Running ScaredRunning Scared

“Just as we rounded that curve, we heard a car's engine—” “Running? Why were you running in this neighborhood? ... “I'm coaching Ashley to run the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C., next weekend. ... Her arms 9 Running Scared.

Author: Cheryl

Publisher: Medallion Media Group

ISBN: 9781605420394


Page: 405

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Patrick O'Rourke is a rough and ready Scotsman, while Lady Katherine Lindsey is a beautiful English spinster and a gentlewoman. But when she finds herself blackmailed into accepting a marriage of convenience with the handsome Scot, she lets ORourke see another side of her. Medallion Press

Running ScaredRunning Scared

didn't touch her again, didn't ask why she was running, where she was going, didn't mention family. “No. I guess I wasn't thinking very far ahead. ... If you still think you need to run, then do it. But do it smart, not scared.

Author: Shirlee McCoy

Publisher: Steeple Hill

ISBN: 9781426860812


Page: 224

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Thanks to Maggie Tennyson, Kane Dougherty's son—abducted five years earlier—has finally been found. The private investigator just wants to show his gratitude…so why is Maggie pushing him away? Maggie's thrilled to have united father and son. Now, if only Kane would leave her alone! It's not safe to be near her, not with her shadowed past. But when it comes to her protection, Kane refuses to walk away. When danger finds Maggie again, she'll face it with a hero at her side—whether she wants him or not!

Running ScaredRunning Scared

Billi Jean. RUNNING SCARED Billi Jean When a woman running scared runs into the arms of.

Author: Billi Jean

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group (USA+CAD)

ISBN: 9780857159243


Page: 409

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When a woman running scared runs into the arms of a sexy cowboy, she might lose her fear, but will she also lose her heart? When a woman on the run hits a town right out of the Wild West, the first cowboy she meets sets his sights on her. Alone, scared, and starting over, Susan will have to decide if the big, bad Russell Ryland, retired Navy SEAL, now rancher, is for real or just using up his down time between missions. Russell takes one look at the smiling, blue-eyed beauty and realises there's a heck of a lot more after retirement than he'd thought. As he begins to dream of a life with Susan, he fights an unfamiliar battle within himself-doubt. Does she want him, or is she merely out for some fun? Time for the reluctant couple nearly runs out when the very men Susan is hiding from come to call. Will Russell wake up quickly enough to save her? Or will their doubts get them both killed? Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex.

Running ScaredRunning Scared

Not sure which way to run , he squeezed between two parked cars and bolted across the small motel parking lot . On the corner a handful of men ... Escape from the killer . Behind him a siren wailed , and he plunged on RUNNING SCARED 453.

Author: Lisa Jackson

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 9781420119053


Page: 528

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The #1 New York Times bestselling author draws readers into a tension-filled story of suspense, as a woman’s secret past returns with a vengeance . . . Kate Summers’ teenage son, Jon, has been having nightmares. Someone is chasing him, the footsteps drawing relentlessly nearer. Jon can’t see the man’s face. He only senses that danger is coming—and there’s no way to stop it. “Never tell anyone he’s not your boy,” was the warning. And Kate hasn’t. Not since the day fifteen years ago when she was offered what she most wanted—a healthy newborn baby. He was hers to keep, provided she moved far away, for good. She’s kept her word, raising Jon in a small Oregon town, lying to him for both their sakes. Despite his gift—or curse—of premonition, Jon hasn’t divined that he was adopted illegally. But now Kate’s long-ago choices are engulfing the life she’s tried to build. Daegan O’Rourke has come to this remote corner of the Pacific Northwest to find answers only Kate can give. He understands why she’s wary of him, but there’s a far greater threat at hand. Someone is tracking Jon down—ready to kill him and anyone who gets in the way. And convincing Kate to trust him, even once she knows the whole shocking truth, is Daegan’s only hope of keeping them alive . . . Praise for Lisa Jackson and her novels “Lisa Jackson shows yet again why she is one of the best at romantic suspense. A pure nail biter.” —Harlan Coben, #1 New York Times bestselling author “Shiveringly good suspense!” —Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Running ScaredRunning Scared

“If you are going to run,” she continued, “I will run with you, and if you run without me, I will commit suicide. ... in evading capture – the first of many such moves that would keep me running scared for the next twenty-two years.

Author: Robert Leon Davis

Publisher: Monarch Books

ISBN: 9780857211408


Page: 192

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Robert Leon Davis was a respected police officer in New Orleans serving for four years until 1979-when he was arrested. He had begun his career with aspirations of being a great cop. But he was exposed to a darker side of law enforcement. While partnered with a veteran Robert first witnessed an officer violate the very laws he vowed to uphold - and shared his crime. One compromise led to another, and Davis faced arrest. From studying criminal law at Loyola University and becoming an award winning officer, Davis was a fugitive, living off the land in remote forests in America and Canada to elude capture. The church upbringing, where his grandmother made sure he learned about God and Jesus, was abandoned in anger. Through a stranger's prayer the angry atheist realised he was weary of running. He yielded his life to God, and gave himself in. When the District Attorney finally dusted off his file, what would his sentence be?

Running ScaredRunning Scared

She hit the ground running for all she was worth to the hotel they'd just passed . “ Hey , stop ! ” One of the policemen shouted . ... She'd run track in college , she knew how to run for a tape . ... It was the policeman 97 RUNNING SCARED.

Author: Ken Douglas

Publisher: Bootleg Press

ISBN: 0974524654


Page: 332

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Joey Sapphire wakes next to a dead man, the son of the American Ambassador to Trinidad, in a boat at anchor. It quickly dawns on her that she has to get rid of the body, because it looked like she did it and they hang murderers in Trinidad. So she weighs it down and drops it overboard. But she knows she's not safe, because the killer knows about her.

Running ScaredRunning Scared

And dammit, he should have been there to go after her when she'd run away from home, seven years ago. ... Cal knew his mother would have protected Kelly with her own life, but once she was one 114 Running Scared.

Author: Linda Winstead Jones

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 9781426873690


Page: 249

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IT WASN'T THE FIRST TIME HE'D KIDNAPPED HER But it just might be the last. Quinn Calhoun was a trained mercenary whose sinful body bore the scars to prove he would do whatever it took to accomplish his mission. But keeping his hands off of the spoiled princess he'd been hired to protect? That was one battle he wasn't prepared to fight. Olivia Larkin couldn't leave this war-torn jungle without the two little girls who were depending on her. And she wasn't about to let Quinn go back for them alone. Risking her life for two innocent children was nothing when Livvie had already lost her heart to her hardened protector.

Running ScaredRunning Scared

By Mandasue Heller The Front Forget Me Not Tainted Lives The Game The Charmer The Club Shafted Snatched Two-Faced The Driver Lost Angel Broke Respect Afraid Run Save Me Brutal Witness Running Scared First published 2022 by Macmillan ...

Author: Mandasue Heller

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781529024333


Page: 304

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Set in urban Manchester, Running Scared is a nerve-shredding thriller by bestselling author Mandasue Heller. When Alexis ‘Lexi’ James falls out with her best mate Nicole over ‘bad boy’ Ryan King, it’s just the beginning of a chain of events that go from bad to worse to deadly. Returning home one night to her high-rise flat, she is faced by a terrifying scene that changes her life forever, and matters are made worse when she is put into care in another town. Years later, Lexi has left school and is back in Manchester. A chance meeting with Nicole and her so-called ‘other half’ Ryan ends in disaster, and she vows never to see them again. Then one night she is saved from a vicious attack by a charming stranger. He takes her home and their acquaintance blossoms into something much deeper. When her new man receives a call in the middle of the night and leaves in a hurry, she is horrified when he returns with someone she never thought she would see again. It soon becomes obvious that Lexi doesn’t know her new lover as well as she thought, and she is forced to make a decision that will have devastating results . . . 'Heller doesn’t mince words, her gritty plots create a Manchester underworld to rival Martina Cole’s raw and rough East End – Peterborough Evening Telegraph

Running ScaredRunning Scared

“Keeps us from running,” I said quietly. “Can't run fast without shoes, can you?” Whatever light mood Charlie had been trying to create a minute ago was ... “You look different,” she said. I glared at the woman RunningScared | 93.

Author: Mac Bowers

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462083811


Page: 112

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In just one year, everything has changed for sixteen-year-old Morgan Casey. After she moves from a large California city to the tiny community of Mistle, Pennsylvania, Morgan knows she should be attempting to make new friends. But instead, all she wants to do is become invisible. Only Morgan knows why. She is hiding the kind of secret that could end not only her life, but also the lives of anyone involved. As she reluctantly begins her first day at Mistle High School, she meets Charlie, a chatty and charismatic classmate who immediately pulls her into the comforting folds of a genuine friendship. But despite Morgans leeriness, Charlie somehow convinces her to slowly open up to him. After she reveals her secret to him, she immediately regrets it. Unfortunately, it is too late. Desperate to escape her past, Morgan hopes that Charlie is the one who can finally help her find a way to rid herself of the evil that has traveled over two thousand miles to silence her forever. In this tale of suspense, two teenagers embroiled in a dangerous, international web of intrigue have just one goalto make it out alive.