The Sacred Origin and Nature of Sports and CultureThe Sacred Origin and Nature of Sports and Culture

This unique study defines two aspects of modern society—sports and culture—from a traditional perspective, carefully examining their sacred origin and their relevance throughout history in philosophical and religious thought.

Author: Ghazi bin Muhammad


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This unique study defines two aspects of modern society—sports and culture—from a traditional perspective, carefully examining their sacred origin and their relevance throughout history in philosophical and religious thought.

International SportInternational Sport

A Bibliography, 1995-1999 : Including Index to Sports History Journals,
Conference Proceedings and Essay Collections ... 224 Muhammed, H.R., The
Sacred Origin and Nature of Sports and Culture (Louisville, KT: Islamic Texts
Society, 1998).

Author: Richard William Cox

Publisher: Psychology Press

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There has been an explosion in the quantity of sports history literature published in recent years, making it increasingly difficult to keep abreast of developments. The annual number of publications has increased from around 250 to 1,000 a year over the last decade. This is due in part to the fact that during the late 1980s and 90s, many clubs, leagues and governing bodies of sport have celebrated their centenaries and produced histories to mark this occasion and commemorate their achievements. It is also the result of the growing popularity and realisation of the importance of sport history research within academe. This international bibliography of books, articles, conference proceedings and essays in the English language is a one-stop for the sports historian to know what is new.

Spain Under the Crescent MoonSpain Under the Crescent Moon

... FONS VITAE Moorish Culture in Spain by Titus Burckhardt Letters of a Sufi
Master by Shaykh al - ' Arabî ad - Darqâwî , translated by Titus Burckhardt Mary
the Blessed Virgin of Islam by Aliah Schleifer The Sacred Origin and Nature of
Sports ...

Author: Angus Macnab


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Historical sketches so irresistibly readable, they might have been lifted straight from the Arabian Nights.

Twenty First Century Perspectives on Indigenous StudiesTwenty First Century Perspectives on Indigenous Studies

foundation in 1867¦and by professionalizing and popularizing the game
effectively helped to foster a cultural situation in which, ... and uncivilized¦was
forbidden as part of Native ceremonial culture and substituted with supposedly
gentler sports like baseball and football, ... the games« ceremonial nature and
sacred origin differs remarkably: Curtis« reputedly comprehensive and inclusive
North American ...

Author: Birgit Däwes

Publisher: Routledge

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In recent years, the interdisciplinary fields of Native North American and Indigenous Studies have reflected, at times even foreshadowed and initiated, many of the influential theoretical discussions in the humanities after the "transnational turn." Global trends of identity politics, performativity, cultural performance and ethics, comparative and revisionist historiography, ecological responsibility and education, as well as issues of social justice have shaped and been shaped by discussions in Native American and Indigenous Studies. This volume brings together distinguished perspectives on these topics by the Native scholars and writers Gerald Vizenor (Anishinaabe), Diane Glancy (Cherokee), and Tomson Highway (Cree), as well as non-Native authorities, such as Chadwick Allen, Hartmut Lutz, and Helmbrecht Breinig. Contributions look at various moments in the cultural history of Native North America—from earthmounds via the Catholic appropriation of a Mohawk saint to the debates about Makah whaling rights—as well as at a diverse spectrum of literary, performative, and visual works of art by John Ross, John Ridge, Elias Boudinot, Emily Pauline Johnson, Leslie Marmon Silko, Emma Lee Warrior, Louise Erdrich, N. Scott Momaday, Stephen Graham Jones, and Gerald Vizenor, among others. In doing so, the selected contributions identify new and recurrent methodological challenges, outline future paths for scholarly inquiry, and explore the intersections between Indigenous Studies and contemporary Literary and Cultural Studies at large.

Proceedings NewsletterProceedings Newsletter

[ 610-353-5166 ] H. R. Muhammad , THE SACRED ORIGIN AND NATURE OF
SPORTS AND CULTURE ( 1998 ) . ( Louisville : Islamic Texts Society U.S.A. )
Distribued by ISBS , 5804 NE Hassalo Street , Portland , OR 97213-3644 $ 16.95

Author: North American Society for Sport History


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Violence in Southern Sport and CultureViolence in Southern Sport and Culture

Sacred Battles on the Gridiron Eric Bain-Selbo. effervescence that ... For Girard (
1977), play is another means by which genuine violence is avoided by virtue of
the ritualized nature of the play itself. He writes: ... Play has a religious origin, to
be sure, insofar as it reproduces certain aspects of the sacrificial crisis. The
arbitrary ...

Author: Eric Bain-Selbo

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319500591


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This book discusses violence and its connection with religion, sport and popular culture. It highlights the religious dimensions of violence and the role of violence in the religion and culture of the American South. Extending into popular culture, it then makes the case that sport—particularly American football—is a cultural phenomenon in the South with close ties with religion and violence, and that American football has come to play a central role in the civil religion of the South, fueled in part by its violent nature. The book concludes by drawing important lessons from this case study—lessons that help us to see both religion and sport in a new light.

Physical Education and Sport in the Jewish History and CulturePhysical Education and Sport in the Jewish History and Culture

( 11 ) In the nature of things many queries were occasionally addressed to
erudite scholars pertaining to the afore ... both sacred and secular , were
presumably familiar with the importance of examining the human soul , the
human spirit .

Author: Uriel Simri


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Sacred SpaceSacred Space

In its origin and its true action it belongs to the Divine ( 1995 : 14 ) . References
American ... Hyperreality and globalization : culture in the age of Ronald
McDonald ' , Journal of International Consumer Marketing , 8 ( 3/4 ) : 22–38 .
Bourdieu , P. 2005. ... From Ritual to Record : the Nature of Modern Sports . 2nd
revised edn .

Author: Steve Brie

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124184966


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The identification and positioning of sacred space within contemporary contexts has, to date, received scant attention. In reflecting upon a broad spectrum of conceptions of what constitutes sacred space, this collection of interdisciplinary essays presents a new perspective on an area that is developing into an important theological and philosophical concept.

The Christmas BookThe Christmas Book

Christmas in the Olden Time, Its Customs and Their Origin : the Holly and Ivy,
Sports of the Eve, Yule Log, Boar's Head, the Dinner, ... Genesis ; the History of
Egypt , Ancient Mexico ; The Sacred Books of China ; The Vedas ; Inspiration ,
and other Serial Articles of great value to all earnest religious inquirers . ...
Religious Culture a Need of Humanity . ... On the Nature and Necessity of Faith in
the Unseen .



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History of Humanity The twentieth centuryHistory of Humanity The twentieth century

INTRODUCTION we are Physical culture , physical education , physical exercise
, physical and sporting activities are all words that express pursuits that are ...
Jean - Marie Brohm writes ' the first difficulty that arises in studying sport is
pinning down the nature of the subject . ... For no less obvious reasons talking
about undifferentiated societies with a universal culture – social values are
sacred values .

Author: Sarvepalli Gopal

Publisher: UNESCO

ISBN: 9231040839


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Volume V of the History of Humanity is concerned with the 'early modern' period: the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It gives an extensive overview of this crucial stage in the rise of the West as well as examining the development of cultures and societies elsewhere. Structure The volume is divided into two main parts. The first is thematic, discussing the geography, chronology and sociology of cultural change in this period. The second is regional, less theoretical and more empirical; it stresses cultural diversity, the links between different activities in a given region, and the importance of social contexts and local circumstances. Each chapter has a bibliography which directs the reader to sources of further information. The volume is extensively illustrated with line drawings and plates, and is comprehensively indexed

Common Culture and the Great TraditionCommon Culture and the Great Tradition

Yet many who practice such rituals still believe life has a sacred origin and
eternal meaning . ... We pointed out that he was radically related to a prescientific
reality , that he depended on lore rather than academic learning , that he drew
substance from nature , not media , and that he put his ... Former Sports Culture

Author: Marshall William Fishwick

Publisher: Praeger

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Justice in AmericaJustice in America

Such use of the criminal courts is not unusual in American history . ... theft and
kidnap charges , arising from a shootout at a Los Angeles sporting - goods store ,
into a forum for displaying the revolutionary goals of their Symbionese Liberation
Army . Receptacle of Legal Culture The courts , however , are not simply
instruments ... The quasisacred nature of law comes from its origins in Western
tradition .

Author: Herbert Jacob


ISBN: STANFORD:36105005283259


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anthroplogy anthroplogy

The nature - culture distinction , the " raw " and the " cooked ” as dimensions of
the civilized world vs . the " wild " wilderness are ... The complex is said to contain
sacred activities because sacred sports of sanskritic origin are practised there .






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The Olympic OdysseyThe Olympic Odyssey

... returns us to the sacred origins of everything — including sports — to know
their deeper nature, their secret strength. The beginning of human play and
contests is also the little-explored zone where competition meets mythology and

Author: Phil Cousineau

Publisher: Quest Books (IL)

ISBN: 0835608336


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The US Olympic Committee gave each Summer 2004 athlete this book for showing how the Games inspire contestants, trainers, fans, and nations alike. Its mythology and sports stories offer metaphors for living with passion, compassion, focus, and fairness.

Menschenbilder im SportMenschenbilder im Sport

But , HUIZINGA himself lies at the origin of the ambiguous reception of his work
because he is not consistent with his original thesis and confuses the play -
element and the play - forms , especially in his chapter on “ The play - element of
contemporary culture " . ... earlier stage or in their society of origin – a fully
integrated element of its fundamental institutions , whether secular or sacred ...
Their social function has changed , not their nature ” ( Own translation of
CAILLOIS 1958 , 126 ) .

Author: Michael Krüger


ISBN: NWU:35556037641891


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Welches Bild vom Menschen steht uns vor augen, wenn wir Sportlerinnen und Sportler sehen? Welches Bild haben die Sportlerinnen und Sportler von sich selbst? Welche Vorstellungen und Ideen von Bewegung, Spiel und Sport spiegeln sich darin wieder? Haben sich diese Bilder im Lauf der Zeit verändert? Wie unterscheiden sie sich in verschiedenen Ländern und Kulturen? Solche sportanthropologischen Fragen nach dem oder den Menschenbildern im Sport lassen sich nur in interdisziplinärer ind interkultureller Perspektive befriedigend beantworten.Der vorliegende Band fasst die Ergebnisse einer Fachtagung zum Thema zusammen, auf der namhafte Expertinnen und Experten aus aller Welt und aus verschiedenen wissenschaftlichen Fächern Stellung bezogen. Wer über den Tellerrand des aktuellen sportlichen Geschehens hinaus schauen möchten, für den sind diese grundlegenden Reflexionen über den sporttreibenden Menschen unverzichtbar.

Sports Culture PersonalitySports Culture Personality

High Culture ” as Contest We come finally to the role of agon in the development
of those “ higher ” cultural activities that ... Although Caillois distinguishes drama
from agon , without tension and conflict - between person and person , person
and nature ... the sacred play of worship , the festive play of courtship , the martial
play of the contest , the disputatious play of ... 33 Greek poetry also had its origin
in ritual contests in which men and women “ put one another down ” at the feasts
of ...

Author: Donald W. Calhoun


ISBN: STANFORD:36105032681962


Page: 319

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Philosophic Inquiry in SportPhilosophic Inquiry in Sport

Play Is Serious I will make use of some of Huizinga ' s ideas ; but one need not
agree with him that cultural activities are ... that the psychological structure of play
is characteristic of the fullest development of human nature , so that it cannot be
... Primitive society performs its sacred rites , its sacrifices , consecrations and
mysteries , all of which serve to guarantee the ... Now in myth and ritual the great
instinctive forces of civilized life have their origin : law and order , commerce and
profit ...

Author: William John Morgan


ISBN: UOM:39015028490921


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Designed for both undergraduate and graduate courses, Philosophic Inquiry in Sport is a combination of 56 classic and contemporary essays that strike a balance between analytical, existential, and phenomenological perspectives.

American Indian Culture and Research JournalAmerican Indian Culture and Research Journal

Shadows and echoes , in turn , silhouette their origins . " Listen ... 14 Sacred Play
A sacred world , on the other hand , allows for a sense of mockery and play .
Sioux heyokas sport sacramentally as clowns , just as the trickster gods play with
men . ... Laughter , song , dance , and chant move humans dynamically into
nature .



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The Historical Development of Popular Culture in BritainThe Historical Development of Popular Culture in Britain

The polarization of the field reflected some of the political cleavages in popular
culture and consciousness. The sacred choir drew on the community of
nonconformist sentiment which coalesced into provincial Liberalism in the late
1850s and ... Their political world view, Vincent suggests, owed more to a
recollection of seventeenth-century English history than to ... The Tory world view
stressed contentment with one's lot, the imperfectibility of human nature and the
wisdom of trusting ...

Author: Bernard Waites


ISBN: UCSC:32106019136552


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