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Meanwhile, at the 1977 Motorcycle Show Slater Brothers – already the UK Laverda importer – cheekily showed Bullets with fuel tanks repainted with 'Royal Enfield' scripts, rather than the 'Enfield India' alloy tank badges.

Author: Greg Pullen

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781785008535


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Royal Enfield's famous motor - 'made like a gun' - hints at the factory's origins, but few appreciate that it is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in existence that can boast of continuous production. In addition, its famous Bullet can claim the longest motorcycle production run of all time. Greg Pullen charts the rise, fall and rise again of Royal Enfield, from the company's pre-motorcycle beginnings in Redditch, through the impact of two World Wars, the importance of exports to India and subsequent establishment of factories there, to changes in ownership, recently launched models and new concept bikes for the future. With 190 colour photographs, this book includes: the V-twins, from the 1930s K and KX range to a glimpse of the concept V-twin shown in 2018; the singles, from 2-strokes to side-valve 4-strokes, and the ohv version that first used the Bullet name, through to the new singles built in India. The British Bullet: its arrival in 1948 and production in the UK, the original orders from India and subsequent setting up of production there are discussed. The 250s, (1958-68), including the Turbo Twins, and the big twins, from the 1948 500 Town to the final interceptor in 1970, including the 800cc prototype and the Clymer Indians are covered. The new twins: the 650cc Royal Enfield interceptor and Continental GT twins and the Bobber concept bike are discussed. Competition success is covered, with notable ISDT achievements, star rider Johnny Brittain and racing the big twins, and Geoff Duke in the GP5. Finally, the British factories and the new opportunities with the Indian factories are remembered.

Royal Enfield BulletRoyal Enfield Bullet

Gordon May, the proverbial mine of information on Royal Enfield, was encouraging, providing several pictures and giving permission to use extracts from his book Overland to India. From the Watsonian-Squire team, hats off to Dan Sagar, ...

Author: Peter Henshaw

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781785007484


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Despite being one of the most successful motorcycles of all time, the Royal Enfield Bullet has had a very chequered history. Its story begins in the 1930s and by the 1950s it was at the height of its popularity in post-War Britain. Then it became a stalwart of the Indian Army and manufacture transitioned from Britain to India. The near-collapse of the Royal Enfield marque in the 1990s almost meant the end of this classic motorbike, but with the involvement of the Eicher Group from 2001 onwards, the updated Bullet generated new interest and renewed its original commercial success, just like a phoenix rising from the ashes. With over 200 photographs, this book describes the origins of the Royal Enfield company and the pre-war Bullets from 1932 and the relaunch of the Bullet in 1949 with its radical swinging-arm frame. Derivative models such as the 350 and 500, as well as those for competition and road are covered as well as specials such as diesels, V-twins, Egli and big-bore Bullets. The development story behind the lean-burn, electric-start and 5-speed updates is discussed as well as the UCE - the all-new Bullet from 2008 and the Classic and its design story. Finally, the evolution beyond the Bullet is covered which includes the Continental GT and Himalyan 650 twins.

Ride on Royal Enfield Riding Miles with the HopeRide on Royal Enfield Riding Miles with the Hope

The owner of the vintage Royal Enfield continental GT bike, who was listening to their conversation, approached them. Owner of the bike: Excuse me beta..? May I share the table with you? As I could not find any vacant table.

Author: Tanuja Krishnan

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“Love does not make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile”-Franklin P. Jones While on this ride called life, you have to take the good with bad, smile when you are sad, love what you have got and remember what you had, in the same way Advaith who is an Indian Air force officer was. He couldn’t imagine his life without Anvitha the girl whom he met in a bike trip, the very strong common point that they both has was “Love for bikes and bike rides, and this made them to fall from head over heels for each other. As they took their relationship to the next level and about to meet after a few months the test of time played a spoilsport. As a soldier he faced and won many wars in the battle field and now can he win against the destiny in battle of Love? Love is when you like someone as much as your bike and they loved each other as much as their bikes and that means a lot to them and they believed in the statement “Couple who rides together stays together forever “, will their destiny justifies their belief?

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SCASE VIDEO Royal Enfield www.pearso 242619/910 ) . UD LET Royal Enfield is an Indian - based manufacturer of motorcycles . The original Royal Enfield company was British , but the Indian side of the business was taken over after Indian ...

Author: Jim Blythe

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This book is aimed at undergraduates taking an introductory marketing course. Essentials of Marketing provides an overview of the techniques, supporting theories and tactical decision-making processes involved in marketing. As well as traditional marketing techniques, up-to-date topics such as green issues, post-modern thinking, relationship marketing and ethics are also covered. The 4th edition has been thoroughly re-written to include the new 7 C's framework The language is concise and transparent making this book an enjoyable read for students. A new full colour layout also helps to engage the reader.

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Mel Dinesen, tuner, extreme left and Frank Cooper, Royal Enfield distributor, congratulate winner Ed Mulder as he poses with second and fourth place finishers Babe Jay and Joe Presley, respectively. Penton's 978 Wins Toledo Snow Run ...





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11 Remember when the mere continuously - produced motorcycle of mention of the name Royal Enfield British design , brand new and conjured up images of speed , imported direct from the factory . power and the freedom of We've upgraded a ...

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