Soccer Made EasySoccer Made Easy

Coaching 13-16 Year Olds Shaun Green. The psychological aspect of tackling plays a vital role in the outcome of any competitive soccer game . A successful tackle in the game can install confidence not only in the challenging player ...

Author: Shaun Green

Publisher: Reedswain Inc.

ISBN: 1591640385


Page: 165

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Soccer Made Easy has sought out the top professionals to contribute to this book. The content is designed to provide season practice sessions for players age 13 through 16 years. Using this book, coaches have their entire season prepared in advance, with the added comfort of knowing what they are teaching is age specific, fun and progressive. In addition to entire practice sessions, all the important skills in Passing, Ball Control, Shooting, Heading, Dribbling, Defending and Goalkeeping are explained and illustrated. Additional sections feature Methodology, Team Management, Custom Drills, Safety and Equipment, Laws of the Game and a Coach's Resource section. Book jacket.

Psychological Archetypal and Phenomenological Perspectives on SoccerPsychological Archetypal and Phenomenological Perspectives on Soccer

In my own experience, there are professional soccer coaches who do not approve of psychology, and would not care if my work stopped immediately. ... But in the professional sporting world, this is not as easy for the young players.

Author: David Huw Burston

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317660606


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Soccer, or football, attracts vast numbers of passionate fans from all over the world; yet clinical psychology is yet to study it in depth. In this book, David Huw Burston, a consultant football psychology and performance coach, uses a phenomenological research method inspired by Amedeo Giorgi to consider what we can learn from the spirit of the game, and how this can be used positively in the consulting room and on the field of play. By examining detailed qualitative research with professional soccer players of both sexes, Burston identifies and considers nine particular themes, including the family, god, heroes and dreams, and discusses how what we can learn from the game of football and team culture can be applied to Jungian analysis today. This book bridges the gap between clinical psychology and sport, outlining potential shortfalls in current youth development in sport, as well as discussing how traditional Jungian archetypes can be identified in everyday settings. It will be of key interest to researchers from both the fields of analytical psychology and sports studies.

Psychology in Elite SoccerPsychology in Elite Soccer

The existential sport psychology approach and dialogue employed within the player's deselection experience was to help ... psychologist was an encouraging sign, as this made it clear they were getting something from the intervention.

Author: Jamie Barker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000041248


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Sports psychology; exploring the effects of psychological interventions on important performance-related outcomes, has become ever more popular and prevalent within elite level soccer clubs in the past decade as teams look to gain psychological as well as physiological advantages over their competitors. Psychology in Elite Soccer; More Than Just a Game seeks to present ta detailed understanding of the theories underpinning the psychological issues relating to soccer along with practical insights into effective psychological interventions and strategies This book uses contemporary theory and research to elucidate key concepts and applied interventions and will include world-leading expert commentaries of contemporary theoretical and applied approaches in understanding critical issues in soccer along with providing practical implications and insights into working effectively in soccer-related contexts. Psychology in Elite Soccer; More Than Just a Game is an evidence-based resource to guide research and facilitate practice and will be a vital resource for researchers, practitioners and coaches within the area of sport psychology and related disciplines.

Catalog of Copyright Entries Third SeriesCatalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

SEE Society of consumer Affairs Professional in Business , Inc. Soccer A563803 . soccer manual for coaching . A571825 . soccer rule book , 1974 . A553146 . Social dancing for men made easy . ... Social psychology : Psychology 575D .

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Psychology Made EasyPsychology Made Easy

... snow , cross country ) sky diving snow boarding soccer swimming , diving , surfing , races table tennis ... glass stamps tapestries Sports acrobatics give clothing or food Girl Scouts , Boy Scouts Goodwill 58 Psychology Made Easy.

Author: Chuck Tilton Falcon


ISBN: PSU:000046815392


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This psychology self-help book covers common personal problems and describes how to solve them in simple, practical terms.

The Soccer Goalkeeping Handbook 3rd EditionThe Soccer Goalkeeping Handbook 3rd Edition

Goalkeeping coaching is not solely about exercises designed to have the keeper diving everywhere at great speed. ... will be made. On a cautionary note, it should not be assumed that all finishing practice designed for strikers is ...

Author: Alex Welsh

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408192153


Page: 176

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The Soccer Goalkeeping Handbook is the authoritative and comprehensive coaching guide to the most important position on the soccer field. It identifies the components that form the essential skills of any goalkeeper, and how these work within the five goalkeeping roles: shot stopping, dealing with crosses and with through balls, distribution and organisation. How the goalkeeper influences play with his presence is also vital. The handbook takes any keeper or coach through the physical, mental, technical and tactical attributes required. A full set of training drills and exercises are provided, focusing on game-specific behaviour to reinforce good habits. All are fully illustrated with a list of essential coaching points. As the modern game has evolved, so has the role of the goalie. This new edition addresses the need for the goalkeeper to be an effective reader of the game and an intelligent distributor of the ball, both as a means of retaining possession and initiating counter-attacks. It also covers how the player can reinforce self-belief for good performance, and how versions of the small-sided game (five-a-side, futsal) can develop technique. Whether experienced or aspiring, this is essential reading for all goalkeepers and coaches.

The Real Giants of Soccer CoachingThe Real Giants of Soccer Coaching

The best coaches are lifelong learners. However, Jay goes beyond books and courses to continually challenge himself. Jay has made mindfulness and gratitude a huge part of his life. The infamous Tony Robbins said, “You cannot be angry ...

Author: Josh Faga

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport

ISBN: 9781782557944


Page: 381

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The Real Giants of Soccer Coaching is a collection of the curated thoughts of nearly 30 top soccer coaches from around the globe. In this book, you will gain access to the depth and breadth of experience from some of the best coaches across all areas of the beautiful game: from grassroots to premier leagues and everything in between. You will learn theoretical details about tactical periodization, positional play, and the science of motor learning. You will also learn from Youth National Team coaches, NCAA National Championship winning coaches, and First Division coaches from top European clubs. This book is a resource that can direct your coaching education over and around the perilous pitfalls that often consume most coaches. After reading this book, you will have gained the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of some of the best coaches across all areas of the game. You don't have to go your coaching path alone. Take this book and bring the wisdom of these top coaches with you to help navigate every corner, turn, and hazard along your way to becoming a great coach.

Soccer ScienceSoccer Science

They suggest that the term transition conveys the idea of smooth, carefully managed and relatively easy change. ... especially if this extends for a considerable time, the sport psychologist or coach will have an opportunity to assist ...

Author: Strudwick, Anthony

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781450496797


Page: 664

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Manchester United’s Tony Strudwick leads an all-star panel in providing the most current research on soccer. Soccer Science features the world’s leading experts in soccer history, biomechanics, physiology, psychology, skill acquisition, coaching, tactical approaches, and performance and match analysis.

Applying Sport PsychologyApplying Sport Psychology

Athletes can keep a written record of their emotional reactions during competition , or this monitoring can be done by a coach or trusted third party , such as a sport psychology consultant . Athletes can easily distinguish between ...

Author: Jim Taylor

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 0736045120


Page: 310

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Covering the five psychological areas considered to have the most influence on athletic performance - motivation, confidence, intensity, focus and emotions - this work provides a comprehensive approach to sport psychology.

Becoming a Better Sports CoachBecoming a Better Sports Coach

The coach has a clear and well-built practice plan. 6. How does a high-ability athlete, ... High effort on easy tasks displays superiority. b. The more effort the better. ... Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 34, 457–480.

Author: Andreas Carlsson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000425147


Page: 292

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Research on coaching education and development highlights, repeatedly, the difficulties of traditional coaching education to impact coaching practice. Practice seems to be disconnected from scientific theory with few coaches accessing the scientific literature as it too often is presented in dry, academic tones. This volume sets out to provide an integration of theory and everyday practice that to date has not yet been published in the field of coaching science in a text easily used by sports coaches. In order to bridge this theory to practice gap, Becoming a Better Sports Coach: Development through Theory Application presents theory and science connected to practice in a way that makes it possible for coaches to test, evaluate and improve upon their existing coaching practice. This hands-on approach sets out to improve coaches’ cognition and raising self-awareness as well as improve coaches' learning using specific tools for behavioural feedback and reflection. Improving on self-reflective skills and eliciting feedback on the coach’s own behaviour is how coaching practice is improved. What coaching practice includes and what is laid out for coaches in this new text is motivational climate, coaching behaviours, pedagogy, feedback, coach–athlete relationship, each in one chapter. Reflection and behavioural feedback are applied to each of these areas.

Soccer Thinking for Management SuccessSoccer Thinking for Management Success

It is easy to get caught up in thinking about mistakes you have made in the past. A bad pass in the opening minutes of a game ... your soccer players) respond to mistakes? Soccer Psychology Tips Professional players make tons of mistakes.

Author: Peter Loge

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781785357558


Page: 184

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The modern world is networked and always working. Organizations no longer have the luxury of time. Expertise is no longer confined to a couple of smart guys in corner offices, reviewing information to which only they have access and issuing instructions through layers of middle-men to nine-to-fivers who carry out the dictates and feed paper back up the chain, awaiting the next set of instructions. Today’s successful organization is decentralized and never stops moving. In fact, organizational success is a lot like soccer. Every player is both a specialist and generalist. Responsibility on the field is distributed, and everyone on the team works for everyone else. Communication among players is constant. Soccer is 90 minutes of systems thinking in action. Soccer Thinking for Management Success is by a soccer fan and player who has spent a career building and running teams and organizations. He draws on insights from leaders, known and not-so-well-known who use soccer thinking to succeed. This is not just another book on how to be a great leader by a famous person. This is a management and leadership book by, and for, the rest of us.

Evidence Based Applied Sport PsychologyEvidence Based Applied Sport Psychology

By contrast, in the CM testing situation, any coachdesignated shot would be counted toward a player's CM ... a particular route, a relatively easy task that could be made more stressful if it were structured to include a CM component.

Author: Roland A. Carlstedt

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826103178


Page: 514

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" Sports psychology is a rapidly growing field, with numerous societies, conferences, journals and practitioners. The breadth and quality of scientific research in this field has grown considerably in the past decade, with sophisticated fMRI, EEG, and psychophysiological measures now complementing traditional interventions. How to integrate the voluminous amount of research into day-to-day practice still remains a challenge for most practitioners. Roland A. Carlstedt now sets forth the only book that collects this vast amount of research for the practitioner, educator, and student. Carlstedt presents cutting-edge assessment methods, intervention procedures, and research that are critical for use in evidence-based practice. Practitioners will learn how to work within Carlstedt's integrative model to improve athlete performance and contribute to the advancement of evidence-based applied sport psychology. "

Coaching SoccerCoaching Soccer

National Soccer Coaches Association of America Tim Schum. out making a mistake in a season . ” Early on in his career , if , Southall made a mistake he would usually make another just like it “ Because I was so uptight about making the ...

Author: National Soccer Coaches Association of America

Publisher: Contemporary Books

ISBN: PSU:000032028324


Page: 427

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Covers fundamental skills, offensive and defensive strategy, conditioning, and motivational techniques in a handboook for coaches

Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology 7EFoundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology 7E

Unfortunately, coaches and parents often pick the most inappropriate time (e.g., right after a game or in front of the ... know how they were feeling: Whether they made a great shot or blew an easy one, they looked and acted the same.

Author: Weinberg, Robert S.

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492561149


Page: 680

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This text provides a comprehensive view of sport and exercise psychology with the latest research on grit, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, cultural diversity, substance abuse, exercise adherence, ethics, professional issues, and transitions in sport.

Psychological Aspects of Sport Related ConcussionsPsychological Aspects of Sport Related Concussions

Athletes who have these facts explained to them often understand the logic of making a formal diagnosis of concussion ... In a professional environment with teammates, coaches, fans, and media all observing and scrutinizing the medical ...

Author: Gordon A. Bloom

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351200493


Page: 260

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Recognition of concussion as a serious injury, informed by neurological and physiological research, is now commonplace in sport. However, research on the psychology of concussive injury—its psychological implications and outcomes, and psychological interventions for prevention and recovery—has largely been overlooked. This is the first book to explicitly and authoritatively set out the psychological aspects of sport-related concussion from a multidisciplinary and global perspective The book attempts to offer a global understanding of the injury by presenting an historical overview; exploring the psychological implications of sport-related concussion and the influence of gender and sociocultural context on concussive injury and recovery; setting out practical guidance on working with special populations suffering from concussive injuries; and discussing the theoretical and methodological considerations for research on concussion and future directions for this research. Written by a group of leading international experts and offering a hitherto underdeveloped perspective on this crucial area of sports injury research, this book is crucial reading for any upper-level student, researcher, sport scientist, coach, or allied health professional working on sport-related concussion. It is also valuable reading for students and researchers interested in the psychosocial processes that impact injury and recovery or general professional practice in sport psychology.