Phantom Gourmet Guide to Boston s Best RestaurantsPhantom Gourmet Guide to Boston s Best Restaurants

As the Phantom Gourmet, Boston's most trustworthy restaurant critic, I've guarded my top-secret identity like a sacred family recipe. I always dine in disguise; I have enough aliases to fake out the CIA; and I never leave a crumb of ...

Author: The Phantom Gourmet

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781429909471


Page: 224

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Boston's well-known "mysterious" food critic has honed his compendium of restaurant knowledge into his selection of the Boston area's best restaurants. The Phantom lists his favorite eight (also known as the "Great Ate") restaurants in 60 categories from comfort food and fried clams to Chinese and Italian. There are also lists devoted to neighborhoods and regions, from the North End to the North Shore. The nearly 500 restaurant reviews are also catalogued in alphabetical, geographical, and cuisine indexes for easy reference. Unlike the competition, this book has a voice and exhibits the well-respected local expertise of the Phantom Gourmet himself. Moreover, rather than list every restaurant under the sun, the Phantom selects the places he feels are worthwhile and explains why, giving restaurant-goers more guidance when they're looking for a place to eat.

The Whimsical Gourmet s Guide to ParisThe Whimsical Gourmet s Guide to Paris

Finally, if you utilize the services of a French physician, hospital, or phar— macy, you will most likely be ... are fawn— ing over you like you have just won the lottery, and everybody behind you in coach class hates your guts.

Author: Rick Krupnick

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595228225


Page: 208

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Traveling to Paris has never been funnier, or tastier since Rick Krupnick and his team of local Parisian food fanatics came on the scene. The Whimsical Gourmet's Guide to Paris is a sure fire way to give you the inside scoop on the top luxury restaurants, the best new left bank cafes, or where to find that romantic petit bistro tucked away in a corner of the city. This conversational, delicious guide to dining and touring is a marvelous way to discover what to see and do in each arrondissement. You'll receive informed and invaluable tips on such topics as how to save money when dining at the best restaurants, where to find the tastiest pastries, the art of ordering wine, family dining strategies, scrumptious tea rooms, neat specialty food shops, the best book stores, favorite wine bars, and a food glossary that will leave you laughing out loud. You'll also receive informative hints ranging from pre-trip planning, to packing, flying, to how best to use a public toilet. Join Rick, his Paris born wife Isabelle, her family and their friends as they point out the gourmet sights and sounds that make the City of Light such a special place. Whether this is your first trip or your fiftieth, The Whimsical Gourmet's Guide to Paris is rollicking good fun that will leave you hungry for more. Bon voyage and bon appetite!

So You Want To Be A Journalist So You Want To Be A Journalist

The next time you can call her Ms Gourmet or shorten her title to regional manager. Two important points emerge from the NCTU examples above. The first is that example (b) is two words shorter than example ...

Author: Bruce Grundy

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139627641



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So you want to be a Journalist? Unplugged is a fully revised guide to the world of journalism. This new edition of Bruce Grundy's guide for journalists takes us through new media's impact on the structure and practice of journalism today, with its 24-hour news cycle of multi-platform, interactive media audiences. The book contains instructions on writing for news media as well as practical advice on all facets of reporting. Skills involved in finding information, interviewing, writing news and features, research and investigation, basic subbing, layout and design are covered, along with the essentials of grammar, the law, and practical tips on ethical and professional behaviour. New to the second edition: • online journalism incorporated throughout the text • vignettes and case studies that bring the text to life • examples from Australian, New Zealand and international media • extended section on ethics • extensively updated research section, to help students recognise quality internet research • extensive companion website including further writing practice

Making ChocolateMaking Chocolate

sugars and oils and fresh herbs like lavender and rosehips to add into your gourmet chocolate. When you're making gourmet chocolate you can also add in different kinds of high end alcohol to some of your chocolate to give it a great ...

Author: Sousa Mary


ISBN: 9781526019813


Page: 69

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If you love to cook and you love making homemade chocolate and you eventually want to open your own small business making homemade chocolate being creative and finding fun ways to use homemade chocolate will be the keys to your success. The ideas and tips in this book should help you get started on that journey.Good luck to you as you dive into the exciting world of making homemade chocolate!


Now for the first time ever, you can sell delicious MOVIETIME"Gourmet Microwave Popcorn and make tremendous profits ... message from MOVIETIME" Gourmet President Jomes D. Wotkins: "If you want to make money for your organization, we're ...





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Published by the Boy Scouts of America for all BSA registered adult volunteers and professionals, Scouting magazine offers editorial content that is a mixture of information, instruction, and inspiration, designed to strengthen readers' abilities to better perform their leadership roles in Scouting and also to assist them as parents in strengthening families.

Indianapolis MonthlyIndianapolis Monthly

So you want to learn ballet . . , Ballet Internationale offers classes Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning August 22. ... "Basic Cooking 101" is offered by Frasier's Gourmet Foods on six consecutive Mondays each fall and spring.





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Indianapolis Monthly is the Circle City’s essential chronicle and guide, an indispensable authority on what’s new and what’s news. Through coverage of politics, crime, dining, style, business, sports, and arts and entertainment, each issue offers compelling narrative stories and lively, urbane coverage of Indy’s cultural landscape.

The Hippy Gourmet s Quick and Simple Cookbook for Healthy EatingThe Hippy Gourmet s Quick and Simple Cookbook for Healthy Eating

If you want to save resources, most stores will let you bring your own bags, and they'll subtract the weight at the cashier. So what do you buy in bulk? Cereals such as granola and wheat flakes are fairly self-explanatory, as are nuts.

Author: Bruce Brennan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446566148


Page: 288

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Cooking the Hippy Way: It's as Simple as Following Your Pleasure Bruce Brennan, the host of the hit PBS show The Hippy Gourmet, travels the globe sampling local, healthy cuisines. The show is a global sensation, airing across the U.S. and in-flight international airlines such as Lufthansa and Swiss Air. Now in a cookbook packed with over 150 recipes, Bruce shows how you can make these easy, delicious dishes using freshly-grown ingredients, in your own home. His vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian meals will transform your eating experience--and change the world for the better, one meal at a time. Don't miss: AMAZING BREAKFASTS--Enjoy Blueberry Pecan Pancakes that will make you flip! SIMPLE SOUPS--When it's too hot to turn on the stove, taste Cold Cucumber Soup and spend the rest of the day skinny dipping. GLORIOUS BEANS--Try Brazilian-Style Black Beans that'll make you tango. SOLAR PIZZA--Prepare everyone's favorite meal and if the mood strikes, bake it in your homemade solar oven. (It really works!) SHARE THE LOVE DESSERTS--Make Mocha Mousse, a dark and powerful end to your meal that tastes as soft and light as a cloud. PLUS SALADS, SANDWICHES, SIDE DISHES, AND MORE!

The Thin CommandmentsThe Thin Commandments

So if you like to splurge on gourmet meals in a special restau— rant or have a big dinner party coming up on the weekend, from Monday through Thursday eat light gourmet with our Phase A and B menus (see page 202 and page 245).

Author: Stephen Gullo

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 9781579548988


Page: 339

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The author offers his Ten Thin Commandments that govern all eating habits, and his successful ABC diet plan, which has helped patients lose more than one hundred pounds.

Starting and Running a B and B in FranceStarting and Running a B and B in France

They wouldn't need cooking experience . Then you take the evening off . GOURMET DINNER Gourmet Dinner / Candlelit Dinner In The Barn / Le 14 juillet - any excuse will do if you want to put on something special , and of course charge ...

Author: Deborah Hunt

Publisher: How To Books Ltd

ISBN: 1857039009


Page: 226

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The aim of this book is to pass on the experiences which Deborah Hunt had in setting up and running a B & B in France. Her change of lifestyle meant a lot of hard work, but with lots of fun in between - which kept her going. CONTENTS: 1 Before you begin 2 Choosing the property 3 Buying & renovating 4 Inside 5 Barns & outside 6 Breakfast, dinner & tea 7 Keep it clean 8 Make it pay 9 Gites, activity holidays 10 Publicity 11 The staff 12 The customers who make it all possible About the author DEBORAH HUNT and her husband, both architects by profession, ran a successful B & B in Southern France for ten years. They had no knowledge of the hotel trade when they started. Deborah's book passes on the benefit of their own experience of setting up and running a profitable B & B in France.

Voice Acting For DummiesVoice Acting For Dummies

Not so with Chic Gourmet. Our company caters events, both large and small, serving locally grown produce and free-range meats raised without antibiotics and other harmful stuff. When you want pure taste, you need Chic Gourmet.

Author: David Ciccarelli

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118399583


Page: 387

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Make a career out of your voice? Easy. Voice acting is like acting, but just using your voice! It's a unique career where the actor's voice can be heard worldwide-in commercials, on audiobooks, in animated movies, documentaries, online videos, telephone systems and much, much more. The point is to bring the written word to life with the human voice. With step-by-step explanations and an abundance of examples, Voice Acting For Dummies is the ultimate reference for budding voice actors on auditioning, recording, producing voice-overs, and promoting themselves as a voice actor. Creating a voice acting demo Finding your signature voice Interpreting scripts Using audio editing software Promoting your voice acting talents If you're an aspiring voice actor or an actor or singer considering a career transition, Voice Acting For Dummies has everything you need to let your voice talents soar.