Set Apart FemininitySet Apart Femininity

As a set-apart young woman there are many things you can do to prepare right now for a marriage that will defy the odds. Make Jesus Christ Your First Love If anyone should be able to talk about the “rude awakening” that often takes ...

Author: Leslie Ludy

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736934381


Page: 240

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Leslie Ludy, author of Authentic Beauty and the bestselling When God Writes Your Love Story, revealshow a young woman's pursuit of acceptance and sameness directly counters her true purpose—to be set apart by her love for God and God's love for her. This empowering message filled with inspiring stories, personal illustrations, and a foundation of God's Word to awaken young women to sacred femininity and a life infused with meaning. Each chapter encourages readers to release worldly standards and set their sights on a more worthy pursuit as they: surrender to God's love and wholeness embrace the real blueprint for beauty enjoy spectacular purpose captivate the masculine heart cultivate spiritual strength This journey will spark a desire in every woman to leave the fairy tale of the masses behind and walk toward the unique beauty, love, and dreams God has for her.

Set ApartSet Apart

NOTES Chapter 2 Set Apart for Worship 1. Ruth Bell Graham, quoted in The Woman's Study Bible (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2012), 1281. Chapter 4 Set Apart from Comparison 1. Henry W. Shaw, The Complete Works of Josh Billings (New York: ...

Author: Denisse Copeland

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781493430260


Page: 208

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What do you do when that voice in your head tells you you're not enough? Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not capable enough, not present enough. Where do you turn when the world's promise that you can have it all becomes a crushing expectation that you must do it all, at all times, and keep a smile fixed on your face while you wither inside? Unpacking the biblical story of Mary and Martha as she shares her own story of recognizing her unique giftedness, Denisse Copeland shares the liberating truth that you have a right to be you. Just you, at the feet of Jesus. She shows you how to embrace your identity as a woman set apart, not to do it all but to be exactly who God created you to be. No apologies. No guilt. No compromise. If you're tired of comparing your life to others as you strive to be all things to all people, Set Apart is your invitation to lay your burdens down and abide in Jesus--faithful, free, and fulfilled.

Set ApartSet Apart

What Bezalel had never taken the time to put together in his mind was the fact that God had created him to be skilled in these areas. He had literally been set apart—selected—to shine in an area where very few others had capabilities.

Author: Daniel McIntosh

Publisher: Harrison House Publishers

ISBN: 9781577948810


Page: 182

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From the staff of the progressive Believers Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma including popular author Mark Steele, these spiritually enlightening readings will refresh those who are tired religion and ready for a vibrant, living relationship with God.

Set ApartSet Apart

Israel was a holy nation, God's own people, set aside for His purposes. A little group of people—a family that grew into a nation— separated out from among the nations of the earth to be God's possession.

Author: Jennifer Kennedy Dean

Publisher: New Hope Publishers

ISBN: 9781596699335


Page: 192

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In this six-week Bible study through the beatitudes, author Jennifer Kennedy Dean examines the promise of blessedness in Christ’s Sermon on the Mount. Unlike a circumstance-driven emotion, such as happiness, blessedness is eternal and grounded in the reality of Christ in you. You are able to live in the state of blessedness that God has created for you when you discover the key to true holiness—a call to freedom and joy. We were made for holiness, and this core concept of the beatitudes is accessed through a praying life—a life lived in the present-tense power of God. It is only when we continually pursue holiness that blessedness comes, and we discover the power and fulfillment of the promise of God. An accompanying DVD and online resources are available to enhance the study experience.

Set Apart MotherhoodSet Apart Motherhood

Edifying music brightens my perspective and sets a peaceful tone in our home. When my preschoolers are busy singing along to worship songs, they forget about the ... he has a hard time knowing what needs to be done. 34 Set-apart MotHerHood.

Author: Leslie Ludy

Publisher: Tyndale House

ISBN: 9781612917627


Page: 176

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Being a mother is tough, and sometimes life can be hectic and disorganized. The truth is, moms don’t have to accept the chaos or resign themselves to the attitude of “this is just the way it is.” By God’s grace, every mother can purpose not to settle for anything less than His pattern for motherhood, and His pattern is victorious, triumphant, and glorious. Now, women who first met Leslie Ludy in When God Writes Your Love Story and Authentic Beauty can continue journeying with her through the realities of motherhood. Leslie will encourage, inspire, and equip moms to be successful in raising their kids, managing their homes, and keeping Christ at the center of their mothering. Written from the perspective of a mom who is currently “in the trenches” with several young children at home, Leslie will help guide readers to become mothers who are set apart for God’s purposes.

The Set Apart WomanThe Set Apart Woman

A set-apart woman is committed to cultivating a passionate daily relationship with Christ, despite the obstacles that may stand in her way. I would like to share some of the practical steps that have most helped me overcome the ...

Author: Leslie Ludy

Publisher: NavPress

ISBN: 9781612918266


Page: 256

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In The Set-Apart Woman, women of all ages will be encouraged to stay grounded in Jesus amid the many distractions and temptations of their daily lives. Biblical truths will help readers understand what it means to live the consecrated life, set apart for God’s purposes. Readers will apply these truths to practical areas of struggle that women face on a daily basis, such as sinful attitudes and patterns and other hindrances to our souls.

God s Set Apart PeopleGod s Set Apart People

Hence in toto over a period of 2100 years, from Abraham to Jesus, the religious/spiritual rostrum now was set for the message of ... (1) it captured the full attention of his future disciples; (2) it anointed the 275 God's Set-Apart People.

Author: Mike Morra

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496906946


Page: 432

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This book is about the origin and expansion of the Judeo/Christian belief. The neo/technologies and ideo/evolution facing the 21st century have set the stage for a revised current and relevant history of the moral and intellectual journeys of the human species. These were Eras that became the spiritual, theological, and ideational “marvels of enlightenment” that occurred over millennia, always set within the context of Divine freedom. This reworked history can be best told in two parts. Part I tells us that God chose to make use of set-apart people to accomplish His Divine plan for Planet Earth; first, as Ancient Hebrews, then as Caucasian Alpha-Males, and finally as Evangelical Christians. Part II of this unique account involved “all about Jesus,” the incarnate God, sent by the Father to help humanity understand His nature and intentions. Jesus became the visible expression of the invisible Deity. Accordingly, set-apart people were needed: (a) to counteract the all-encompassing, moral depravity of the Ancient World; (b) to set up the means of worship that pleases, not offends, God’s essential righteosness; and (c) to reveal the organic, scientific and mathematical truths of our physical reality. In Part II, Jesus becomes the focus of salvation, sanctification, resurrection, and eternal glorification for each soul. Thus, God’s Intelligent Design of Planet Earth

Set Apart from the RestSet Apart from the Rest

They grabbed the army men and began strategically setting them up for the epic battle that was about to commence. ... Jim and his brother, Shaun, were a year and a half apart, and like most siblings, they always were bickering and ...

Author: J.B. Morales

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490862330


Page: 134

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Everyone has an internal struggle, and everyone struggles with faith. Jim is no exception to this rule. Jim's problem is that he is an atheist and has no room for a god. He is a regular American and is struggling as it is to make it. God sends angels disguised as people to get his attention. Fed up with his life, he attempts to disregard them. He seems to accept his newfound faith but is continually tested by supernatural forces. Jim even catches the attention of the antichrist, not to mention Satan himself. As if his personal struggle was not enough, he has to worry about what plans Satan has for his friends. Each victory seems to have a negative relapse. Realistic dreams of rapture and the apocalypse haunt him during his sleep. During his time awake he has visions of heaven and even a glimpse of the future. Can this newly found Christian remain vigilant in his walk, or will his faith fade to the wayside? Can he hold onto the truth, or will he follow the traditions of man? Little does Jim know, God has a much bigger plan for his life. He has to do the impossible--battle against Satan and his army of darkness--with little more than the word of God.

Poems of a Life Set ApartPoems of a Life Set Apart

Berthel celebrates these relationships with Poems of a Life SetApart, a compendium of inspiring verses to help you find or rekindle a profound love with your family, friends, and, above all, Christ. Through vivid imagery and colorful ...

Author: Kenneth J. Berthel

Publisher: Inspiring Voices

ISBN: 9781462406258


Page: 40

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The Lord God created in our hearts a desire for deep, loving relationships. This heart's desire can be filled by our family, friends, and most of all, by a personal relationship with the living God, Jesus Christ. Author Kenneth J. Berthel celebrates these relationships with Poems of a Life Set Apart, a compendium of inspiring verses to help you find or rekindle a profound love with your family, friends, and, above all, Christ. Through vivid imagery and colorful language, Berthel shows how life brings times of joy, love, happiness, and disappointments. His poems, accompanied by personal photos, explore how family and friends can share in our joy and can also be a source of encouragement during times of strife. Regardless of what life throws our way, Berthel believes there is one solid rock we can go to for forgiveness, healing, understanding, restoration, and eternal life-the Lord Jesus Christ. His down-to-earth verses aptly reflect this, as does his included testimony. Reflective of traditional family values, Poems of a Life Set Apart delivers the warmth, inspiration, and encouragement you need in every relationship of your life.