Spanish LiteratureSpanish Literature

La creación del mundo es un acto erótico , un acto de amor y todo cuanto existe
lleva su marca , su mensaje » , en Shiva y Dionisos . La Religión de la
Naturaleza y del Eros , Barcelona , Kairós , 1987 , p . 223 . Sobre esta
convergencia de lo ...

Author: David William Foster

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Spanish Literature A Collection of EssaysSpanish Literature A Collection of Essays

La creación del mundo es un acto erótico, un acto de amor y todo cuanto existe
lleva su marca, su mensaje», en Shiva y Dionisos. La Religión de la Naturaleza y
del Eros, Barcelona, Kairós, 1987, p. 223. Sobre esta convergencia de lo ...

Author: David Foster

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Covering Spanish Literature from Origins to the 1700s. First Published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


Shiva , Lord of the Dance , God of Creation and Destruction . . . The extreme
importance given to the stylized trance and swoon in numerous Sanskrit plays
indicates its ancient links with the rapture and possession of the seasonal festival
» .



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The Local Scenes and Global Culture of PsytranceThe Local Scenes and Global Culture of Psytrance

Gods of Love and Ecstasy: The Traditions of Shiva and Dionysus. Rochester
Vermont: Inner Traditions. Davis, Erik. 2001. ... Jeanmaire, Henri. 1972 [1951].
Dioniso: Religione e Cultura in Grecia (Dionysos: History of the Cult of Bacchus)

Author: Graham St John

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136944345


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This lively textual symposium offers a collection of formative research on the culture of global psytrance (psychedelic trance). As the first book to address the diverse transnationalism of this contemporary electronic dance music phenomenon, the collection hosts interdisciplinary research addressing psytrance as a product of intersecting local and global trajectories. Contributing to theories of globalization, postmodernism, counterculture, youth subcultures, neotribes, the carnivalesque, music scenes and technologies, dance ritual and spirituality, chapters introduce psytrance in Goa, the UK, Israel, Japan, the US, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal and Australia. As a global occurrence indebted to 1960s psychedelia, sharing music production technologies and DJ techniques with electronic dance music scenes, and harnessing the communication capabilities of the Internet, psytrance and its cultural implications are thoroughly discussed in this first scholarly volume of its kind.

Ancient Greece Modern PsycheAncient Greece Modern Psyche

... rolling bread; rolling the stuff of the universe, rolling flour on a tin plate. Over in
the shadow of a tree, the men lying about; Krishna, Arjun, Ram, Shiva and
Dioniso playing cards for motor cars. The stakes were high; Ariadne didn«t

Author: Virginia Beane Rutter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317551249


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Between ancient Greece and modern psyche lies a divide of not only three thousand years, but two cultures that are worlds apart in art, technology, economics and the accelerating flood of historical events. This unique collection of essays from an international selection of contributors offers compelling evidence for the natural connection and relevance of ancient myth to contemporary psyche, and emerges from the second 'Ancient Greece, Modern Psyche' conference held in Santorini, Greece, in 2012. This volume is a powerful homecoming for those seeking a living connection between the psyche of the ancients and our modern psyche. This book looks at eternal themes such as love, beauty, death, suicide, dreams, ancient Greek myths, the Homeric heroes and the stories of Demeter, Persephone, Apollo and Hermes as they connect with themes of the modern psyche. The contributors propose that that the link between them lies in the underlying archetypal patterns of human behaviour, emotion, image, thought, and memory. Ancient Greece, Modern Psyche: Archetypes Evolving makes clear that an essential part of deciphering our dilemmas resides in a familiarity with Western civilization's oldest stories about our origins, our suffering, and the meaning or meaninglessness in life. It will be of great interest to Jungian psychotherapists, academics and students as well as scholars of classics and mythology.

Scientific Directory and Annual BibliographyScientific Directory and Annual Bibliography

... Dionisio Martin - Zanca , Ph.D. Ramaswamy Narayanan , Ph.D. Vicente
Notario , Ph.D. Premkumar E. Reddy , Ph.D. Nicoletta Sacchi , Ph.D. Eugenio
Santos , Ph.D. Vincenzo Sorrentino , M.D. Alagarsamy Srinivasan , Ph.D. Shiva
Srivastava ...

Author: National Institute of Mental Health (U.S.)


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Parallels and Affinities Between Crete and India in the Bronze AgeParallels and Affinities Between Crete and India in the Bronze Age

probably not without significance that in Alexandrian times the Greeks equated
Shiva with Dionysos 408 , who was often ... Dioniso : Una divinità micenea " , in
Atti 1991 II , 169 - 176 ; Otto , “ Der Efeu und sein Symbolwert in der Minoischen ...

Author: Kōstēs Davaras

Publisher: Adolf M. Hakkert

ISBN: UOM:39015064805446


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Costis Davaras is not the first scholar to compare the Bronze Age cultures of Crete and India. Prompted by an invitation to attend the World Archaeological Congress in New Delhi in 1994, he takes an eclectic look at parallels and affinities' between the two cultures, especially with regard to art and religion. With no physical or factual evidence that Cretans, or Cretan objects, ever reached this far into Asia, Davaras' suggestions are purely hypothetical and at best speculative, but they may achieve some heightened understanding of aspects of either culture. The fact that these are two cultures at the geographical extremes of the same Oriental cultural continuum' may not convince everyone that they remain worthy of comparison.

The Narrative UniverseThe Narrative Universe

Siva e Dioniso . La religione della Natura e dell ' Eros ( Shiva and Dionysus : The
religion of nature and eros . ) Roma : Ubaldini . Danielou , A . ( 1992 ) . Mythes et
dieux de l ' Inde . Le polythéisme Hindou ( Myths and gods of India .

Author: Gianluca Bocchi

Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)

ISBN: UOM:39015056623831


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This text presents the reader with a reinterpretation of the stories we have told ourselves about our origins, in mythology, history, cosmology, evolution and genetics. Topics include the Big Bang, genetic drift, attractors and fractals, languages and civilizations, and myths and religions.

... يقسون وهم يلمسون أعضاءهم التناسلية ، أما تحول بعده إلى امرأة في الشهر التالي ،
وهكذا أنيني قام باستضافة ديونيسوس Dionysus . ... و توسل يأكل ويدعو على نفسه
بأن يلتهمه دب إذا كان وظن زوجها أثاماس Athamas أنها ماتت أصدقاء إيلا إلى شيفا و
بارفاتي ...

Author: يونس، عبد الحميد


ISBN: IND:39000004407321


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Mathematical ReviewsMathematical Reviews

English and Chinese summaries ) Zaroliagis , Christos see Chaudhuri , Shiva P .
et al . , 2002d : 90014 Zhang , Zhong Fu ... Moreno Pérez , José A . see Pérez
Brito , Dionisio , 2002b : 90029 Murphey , Robert A . Frequency assignment for ...



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La riscoperta romantica di Dioniso : Creuzer e Schelling Più volte , negli studi
sulla Nascita della tragedia , fra le fonti moderne del ... dobbiamo l'identificazione
Dioniso / Shiva , che troverà ampio seguito negli studi moderni : cfr . ad es .



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... s desire for vengeance still consumes her , but Jason regained the joy of his
sons in this everlasting dance of Shiva . ... See the chapters “ Black Dionysus :
Greek Tragedy from Africa ” ( “ Dioniso Nero : La tragedia greca dell ' Africa ” ) in



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The Baseball Filmography 1915 Through 2001The Baseball Filmography 1915 Through 2001

1 ) ; David Courtney ( Tiger Stadium Announcer ) ; Executive producers : Billy
Crystal , Ross Shiva Rose ( Toot ' s Girl ) ; Mitchell Edmonds Greenberg .
Produced by Robert ... Second assis( Housewife ) ; David Dionisio ( Reporter No
. 2 ) ; tant ...

Author: Hal Erickson

Publisher: McFarland Publishing

ISBN: UOM:39015056812434


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Since the first baseball movie (Little Sunset) was released in 1915, Hollywood has had an on-again, off-again affair with the sport. The resulting relationship has produced a wide array of films, some good (Field of Dreams, A League of Their Own), some obscure (Roogie's Bump, Hot Curves) and some flops (The Slugger's Wife, The Babe Ruth Story). This is a detailed look at the 111 "fictional" baseball films produced and released in the United States from 1915 through 2001. This expanded and updated version of the 1992 first edition includes 29 new films produced between 1991 and 2001. New material includes an entry on 1978's Goodbye Franklin High (unavailable for the 1992 edition) and revisions to several entries after the uncut versions of several silent and pre-1950 talkie baseball films were made available, among them Hit and Run (1924), The Battling Orioles (1924), Slide Kelly Slide (1927) and They Learned About Women (1930). Each entry contains full cast and production credits, year of release, production company, a synopsis, and a critique of the movie. Behind-the-scenes and background information is included. Two additional (and completely updated) sections cover baseball short subjects and baseball in non-baseball films. An extensive bibliography completes the work.

Comparative Notes on Museum Exhibits in Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Brunei Macao and the PhilippinesComparative Notes on Museum Exhibits in Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Brunei Macao and the Philippines

... on Travelling Symposium for Southeast Asia Museum Development, April-May,
1971 Mamitua Saber, Dionisio G. ... May 14 GA584 1010 1105 Jogjakarta -
Museum Kroton of the Sultan , Borobudur ( 40 miles ) and Prambanar , a Shiva ...

Author: Mamitua Saber


ISBN: UOM:39015005913556


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Sewage TreatmentSewage Treatment

Sousa , J. T .; Leite , V. D .; Dantas , J. P. and Dionisio , J. A. ( 2000 ) . Reuse of
sanitary sewage effluent in rice crop ( In Portuguese ) . In : IX Simpósio Luso -
Brasileiro de Engenharia Sanitária e Ambiental . ... Lopes , Shiva Prasad et al .

Author: Anna Stephens

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated

ISBN: PSU:000067122714


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Sewage is mainly a liquid waste containing some solids, produced by humans. It typically consists of washing water, faeces, urine, laundry waste and other material which goes down drains and toilets from households and industry. Sewage sludge is an end product of the wastewater treatment process. This material can be a wonderful source of nutrients for the soil. This book provides current studies and research on the treatment and use of sewage. Using this material as a fertiliser can benefit the environment by turning wastes into valuable resources. These sludges would otherwise have to be disposed of by landfilling, lagooning, incineration, or ocean dumping. On the other hand, heavy metals sometimes found in sewage sludge may present environmental problems as there is filtration of metals towards the aquifers which get contaminated. This book addresses these concerns as well as benefits.