Spaces of SerenitySpaces of Serenity

'Spaces of Serenity' showcases Jeffery S. Poss' small structures built for contemplation, meditation, and peace. These buildings are exquisite examples of architecture that promotes harmony between the occupant and the outside environment

Author: Jeffery S. Poss

Publisher: Antique Collector's Club

ISBN: 1941806848


Page: 108

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Spaces of Serenity features six projects by Architect and Professor Jeffery S. Poss, FAIA. Each project responds to the basic human desire to identify and seek out creative ways to resolve the conflicts of living in the everyday world. They demonstrate how, by carefully orchestrating built form, filtering sensory input, and paying careful attention to human scale, physical space can positively impact one s emotional state."

At Home in the WhedonverseAt Home in the Whedonverse

“Domestic space and identity: Joss Whedon's futuristic frontier in Firefly” applies Homi bhabha's concept of the unhomely to ... Marotta's analysis of the multi-purposed domestic and commercial space of Serenity and the transference of ...

Author: Juliette C. Kitchens

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476667027


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From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Joss Whedon’s work presents various representations of home spaces that give depth to his stories and storytelling. Through the spaceship in Firefly, a farmhouse in Avengers: Age of Ultron or Whedon’s own house in Much Ado About Nothing, his work collectively offers audiences the opportunity to question the ways we relate to and inhabit homes. Focusing on his television series, films and comics, this collection of new essays explores the diversity of home spaces in Whedon’s many ’verses, and the complexity these spaces afford the narratives, characters, objects and relationships within them.

Joyride for SaleJoyride for Sale

Space is serenity. A quiet space in the forest gives way to a waterfall. A Japanese gardener uses space to show balance in nature, and in the same vein, the Chinese have given us feng shui, using space to create harmony in our homes and ...

Author: Dennis Payton Knight

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480807136



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An eclectic collection, Joyride for Sale presents a compilation of short pieces from author Dennis Payton Knight. Some of the anecdotes are drawn from his experiences gathered during seventy years of living, while others are fictional exercises classified as fun and funny, and still others offer simple observations of the world. Knight tells stories about his adult life and of growing up in Laramie, Wyoming, recalling how he devoured coconuts to solve an engineering dilemma in his short career as a male belly dancer; how he dueled a mean, green-eyed girl at bumper cars; and how he created a whole new set of curse words. Joyride for Sale presents lively conversations about bands marching in tutus, jazz music, honeybees, and punching cows. Knight offers a collection of down-to-earth, wry, evocative, and optimistic narratives to help you ponder the meaning of life, celebrate the mysteries of space, and fall in love at least once a week.

The Representation of the Relationship between Center and Periphery in the Contemporary NovelThe Representation of the Relationship between Center and Periphery in the Contemporary Novel

It is this position, which perceives the actual surrounding space as historically constructed, that Firefly embraces ... of spaces is foregrounded, the political historicity of its forms is articulated, Firefly and Serenity reject the ...

Author: Ruth Amar

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527519459


Page: 294

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This collection of essays offers a comparative perspective on different forms of representation of social hybridity in contemporary novels through various cultural and linguistic lenses. It explores the various subcategories of their interdependent relationships, including power and domination between hegemony and marginality. The book revolves around five axes: namely, writing strategies and reterritorialization; marginality and intermediary spaces; revisited urban spaces; when periphery becomes center; and the modality of confrontation and construction of identity. It focuses on the identification and classification of spaces in order to understand their function in relation to the thematic strategy of the novel. Its main objective is identifying the textual representation of the challenge of center and periphery, as well as these concepts’ role and significance in diegesis. Thus, new light is shed on the subject and on the contemporary novel as a whole.

Fictioning Namibia as a Space of DesireFictioning Namibia as a Space of Desire

Infant and mother are relocated into the narrative of Christ's birth, which is a space of promise but also serenity. The company is able to simultaneously locate themselves in the landscape (close to the fort), and within their culture ...

Author: Renzo Baas


ISBN: 9783906927084


Page: 286

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Modern-day Namibian history has largely been shaped by three major eras: German colonial rule, South African apartheid occupation, and the Liberation Struggle. It was, however, not only military conquest that laid the cornerstone for the colony, but also how the colony was imagined, the ‘dream’ of this colony. As a tool of discursive worldmaking, literature has played a major role in providing a framework in which to ‘dream’ Namibia, first from outside its borders, and then from within. In Fictioning Namibia as a Space of Desire, Renzo Baas employs Henri Lefebvre’s city–countryside dialectic and reworks it in order to uncover how fictional texts played an integral part in the violent acquisition of a foreign territory. Through the production of myths around whiteness, German and South African authors designed a literary space in which control, destruction, and the dehumanisation of African peoples are understood as a natural order, one that is dictated by history and its linear continuation. These European texts are offset by Namibia’s first novel by an African, offering a counter-narrative to the colonial invention that was (German) South West Africa.

Log Home LivingLog Home Living

What is really important is to paint your space a color you like and enjoy. If you prefer pastels, ... Serenity is most often associated with wide open calming spaces like sandy beaches, rolling meadows and vast horizons.





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Log Home Living is the oldest, largest and most widely distributed and read publication reaching log home enthusiasts. For 21 years Log Home Living has presented the log home lifestyle through striking editorial, photographic features and informative resources. For more than two decades Log Home Living has offered so much more than a magazine through additional resources–shows, seminars, mail-order bookstore, Web site, and membership organization. That's why the most serious log home buyers choose Log Home Living.

Reading Joss WhedonReading Joss Whedon

Rather than moving through physical space in a small vehicle, these characters live in a spaceship, ... Although the latter might imply what Tim Cresswell (2004) calls “placelessness,” the ship Serenity in fact becomes a tenth character ...

Author: Rhonda V. Wilcox

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 9780815633648


Page: 488

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In an age when geek chic has come to define mainstream pop culture, few writers and producers inspire more admiration and response than Joss Whedon. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Much Ado About Nothing, from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog to The Avengers, the works of Whedon have been the focus of increasing academic attention. This collection of articles represents some of the best work covering a wide array of topics that clarify Whedon's importance, including considerations of narrative and visual techniques, myth construction, symbolism, gender, heroism, and the business side of television. The editors argue that Whedon's work is of both social and aesthetic significance; that he creates "canonical television." He is a master of his artistic medium and has managed this success on broadcast networks rather than on cable. From the focus on a single episode to the exploration of an entire season, from the discussion of a particular narrative technique to a recounting of the history of Whedon studies, this collection will both entertain and educate those exploring Whedon scholarship for the first time and those planning to teach a course on his works.

Space Cadet vs Drama QueenSpace Cadet vs Drama Queen

Serenity Created by Realbuzz Studios, Inc. Min Kwon, Primary Artist Studio Sakai, Collaborative Art Serenity throws a big wet sloppy one out to: captains & crews of the Enterprise, the Yamato, and Fireball XL-5 §§199%, Luv U Gruyz l!!

Author: Realbuzz Studios,

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418537289


Page: 128

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Serenity Stars in a Movie that's Really Out of This World It's Life! Camera! Action! for Serenity and her pals when they set out to film their own sci-fi movie, "Terror from the Tarantula Nebula"--a high-adventure thriller complete with aliens, a mysterious princess, and one scary spider. Ever the diva, Serenity steals the scene as she tussles with her friends and feuds with her mom. Can the gang hold it together long enough for the movie to wrap, or will they put Serenity on the first spaceship outta here?

Canadian Painters in a Modern World 1925 1955Canadian Painters in a Modern World 1925 1955

A naked soul pure & unashamed, holy spaces, filled with wonderful serenity. What language do they speak those silent awe filled spaces – I do not know wait and listen you shall hear by-and-bye. I long to hear and yet I'm half afraid.

Author: Lora Senechal Carney

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773551923


Page: 322

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From the Roaring Twenties and the Group of Seven to the Automatistes and the early Cold War, Canadian artists lived through and embodied an era of global tumult and change. With an interweaving of historical narrative, lavish illustrations, and writings by many of Canada's most revered cultural figures, Lora Senechal Carney illuminates the lives, perspectives, and works of the era's painters and provides glimpses of the sculptors, poets, dancers, critics, and filmmakers with whom they associated. Canadian Painters in a Modern World gives readers direct access to a carefully curated selection of writings, artworks, photos, and other documents that help to reconstruct the public spheres in which artists including Paul-Émile Borduas, Emily Carr, Alex Colville, Lawren Harris, David Milne, and Pegi Nicol MacLeod circulated. Each of the book’s eight chapters consists of a narrative about a key issue or debate, focusing on the relationship of art to politics and society, and on how these are negotiated in an individual's life. Relating artistic engagement with and responses to the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War, and the Cold War, Senechal Carney discovers a common desire for new connections between art and life. Revealing continuities, ruptures, and watershed moments, Canadian Painters in a Modern World showcases artistic production within specific socio-political contexts to shed new light on Canadian art during three decades of conflict and crisis.