Social Work and Community CareSocial Work and Community Care

It is crucial , in understanding community care policy , therefore , to explore the practice which will result and the role of social work within community care . Social work skills in community care This section draws together this ...

Author: Malcolm Payne

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781349240135


Page: 265

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Social Work and Community Care makes a powerful case for the effective involvement of social work skills, knowledge and values as part of the effective development of policy and multi-professional practice in community care. Malcolm Payne shows how ideas of community and community care are entwined with the development of social work and the social services. Each stage of the community care process is examined in turn to show how social work liaison and interpersonal skills are needed in creating and implementing care packages effectively.

Developing Good Practice in Community CareDeveloping Good Practice in Community Care

Within this system , the National Health Service and Community Care Act ( 1990 ) gave a gatekeeping role to social services departments in specifying that it was for local authorities to decide which needs to meet and how to meet them .

Author: Vicky White

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1853028908


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This book presents guidelines for good practice in community care work. It describes the planning and implementation of pioneering initiatives in the community, analyses their effectiveness and outlines their practical implications.

Community Care Social Policy IdeologyCommunity Care Social Policy Ideology

effects on social workers. Surveys and reports on serious stress among social workers multiply. Social workers have long suffered from occupational stress. However, the circumstances of community care's implementation through 'imposed ...

Author: Harry Cowen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317903413


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This book offers a comprehensive evaluation of community care strategies within the context of government social policy, and assesses the recent shifts of political power from Conservative to Labour towards the end of the century. Unlike the majority of texts in the field of community care, it makes explicit the historical, philosophical, social and political inter-connections, and therefore provides an in-depth understanding of changing policy issues for students, practicioners and managers in health and social care.

Mental Health Services and Community CareMental Health Services and Community Care

On one level, this given the nature of social work and its liminal position between individuals, families, communities and the wider state, this is not surprising. There was a moral panic about the perceived failings of community care ...

Author: Cummins, Ian

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781447350590


Page: 208

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This critical interdisciplinary study charts the modern history of mental health services, reflects upon the evolution of care in communities and considers the most effective policies and practices for the future. Starting with the development of community care in the 1960s, Cummins explores the political, economic and bureaucratic factors behind the changes and crises in mental health social care since, returning to those roots to identify progressive principles that can pave a sustainable pathway forward. This is a ground-breaking contribution to debates about the role, values and future of community care and is vital reading for students, teachers and researchers in the field of social work and mental health.

The Social Construction of Community CareThe Social Construction of Community Care

provided by mainstream health and social services , or by voluntary sector organisations . It is certainly not possible to make comfortable assumptions about minority needs being fewer than in the majority community , even in Asian ...

Author: Anthea Symonds

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781349141074


Page: 336

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This book represents a new development in the discussion of community care policies with its integrated approach addressed to both community nurses and social workers. It includes contributions from practitioners in both fields, as well as lecturers and researchers in sociology and social policy. The overall theme of the book is the concept of 'community' as a social and cultural construction. The authors begin with an account of the historical construction of community care, followed by explorations of the actual practice of the delivery of care and of the needs of particular groups within the community.

Social Work Approaches in Health and Mental Health from Around the GlobeSocial Work Approaches in Health and Mental Health from Around the Globe

Ramon, S. (1991). Principles and conceptual knowledge. In S. Ramon (Ed.), Beyond community care: Normalisation and integration work (pp. 6-34). London: Macmillan. Sainsbury, S. (1995). Disabled people and the personal social services.

Author: Anna Metteri

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136425271


Page: 266

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Overcome the challenges facing social workers today with international guidance Social Work Approaches in Health and Mental Health from Around the Globe is a valuable stepping stone toward an understanding of the diversity of methods utilized in social work for community health services. This work stems from material gathered at the Third International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health, held in Tampere, Finland. In this book, you will find new creative theoretical and practical orientations for designing, developing, and analyzing social work to help you produce policies and services in which clients can positively and productively invest. Social Work Approaches in Health and Mental Health from Around the Globe covers a long period in the history of social work in health issues, from theoretical treatises to empirical research and analyses of practices. The book provides you with research, case studies, and existing international and national literature from India, Botswana, Taiwan, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. This resource explores the shared qualities of social work in health services throughout the world despite differences between countries in terms of culture, social system, and history. Although these experts come from different parts of the world, the book displays an emergence of similar issues and themes, including: the development of expertise for social workers in the health and mental health fields social work as an agent of change that crosses borders, operates on many levels, and across many dimensions of society community-based care—principles, perspectives, marginalized groups, and the role of the social worker dual divisions—becoming aware of and choosing a position in work practice

The Social Basis of Community Care Routledge Revivals The Social Basis of Community Care Routledge Revivals

Such uses in social welfare pose considerable problems, as the material later in the chapter will demonstrate. SOCIAL NETWORKS IN COMMUNITY CARE In discussions of provision of care and service delivery, the concept of ...

Author: Martin Bulmer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317448372


Page: 248

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Care for the elderly, disabled and mentally-ill within and by the community forms a vital part of current social policy. Martin Bulmer argues that this policy is inadequately thought out and rests on a series of poorly founded sociological assumptions. As a result there is a vacuum at the heart of government’s social care policy which is likely to lead to ineffective or deteriorating provision for those in need. This book, first published in 1987, will be essential reading for all those concerned with the organization and delivery of social care, whether as students, practitioners or teachers. It will be particularly useful for courses dealing with social policy, the personal social services and the social context of social work.

From Poor Law to community careFrom Poor Law to community care

(Hansen, 1962, p 666) The new principles thus should revolve around prevention and 'community care' based on the assessment skills of social workers, and should be offered to a range of groups including elderly people.

Author: Means, Robin

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781847424945


Page: 380

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Recent community care changes have raised fundamental issues about the changing role of the public, voluntary and informal sectors in the provision of social care to older people. They have also raised issues about the health and social care interface, the extent to which services should be rationed and the respective roles of residential care and care at home. From Poor Law to community care sets these debates in the context of the historical growth of welfare services from the outbreak of the Second World War through to the establishment of social services departments in 1971. Based on extensive research on primary sources, such as the Public Records Office and interviews with key actors, the book considers the changing perceptions of the needs of elderly people, the extent to which they have been a priority for resources and the possibilities for a policy which combines respect for elderly people with an avoidance of the exploitation of relatives. This is an updated second edition of The development of welfare services for elderly people, first published by Croom Helm, 1985. It is essential reading for practitioners and policy makers interested in gerontology, policy studies, community care and postgraduate students studying and training in a range of health and social care related professions.

Getting Ready for Direct Practice in Social WorkGetting Ready for Direct Practice in Social Work

Community Care (2011a) 'The need for more critically reflective social work', Community Care (2011b) 'Developing leadership among all ...

Author: Peter Scourfield

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 9781526417442


Page: 224

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This very practical book will support students to meet the requirements of the compulsory Readiness for Direct Practice assessment. Useful for social work students and lecturers alike, it takes each of the 9 domains that students are tested on, breaks them down step-by step and provides a range of interactive activities that enable them to acquire the knowledge, values and skills for practice required at this level. It offers students a foundation to the key areas of knowledge for each of the 9 domains, while also signposting them to other popular books in the Transforming Social Work Practice series for a more detailed discussion as well.

A Dictionary of Social Work and Social CareA Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care

After the implementation of the NHS and Community Care Act (1990), rather than being a targeted response to particular types of need and situations, as in the pilot projects, care management was applied to all adult *service users ...

Author: John Harris

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192516862


Page: 544

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This new edition has been fully revised and updated to provide over 1,800 A-Z definitions of terms from the field of social care, concentrating on social work as a significant area within this field. Covering social work theories, methods, policies, organizations, and statutes, as well as key terms from interdisciplinary topics overlapping with health and education, this is the most up-to-date dictionary of its kind available. It also provides extended entries on specialisms such as children and families, domestic violence, and residential care, and has been extensively updated to include new legislation. Useful appendices include a glossary of acronyms and a Table of Legislation, Regulations, and Codes of Practice, cross-referenced to Dictionary entries. Entry-level bibliographies and web links provide further resources and the web links are listed and regularly updated on a dedicated companion website. Written by two leading figures in the field, and a team of eleven contributors, A Dictionary of Social Work and Social Care is a must-have for students of social work, social care, and related subjects, as well as for qualified social workers undertaking continuing professional development programmes.