Scuba ProfessionalScuba Professional

Scuba Professional aims to give potential recruits a clear idea of what is involved and help them make the right decisions. This book is, of course, also written for current professionals. There are very few resources out there that ...

Author: Simon Pridmore

Publisher: Sandsmedia via PublishDrive

ISBN: PKEY:6610000143368


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Scuba Professional introduces readers of Simon Pridmore's other books, Scuba Fundamental, Scuba Confidential and Scuba Exceptional to a whole new level of the sport. Whereas the other books focus on how to scuba dive, Scuba Professional looks at how diving is taught and how dive operations are conducted. Scuba Professional is an excellent source of out-of-the-box ideas and independent, objective advice for instructors and dive operators. It is also an indispensable guide for those aspiring to become dive professionals with chapters such as Do You Have What It Takes? and Which Training Agency? In short, this is everything you wanted to know about working in scuba diving but never dared to ask. Scuba Professional is not only for professionals. Serious divers who take more than a passing interest in their hobby and want to know what goes on behind the scenes will be fascinated by the topics addressed and the insights offered. From a dive safety point of view, Simon looks at the bigger picture and, in a series of chapters on avoiding and handling accidents, sets out a framework for developing the safety culture within our sport. He also examines the present state of key aspects of the dive industry and speculates as to the future. There is quite simply nothing like this book: the ultimate backstage pass into the business of scuba. Jill Heinerth, Technical Instructor Trainer & Filmmaker Terrific, really good! Simon captures the key characteristics of the diving instruction milieu with insight and clarity. Associate Professor Simon Mitchell, Diving Physician The closest thing we have to an insiders guide to the dive industry. Peter Symes Publisher X-Ray Magazine I wish this book had been available 20 years ago! Tamara Thomsen, Owner Diversions Scuba, Madison

The Theory of Recreational Scuba Diving Prepare for Your Dive Professional Exam Be an Informed Recreational Scuba Diver The Theory of Recreational Scuba Diving Prepare for Your Dive Professional Exam Be an Informed Recreational Scuba Diver

For serious divers, dive professionals, and people preparing to become a dive professional. Welcome to your journey into dive theory. We hope you will enjoy reading about the thing you love: diving. We wrote this book to help you ...

Author: Dr. Marc Luxen

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365857072



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Prepare for your dive professional exam, be an informed recreational scuba diver! Many of you will be preparing for an exam to become a dive professional. This book tells you all you need to know, no more, no less. We will start off easy with a short introduction to the dive environment. Next, we go on with the physics of diving. We have a look at equipment. In the physiology of diving, we will have a look at blood, hearts, lungs, ears, and all the things that can go wrong. Finally, we can bring it together and talk about decompression theory. We did even more. We made an on-line course with videos and many more exercises to help you study. This is also the place where people all over the world taking this course help each other with questions and answers. The facebook page is called easydivetheory.

Scuba ConfidentialScuba Confidential

Scuba Professional aims to give potential recruits a clear idea of what is involved and help them make the right decisions. This book is, of course, also written for current professionals. There are very few resources out there that ...

Author: Simon Pridmore

Publisher: Sandsmedia via PublishDrive

ISBN: PKEY:6610000143061


Page: 352

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Scuba Confidential is a unique book packed full of valuable tips and expert advice, giving you unprecedented access to the secrets of dive professionals and technical divers. With Scuba Confidential, you will learn how to master skills and techniques that will make you a more confident, capable and safe diver. It offers an informed, balanced view on some of scuba diving's most contentious issues like going solo, deep diving and rebreathers and includes a comprehensive analysis of how diving accidents happen and how to make sure you do not become a statistic. Scuba Confidential also gives you valuable insights on a vast range of topics such as what it is like to do a cave diving course, how to make sure you buy the right equipment, what to consider when choosing an instructor, things even the pros get wrong and where to find the best diving in the world. This is candid, no-nonsense practical advice from a professional who has been involved over the last three decades with virtually every aspect of the sport. Have you ever wondered? How to look as comfortable in the water as the professionals do? What it is like to dive inside shipwrecks? Which training courses are most worthwhile? If you would make a good technical diver? If you should be considering a rebreather? How you can improve your diving skills? How you can reduce your air consumption? Why diving accidents happen and how to prevent them? Whether you might sometimes actually be safer solo diving? How to dive deep safely? Or How muck diving can possibly be any fun? Scuba Confidential has the answers to these questions and many more.

Scuba DiverScuba Diver

Training for Scuba Divers is aimed at preparing people for diving under the guidance of a dive professional. That means that tasks that can easily be Explain why Scuba Divers are not prepared to dive withouta scuba ...


Publisher: S.C.U.B.A. AG

ISBN: 9783038160014


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Scuba CompendiumScuba Compendium

Meanwhile, Scuba Professional makes people thinking of working in diving aware of: a) the skills, qualities and mindset required, b) the challenges they can expect to encounter, and c) the various routes they can take into the sport.

Author: Simon Pridmore

Publisher: Simon Pridmore

ISBN: PKEY:6610000305278


Page: 1200

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Only available in e-book form, this is the presentation in one volume of four books in Simon Pridmore's Scuba series: Scuba Fundamental, Scuba Confidential, Scuba Exceptional and Scuba Professional. In musical terms, Scuba Compendium is a re-mastering and repackaging of the original albums rather than a greatest hits or a Best of compilation. The books were written and published over a period of eight years and each book was designed for divers at a particular point in their diving life. Listed in the order they were written, the audience for Scuba Confidential was the general population of divers; Scuba Professional was for those thinking of making a career out of the sport; Scuba Fundamental was for non-divers and beginners and Scuba Exceptional was for more experienced divers. The idea was not to create a series. It just turned out that way. A number of topics merited inclusion for multiple groups of readers - rebreathers and surface safety for example - which meant that there was some unavoidable overlap between the individual books. In Scuba Compendium, the text and chapters have been cleaned up and streamlined to remove any unnecessary repetition and improve continuity. Apart from this, nothing is missing from the four original books and the only new material is an introductory chapter on the philosophy behind the Scuba series. So, if you already own all the books in the Scuba series, from a content point of view you have no need to buy this one. However, from a reference point of view, some readers may find it an advantage to have these four books in one volume where every word or phrase in the series is easily searchable on an e-reader. They are arranged here in the order in which they make sense as a series, following the path from beginner to diver to experienced diver to expert. Scuba Compendium covers the full gamut of the sport diving experience and is a resource that will accompany a scuba diver throughout their career in the sport, wherever it takes them, to be dipped back into from time to time whenever necessary. If you only own one or two books in the series, then you may find Scuba Compendium well worthwhile for another reason too. For instance, if you are not a beginner, you may think you don't need to read Scuba Fundamental, but many experienced divers have found it useful and entertaining. Also, Scuba Professional introduces a number of topics, such as real risk awareness and constructive paranoia, which are just as relevant for amateur divers as they are for professionals. Although the title makes it sound as if Scuba Professional is only for instructors, this is certainly not the case. And, of course, if you have not yet bought any of these four Scuba series books, then this is a great option to buy all of them together with just one click. "Scuba Fundamental is a great book! Simon Pridmore is to be congratulated for this insightful, interesting and honest introduction to scuba diving. He tells it as it is!" John Lippmann, Divers Alert Network "If PADI's Open-Water manual is the Bible of scuba diving, consider this the New Testament." David Espinosa, Editor in Chief, Sport Diver magazines "I so wish Scuba Exceptional had existed when I was in the early days of my diving life nearly 30 years ago!" Phil Short, explorer and pioneer "There is quite simply nothing like Scuba Professional. It is the ultimate backstage pass into the business of scuba." Jill Heinerth, explorer and filmmaker

Open Water Scuba DiverOpen Water Scuba Diver

Becoming autonomous means that a diver should be able to plan and execute all aspects of a dive without the help of a scuba professional. Planning includes the correct choice of equipment, preventing decompression sickFor this first ...


Publisher: S.C.U.B.A. AG

ISBN: 9783038160175


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Scuba Diving 5EScuba Diving 5E

A formal orientation is provided as a service by a diving professional. The professional will tell you what to look for and what to look out for in the area and will lead you on a dive. A professional dive guide provides suggestions and ...

Author: Graver, Dennis K.

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492525769


Page: 256

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The best-selling authoritative guide returns, packed with the latest recommendations, dive tables, and instruction. Full-color photographs and illustrations depict the latest equipment, gear selection, dive locations, technologies, and techniques. Scuba Diving is an indispensable resource for preparation, management, and enjoyment of every dive.

United States Underwater Fatality Statistics 1973United States Underwater Fatality Statistics 1973

4 Distribution of Fatal Non - Professional Scuba Accidents by Weekday , 1970 , 1971 , 1972 , and 1973 .... ......... 13 5 Distribution of Fatal Non - Professional Scuba Accidents by Month , 1970 , 1971 , 1972 , and 1973 .

Author: Hilbert van Nydeck Schenck


ISBN: PSU:000072022863


Page: 49

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Scuba ExceptionalScuba Exceptional

Scuba Professional shows prospective career divers what to expect from the industry and shares some of the secrets of success: while Scuba Physiological aims to give all divers access to the cutting edge of decompression research, ...

Author: Simon Pridmore

Publisher: Sandsmedia via PublishDrive

ISBN: PKEY:6610000143351


Page: 305

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Scuba Exceptional is the perfect sequel to Simon Pridmore's Scuba Confidential - An Insider's Guide to Becoming a Better Diver. It reflects the same philosophy of safe diving through the acquisition of knowledge and skills. The themes are new, there are some wonderful and extremely useful new cautionary tales and the focus this time is more on issues that face experienced divers. For example, there is more technical diving content but, as usual, Simon covers complex issues in his usual clear and easy-to-read style. In many cases, the concerns of technical divers reflect those of scuba divers at every level. After all, as he says, technical diving is on the same spectrum as conventional sport diving: it is just a different frequency. Scuba Exceptional also deals in detail with the psychological approach to scuba diving, broaching topics from new angles and borrowing techniques and procedures from other fields of human activity. While most of Scuba Exceptional focuses on the diver, it also takes a look at the wider picture and highlights a number of areas where scuba diving professionals and the “industry” as a whole are letting divers down. As always, Simon is realistic in his assessments. He may shine a little light on the dark side of the scuba diving world, but he does this in order to illuminate bad practice and encourage change, while offering solutions. He also provides insights on a wide range of topics. For instance, do you want to know... what makes someone a good diver? how to swim against a current without getting exhausted? how you can be out of air while you still have plenty to breathe? what the concept of failure points is? how to be a defensive diver? how preconditioning applies to scuba diving? how long you should really wait between diving and flying? when to call DAN (and when not to call)? how corals could possibly be animals when they look like rocks? how to avoid being left behind in the ocean? what’s happening in the world of rebreather diving? or what the perimeter of ignorance is? Scuba Exceptional has the answers to these questions and a lot more