Running Blind The Journey of a Blind Runner Training for Her First MarathonRunning Blind The Journey of a Blind Runner Training for Her First Marathon

The hardest training times for me were the transitional seasons: winter into spring and spring into summer. ... Of course, my favorite season for running is summer: primarily because most of my running clothes match that season.

Author: Rhonda Copeland


ISBN: 9780557473762


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Running a 26.2 mile marathon is grueling, but imagine running it in a fog. Not so much thick as the clichéd split pea soup, but more like an unclarified broth. Consider running in a world with no distinct edges, no specific definition of where something begins or ends, without disparate colors, where magnification helps slightly, but not in a portable way that you can take on a run.The legally blind author, Rhonda Copeland, also known as “Vision Runner†has had to discontinue many of the normal day-to-day activities that others take for granted like driving, riding her bike and photography. The one thing she refused to give up though was her passion for running - so she simply chose not to.Whether you’re a runner or not, this book will inspire you to move beyond the limiting beliefs that hold you back and keep you from accomplishing everything your heart desires. If you have obstacles that you’d like to overcome in your life, get it and read it today!

The Reasons I RunThe Reasons I Run

Did I mention that summer is my favorite season? I began the run with a noticeable limp. Long gone were the days that I could just lope along with nothing but time constraints to limit the activity. As the knee warmed up, the pain ...

Author: Dennis Gravitt

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452549486


Page: 248

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The Reasons I Run is a can-do story which offers the reader a rare glimpse inside the mind of a competitive runner. Dennis Gravitt was an average athlete whose internal drive compelled him to press the boundaries of his physical limitations. As the story unfolds, Dennis transforms himself from a middle-of-the-pack athlete into a competitive runner. He would eventually enjoy a career spanning 28 years. This is a memoir which chronicles his journey, both inner and outer, with all of its ups and downs—the victories and the disappointments. Dennis also shares the lessons learned, candidly examines some of running’s modern paradigms, and challenges others to step beyond the constraints of their own comfort zones. Feel free to leave feedback, or contact the author, at

Fierce BeautyFierce Beauty

Nearly all our training is done during the coldest months of winter, my favorite season to run. On one particular Saturday a few years ago, my running team and I gathered in the nearby town of Sunriver. We planned to run to Bend via a ...

Author: Kim Meeder

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 9781601422040


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True beauty is not about how you look… but how you live. Women are constantly bombarded with the lie that how we look is far more important than who we are. It’s time for a clarion call back to the truth. Journey with gifted storyteller Kim Meeder as she encourages women to see that true value is defined by our Creator and that our worth has a purpose of eternal proportions. Real beauty isn’t a look, it’s an action. It can be found by making one crucial, life-defining choice—to lay down personal ambitions and selfish desires, pick up your sword of encouragement, and fight for those who are losing their battle for hope. As you do, fierce beauty is revealed—along with lasting value, fulfillment, and joy. In Fierce Beauty, Kim shares inspiring true stories from her own life of adventure, love, and loss—including her parents’ shocking death when she was nine years old and her struggles with self acceptance, knowing God, and standing for Him. Through it all, you’ll discover life lessons about trust, transformation, surrender, forgiveness, and genuine purpose. Ultimately, life comes down to one question: Will you serve yourself or your King? Includes discussion guide for individuals or groups. “You were not created to be a princess of entitlement but a warrior, fighting to bring love and hope to the world.” – Kim Meeder

Gateway WingGateway Wing

But , since winter is my favorite season to run , I cannot resist running still . ” Among the 40 runners on Lieutenant Bologna's Marine Corps Marathon team , they raised over $ 50,000 . Her personal efforts raised just over $ 900 .



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Runner s WorldRunner s World

THE THINGS YOU CARRY: Cell phone 17% Where do you most often buy your running shoes? ... YOU BUY: 1 pair of running shoes: 10% 2 pairs: 28% 3 pairs: 32% 4 or more pairs: 30% RUNNER'S WORLD DECEMBER 2006 93 Your favorite season to run?





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Runner's World magazine aims to help runners achieve their personal health, fitness, and performance goals, and to inspire them with vivid, memorable storytelling.

Bilingual Reading Comprehension Grade 5Bilingual Reading Comprehension Grade 5

Favorite. Season. Ellen came running into the park. She raced up to her friends and skidded to a halt. “Guess what season starts today,” she panted. Rob looked ather strangely. “It's spring,” he answered. “And the season started last ...


Publisher: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

ISBN: 9780768235050


Page: 160

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Build better readers in bilingual classrooms! Bilingual Reading Comprehension is a valuable resource for bilingual, two-way immersion in fifth-grade classrooms. This book provides bilingual reading practice for students through identical activities featured in English and Spanish, allowing the teacher to tailor lessons to a dual-language classroom. Fiction and nonfiction activities reinforce essential reading skills, such as finding the main idea, identifying supporting details, recognizing story elements, and learning new vocabulary. This 160-page book aligns with Common Core State Standards, as well as state and national standards.

Running TimesRunning Times

Someday, exercise scientists will have a new subject for testing besides Kenyans and World Record holders; the extraordinary, ... Both girls run in the 13:40s for 4K in cross country, but their favorite season is outdoor track.





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Running Times magazine explores training, from the perspective of top athletes, coaches and scientists; rates and profiles elite runners; and provides stories and commentary reflecting the dedicated runner's worldview.

The Angels Among UsThe Angels Among Us

... thebreeze And fall ismy favorite season I see my little girl'sred cheeks and nose Cladin parka and hood Against a ... winter is my favorite season I see my little girl's smile light up like the sun Clad in short and tshirt Running ...

Author: Janie Wassler

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781503542020


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Like trickles in a stream that to the river flow, that to the oceans flow, so are the words that flow from my pen. They are all around us and are a part of us in any number of ways. Both the water and the language sustain life. These poems are about the miracle and majesty of life.

Blind Fool RunningBlind Fool Running

new life fails to issue forth and the shorter days remind us of the brevity of being. A tarnished world suddenly crowns itself as the final victor over all that was built before it. This is my favorite season but Cat does not share this ...

Author: Jonco Bugos


ISBN: 9780557052769


Page: 106

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Writing for the first time under a pen name, science fiction author Michael Casher creates his first literary novella. Jonco Bugos is the author of "Blind Fool Running," the story of a retired man who writes books that no one wants. Roger and Cat live together even though cat and man are considered to be natural born enemies in this part of Appalachia. As Roger begins his seventh book he begins to doubt whether or not he should continue. What makes a man begin a seventh novel when his first six books sit in boxes on the floor and make no difference in the lives of others? Especially when someone or something is trying to stop him. But who? He needs to know these answers before he can continue. Only Roger, himself, can answer his own question. But arriving at a solution to this dilemma will take some time and the journey will be an awakening he will never forget. In the process of discovery Roger confirms his commitment to exposing hidden truths about life on Earth. Copyright 2009. 1st Ed. 03-01-09.

Dead FlipDead Flip

Summer was still in the air, but New England autumn was making itself known with gusts of wind that made my skin prickle. It used to be my favorite season. Running helped me focus on my breathing, get out of my head, get so exhausted I ...

Author: Sara Farizan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781643753324


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This fast-paced YA horror novel perfect for fans of Stranger Things throws together two former friends when their long-missing best friend suddenly reappears—five years after his disappearance, but the same age as the day he vanished.