Handbook of Veterinary Communication SkillsHandbook of Veterinary Communication Skills

This is the first definitive textbook on veterinary communication, written specifically for students and veterinary professionals by a group of international experts.

Author: Carol Gray

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118699706


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This is the first definitive textbook on veterinary communication,written specifically for students and veterinary professionals by agroup of international experts. Communication is a core clinicalskill, and is now taught as a compulsory part of most veterinarydegree courses. Good communication is crucial to theveterinarian-client-patient relationship, to patient health andultimately to the success of any veterinary business. The book covers all the key areas of communication including:the basic framework for the veterinary consultation; professional,ethical and legal aspects; communication with clients andcolleagues; and coping with end-of-life and other difficultsituations. It combines the most up-to-date research with a wealthof practical information, such as: Real-life case studies to help you apply your learning to realscenarios Simple step-by-step guidelines showing you how to deal withspecific situations Examples of written resources you can use in practice This valuable textbook has been written and edited by acarefully chosen group of specialists, comprising veterinarycommunication lecturers, veterinary practitioners, trainingmanagers and counsellors.

A Guide to Oral Communication in Veterinary MedicineA Guide to Oral Communication in Veterinary Medicine

However, there is no set standard for teaching methodology, which is why this is primarily a book for students, but also includes a section for educators to provide guidance in this nascent subject.

Author: Ryane E. Englar


ISBN: 1789180953


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Good communication skills provide better clinical outcomes and help avoid minor as well as major mistakes. Approximately 60-80% of negligence claims against vets are related to poor communication, with new graduates especially vulnerable. Communication skills are a growing part of the curriculum in veterinary schools, recognising how fundamental clear communication is to good practice. A Guide to Oral Communication in Veterinary Medicine covers why communication skills are important, the structure of typical communications and suggested approaches, veterinary specific communication pathways and sample scripts between vet and client. Scenarios covered include everyday communication, dealing with challenging situations, different species, different settings, and communication within the veterinary team. The aim is to instil confidence and competence, build professionalism and avoid problems. Most current teaching is based on a toolbox approach developed from the human medicine model. However, there is no set standard for teaching methodology which is why this is primarily a book for students but also includes a section for educators to provide guidance in this nascent subject.

101 Communication Skills for Veterinary Teams101 Communication Skills for Veterinary Teams

Packed with scripts, this book will teach you the right words and phrases to have effective conversations with clients.



ISBN: 0988183404


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Phone conversations are the first step in the client experience. From welcoming greetings to on-hold etiquette, learn best practices for managing phone calls. Discover ways to convert more phone shoppers into new clients to grow your practice. In the exam room, learn how to educate pet owners about preventive care and explain finances with confidence. Get tips on handling difficult clients with grace and professionalism. When your team becomes expert communicators, clients will eagerly accept your recommendations and patients will get the care they need. Packed with scripts, this book will teach you the right words and phrases to have effective conversations with clients.

Communication Skills for Medical ProfessionalsCommunication Skills for Medical Professionals

Concise, practical, and highly accessible, "Communication Skills for Medical Professionals" offers numerous insights and recommendations on how to communicate more effectively with laypeople and professional peers.

Author: Mark Jerome Walters

Publisher: Walters and Worth, LLC

ISBN: 0615333966


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Concise, practical, and highly accessible, "Communication Skills for Medical Professionals" offers numerous insights and recommendations on how to communicate more effectively with laypeople and professional peers.

Veterinary Medical EducationVeterinary Medical Education

k k 363 Table 23.1 Calgary–Cambridge Content Guide – Veterinary Medicine.
Current medications, ... Developing communication skills and maintaining
competence require reiteration as skills are deepened and applied in different

Author: Jennifer L. Hodgson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119125006


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Veterinary Medical Education: A Practical Guide offers a complete resource of fundamental information on key areas of veterinary education. Providing pragmatic guidance on all aspects of veterinary medical education, chapters cover topics ranging from curriculum design and learning opportunities to teaching strategies and assessment methods. Diagrams, figures, and informational boxes are included throughout to highlight key points, helpful tips, evidence from the literature, and frameworks for implementing specific tasks. Written by an international group of leading veterinary educators, the book offers a thorough examination of veterinary medical education. Veterinary Medical Education is a useful guide for those involved with veterinary education at all levels, including future academics, with many principles applicable to related fields such as veterinary technology and continuing education. Key features Provides a practical guide to the key principles of veterinary medical education Takes a real-world approach, with concrete guidance for teaching veterinary skills and knowledge Covers all aspects of designing and implementing a veterinary curriculum Emphasizes key points and helpful tips Offers a veterinary-specific resource for any veterinary educator worldwide

Udder Health and CommunicationUdder Health and Communication

In other areas of veterinary medicine it has been found that 30% of clients who
did not follow through with their ... Communication is a core clinical skill and one
that needs to be taught, learned and assessed to the same degree as any other ...

Author: H. Hogeveen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789086867424


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In dairy industries throughout the world there is a desire to optimize udder health. An improved udder health will lead to improved animal welfare, improved production efficiency and a reduction of the use of antibiotics. To improve udder health, first of all, technical knowledge on issues such as treatment, milking, infectious pressure and host resistance is important. However, over the years we learned that knowledge alone is not enough: knowledge has to be used. And for knowledge to be used, farmers have to be motivated. This requires knowledge about motivation and communication. In this book, recent knowledge on technical udder health issues is combined with knowledge on motivation and communication. A large number of descriptions of mastitis control programs that are being carried out worldwide is combined with more specific studies. These are aimed at effective advising, motivation and communication strategies, economics, and technical studies on mastitis control and prevention. Therefore, this book provides an applied source of information for all that are willing to improve udder health.

Writing Skills for VeterinariansWriting Skills for Veterinarians

Useful for both veterinary students and practicing vets, this book addresses how to develop and hone veterinary medical and scientific writing techniques.

Author: Ryane Englar


ISBN: 178918035X


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Communicating ideas in veterinary medicine is a fundamental part of building a career as a clinician and adding onto an established foundation of veterinary research. The purpose of this book is to increase efficiency and effectiveness in writing professional documents, e.g. writing a concise yet thorough discharge statement to avoid repeated client call-backs to clarify medical recommendations. The book also aims to improve the reader's confidence in writing skills through guided and comprehensive practice exercises. Useful for both veterinary students and practising vets, Writing Skills for Veterinarians addresses how to develop and hone veterinary medical and scientific writing techniques. The basics of veterinary writing and why it matters are covered before concentrating on specific written models expected of vets - creating medical documents, such as SOAP notes, client and colleague communications, case reports, journal articles and original research papers. The resource-bank of additional exercises allows the reader to self-test for knowledge and comprehension.

Connecting with ClientsConnecting with Clients

Veterinary. Communication. What our [medical] system may need is not more
intervention, but more conversation . ... medical schools conduct research in the
subject matter and include coursework in clinical communication skills as part of

Author: Dana Durrance

Publisher: American Animal Hosp Assoc

ISBN: 9781583261163


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Laurel Lagoni's name appears first on the earlier ed.


Prereq - DVM 2nd yr or # ) Integrates subjects in veterinary professional
curriculum . Introduction to and practice of professional skills . Communication ,
ethics , teamwork , leadership CVM 6021. Overview of Animal Populations . ( 1 cr
; S - N or ...

Author: University of Minnesota. College of Veterinary Medicine


ISBN: MINN:31951D031581159



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to Teach Human Relations / Communication Skills in the Veterinary Medical
Curriculum ? by Dr. Jean Kelman CSU Office of the Dean Marketing professional
services will be increasingly important in the future . The most common referral ...



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Veterinary TechnicianVeterinary Technician

Competitive salary and benefits package includ continuing education , health
insurance , ing medical , dental , and 401 ( k ) ... Leadership vacation / holiday
time off . skills , communication skills and an upbeat personality are Far resume
to ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924104211358



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Cumulated Index MedicusCumulated Index Medicus

to use 1 . 1 a RE 2 ( Eng . Abstr . ) ( Dan ) HISTORY " communication - hand " in
the hemiparetic child ) Pisaturo ( Breaking bad news ... von Tetzchner S. Eur J
Disord Commun 1997 ; 32 ( 1 ) : 1-18 ( Student and communication : veterinary
practice week 971 COMMUNICATION AIDS FOR Kraijer ... 34 ( 4 ) : 285-91 ( Eng
. Abstr . ) Cult Divers Ment Health 1996 ; 2 ( 2 ) : 125-32 ( Jpn ) communication
skills .



ISBN: UIUC:30112033253656



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Mosby s Comprehensive Review for Veterinary TechniciansMosby s Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians

Personal , Practice , and Professional Management skills and Ethics Sheila R.
Grosdidier OUTLINE Personal ... Perry Marg Brown Practice Management
Communication Overview Verbal Communication Nonverbal Communication
Listening ...

Author: Monica M. Tighe

Publisher: Mosby

ISBN: CORNELL:31924108060488


Page: 624

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For the new student or those preparing for certification exams, this book introduces and reviews the material from veterinary technology courses. Key topics ranging from basic and clinical science to professional practices and issues are covered.

Veterinary ForumVeterinary Forum

Best Left Unsaid After I graduated from veterinary school , I made plenty of
mistakes — the first one was going into my first ... Several recent columns and
features in Veterinary Forum ( such as “ Getting Squeezed in a Tight Labor
Market , " Business Skills , April 2006 ) offer insight ... communications , veterinary
assisting , or medical technology Why do some veterinarians and veterinary
consultants insist ...



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