Seattle s Commercial Aviation 1908 1941Seattle s Commercial Aviation 1908 1941

G. T. TAKASOW FLYING AT SEATTLE , WASH . , IN HIS HALL - SCOTT MOTORED BIPLANE . In 1913 , George Takasou flew above Seattle in this photograph printed in Aero and Hydro . Takasou was probably the first person to build and fly an ...

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Interested in aviation as early as 1910, William Boeing waited until 1914 for his first airplane ride. In 1916, he founded the airplane company that put Seattle on the aviation map. Before Boeing, Seattle featured aircraft builders like Eugene Romano, G. T. Takasou, Tom Hamilton, and Herb Munter. Boeing emerged during World War I and, by the beginning of World War II, had become a world leader. In those years, lesser known individuals like Eddie Hubbard, Percy Barnes, Vern Gorst, the Becvar brothers, Elliott Merrill, Jim Galvin, and Lana Kurtzer influenced commercial aviation around Seattle. Drawing on photographs from around the area, Seattle's Commercial Aviation: 1908-1941 illustrates the early days beginning with dirigible flights, recognizes the arrival of commercial airmail and the airlines, salutes the local operators, and marks Seattle's emergence as the aviation gateway to Alaska.

The William E Boeing StoryThe William E Boeing Story

A Gift of Flight David Williams ... Chapter 9 1 2 One prospector, a Swedish immigrant named John Nordstrom, ... 3 E. David & S Ellis, Seattle's Commercial Aviation 1908-1941, 2009, p.

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The William E. Boeing Story - A Gift of Flight is the first-ever full-length biography of William E. Boeing; the father of commercial aviation. Boeing’s story is an exciting one complete with bootleggers, kidnappers and a disastrous run-in with President Franklin Roosevelt and future Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black. Boeing’s story covers every aspect of early aviation starting with his first ride in a balloon in 1896 to the christening of the revolutionary jet-powered Dash-80 / 707 in 1955. Along the way, Boeing developed some of the world’s most iconic airplanes including the P-26 Peashooter, the Boeing 247, the B-17 Flying Fortress and the mighty B-29 Superfortress. The Boeing Family gave author David D. Williams unprecedented access to the Boeing Family Archives which contained thousands of never before seen photos, diaries, and personal letters. This treasure trove of primary sources allowed Williams to create an extraordinarily vivid and accurate portrait of this influential yet private man.

Polar WindsPolar Winds

A Century of Flying the North Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail. Condit, John. Wings over the West: Russ Baker and the Rise of Pacific Western Airlines. Madeira Park, BC: Harbour Pub., 1984. ... Seattle's Commercial Aviation: 19081941.

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Polar Winds traces a century of northern flight from balloonatics to bush pilots and beyond. "They were all gamblers and fortune seekers. They did things on their own — were independent people who wanted to be free to roam. They were good people, but, of course, some were loners or escapists. They all depended strictly on their wits." Joe McBryan, pilot and owner of Yellowknife-based Buffalo Airways, was talking about gold prospectors in the 1940s when he said this, but he could just as easily have been describing the aviators who have flown northern skies for over a hundred years. They were adventurers and pioneers, but also just men and women doing what was required to make a living north of the sixtieth parallel. Polar Winds uses the stories of these pilots and others to explore the greater history of air travel in the North, from the Klondike Gold Rush through to the end of the twentieth century. It encompasses everything from exploration flights to the North Pole in airships to passenger travel in jet liners; flying school buses for residential schools to indigenous pilots performing mercy flights; and from the harrowing crashes to the routine supply runs that make up daily life in the North. Above all, it is a unique history told through the experiences of northerners on the ground and in the sky.


Reviews AVIATION IN CANADA : The Formative Years Aviation in Canada SEATTLE'S COMMERCIAL AVIATION 1908-1941 ( Images of Aviation ) Larry Milberry Ed Davies & Steve Ellis CANAV Books ( ) The Formative Years Arcadia ...



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Planning War Pursuing PeacePlanning War Pursuing Peace

From Airships to Airbus : The History of Civil and Commercial Aviation , vol . 1 , Infrastruc- ture and Environment , and William F. Trimble , ed . , vol . 2 , Pioneers and Operations ( Washington , DC : Smithsonian Institution Press ...

Author: Paul A. C. Koistinen

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In the years following World War I, America's armed services, industry, and government took lessons from that conflict to enhance the country's ability to mobilize for war. Paul Koistinen examines how today's military-industrial state emerged during that period-a time when the army and navy embraced their increasing reliance on industry, and business accelerated its efforts to prepare the country for future wars. Planning War, Pursuing Peace is the third of an extraordinary five-volume study on the political economy of American warfare. It differs from preceding volumes by examining the planning and investigation of war mobilization rather than the actual harnessing of the economy for hostilities; and it is also the first book to treat all phases of the political economy of wartime during those crucial interwar years. Koistinen first describes and analyzes the War and Navy Departments' procurement and economic mobilization planning-never before examined in its entirety-and conveys the enormity of the task faced by the military in establishing ties with many sectors of the economy. He tells how the War Department created commodity committees to carry on the work of World War I's War Industries Board, and how both military and industrial powers strove to protect their mutual interests against those seeking to avoid war and to reform society. Koistinen then describes the American public's struggle to come to terms with modern warfare through the in-depth explorations of the work of the House Select Committee on Expenditures in the War Department, the War Policies Commission, and the Senate Special Committee Investigating the Munitions Industry. He tells how these investigations alarmed pacifists, isolationists, and neo-Jeffersonians, and how they led Senator Gerald Nye and others to warn against the creation of "unhealthy alliances" between the armed services and industry. Planning War, Pursuing Peace clearly shows how the U.S. economy was both directly and indirectly planned based on knowledge gained from World War I. By revealing vital and previously unexplored links between America's World Wars, it further illuminates the political economy of twentieth-century warfare as a complex and continually evolving process.

Who s who in Industrial MedicineWho s who in Industrial Medicine

Indust . affil . , Boeing Aircraft Co. , Seattle ; as staff phys . in charge of second shift , 1941 ; chief staff phys . in charge of pre- placement ... Col. of Ill . , 1904-08 , M.D .; intern . , West Side Hosp . , Chicago , 1908-10 .



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"A biographical dictionary of the notable physicians and surgeons, hygienists and dentists active in industrial medical and related services"--Half t.p.

Merchant Vessels of the United States Merchant Vessels of the United States

6.8 1917 Seattle , Wash3.0 Unknown 6.8 19.40 Morgan City . La 8.3 | 1941 Orange , Tex . 9.4 1943 Neponeet , Moss 3.8 1946 Perrin , V. --- 4.2 1941 Portland , Oreg . 10.41 1947 Hoqulan , Yash . 10.4 / 1908 New Westminster , B. C. 6.0 ...

Author: United States. Coast Guard


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