Ruskin s VeniceRuskin s Venice

Photographer Sarah Quill has selected passages from Ruskin's The Stones of Venice and has linked them to her own photographs of Venetian architecture, so creating a fascinating guide that fuses Ruskin's vision of the city with images of the ...

Author: John Ruskin


ISBN: 1848221797


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Photographer Sarah Quill has selected passages from Ruskin's The Stones of Venice and has linked them to her own photographs of Venetian architecture, so creating a fascinating guide that fuses Ruskin's vision of the city with images of the present day

Ruskin s VeniceRuskin s Venice

By linking Ruskin's descriptions of individual Venetian buildings with a contemporary photographic record of Venice's architecture and sculpture, this book highlights the extent to which the city's architecture has survived, or changed, ...

Author: Sarah Quill

Publisher: Lund Humphries Pub Limited

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By linking Ruskin's descriptions of individual Venetian buildings with a contemporary photographic record of Venice's architecture and sculpture, this book highlights the extent to which the city's architecture has survived, or changed, since publication of The Stones of Venice over 150 years ago.

From Darkness to Light Writers in Museums 1798 1898From Darkness to Light Writers in Museums 1798 1898

on Lancaster University's research project for the Ruskin Library's electronic
edition of John Ruskin's Venetian Notebooks of 1849–50. A new and extended
edition of her book Ruskin's Venice: The Stones Revisited was published in 2015

Author: Katherine Manthorne

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

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"From Darkness to Light explores from a variety of angles the subject of museum lighting in exhibition spaces in America, Japan, and Western Europe throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Written by an array of international experts, these collected essays gather perspectives from a diverse range of cultural sensibilities. From sensitive discussions of Tintoretto's unique approach to the play of light and darkness as exhibited in the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice, to the development of museum lighting as part of Japanese artistic self-fashioning, via the story of an epic American painting on tour, museum illumination in the work of Henry James, and lighting alterations at Chatsworth (to name only a few topics) this book is a treasure trove of illuminating contributions. The collection is at once a refreshing insight for the enthusiastic museum-goer, who is brought to an awareness of the exhibit in its immediate environment, and a wide-ranging scholarly compendium for the professional who seeks to proceed in their academic or curatorial work with a more enlightened sense of the lighted space."--Publisher's website.

Building Ruskin s ItalyBuilding Ruskin s Italy

Effie in Venice: Unpublished Letters of Mrs. John Ruskin Written from Venice
between 1849 and 1852 (London: Pallas Editions, 2001). Moody ... Plant,
Margaret, Venice: Fragile City (New Haven, CT and London: Yale University
Press, 2002). ... Pound, Ezra, The Cantos, 4th collected edition (London: Faber
and Faber, 1987). ... Quill, Sarah, Ruskin's Venice: The Stones Revisited (
Aldershot and Brookfield,

Author: Stephen Kite

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351572910


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Based on extensive fieldwork, and research into John Ruskin's still little-interpreted archival material, notebooks and drawings (in the Ruskin Library, Lancaster University, UK and elsewhere), Stephen Kite offers an unprecedented account of the evolution of Ruskin's architectural thinking and observation in the context of Italy where his watching of building achieved its greatest intensity. Venice naturally figures large in a work that also examines other key sites including Verona, Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Milan and Monza; here, the fabrics are vividly read in their contexts against the rich evidence of Ruskin's diaries, his pocket-book sketches, architectural worksheets, drawings, and daguerrotypes (the early form of photography), and the drafts and published editions of the texts. Kite presents the complex story of Ruskin's visual thinking in architecture as a narrative of deepening interpretation and representation, focusing on the humbler monuments of Italy. He shows how Ruskin's early picturesque naturalism was transformed by the realisation that to understand the built realities confronting him in Italy demanded a closer engagement with the substance of the stones themselves; reflecting Ruskin's sense of his task as a near-archaeological gleaning and gathering of remains 'hidden in many a grass grown court, and silent pathway, and lightless canal'.

John Ruskin and the Fabric of ArchitectureJohn Ruskin and the Fabric of Architecture

Melbourne: Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand, 2004.
Concina, Ennio. ... Quill, Sarah. Ruskin's Venice: The Stones Revisited. ... Library
edition, 39 volumes, edited by E.T. Cook and Alexander Wedderburn. London: ...

Author: Anuradha Chatterjee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317048251


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Through the theoretical lenses of dress studies, gender, science, and visual studies, this volume analyses the impact John Ruskin has had on architecture throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It explores Ruskin’s different ideologies, such as the adorned wall veil, which were instrumental in bringing focus to structures that were previously unconsidered. John Ruskin and the Fabric of Architecture examines the ways in which Ruskin perceives the evolution of architecture through the idea that architecture is surface. The creative act in architecture, analogous to the divine act of creation, was viewed as a form of dressing. By adding highly aesthetic features to designs, taking inspiration from the 'veil' of women’s clothing, Ruskin believed that buildings could be transformed into meaningful architecture. This volume discusses the importance of Ruskin’s surface theory and the myth of feminine architecture, and additionally presents a competing theory of textile analogy in architecture based on morality and gender to counter Gottfried Semper’s historicist perspective. This book would be beneficial to students and academics of architectural history and theory, gender studies and visual studies who wish to delve into Ruskin’s theories and to further understand his capacity for thinking beyond the historical methods. The book will also be of interest to architectural practitioners, particularly Ruskin’s theory of surface architecture.

Killing the MoonlightKilling the Moonlight

1 (May 1980): 54–68; Sarah Quill, Ruskin's Venice: The Stones Revisited (
London: Ashgate, 2000); Sergio Perosa, ed., ... of which are by Quentin Bell,
Ruskin (London: Hogarth, 1978); Joan Abse, John Ruskin: The Passionate
Moralist (New ...

Author: Jennifer Scappettone

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231537742


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As a city that seems to float between Europe and Asia, removed by a lagoon from the tempos of terra firma, Venice has long seduced the Western imagination. Since the 1797 fall of the Venetian Republic, fantasies about the sinking city have engendered an elaborate series of romantic clichés, provoking conflicting responses: some modern artists and intellectuals embrace the resistance to modernity manifest in Venice's labyrinthine premodern form and temporality, whereas others aspire to modernize by "killing the moonlight" of Venice, in the Futurists' notorious phrase. Spanning the history of literature, art, and architecture—from John Ruskin, Henry James, and Ezra Pound to Manfredo Tafuri, Italo Calvino, Jeanette Winterson, and Robert Coover—Killing the Moonlight tracks the pressures that modernity has placed on the legacy of romantic Venice, and the distinctive strains of aesthetic invention that resulted from the clash. In Venetian incarnations of modernism, the anachronistic urban fabric and vestigial sentiment that both the nation-state of Italy and the historical avant-garde would cast off become incompletely assimilated parts of the new. Killing the Moonlight brings Venice into the geography of modernity as a living city rather than a metaphor for death, and presents the archipelago as a crucible for those seeking to define and transgress the conceptual limits of modernism. In strategic detours from the capitals of modernity, the book redrafts the confines of modernist culture in both geographical and historical terms.

The Life of John Ruskin The Life of John Ruskin

Edward Tyas Cook. CHAPTER XVII VENICE REVISITED (1876-1877) " Time was
, every hour in Venice was joy to me. ... The Prince told Brown to persuade
Ruskin to come and prepare a new edition of the Stones of Venice. Ruskin
accepted ...

Author: Edward Tyas Cook

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108009720


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E. T. Cook's two-volume biography is a vital tool for anyone wishing to understand Ruskin's achievements in so many fields.

Bulletin Association for Preservation TechnologyBulletin Association for Preservation Technology

Ruskin ' s Venice , the Stones Revisited . Aldershot , Hants , U . K . ... 49 . 95 . It is
a pleasure to see John Ruskin ' s ( 18191900 ) name on the cover of this
wellpresented new book . The book marks the ... Sarah Quill ' s illustrated version

Author: Association for Preservation Technology


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Venice and the Digressive Invention of the ModernVenice and the Digressive Invention of the Modern

My research for this chapter is indebted to a series of other studies of Ruskin and
Venice : see Alexander Bradley , Ruskin and Italy ... in Prose Studies , Sarah
Quill , Ruskin's Venice : The Stones Revisited , Ruskin e Venezia : la bellezza in
declino , edited by Sergio ... imbrication of republican uprisings and Ruskin's
studies ; they kept him and his new bride away from Chamonix and Venice until
1849 .

Author: Jennifer Sue Scappettone


ISBN: UCAL:C3498701


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The Rough Guide to Venice the VenetoThe Rough Guide to Venice the Veneto

Sarah Quill , Ruskin's Venice : The Stones Revisited ( Ashgate ) . ... Sadly , you'll
have to scour the second - hand bookshops to get hold of the full three - volume
edition , as the only editions in print are abridgements , the best of which is ...

Author: Jonathan Buckley


ISBN: UCSC:32106018375300


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'The Rough guide to Venice and the Veneto' is a handbook to one of Europe's most beautiful city and its hinterland. Informed accounts of all Venice's museums and monuments from San Marco to the outermost islands of the lagoon. Comprehensive reviews of accommodation and restaurants in every price range, plus the best of the bars and shops.

The Worlds of John RuskinThe Worlds of John Ruskin

Modern Editions Birch , Dinah , ( ed . ) ... John Ruskin : Selected Writings (
Penguin Classics ) Hilton , Tim ( ed . ) , Praeterita ( Everyman ) Links , J. G. ( ed ) ,
The Stones of Venice ( abridged ) ( Pallas Athene ) Quill , S. , Ruskin's Venice :
The Stones Revisited ( extracts , with ... John Ruskin , Social Reformer ( Adamant
Media ) Francis O'Gorman , Late Ruskin : New Contexts ( Ashgate ) Marcel
Proust , On ...

Author: Kevin Jackson

Publisher: Pallas Athene Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105215373601


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John Ruskin (1819-1900) is best known as perhaps the most influential art critic ever to have lived. His interests ranged far wider than just art--he wrote on education, nature, architecture, history, aesthetics, economics, and the creation of true wealth. His impassioned critiques have become even more relevant today, as economic and environmental crises make the creation of a just society increasingly important and difficult. This comprehensive biography explores both the life and thought of Ruskin, situating him in the social, economic, and aesthetic world that he transformed. Illustrated with Ruskin's own paintings and photographs, this is an intriguing look at a man whose mind and thoughts continue to influence even today.

The Literary ReviewThe Literary Review

Michael Arditti's magnificent new novel is both a devastating. pantomimes.
Visiting Prince ... Sarah Quill's Ruskin's Venice: The Stones Revisited is an
illustrated anthology, using his watercolours and her own photographs. It is a
reminder that ...



ISBN: UCLA:L0099749293



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Orient express MagazineOrient express Magazine

TERRITORIAL TRANSFER NEW ORLEANS LA , 1803 BY ... reviews , respected
by the luxury traveller for their insider travel tips , are now available in three
limited - edition box sets . ... ( 0 ) 20 7961 1763 RUSKIN'S VENICE THE STONES
REVISITED ΟΠΟΙΟ ΕΟ Ruskin's Venice - The Stones Revisited by Sarah Quill
Sarah ...



ISBN: IND:30000092943103



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Bibliographic Guide to Art and ArchitectureBibliographic Guide to Art and Architecture

R87A4 2000 Ed Ruscha: new paintings and a retrospective of works on paper/
essays by Neville Wakefield and Dave ... V4 Q55 2000 Ruskin's Venice : the
stones revisited/compiled and with photographs by Sarah Quill; with introductions
by ...

Author: New York Public Library. Art and Architecture Division


ISBN: UOM:39015047815181



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