Stickhandling through the MarginsStickhandling through the Margins

With stories and observations gleaned from three years of ethnographic research, Stickhandling through the Margins richly illustrates how hockey is played and experienced by First Nations peoples across Canada, both in isolated reserve ...

Author: Michael A. Robidoux

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442662148


Page: 176

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Some of hockey’s fiercest and most passionate players and fans can be found among Canada's First Nations populations, including NHL greats Jordin Tootoo, Jonathan Cheechoo, and Gino Odjick. At first glance the importance of hockey to the country's Aboriginal peoples may seem to indicate assimilation into mainstream society, but Michael A. Robidoux reveals that the game is played and understood very differently in this cultural context. Rather than capitulating to the Euro-Canadian construct of sport, First Nations hockey has become an important site for expressing rich local knowledge and culture. With stories and observations gleaned from three years of ethnographic research, Stickhandling through the Margins richly illustrates how hockey is played and experienced by First Nations peoples across Canada, both in isolated reserve communities and at tournaments that bring together participants from across the country. Robidoux's vivid description transports readers into the world of First Nations hockey, revealing it to be a highly social and at times even spiritual activity ripe with hidden layers of meaning that are often surprising to the outside observer.

Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of SportRoutledge Handbook of the Sociology of Sport

Foucault, M. (1971) 'Order of Discourse', in R. Young (ed.), Untying the Text: A Post-Structuralist Reader, ... Robidoux, M. (2012) Stickhandling through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada, Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Author: Richard Giulianotti

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134116621


Page: 492

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The sociology of sport is a core discipline within the academic study of sport. It helps us to understand what sport is and why it matters. Sociological knowledge, implicit or explicit, therefore underpins scholarly enquiry into sport in every aspect. The Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Sport is a landmark publication that brings together the most important themes, theories and issues within the sociology of sport, tracing the contours of the discipline and surveying the state-of-the-art. Part One explores the main theories and analytical approaches that define contemporary sport sociology and introduces the most important methodological issues confronting researchers working in the social scientific study of sport. Part Two examines the connections and divisions between sociology and cognate disciplines within sport studies, including history, anthropology, economics, leisure and tourism studies, philosophy, politics and psychology. Part Three investigates how the most important social divisions within sport, and in wider society, are addressed in sport sociology, including ‘race‘, gender, class, sexuality and disability. Part Four explores a wide range of pressing contemporary issues associated with sport, including sport and the body, social problems associated with sport, sport places and settings, and the global aspects of sport. Written by a team of leading international sport scholars, including many of the most well-known, respected and innovative thinkers working in the discipline, the Routledge Handbook of the Sociology of Sport is an essential reference for any student, researcher or professional with an interest in sport.

The Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador 1890s 1940sThe Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador 1890s 1940s

Robidoux, Michael A. Stickhandling through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012. Robinson, Barbara D. “Wilfred Thomason Grenfell and the Christ of Culture.” Master's thesis, University ...

Author: Jennifer J. Connor

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773555792


Page: 392

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Dr Wilfred Grenfell, physician and folk hero, recruited thousands of volunteer workers for his Newfoundland and Labrador seamen's mission, many of them Americans from Ivy League institutions. As the medical mission grew to become the International Grenfell Association, establishing institutions along the Labrador and northern Newfoundland coasts, Americans also became resident staff leaders in the region, and Grenfell himself married an American, Anne MacClanahan, who led mission activities. The Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1890s-1940s reveals the nature and extent of support from Americans throughout the distributed privately run social enterprise until the 1940s, before the region joined Canada. Essays explore the organization's claims to share an Anglo-Saxon heritage with the United States, American reaction to its financial scandal and creation of an incorporated association, its promotion of sport and masculinity, and the development of education and schools in the region and the mission. The organization's strong ties to the United States are exemplified by Grenfell's friendship with American physician John Harvey Kellogg; the donation of clothing from American donors; the work of one American woman on her affiliated mission unit; the impact of American philanthropy and training on the construction of the mission's main hospital in St Anthony; and the superior American-accredited health care facilities and their clinical achievements. From its corporate base in New York City, the International Grenfell Association blended contemporary social movements and adopted American notions of philanthropy. The Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1890s-1940s offers the first thorough history of an iconic health and social organization in Atlantic Canada.

Mexican American FastpitchMexican American Fastpitch

Recent ethnographies focused on different sports that take up a similar dynamic of asserting identities otherwise marginalized in national contexts include Michael Robidoux's Stickhandling through the Margins (2012) on Native hockey in ...

Author: Ben Chappell

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9781503628601


Page: 216

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In Mexican American communities in the central United States, the modern tradition of playing fastpitch softball has been passed from generation to generation. This ethnic sporting practice is kept alive through annual tournaments, the longest-running of which were founded in the 1940s, when softball was a ubiquitous form of recreation, and the so-called "Mexican American generation" born to immigrant parents was coming of age. Carrying on with fastpitch into the second or third generation of players even as wider interest in the sport has waned, these historically Mexican American tournaments now function as reunions that allow people to maintain ties to a shared past, and to remember the decades of segregation when Mexican Americans' citizenship was unfairly questioned. In this multi-sited ethnography, Ben Chappell conveys the importance of fastpitch in the ordinary yearly life of Mexican American communities from Kansas City to Houston. Traveling to tournaments, he interviews players and fans, strikes up conversations in the bleachers, takes in the atmosphere in the heat of competition, and combs through local and personal archives. Recognizing fastpitch as a practice of cultural citizenship, Chappell situates the sport within a history marked by migration, marginalization, solidarity, and struggle, through which Mexican Americans have navigated complex negotiations of cultural, national, and local identities.

Native GamesNative Games

Indigenous Peoples and Sports in the Post-Colonial World Chris Hallinan, Barry Judd. The authors examine the position of ... Stickhandling through the margins: First Nations hockey in Canada. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.

Author: Chris Hallinan

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781781905920


Page: 300

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Research on Indigenous participation in sport offers many opportunities to better understand the political issues of equality, empowerment, self-determination and protection of culture and identity. This volume compares and conceptualises the sociological significance of Indigenous sports in different international contexts.


Fluto Shinzawa, “It's Not Frozen in Time: Tourney's Tradition Endures and Evolves,” Boston Sunday Globe, February 6, 2005. 4. ... On First Nations hockey in Canada, see Michael A. Robidoux, Stickhandling through the Margins ...

Author: Stephen Hardy

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252050947


Page: 600

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Long considered Canadian, ice hockey is in truth a worldwide phenomenon--and has been for centuries. In Hockey: A Global History, Stephen Hardy and Andrew C. Holman draw on twenty-five years of research to present THE monumental end-to-end history of the sport. Here is the story of on-ice stars and organizational visionaries, venues and classic games, the evolution of rules and advances in equipment, and the ascendance of corporations and instances of bureaucratic chicanery. Hardy and Holman chart modern hockey's "birthing" in Montreal and follow its migration from Canada south to the United States and east to Europe. The story then shifts from the sport's emergence as a nationalist battlefront to the movement of talent across international borders to the game of today, where men and women at all levels of play lace 'em up on the shinny ponds of Saskatchewan, the wide ice of the Olympics, and across the breadth of Asia. Sweeping in scope and vivid with detail, Hockey: A Global History is the saga of how the coolest game changed the world--and vice versa.

Sport and Recreation in Canadian HistorySport and Recreation in Canadian History

Youth, Citizenship, and the Emergence of Minor Hockey in Canada,” in Hockey: Challenging Canada's Game, 113. 90. ... Michael A. Robidoux, Stickhandling Through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada (Toronto: University of Toronto ...

Author: Carly Adams

Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers

ISBN: 9781492569497


Page: 408

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"Sport and Recreation in Canadian History is a comprehensive textbook which provides an examination of events, documents, and pivotal moments that contributed to the development of sport in Canada. Content ranges from indigenous recreation, and the integration of British culture. It moves to the emergence of organized sport and national sport organizations, and their impact on how sport is viewed across the country. Amateur and professional sport is covered in detail and finally the globalization of Canadian sport and its expansion and position on the international stage"--

Playing It ForwardPlaying It Forward

50 Years of Women and Sport in Canada Guylaine Demers, Lorraine Greaves, Sandra Kirby, Marion Lay ... their sense of masculinity, explains Michael Robidoux in his book Stickhandling Through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada.

Author: Guylaine Demers

Publisher: Second Story Press

ISBN: 9781927583524


Page: 392

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Over the last 50 years, the struggles to achieve equity in sport have become central to the feminist mission. This book contains an inspiring collection of stories from the women on the front lines: athletes, coaches, educators, and activists for women's sport, who have done so much to foster change. Many of the women profiled here reflect on their tough beginnings in sport: being isolated and unconnected, competing in makeshift settings, training alone, and inadequate equipment. But they also reflect on the joy of movement, teamwork, and competition. These women grew to be remarkable role models and helped to dismantle sexism in sport. To read these stories is to swell with pride over their victories, to empathize with their battles with discrimination, and to become re-energized to confront collectively the many hurdles left to clear.

Changing on the FlyChanging on the Fly

Stickhandling through the margins: First Nations hockey in Canada. Toronto, Canada: University of Toronto Press. ______. (2018). Imagining a Canadian identity through sport: An historical interpretation of lacrosse and hockey.

Author: Courtney Szto

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9781978807952


Page: 208

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Hockey and multiculturalism are often noted as defining features of Canadian culture; yet, rarely are we forced to question the relationship and tensions between these two social constructs. This book examines the growing significance of hockey in Canada’s South Asian communities. The Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi broadcast serves as an entry point for a broader consideration of South Asian experiences in hockey culture based on field work and interviews conducted with hockey players, parents, and coaches in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. This book seeks to inject more “color” into hockey’s historically white dominated narratives and representations by returning hockey culture to its multicultural roots. It encourages alternative and multiple narratives about hockey and cultural citizenship by asking which citizens are able to contribute to the webs of meaning that form the nation’s cultural fabric.

Critical Reflections on Physical Culture at the Edges of EmpireCritical Reflections on Physical Culture at the Edges of Empire

In: M. Huggins (ed). The Age of Industry. ... 'Indigenous Surfing: Pedagogy, Pleasure, and Decolonial Practice' In: D.Z. Hough-Snee & A.S. Eastman (eds). ... Stickhandling through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada.

Author: Francois Johannes Cleophas

Publisher: African Sun Media

ISBN: 9781928480693


Page: 226

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This groundbreaking anthology provides a transnational view of the use of physical culture practices - to strengthen, discipline, and reimagine the human body. Exploring theses of colonialism, gender disparities, and race relations, this international examination of bodily practices is a must read for all sport historians and those interested in physical training and its meanings. Erudite, solid, enlightening, this is a truly valuable book for our field.

Writing the Body in MotionWriting the Body in Motion

Stickhandling through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Tengan, Ty P. Kāwika. 2008. Native Men Remade: Gender and Nation in Contemporary Hawai'i. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Author: Angie Abdou

Publisher: Athabasca University Press

ISBN: 9781771992282


Page: 194

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Sport literature is never just about sport. The genre’s potential to explore the human condition, including aspects of violence, gender, and the body, has sparked the interest of writers, readers, and scholars. Over the last decade, a proliferation of sport literature courses across the continent is evidence of the sophisticated and evolving body of work developing in this area. Writing the Body in Motion offers introductory essays on the most commonly taught Canadian sport literature texts. The contributions sketch the state of current scholarship, highlight recurring themes and patterns, and offer close readings of key works. Organized chronologically by source text, ranging from Shoeless Joe (1982) to Indian Horse (2012), the essays offer a variety of ways to read, consider, teach, and write about sport literature.

American National Pastimes A HistoryAmerican National Pastimes A History

Robidoux, Michael A. Stickhandling through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012. Ross, David. The Willing Servant: A History of the Steam Locomotive. Gloucestershire: Tempus, 2004.

Author: Mark Dyreson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317572688


Page: 288

View: 640

When the colonies that became the USA were still dominions of the British Empire they began to imagine their sporting pastimes as finer recreations than even those enjoyed in the motherland. From the war of independence and the creation of the republic to the twenty-first century, sporting pastimes have served as essential ingredients in forging nationhood in American history. This collection gathers the work of an all-star team of historians of American sport in order to explore the origins and meanings of the idea of national pastimes—of a nation symbolized by its sports. These wide-ranging essays analyze the claims of particular sports to national pastime status, from horse racing, hunting, and prize fighting in early American history to baseball, basketball, and football more than two centuries later. These essays also investigate the legal, political, economic, and culture patterns and the gender, ethnic, racial, and class dynamics of national pastimes, connecting sport to broader historical themes. American National Pastimes chronicles how and why the USA has used sport to define and debate the contours of nation. This book was published as a special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport.

Routledge Handbook of Sport HistoryRoutledge Handbook of Sport History

... 2020); Michael A. Robidoux, Stickhandling through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012). 13 'History – Lacrosse: Canada's National Summer Sport', Canadian Lacrosse Association, ...

Author: Murray G. Phillips

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000441611


Page: 430

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The Routledge Handbook of Sport History is a new and innovative survey of the discipline of sport history. Global in scope, it examines the key contemporary issues in sports historiography, sheds light on previously ignored topics, and sets an intellectual agenda for the future development of the discipline. The book explores both traditional and non-traditional methodologies in sport history, and traces the interface between sport history and other fields of research, such as literature, material culture and the digital humanities. It considers the importance of key issues such as gender, race, sexuality and politics to our understanding of sport history, and focuses on innovative ways that the scholarship around these issues is challenging accepted discourses. This is the first handbook to include a full section on Indigenous sport history, a topic that has often been ignored in sport history surveys despite its powerful upstream influence on contemporary sport. The book also reflects carefully on the central importance of sport history journals in shaping the development of the discipline. This book is an essential reference for any student, researcher or scholar with an interest in sport history or the relationship between sport and society. It will also be fascinating reading for any historians looking for fresh perspectives on contemporary historiography or social and cultural history.


His second book, Stickhandling through the Margins, is anthropological study of hockey played by Indigenous peoples in Canada. Most recently, he has received funding to conduct research on head contact in youth hockey, towards better ...

Author: Jenny Ellison

Publisher: University of Ottawa Press

ISBN: 9780776626000


Page: 336

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For Canadians, hockey is the game. Shared experiences and memories—lacing up for the first time, shinny on an outdoor rink, Sidney Crosby’s historic goal, or the one scored by Maurice Richard—make hockey more than just a game. While the relationship between hockey and national identity has been studied, where does the game fit into our understanding of multiple, diverse Canadian identities today? This interdisciplinary book considers hockey, both as professional and amateur sport, and both in historical and contemporary context, in relation to larger themes in Canadian Studies, including gender, race/ethnicity, ability, sexuality, geography, and reflects upon all aspects of hockey in Canadian life: play, fandom, sports broadcasting, and community activism. This interdisciplinary scholarly collection is an extension of the “Hockey in Canada: More Than Just a Game” exhibition presented by the Canadian Museum of History. This book is published in English. Includes one chapter in French. - Le hockey est le sport des Canadiens Les expériences et les souvenirs que nous partageons – lacer ses patins pour la toute première fois, jouer une partie de hockey de rue, le but historique marqué par Sidney Crosby, ou celui de Maurice Richard – font du hockey bien plus qu’un sport. Bien que le lien entre hockey et identité nationale ait été étudié, il faut s’interroger sur la place qu’occupe ce sport dans notre compréhension des identités canadiennes diverses et multiples d’aujourd’hui. Cet ouvrage interdisciplinaire explore le hockey tant comme sport professionnel qu’amateur, depuis une approche tantôt historique, tantôt actuelle, en lien avec des problématiques en Études canadiennes, dont le genre, la race et l’ethnicité, la compétence, la sexualité, la géographique, et lance une réflexion sur les divers aspects du hockey dans la vie des Canadiens : le jeu, les supporters, la radiodiffusion, l’activisme communautaire. Cet ouvrage complète l’exposition de « Hockey : Plus qu’un simple jeu », présentée par le Musée canadien de l’histoire. Ce livre est publié en anglais. Comprend un chapitre en français.

Princeton Alumni WeeklyPrinceton Alumni Weekly

Tlukewarmity sikeite shots dire recent first - peare se stet to close court Dasturcesti as margin at halftime and ... The Dartmouth game was featured by hard body checks and fancy stick handling as the powerful Indian sextet scored its ...


Publisher: princeton alumni weekly

ISBN: PRNC:32101081977025



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The Creator s GameThe Creator s Game

... Stickhandling through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2012), 27. A component group of the Central Coast Salish, the Skwxwú7mesh Nation is located in North Vancouver, Howe Sound, ...

Author: Allan Downey

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774836050


Page: 364

View: 597

Lacrosse has been a central element of Indigenous cultures for centuries, but once non-Indigenous players entered the sport, it became a site of appropriation – then reclamation – of Indigenous identities. The Creator’s Game focuses on the history of lacrosse in Indigenous communities from the 1860s to the 1990s, exploring Indigenous-non-Indigenous relations and Indigenous identity formation. While the game was being appropriated in the process of constructing a new identity for the nation-state of Canada, it was also being used by Indigenous peoples to resist residential school experiences, initiate pan-Indigenous political mobilization, and articulate Indigenous sovereignty. This engaging and innovative book provides a unique view of Indigenous self-determination and nationhood in the face of settler-colonialism.

Contesting Race and SportContesting Race and Sport

Stickhandling through the margins: First Nations hockey in Canada. Toronto, University of Toronto Press. Roithmayr, D. (2014). Reproducing racism: how everyday choices lock in white advantage. New York, New York University Press.

Author: Kevin Hylton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317504115


Page: 142

View: 365

In the decade since Kevin Hylton’s seminal book ‘Race’ and Sport: Critical Race Theory was published, racialised issues have remained at the forefront of sport and leisure studies. In this important new book, Hylton draws on original research in contemporary contexts, from sport coaching to cyberspace, to show once again that Critical Race Theory is an insightful and productive tool for interrogating problematic social phenomena. Inspired by W.E.B. Du Bois’ statement that "the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the colour line", this book sheds a critical light on the way sport perpetuates racism, while identifying opportunities to challenge its insidious presence. Exploring and explaining the ways in which notions of ‘race’ are expressed and contested at individual, institutional and societal levels, it addresses key topics such as whiteness, diversity, colourblindness, unconscious bias, identity, leadership, humour and discourse to investigate how language can be used as a device for resistance against racism in sport. Contesting ‘Race’ and Sport: Shaming the Colour Line is vital reading for all sport studies students, academics and those with an interest in race, ethnicity and society.

Spirits of the RockiesSpirits of the Rockies

Stickhandling through the Margins: First Nations Hockey in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Robins, Kevin 1996. “Interrupting Identities: Turkey/Europe.” In Stuart Hall and Paul du Gay, eds, Questions of Cultural Identity, ...

Author: Courtney W. Mason

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442619920


Page: 224

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The Banff–Bow Valley in western Alberta is the heart of spiritual and economic life for the Nakoda peoples. While they were displaced from the region by the reserve system and the creation of Canada’s first national park, in the twentieth century the Nakoda reasserted their presence in the valley through involvement in regional tourism economies and the Banff Indian Days sporting festivals. Drawing on extensive oral testimony from the Nakoda, supplemented by detailed analysis of archival and visual records, Spirits of the Rockies is a sophisticated account of the situation that these Indigenous communities encountered when they were denied access to the Banff National Park. Courtney W. Mason examines the power relations and racial discourses that dominated the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and shows how the Nakoda strategically used the Banff Indian Days festivals to gain access to sacred lands and respond to colonial policies designed to repress their cultures.

Sport Race and EthnicitySport Race and Ethnicity

33. literature in that field. This paper is exploratory in its use of the strengths perspective in the field of physical cultural practices. The strengths perspective was initially ... Robidoux, Stickhandling through the Margins, 147.

Author: Katie Liston

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317530602


Page: 128

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Analyses of racialisation processes within and beyond sport would be incomplete without a consideration of ethnicity and ethnic identities. Why? Because ethnicity, as a concept and as a focus for research, captures better the diverse experiences of social groups and the scope of belonging. Ethnic identities contribute to the way race and racism is constructed and experienced in sport, and to the ways in which racial ideologies are created, recreated and contested. Readers will find here a stimulating array of papers that capture varied aspects of the sport, race and ethnicity nexus around the world. The journey stretches as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ghana and the USA and, in so doing, it draws on a range of disciplinary approaches that converge or diverge by degrees. Such diversity is to be welcomed in an academic field characterized increasingly by the potential richness of people's experiences of sport, race and ethnicity within various cultural contexts. Included here are papers from a range of disciplines and approaches including sociology, politics, sports feminisms, critical race theory, a strengths perspective, Kaupapa Māori Theory, history and sports development. This book was published as a special issue of Sport and Society.