers of all these eras followed a commander who faced the same obstacles and demonstrated the strategic and tactical genius essential for victory. "All warfare is based on deception," wrote Sun Tzu in The Art of War in 400 BCE. Bevin Alexander shows how great generals have interpreted this advice, and why it still holds true today.

Unauthorized ActionUnauthorized Action

Moreover , no policy of economic strangulation was going to work as long as the
Soviet Union was under German ... Hitler would secure still more complete
access to Soviet supplies and seal off forever Britain ' s hope of strangling the
axis .

Author: Brian L. Villa

Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. : Oxford University Press

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Investigates the facts concerning the disastrous Allied raid on Dieppe in 1942 and attempts to determine who was responsible for the tragic decision


Neutral looks over and realizes their plot, teleporting away from Z's hold,
shattering the flail, and behind Mist. Z puts the girl down and places his hand out,
somehow paralyzing Neutral. He walks up to her, strangling her. “You don't know
how ...

Author: Nero Link

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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The first in a new supernatural fantasy trilogy of novels, AXiS: Elemental Rise deals with the story of Xavier Gaia, a young teenager who has his family slaughtered at the hands of Mist Violet, a shy schoolmate of his who appears to be infatuated with him. Outraged, the boy attempts to take her life, despite her innocent appearance. He is stopped by his close friend Katon Maxwell, a large boy with an overbearing presence and also extra sensory perception. Delving into the girls mind, he informs Xavier that she is being possessed by some kind of entity, explaining the apparent outburst and subsequent killing of his family. With that, the trio set off on a journey to free Mist from her oppression and for her to redeem herself, but also for Xavier to avenge his family. Along the way, they engage several out-of-this-world villains that stand before their goal, explore their inner feelings as Xavier comes to terms with Mists actions and find out more about themselves and the dormant powers resting deep within them

Kasserine Pass 1943Kasserine Pass 1943

(NARA) In preparation for the final campaign, the Allied air forces had initiated
the long delayed Operation Flax on April 5, aimed at strangling Axis air supply
into the Tunisian bridgehead. Fighter sweeps were conducted off the Tunisian
coast ...

Author: Steven J. Zaloga

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472800152


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The North African campaign of November 1942-May 1943 was a baptism of fire for the US Army. After relatively straightforward landings, the US II Corps advanced into Tunisia to support operations by the British 8th Army. Rommel, worried by the prospect of an attack, decided to exploit the inexperience of the US Army and strike a blow against their overextended positions around the Kasserine Pass. However, the Germans were unable to exploit their initial success, and later attacks were bloodily repulsed. The fighting in Tunisia taught the green US Army vital combat lessons, and brought to the fore senior commanders such as Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley.

Nippon Times WeeklyNippon Times Weekly

In the face of these fundamental facts , it is clear that the Anglo - American
attempt to strangle the Axis economically or to defeat it through a protracted war
of attrition has now become a virtual impossibility . Inasmuch as the Axis firmly
holds ...



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Double VDouble V

the Axis powers. The offensive on Cassino was called, appropriately, “Operation
Strangle.”123 By 6 March, the squadrons of the 332nd were operating out of the
Montecorvino base, flying coastal patrols and escorting convoys in used P-39s, ...

Author: Lawrence P. Scott

Publisher: MSU Press

ISBN: 9780870139536


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On April 12, 1945, the United States Army Air Force arrested 101 of its African American officers. They were charged with disobeying a direct order from a superior officer—a charge that could carry the death penalty upon conviction. They were accused of refusing to sign an order that would have placed them in segregated housing and recreational facilities. Their plight was virtually ignored by the press at the time, and books written about the subject did not detail the struggle these aviators underwent to win recognition of their civil rights. The central theme of Double V is the promise held out to African American military personnel that service in World War II would deliver to them a double victory—a "double V"—over tyranny abroad and racial prejudice at home. The book's authors, Lawrence P. Scott and William M. Womack Sr., chronicle for the first time, in detail, one of America's most dramatic failures to deliver on that promise. In the course of their narrative, the authors demonstrate how the Tuskegee airmen suffered as second-class citizens while risking their lives to serve their country. Among the contributions made by this work is a detailed examination of how 101 Tuskegee airmen, by refusing to live in segregated quarters, triggered one of the most significant judicial proceedings in U.S. military history. Double V uses oral accounts and heretofore unused government documents to portray this little-known struggle by one of America's most celebrated flying units. In addition to providing background material about African American aviators before World War II. the authors also demonstrate how the Tuskegee airmen's struggle foretold dilemmas faced by the civil rights movement in the second half of the 20th century. Double V is destined to become an important contribution in the rapidly growing body of civil rights literature.

Stalin s Hammer Rome An Axis of Time Novella Stalin s Hammer Rome An Axis of Time Novella

He would sometimes wake, biting back on a strangled cry, rubbing at the scar
that ran down his right temple. It was an old wound, but full of phantom pains that
haunted him between sleep and wakefulness. His fingertips probed gently at the

Author: John Birmingham

Publisher: Del Rey

ISBN: 9780345545732


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Alternate history master John Birmingham unleashes an astounding new installment in his Axis of Time series: an original eBook novella that begins when the future and the past collide. The year is 1955, ten years after a battle fleet from 2021 exploded through a wormhole in space—straight into the Battle of Midway. A staggered, war-torn world catches its balance. Uptimers, with their extraordinary technology and strange styles, mingle with the real timers. Universities study the effects on the future. And men like Prince Harry of England find themselves playing pivotal roles in a history that has already happened. Or has it? In the starkly partitioned city of Rome, spies, killers, and mafia foot soldiers cross the dividing line between Allied and Russian Zones. Somewhere in the ancient, underground catacombs two men hunt for one another. One is Stalin’s personal assassin, the other a murderous, disillusioned acolyte of the Communist ideal, allied by fate and history with the OSS, MI6, and England’s swashbuckling Prince Harry. Harry’s own mission takes him to a glittering dinner party and a prize over which the two Russian killers are fighting—a factory owner with a terrifying secret. As the forces of West and East are locked in a stalemate, what this man knows could change everything: Josef Stalin, hiding in a Siberian bunker, is ready to hit the world with a thunderous blow.

The Concise Encyclopedia of World War II 2 volumes The Concise Encyclopedia of World War II 2 volumes

The Allied blockade during World War II had multiple aims: to slowly strangle Axis
war economies by limiting access to critical raw materials not available in Europe
or Japan; to created a “neurosis” of encirclement; to stretch Axis military assets ...

Author: Cathal J. Nolan

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313365270


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A comprehensive and integrated military, political, and strategic history of World War II, ranging from the daily life of conscripts and civilians to operational and strategic decision making at the highest levels. • Hundreds of concise entries on all facets of World War II, ranging well beyond the typical focus on the West and on battle-to-battle recaps • 100 photos and 20 maps offer important information about World War II

Realism Allegory and the Strangled CryRealism Allegory and the Strangled Cry

This drama insistently represents the mythic family , especially the axis of father -
son relations . This archetypal axis , labeled puer and senex by Carl Jung , is of
special interest to psychologist James Hillman . In the introduction to a collection

Author: Robert Nelson Anderson

Publisher: Albatros Ediciones

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Shaping SpaceShaping Space

3.13 ) , Beverly Pepper created a vertical axis with sides of the slender wedge
flaring only slightly outward from this imaginary line . The cube on which it rests ...
of the vertical axis . In Jacques Lipchitz's Prometheus Strangling the Vulture ( Fig

Author: Paul Zelanski

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

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Introduces the principles of three-dimensional design and sculpture, discussing such applications as kinetic art, conceptual work, computer-aided sculpture, and installation pieces.


Writing a Strangle . Figure 4 - 4 shows the short strangle . This is exactly the
opposite of the long strangle in Figure 4 – 3 . The plot is just rotated vertically
about the x - axis . Because a short strangle involves writing the options , the
maximum ...

Author: Robert A. Strong

Publisher: South-Western Pub

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This title provides a practical, applied approach to derivatives, and the intuition underlying the mathematics.

The Tumbling SkyThe Tumbling Sky

Operating at low level , the “ Beaus ” assisted greatly in strangling Axis garrisons ,
but in the process they suffered heavy losses through flak and enemy fighters ,
particularly during the fall and winter of 1942 - 43 . Malta , an island barely 60 ...

Author: Hugh A. Halliday

Publisher: Stittsville [Ont.] : Canada's Wings

ISBN: WISC:89058513169


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Beretter om canadiske piloter, der udmærkede sig under 2. verdenskrig hovedsagelig i RAF.

The Spine at TrialThe Spine at Trial

The long drop then allows the body to force the skull backward, breaking the
second vertebra or axis. That is what happened to ... The victims of hanging are
not strangled; their necks are broken, cutting through the spinal cord. That is Mr.
B's ...

Author: Jose Kuri

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 157073996X


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This guide to spinal injuries is designed to give greater understanding of the medical side of personal injury cases. Using clear and simple terms and detailed diagrams and drawings, it provides medical information that can be used to strengthen cases.

Aircraft of World War II in CombatAircraft of World War II in Combat

However , by September 1944 the the 15th Air Force's loss of 318 Axis air forces
in Italy had been bombers in July 1944 ... the French 2nd Armoured Division
MAAF never succeeded in at Châtillon - sur - Seine . strangling Axis lines of
supply .



ISBN: 1905704887


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A comprehensive history of the use of air power during World War II, From Blitzkrieg Dive-Bombing Attacks To Parachute Landings And Aerial Reconnaissance.