Shadow of the HangmanShadow of the Hangman

William W. Johnstone, J.A. Johnstone. THE BROTHERS O'BRIEN SHADOW OF

Author: William W. Johnstone

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 9780786036240


Page: 400

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Four brothers team up to save one of them from the gallows in this Western by the authors of the New York Times–bestselling Smoke Jensen series. The Hangman Cometh . . . When a farmer’s wife is murdered, an innocent man is accused: Patrick O'Brien. The book-loving brother had shared his love of literature with the woman, but her husband claims she spurned Pat’s advances and that's why he killed her. Now it looks like Patrick will swing from the gallows—especially after his lawyer is targeted, too. Pat’s brothers try to track down the real killer, but time is running out. A team of hired guns has come to town, and they’re choking the family ranch like a noose. For the brothers O’Brien, it’s judgment day. And justice will be served—in a hellstorm of blood and bullets . . .

Shadow of the HangmanShadow of the Hangman

In this first instalment of the Bow Street Rivals series a riot breaks out in Dartmoor prison, enabling some American inmates to escape.

Author: Edward Marston

Publisher: Allison & Busby

ISBN: 9780749016913


Page: 352

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In this first instalment of the Bow Street Rivals series a riot breaks out in Dartmoor prison, enabling some American inmates to escape. The twin detectives Peter and Paul Skillen catch wind of a projected assassination but the target is unknown. Trouble ensues when a woman from the Home Office vanishes; a mysterious lady turns up at the archery shooting gallery; and Paul's gambling addiction worsens...

Hangman A Journey To RedemptionHangman A Journey To Redemption

Looking around itself and seeing that there were no more Shadow Spirits and
that the lake had almost dried up, the war stallion rears up in victory and dances.
Meanwhile at the church, Princess Zsabri begins to spin around like a whirlwind,

Author: Michael Harper II

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503549005


Page: 484

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In our own minds, we believe that we are perfect. The reality is: we are. Until we make that one tainted decision against wisdom that moves us from perfection to imperfection. This applies to all of us. Most of us are familiar with the story of that one angel who got in trouble for doing something bad, right? But what about the angel that gets in trouble for doing something good? You’ve been there; your good intentions were mistaken for something totally contrary to what you set out to do? Well, you are not alone. Angels make mistakes too.

In the House of the Hangman volume 5In the House of the Hangman volume 5

state of the world disconnected of the shadows from the so-called authorized
reality and the application of the new potential through resynchronization of the
shadow to the unauthorized mind images of the cosmic idea is a transformation
of the ...

Author: John Bloomberg-Rissman


ISBN: 9780990776147


Page: 652

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A marathon dance mix consisting of thousands of mashed up text and image samples, In the House of the Hangman tries to give a taste of what life is like there, where it is impolite to speak of the noose. It is the third part of the life project Zeitgeist Spam. If you can't afford a copy ask me for a pdf.

Shadows Over a Hangman s NooseShadows Over a Hangman s Noose

Eli, his girlfriend Liz, and his deadly friend Striker are about to face off against a foe the likes of which they have never encountered. "Shadows Over A Hangman's Noose" is the third in the "Shadows" series.

Author: William Holland

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1540892573


Page: 268

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The dreams arrive, un-invited. Eli Baker is visited by the dead, and they always have one request of him: find out the truth about their deaths. Melanie Hooper is missing and yet, as an orphan, there is no one missing Melanie Hooper. Her co-workers find it odd that she left, and unsettling for sure, but she is, after all, an adult, and perhaps she simply decided to start a new life somewhere else. With no body or suspicious circumstances to go by, the Seattle police do not consider Melanie's disappearance to be sinister at all. But Eli Baker has dreams, and Melanie Hooper has visited him in one, along with four other orphans who are also missing. The search is on, and Eli Baker is the right man to delve into the case of the missing orphans. However, Eli soon finds that evil acts are not only performed by evil men, but by Evil itself. Eli, his girlfriend Liz, and his deadly friend Striker are about to face off against a foe the likes of which they have never encountered. "Shadows Over A Hangman's Noose" is the third in the "Shadows" series. It will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the sinister shadows of life. William D. Holland is the author of four previous novels, one non-fiction book about the craft of writing, and five novellas in the "Billy the Kid" chronicles. He can be found hanging out on his website https: // when he isn't tending to his urban farm in Olympia, Washington.

The Giant s ShadowThe Giant s Shadow

There was just an instant when , the face caught by a scrap of daylight , Abbot
recognized the white , ravaged visage of the Hangman . At once he squeezed the
trigger and the gun nearly flew from his hands . A tremendous roar echoed in the

Author: Thomas Bontly

Publisher: Random House Incorporated

ISBN: UCAL:B4432462


Page: 300

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An American teacher goes to Germany to escape his failing marriage and drinking problem, finds himself the prime suspect in a muder, and becomes ensnarled with international intelligence forces and a beautiful, dangerous woman

Encyclopedia of World CrimeEncyclopedia of World Crime

Author: Jay Robert Nash

Publisher: Crime Books

ISBN: 0923582002


Page: 4751

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Jay Robert Nash knows crime, not speculatively or academically but reportorially, at the level of the most intense and thorough investigative journalism. Some 50,000 entries in six volumes range from biblical times through 1988, and include a dictionary volume and an index volume. The entries present the most notable and important international criminal cases, persons, places, and events, as well as important persons in the fields of law enforcement, criminal justice, the judiciary, criminology, forensic medicine, pathology, penology, and criminal psychiatry and psychology. They also cover works of drama, fiction, film, poetry, and song, explaining the real-life role models for such works. Nash does fall prey to some common and insidious myths: his dictionary, for example, lists anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, and anarchy, but not capitalism, which is clearly more intimately (i.e. structurally) and extensively connected with crime and criminality. But the areas he knows, he knows better than just about anyone else. Note: this is a continuity series encyclopedia, offering annual editions, the year 1989 to be covered in CrimeBook's 1990 annual. Published by CrimeBooks, Inc., 1213 Wilmette Avenue, Wilmette, IL 60091. Libraries and schools order from the distributor, Marshall Cavendish. (RC) Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce The monk and the hangman s daughter Fantastic fables Fables from Fun Aesopus emendatus Old saws with new teeth Fables in rhymeThe Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce The monk and the hangman s daughter Fantastic fables Fables from Fun Aesopus emendatus Old saws with new teeth Fables in rhyme

THE SHADOW OF THE LEADER A Political Leader was walking out one sunny
day , when he observed his Shadow leaving him and walking rapidly away . “
Come back here , you scoundrel , ” he cried . “ If I had been a scoundrel , "
answered ...

Author: Ambrose Bierce


ISBN: MINN:31951002458758C



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Seals Strategic Warfare Operation HangmanSeals Strategic Warfare Operation Hangman

... again, the four men scurried from shadow to shadow, pausing each time they
reached another fragment of cover, staying low, pacing their breathing as best
they could. For Frank, the feeling now was almost like the Operation Hangman 29

Author: Mike Martell

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062291301


Page: 384

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Point four SEALs at an enemy—then pull the trigger . . . The Briefing: A CIA spook in pinstrips lay out the scenario—and the SEALs are his: a deadly quarter of America's best, handpicked for the frontlines in the war against terrorism. The Preparation: Every contingency is planned for. There can be no mistakes in the life-or-death, clockwork completion of a multi-phase operation half a world away. Failure is not an option. The Plan: To fight terror with terror. The Mission: Infiltrate a hostile terrorist training camp. Destroy a shipping lane. Disrupt the transfer of terrorist monies. Free a captive spy. Strike hard and fast and deadly with all the firepower they can carry to achieve the ultimate goal: the termination of the world's most dangerous, elusive, and well-protected madman. The time is now . . . Seals Strategic Warfare Operation Hangman An electrifying novel of covert warfare that authentically re-creates a top secret SEALs op, from inception through preparation to the bloody confrontation, complete with maps, weapon illustrations, and briefings. This is the story of how the work gets done. . . and done right.

Hangman s JournalHangman s Journal

My own shadow fell over the book , and no matter how I tried , I couldn ' t find a
position where the light was bright and my shadow didn ' t fall over the page . ...
And when I looked in my own mind , and my own lack HANGMAN ' s JOURNAL

Author: Shashi Warrier


ISBN: UOM:39015052857086


Page: 239

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'Measuring out the rope, testing it, tying the knots--I have learnt to do these things well, because I concentrate on doing them well. I concentrate on them as best as I can, because if I don't my mind will finds its ways to the man about to die, and then I will have no peace.' For over three decades, Janardhan Pillai was the arathar, the hangman, on call by the prison authorities in the kingdom of Travancore and, after Independence, the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. After the courts had passed the sentence, it was left to him to put the condemned man to death, expertly, swiftly. Each time he returned from the gallows, he told himself that it would be the last time. But he went back, a hundred and seventeen times. Based on Pillai's life, Hangman's Journal draws from his diaries and the author's interviews with him. A work of rare power written in the first person, it takes us into the mind of a man struggling to come to terms with his dharma, his conscience, and his shame. There are clinical details of the rituals connected with hanging over half a century ago, and startling insights into the nature of crime and the concept of retribution. account of a life of great psychological and moral complexity.

Harness HorseHarness Horse

yearling ...



ISBN: PSU:000068520854



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Superhero Comics of the Golden AgeSuperhero Comics of the Golden Age

The Hangman was one of the more coldblooded superheroes . Motivated by
revenge instead of a sense of moral righteousness , he rarely showed
compassion as he tracked down killers and maniacs . He often projected the
shadow of a ...

Author: Mike Benton

Publisher: Taylor Pub

ISBN: UOM:49015001373142


Page: 200

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Traces the history of the superhero comics from the early 1930s to the late 1940s, plus profiles of the heros and their artists and an annotated checklist of the comics

Shadow ClimberShadow Climber

Hangman and executioner adjusted the ropes and pulleys , but Taziar could not
tear his gaze from his father . Casually , the captain's gray eyes scanned the
crowd , singling out and focusing upon each soldier in turn . Taziar noticed that
not ...

Author: Mickey Zucker Reichert

Publisher: Daw Books

ISBN: 0886772842


Page: 300

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The thief-hero Taziar and his comrade lord Moonbear face the challenge of combatting a bloodthirsty sorcerer and the villian who killed Taziar's father in a landscape teaming with the mythical creatures of Norse legendry

Marrying the HangmanMarrying the Hangman

For the first eight months of his prepping of Pikul , Bekoff had hoped to get his
client's trial over and done with before that huge shadow - caster began . But the
Steinberg trial had opened in Manhattan in November , just as Bekoff was ...

Author: Sheila Weller

Publisher: Random House Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015022257276


Page: 319

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An account of domestic violence and murder set in the wealthy milieu of the Hamptons details the life and death of Diane Pikul, whose husband was arrested for the killing, and the legal battle for custody of their children

Year of the HangmanYear of the Hangman

Although they did not supplant local government institutions , the committees
assumed “ authority ” for acting on issues of “ continental ” importance , and
represented the first steps taken toward forming revolutionary shadow
governments .

Author: Glenn F. Williams

Publisher: Westholme Pub Llc

ISBN: UOM:39015063255544


Page: 355

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Confident that the American rebellion would be crushed in 1777, Britain devised a bold new strategy. Turning its attention to the frontiers, especially those of western New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, Britain enlisted its provincial rangers, Tories, and allied warriors from the Iroquois Confederacy, to wage a brutal backwoods war. Burgoyne's defeat at Saratoga went shock waves through the British command, but the efforts along the frontier appeared to be impairing the American ability to conduct the war. Following massacres at the colonial settlements of Wyoming, Pa., and Cherry Valley, N.Y., the Continental Congress persuaded General Washington to conduct a decisive offensive to end the threat. Brewing for years, the conflict between the Iroquois and colonists would now reach its deadly climax. The campaign ended the political and military influence of the Iroquois and sealed Britain's fateful decision to seek victory in the south.--From publisher description.