Sopwith Camel Aces of World War 1Sopwith Camel Aces of World War 1

... Leeds , UK Printed in China through Bookbuilders Front cover Few Sopwith
Camels carried more than the basic national insignia and perhaps a very limited
personal marking to add to squadron identification markings . The exceptions
were ...

Author: Norman Franks

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

ISBN: 1841765341


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Responsible for destroying 1294 enemy aircraft between June 1917 and November 1918, the Camel was the most successful fighting scout employed by either side in terms of the sheer number of victories that it scored. The Camel was renowned for its sensitivity and need for skill and experience, and casualties amongst pilots undergoing training on the type were very high. More than 5490 examples were constructed, and this book covers its combat use on the Western Front, in Palestine, on the Italian front, in the Home Defence role in the UK and in Russia.

Army ReorganizationArmy Reorganization

Sopwith Camel F - 1 ........ Single place , fighter ; single motor , biplane 110 H. P.
LeRhone ; 130 H. P. tractor . Clerget . Sopwith Camel F - 1 ( 150 Mono .. 150
H. P. Gnome Monosousoupape ) . pape . Sopwith Dolphin ( 200 Hispano ) .

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Military Affairs


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Air Force MagazineAir Force Magazine

The immense success of the Sopwith Triplane of 1917 led to a rash of
experimental triplane designs by both sides , but I ... Strangely enough , the
savage Camel evolved largely from the calmest and most docile of planes , the
Sopwith Pup .



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Reach and PowerReach and Power

Sopwith Camel . For many pilots , the Sopwith Camel was the supreme combat
aircraft . Although not very fast , it was extremely maneuverable and a good gun
platform . By the end of the war the Camel was the most victorious aircraft of
either ...

Author: Ron Dick

Publisher: U.S. Government Printing Office

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This illustrated oversize vol. commemorates the 50th ann'y. of the creation of the U.S. Air Force (USAF) as a fully independent branch of the military in 1947. Covers the accomplishments and actions in the history of American aviation, which predates the creation of the USAF: from the era of the Wright biplanes before and through WWI; the years of development between 1919 and 1941; the harrowing maturation of the force during WWII's global fight; the creation of the service itself; its tempering during the Berlin Airlift and the Korean War; the long watch of the Cold War; the grueling conflict in Southeast Asia; the rebuilding of the force in the 1970s and 1980s; air power's triumph in the Gulf War, and its use since then for both humanitarian and combat operations.


After circling the carrier twice , the Camel lined up on the flight path and flew in for
a landing . Mr. Charles Flihi ... He goes to communications where RM1 Ditda tells
how he tried , without success , to contact the Sopwith Camel . Riter then goes ...



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Sopwith CamelSopwith Camel

6X9, 145 page Journal/Notebook. The Sopwith Camel is among the most significant and famous of all WWI aircraft. Camels downed 1,294 enemy aircraft, more than any other Allied fighter in WWI.

Author: William Miller


ISBN: 9798622613814


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6X9, 145 page Journal/Notebook. The Sopwith Camel is among the most significant and famous of all WWI aircraft. Camels downed 1,294 enemy aircraft, more than any other Allied fighter in WWI. The cowling over the two Vickers machine guns ahead of the cockpit created a distinctive "hump," making the name Camel a natural choice, although it was never an official military designation. Unlike the earlier Sopwith Pup and Sopwith Triplane, which were docile to fly and well-liked by pilots, the Camel was unstable, requiring constant input from the pilot. The gyroscopic effects of its powerful rotary engine made it dangerous for novice pilots, and almost as many were killed in accidents as died in combat. But its instability also contributed to it being agile and maneuverable, and once its tricky characteristics were mastered, the Camel was a superior fighting airplane. The Camel entered operational service in July 1917 and remained a front-line fighter until the end of the war, with approximately 5,490 built. This example, B6291, served with No. 10 Squadron of the Royal Naval Air Service. National Air and Space Museum Collection

Sopwith CamelSopwith Camel

An icon of World War I aerial combat, the Sopwith Camel was a superb dogfighter in the hands of a pilot who could master its vicious idiosyncrasies.

Author: Jon Guttman

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781780961781


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An icon of World War I aerial combat, the Sopwith Camel was a superb dogfighter in the hands of a pilot who could master its vicious idiosyncrasies. The first British fighter to be armed with twin machine guns, the Camel packed a considerable punch and was highly successful, notching up a considerable number of aerial victories. The Camel was a remarkable aircraft, and one that could perform in a variety of roles, including as a ground strafer, a night fighter and a carrier-based fighter. As newer, higher performance aircraft types were introduced and began to eclipse it, the dominance of the Camel declined and losses mounted. Nevertheless, Camels appeared over battlefields throughout the war and beyond, notably in the Russian Civil War.

A History of the 17th Aero Squadron December 1918A History of the 17th Aero Squadron December 1918

Dropped bombs on troops on approach Sopwith Camel , F. 2164. to bridge over
Canal de l'Escaut at Time : 4:30 P. M. Marcoing . Height : 2500 feet . Rounds fired
: nil . Bombs dropped : 4-20 lb. Lieut . J. A. Myers . Sopwith Camel , C. 8337 . os ...

Author: Frederick Mortimer Clapp


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Over the FrontOver the Front

... Sopwith Camel Brown Lt S . M . 29 Sqdn RAF SE5A Buchanan Lt A . 210 Sqdn
RAF Sopwith Camel Callender Capt A ... RAF Sopwith Camel Coler Lt E . S . 11
Sqdn RAF BF2b Cooper Lt N . 73 Sqdn RAF Sopwith Camel Donaldson Capt J ...

Author: Norman L. R. Franks

Publisher: Grub Street the Basement

ISBN: UOM:39015029986323


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A comprehensive guide to American and French fighter pilots in WWI.

Over the FrontOver the Front

327 Sopwith 11 / 2 Strutters 2 : 120 Sopwith Camel 1 : 48 2 . 122 , 175 3 : 208 ,
210 , 212 , 4 : 350 Sopwith Camel " Comic ' B 2402 , B 9287 2 : 125 Sopwith
Camel ' Comic ' E ' 5165 2 : 124 Sopwith Camel ' Comic ' version 2 : 122 Sopwith



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Cross Cockade JournalCross Cockade Journal

Sub - Lieutenat Whealy in Sopwith Scout N6194 , who was behind us , saw this
machine spin for a time vertically and fluttering from side to side straight down
absolutely out of control . Sopwith Camel , King of Combat , credits Pierce with
five ...



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RAF Home Defence Squadrons November 1918 Squadron Aircraft Base No 33
Squadron Avro 504K Scampton ; Kirton in Lindsey ; Elsham No 36 Squadron
Bristol Fighter ; Sopwith Pup Usworth ; Ashington ; Seaton Carew No 37
Squadron ...

Author: Anthony Robinson

Publisher: Allan

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Udviklingen af denne særlige side af luftkrigen og de anvendte fly skildret fra 1. verdenskrig over 2. verdenskrig til krigene i Korea og Vietnam og sluttede med beskrivelse af det moderne interceptor-fly, der kan operere under alle vejr- og lysforhold.

Flight Simulator 5 Strategies and SecretsFlight Simulator 5 Strategies and Secrets

The Sopwith Camel Unlike Version 4 , Version 5 does not have a World War I
area , but it does have a Sopwith Camel . That is good news if you are an
historical airplane buff . Figure 7.6 shows a Sopwith Camel , and Figure 7.7
shows its ...

Author: Joseph R. Levy

Publisher: Sybex

ISBN: 0782112498


Page: 231

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The complete guide to Flight Simulator--covering everything from airplane basics to designing your own plane and trick flying. Everything you need to get the most fun from the package. Appropriate as an introduction for beginners, the book also contains tips and tricks for the veteran flyer.

In Southern SkiesIn Southern Skies

Sopwith Pup , Sopwith Camel Seaplane Defence Flight , 13 , Naval 213 , 4 ASD
88 Lieutenant John Findlay 16 ( incl . one by his observer ) Bristol Fighter
Western Front| Lieutenant George Lawson DFC SE5a 84 SE5a Lieutenant Cecil

Author: John Illsley

Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers Sa

ISBN: STANFORD:36105119955891


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2003 marked the centenary of flight in South Africa and John Illsley has compiled a pictorial history of early flight in this country, from its humble beginnings to the aeroplanes that were used at the beginning of World War I. Each chapter has an introductory article, to set the scene for its subject, and the rest of the chapter is made up of pictures with comprehensive explanatory captions. Among of the topics featured are: First flights on man-made wings; Siege balloons in two colonial wars; Balloons on imperial service; Box kites; The first aeroplanes; South Africa's first true aviator; The brief genesis of South African military aviation; South Africans on the Western Front; First to the Cape and back; An airline for the Union; Aviatrixes; War planes; Air shows; Air races; Aviation history in envelopes and stamps.

The Air Defence of Britain 1914 1918The Air Defence of Britain 1914 1918

Aircraft : B . E . 2d , B . E . 2e , B . E . 12 , B . E . 12a , B . E . 12b , R . E . 7 ,
Sopwith 14 Strutter , Sopwith Pup , S . E . 5a , Sopwith Camel . No . 61 Squadron
COs : Maj E . R . Pretyman , 2 August , 1917 ; Maj E . M . Murray , 13 March , 1918
; Maj ...

Author: Christopher Cole

Publisher: Conway Maritime Press

ISBN: UOM:39015033011878


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En meget grundig gennemgang af det engelske luftforsvar mod dag- og natluftangreb under 1. verdenskrig.