Sleeping AroundSleeping Around

introduction Sleeping Around is a glimpse at Britain in the late nineties — a place where people still believe in the potential of a moment's true connection with , another human being, in spite of being constantly compartmentalised and ...

Author: Mark Ravenhill

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781472537393


Page: 96

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Sleeping Around is by four top British playwrights from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales: Mark Ravenhill, Hilary Fannin, Stephen Greenhorn and Abi Morgan Sleeping Around is about love and sex in Britain as we approach the millennium. In a dozen scenes of likely and unlikely connections, two actors (Sophie Stanton and John Lloyd Fillingham) play a variety of couples whose ordinary lives erupt in extraordinary moments.

Sleeping AroundSleeping Around

with Marcus in the one decent room in the house and Jo and Keiko shared a double mattress in a shell of a room nearby. (Hannah 1 Jo 0.) During cuddles no more, unfortunately and whispers in the middle of the night, Marcus assured me he ...

Author: Julie Highmore

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755351084


Page: 300

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Robin is shocked but thrilled when Hannah arrives on his Oxford doorstep with a two year old and a suitcase, and announces that Freddie is his son. Her husband Marcus was less happy to learn about Hannah’s fling with Robin, but several months on he’s longing to spend some time with the little boy he thought was his. So he takes on a house-sit a few streets away. Jo, over the road, is intrigued by the newcomer, and quickly finds an excuse to learn more, but Hannah is also wondering if Marcus is the one, after all...

Sleeping Around in AmericaSleeping Around in America

SLEEPING AROUND IN AMERICA style of architecture which t perfectly with the mindset of society in the day and exemplied the popularity of jet travel, Polynesian themes, the space age and atomic culture, all with the car being king.

Author: Andrew Beattie

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525567537


Page: 288

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Explore 50 of America's remaining iconic roadside motels. Admire the magical allure of their neon signs, unique architecture and their beautiful design that beckon you off the highway through a collection of astonishing photographs. Meet the moteliers creating the experience for a new generation to enjoy. The stories and photographs in Sleeping Around in America give readers an opportunity to rekindle fond memories of family vacations, road trips and childhood experiences while providing a roadmap of motels where they can travel to today. A book to satisfy armchair travellers, American pop-culture enthusiasts and nostalgia seeking adventure romantic explorers.

Sleep Around the WorldSleep Around the World

Thisethnographiccase illustratesthat sleeping,like waking life, is a bioculturalphenomenon that manifests as interrelated ideals, ... ironically, inthedark and as we slipinto and outof consciousness, sleeping around the world.

Author: K. Glaskin

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137315731


Page: 245

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Although humans slumber for approximately one third of our lives, sleep itself is vastly understudied. This volume provides a comparative frame through which we can understand the myriad ways in which sleep reflects and embodies culture as contributors examine aspects of sleep in various countries and contexts.

Sleeping AroundSleeping Around

Titled Sweet Dreams, it was about textiles from around the world, historic to contemporary, that were made for or as bedding and about costumes ... Could this book have been called Sleeping Around in the pre-Sex and the City world?

Author: Annie Carlano

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: IND:30000109961023


Page: 180

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This book, illustrated with some 140 images, takes readers on a lively tour of beds and sleeping customs over time and around the world.

The Origins Prevention and Treatment of Infant Crying and Sleeping ProblemsThe Origins Prevention and Treatment of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems

Although the effects of light on the circadian mechanism have been studied most, the length of sleeping is known to ... in the Arctic Circle used to sleep up to 14 hours per 24 hours in the dark winter months, compared with around 6 ...

Author: Ian St James-Roberts

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136453960


Page: 285

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Babies who cry a lot, or are unsettled in the night, are common sources of concern for parents and, consequently, costly problems for health services. In this book, Ian St James-Roberts summarises the evidence concerning infant crying and sleeping problems to provide a new evidence-based approach to these common challenges for parents and health services. The book begins by distinguishing between infant and parental parts of the problems and provides guidelines for assessing each issue. Topics covered include: • the pros and cons of 'infant-demand' versus 'limit-setting' forms of parenting • causes of infant 'colicky' crying and night waking • effects of night-time separations on infant attachments • interventions such as swaddling, herbal remedies, and 'controlled crying.' Since there is now firm evidence that parents' vulnerabilities and cultural backgrounds affect how problems are defined and guidance is acted upon, and that parents who wish to do so can reduce infant crying and unsettled night waking, social factors are considered alongside medical issues. Translating research evidence into practical tools and guidance, The Origins, Prevention and Treatment of Infant Crying and Sleeping Problems will be essential reading for a wide range of healthcare professionals including mental health staff, social workers, midwives, health visitors, community physicians and paediatricians.

A Way With WomenA Way With Women

“I have no intention of sleeping with Chantal.” He ground the words out. ... “You're not going to sleep with your own wife?” “No! ... “Unless you intended to marry that poor girl, then sleep around behind her back.” “I would never sleep ...

Author: Jule McBride

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781460371145


Page: 224

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No less than five would-be-brides show up in town after seeing Macon's ad for a wife in Texas Men magazine. Five too many, as far as Harper Moody is concerned. The efficient postmistress has already secretly sent discouraging replies to all the other applicants! And now as payback, Macon is insisting Harper host all the women for a week while he makes his choice. Fat chance! She and Macon shared more than a past—and she's determined to lasso this sexy single cowboy herself.

The Neuroscience of Excellent SleepThe Neuroscience of Excellent Sleep

We can usually sleep around seven hours whether we have completed hard manual labour or lain around on the lounge all day. One activity requires recuperation and the other does not, which is why exhaustion does not dictate our sleep ...

Author: Stan Rodski

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia

ISBN: 9781460708323


Page: 140

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How to use the insights of neuroscience and the techniques of mindfulness to get a good night's sleep. Everyone's familiar with the consequences of lost sleep: you're groggy and irritable, your focus is off, you don't perform at your best, and you're likely to dump sugary foods and caffeine into your system for an energy boost. But the effects of poor sleep go way beyond these concerns. Indeed, they can be life-threatening. It's one thing to know the problem, it's another to fix it. In this book, renowned neuroscientist Dr Stan Rodski takes us through the fundamentals of sleep - how sleep works, why we sleep and how much sleep we need - but, most importantly, he gives us exercises to help overcome the bane of insomnia. In any endeavour, the key to achievement is proper preparation, and sleep is no different. Drawing on the techniques of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation, and the neuroscience that underpins them all, Dr Stan gives you the tools to prepare yourself (and your children) for an excellent sleep - and enjoy it!

The Rough Guide to DenmarkThe Rough Guide to Denmark

8 Sleep-ins and youth hostels a hotel-style wing with en-suite doubles (6) and, for a bit less, doubles with shared bath. Campsites Blommehaven Ørneredevej 35, Højbjerg (see Around Århus map, p.227) T86 27 0207, ...

Author: Rough Guides

Publisher: Rough Guides UK

ISBN: 9781848366633


Page: 337

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The Rough Guide to Denmark is the essential travel guide to one of Europe's most appealing destinations with coverage of all the unmissable Danish attractions. From the stunning baroque waterside palace Valdemars Slot and cosmopolitan Copenhagen to the abundance of fascinating historic sites from Viking fortresses to royal castles, discover Denmark's highlights inspired by dozens of photos. You'll find specialist coverage of Danish history, culture and cutting-edge design, as well as a sections on traditional Danish cuisine and making the most of Denmark's great outdoors, with extended coverage of the best biking and canoe routes. Explore every corner of Denmark with practical advice on getting around by train, bus, boat and car whilst relying on up-to-date descriptions of the best hotels, bars, clubs, shops, restaurants and resorts for all budgets. Whether you're heading to the world-famous Roskilde festival or the Hans Christian Andersen trail, don't miss the unmissable relying on a handy language section and the clearest maps of any guide. Make the most of your holiday with The Rough Guide to Denmark.