Star Guide to WeddingsStar Guide to Weddings

The perfect gift for engaged couples, this entertaining guide also includes tips for choosing a wedding date along with ideas for celebrating the special day with flowers, colors, and other symbols to honor the astrological energy enriching ...

Author: April Elliott Kent

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738728773


Page: 265

View: 495

Do you want a "rock star" Leo marriage or an enduring Taurus union? Wedding planning mixes with astrology in Star Guide to Weddings—a cosmic cocktail of marriage insight based on the Sun sign of your wedding day. You can't choose your Sun sign, but you CAN choose the sign of your marriage! This adorable, fun-to-read guide takes you through every sign of the zodiac, describing how each can flavor your new life as a married couple. See how your career, health, children, creative spirit, friends, spiritual beliefs, and the overall "personality" of your marriage can be influenced by the stars. The perfect gift for engaged couples, this entertaining guide also includes tips for choosing a wedding date along with ideas for celebrating the special day with flowers, colors, and other symbols to honor the astrological energy enriching one's union.

A Love Alchemist s NotebookA Love Alchemist s Notebook

—April Elliott Kent, author of Star Guide to Weddings “Jessica's a poetic, heartfelt writer. I love the Moonkissd blog. Honestly, it's the only one I regularly read.” —Jeffrey Kishner, creator and astrology blogger of ...

Author: Jessica Shepherd

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738722955


Page: 156

View: 414

Would you like to know the secrets to attracting your soul mate and feeling profound love every day? With this hip and fun guide, you'll learn to use the rules of attraction, magic, astrology, and your intuition to attract the man of your dreams and experience true, soulful love. Jessica Shepherd joyfully reveals the Nine Soul Mate Secrets, offering insight into all aspects of creating and maintaining love, such as how to focus on loving yourself, open up to love from others, and trust your intuition. You'll engage in fun, hands-on spells, rituals, and meditations to explore your heart and grow spiritually. The Nine Soul Mate Secrets will also reveal how to: Break bad karmic patterns • Move beyond difficult relationships Learn from past mistakes • Overcome your fears Tap your magnetism with your Venus sign From avoiding relationship "potholes" to understanding karmic soul mates—and the invaluable lessons that they teach us—to casting love spells under a waxing moon, this love-focused astrology book holds the key to achieving long-lasting love with your true soul mate. "A Love Alchemist's Notebook is a worldly and wise guide to finding a spiritual partner. Jessica Shepherd reveals in detail the practical magic that will work for anyone ready to connect with great love."—Holiday Mathis, author of Rock Your Stars Watch Jessica's interview on KRON Channel 4 (San Francisco). Also watch the book trailer for A Love Alchemist's Notebook, here.

The Wedding Photography Field GuideThe Wedding Photography Field Guide

I edit in (choose the keepers) for my portrait sessions and I edit out (ditch the rejects) for my weddings. I know other photographers who do ... If I love an image and I want it to appear in the gallery, I press 1 to give it one star.

Author: Michelle Turner

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781908150028


Page: 282

View: 368

Long gone are the days of lining up the wedding party for predictable and overly-staged group shots. Now more than ever, couples want to remember their wedding day - and the run up to it - with candid, photojournalistic-style photos and innovatively-designed albums. The Wedding Photography Field Guide is a source of inspiration and illumination, and sets out how to capture the true essence and atmosphere of this emotionally-charged and very special day. - Get the latest information on digital gear and a professional's take on top techniques for covering all the action. - Stuffy, staged wedding photos are a thing of the past. Master modern wedding reportage and capture the true spirit of the event and the personalities of the couple and guests. - Discover the secrets of creating uniquely personal and contemporary bridal portraits and albums. - Don't get left behind in this competitive marketplace. Follow Michelle Turner's advice and build up a portfolio that can pack a punch. - Whether you are simply shooting a friend's wedding, breaking into the business or looking to refresh your approach, this book is essential.

Llewellyn s 2016 Sabbats AlmanacLlewellyn s 2016 Sabbats Almanac

... 2011), and Star Guide to Weddings (Llewellyn, 2008). April's writing has also appeared in the Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope magazines and in Llewellyn's Moon Sign and Sun Sign books. She lives in San Diego, California.

Author: Llewellyn

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738733982


Page: 312

View: 271

Make the most of each season of the Witches’ year with Llewellyn’s Sabbats Almanac. Packed with rituals, rites, recipes, and crafts, this essential guide offers fun and fresh ways to celebrate the eight sacred Wiccan holidays—and enrich your spiritual life throughout the year. Get a unique perspective on honoring the Wheel of the Year from your favorite Wiccan and Pagan authors. Plan spiritually uplifting celebrations and sustainable seasonal activities. Perform Sabbat-specific rituals and family activities. Whip up tasty treats and crafts as reminders of the season’s gifts and lessons. Also featured are astrological influences to help you plan rituals according to cosmic energies.

The Everything Guide to Micro WeddingsThe Everything Guide to Micro Weddings

The Ultimate Source for Planning a Small and Meaningful Wedding Katie Martin ... a visit to a cacao farm or to see a skateboard designer in action) □ Painting or taking an art class □ A virtual reality experience (Love Star Wars?

Author: Katie Martin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781507216200


Page: 272

View: 566

Ditch the long guest list and enjoy a more intimate and meaningful wedding with this guide to accomplishing your grand wedding dreams on a smaller, more affordable scale. As more couples find that smaller weddings are more affordable, intimate, and meaningful, they’re ditching the huge blowout receptions and opting for nontraditional nuptials with fewer than fifty guests. Whether it be the budget, the stress, or something else altogether, more and more couples are turning to micro weddings to tie the knot. With a smaller crowd, the focus shifts from “Is everyone having a good time?” to “This is the best day of my life!” Whether you want people to attend in person or will live stream the event, The Everything Guide to Micro Weddings covers everything from décor hacks, venue hunting, and tips from how to cut costs to how to gracefully tell the second cousin they’re not invited. So skip the large affair and say ‘I do’ to The Everything Guide to Micro Weddings—a perfect match for those looking to make their big day, well, small.

The Rough Guide to Las VegasThe Rough Guide to Las Vegas

Greg Ward Rough Guides (Firm). NOVELTY WEDDINGS When it comes to getting hitched in style , the sky is literally the limit in Las Vegas . Most wedding chapels can persuade Elvis to arrive in a pink Cadillac and sing Love Me Tender ...

Author: Greg Ward

Publisher: Rough Guides

ISBN: 1858288908


Page: 344

View: 813

This handbook to the neon oasis incorporates tips on blackjack and other gaming options to give you the chance to leave Las Vegas without losing the lot. It includes coverage of the area's other sights, from watersports at Lake Mead to the Hoover Dam and the Valley of Fire, plus an account of the Strip's 100 year history.

Insight Guides Mauritius R union SeychellesInsight Guides Mauritius R union Seychelles

Mauritius has a sophisticated wedding scene, with its four- and five-star international resorts well equipped to organise ceremonies, many with dedicated wedding coordinators who guide couples through all ...

Author: Insight Guides

Publisher: Apa Publications (UK) Limited

ISBN: 9781789198317



View: 545

Insight Guides: all you need to inspire every step of your journey. From deciding when to go, to choosing what to see when you arrive, this is all you need to plan your trip and experience the best of Mauritius, Réunion & Seychelles, with in-depth insider information on must-see, top attractions like the volcano of Piton de la Fournaise, Réunion; Anse Lazio beach in the Seychelles and Black River Gorges National Park, Mauritius, as well as hidden cultural gems like the Musée de Villèle, Réunion, and the Vieux Grand Port of Mauritius. · Insight Guide Mauritius, Réunion & Seychelles is ideal for travellers seeking immersive cultural experiences, from exploring nature reserves and botanical gardens, to discovering some of the best beaches in the world · In-depth on history and culture: enjoy special features on the cuisine of the Mascarens, the underwater world of the Seychelles and the volcanic habitats of Réunion, all written by local experts · Invaluable maps, travel tips and practical information ensure effortless planning, and encourage venturing off the beaten track · Inspirational colour photography throughout - Insight Guides is a pioneer of full-colour guide books · Inventive design makes for an engaging, easy reading experience About Insight Guides: Insight Guides is a pioneer of full-colour guide books, with almost 50 years' experience of publishing high-quality, visual travel guides with user-friendly, modern design. We produce around 400 full-colour print guide books and maps, as well as phrase books, picture-packed eBooks and apps to meet different travellers' needs. Insight Guides' unique combination of beautiful travel photography and focus on history and culture create a unique visual reference and planning tool to inspire your next adventure.

The Essential Guide to Practical AstrologyThe Essential Guide to Practical Astrology

For astrology to be useful there's no need to have a crystal ball, incense, meditation, or faith.

Author: April Elliott Kent

Publisher: Two Moon Publishing

ISBN: 0692683577


Page: 410

View: 572

Astrology is an ancient tool for understanding ourselves, our relationships, and our life's path. It begins with the belief that everything in the cosmos is connected. Then it traces the connection between us and the planets at the moment of our birth. That connection reflects and influences every facet of our life on Earth, from love to money. Once you learn the language of astrology, it makes perfect, practical sense. The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology offers an easy-to-understand exploration of this celestial language that goes far beyond daily horoscopes. In these pages, you learn how to calculate and decipher your birth chart; meet and discover the secrets of the great zodiac "wheel" and its 12 signs; and tour the 12 houses that symbolize the major arenas in which life's big events occur. You also get: A road map through the planets, Sun, and Moon, along with key information on what their sign and house placement - and their relationships to one another - mean. A walk through the cycles of astrology and how they reflect cycles in your own life. Guidelines for creating daily, monthly, yearly, and long-range planners so you can better manage your personal goals. Tips for mastering the language of astrology to make predictions for your future. The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology gives you a no-nonsense approach to a system that helps you discover what's best for you, your life, and your world."

Shelf LifeShelf Life

Simple , Bath and Kitchen , Elle Decor , Black Tress , Black Hair , Hot Hair , Bridal Star Hairstyle , Bridal Guide , Weddings . The crafty flip through Stitchery World , Tole World , Stamp It , Country Afghans , Threads .

Author: Suzanne Strempek Shea

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 9780807072592


Page: 234

View: 834

Suzanne Shea has always loved a good book-and she's written five of them, all acclaimed. In the course of her ten-year career, she's done a good bit of touring, including readings and drop-ins at literally hundreds of bookstores. She never visited one that wasn't memorable. Two years ago, while recovering from radiation therapy, Shea heard from a friend who was looking for help at her bookstore. Shea volunteered, seeing it as nothing more than a way to get out of her pajamas and back into the world. But over next twelve months, from St. Patrick's Day through Poetry Month, graduation/Father's Day/summer reading/Christmas and back again to those shamrock displays, Shea lived and breathed books in a place she says sells'ideas, stories, encouragement, answers, solace, validation, the basic ammunition for daily life.' Her work was briefly interrupted by an author tour that took her to other great bookstores. Descriptions of these and her memories of book-lined rooms reaching all the way back to childhood visits to the Bookmobile are scattered throughout this charming, humorous, and engrossing account of reading and rejuvenation. For anyone who loves books, and especially for anyone who has fallen under the spell of a special bookstore, Shelf Life will be required reading.

White WeddingsWhite Weddings

Magazines such as People, In Style, Star, and Town & Country have all published special wedding issues. ... bridal magazines such as New England Bride's Wedding Guide, Cape Cod Wedding, New Jersey Weddings, and others (see Table 3.1).

Author: Chrys Ingraham

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135928568


Page: 304

View: 378

This is a groundbreaking study of our culture's obsession with weddings. By examining popular films, commercials, magazines, advertising, television sitcoms and even children's toys, this book shows the pervasive influence of weddings in our culture and the important role they play in maintaining the romance of heterosexuality, the myth of white supremacy and the insatiable appetite of consumer capitalism. It examines how the economics and marketing of weddings have replaced the religious and moral view of marriage. This second edition includes many new and updated features including: full coverage of the wedding industrial complex; gay marriage and its relationship to white weddings and heterosexuality and demographics shifts as to who is marrying whom and why, nationally and internationally.