Saying the UnsayableSaying the Unsayable

It is moreover seen as protector of the nation. Scrutinizing that image, this volume reviews the fascinating history of the modern monarchy.

Author: Søren Ivarsson

Publisher: Nordic Inst of Asian Studies

ISBN: 8776940713


Page: 271

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The Thai monarchy today is usually presented as both guardian of tradition and the institution to bring modernity and progress to the Thai people. It is moreover seen as protector of the nation. Scrutinizing that image, this volume reviews the fascinating history of the modern monarchy. It also analyses important cultural, historical, political, religious, and legal forces shaping the popular image of the monarchy and, in particular, of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. In this manner, the book offers valuable insights into the relationships between monarchy, religion and democracy in Thailand - topics that, after the September 2006 coup d'�tat, gained renewed national and international interest.

On MetaphoringOn Metaphoring

Thus saying and unsayable are interdependent , interfused , yet in a mutually contrary manner . Such is the mystical73 that is more concrete than the ...

Author: Kuang-Ming Wu

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004123024


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Metaphor familiarizes things strange with things familiar to enrich old things with things newly made familiar. Thus metaphor is an effective intercultural highway without shared thinking-way, for each culture is a specific thinking-way. This volume shows such intercultural communication.


phy must throw itself into the “despairing exertion” to say what it cannot say, to reach beyond the ... 51 Saying the Unsayable ADORNO ON SAYING THE UNSAYABLE.

Author: Roger Foster

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791479490


Page: 246

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Examines the role of experience within Adorno’s philosophy of language and epistemology.

What Philosophy IsWhat Philosophy Is

Saying. the. Unsayable. Hilary Lawson Beginning is always a tricky business. How to start to say that which one does not yet know how to say.

Author: Havi Carel

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826472427


Page: 325

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This book addresses the question What is Philosophy? by gathering together responses from philosophers working in a variety of areas. The resulting collection provides focused discussions of the character and methods of philosophy and its relationship with other disciplines.

Water Knowledge and the Environment in AsiaWater Knowledge and the Environment in Asia

... for Thailand's Politics', in S. Ivarsson and L. Isager (eds) Saying the Unsayable: Monarchy and Democracy in Thailand, NIAS Press, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Author: Ravi Baghel

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134863402


Page: 266

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The dramatic transformation of our planet by human actions has been heralded as the coming of the new epoch of the Anthropocene. Human relations with water raise some of the most urgent questions in this regard. The starting point of this book is that these changes should not be seen as the result of monolithic actions of an undifferentiated humanity, but as emerging from diverse ways of relating to water in a variety of settings and knowledge systems. With its large population and rapid demographic and socioeconomic change, Asia provides an ideal context for examining how varied forms of knowledge pertaining to water encounter and intermingle with one another. While it is difficult to carry out comprehensive research on water knowledge in Asia due to its linguistic, political and cultural fragmentation, the topic nevertheless has relevance across boundaries. By using a carefully chosen selection of case studies in a variety of locations and across diverse disciplines, the book demonstrates commonalities and differences in everyday water practices around Asia while challenging both romantic presumptions and Eurocentrism. Examples presented include class differences in water use in the megacity of Delhi, India; the impact of radiation on water practices in Fukushima, Japan; the role of the King in hydraulic practices in Thailand, and ritual irrigation in Bali, Indonesia.