Romanian Writers on WritingRomanian Writers on Writing

"The eighty writers collected here explore the special tensions found in Romanian literature, conferred by vanity doubled by vitality, vulnerability mixed in with force, and the fear of dissolution linked with the desperate pride of ...

Author: Norman Manea

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"The eighty writers collected here explore the special tensions found in Romanian literature, conferred by vanity doubled by vitality, vulnerability mixed in with force, and the fear of dissolution linked with the desperate pride of defeating historical time. The contributors exemplify the powerful, polyphonic voice of their country's complex literature"--Provided by publisher.

Romanian Writers of the 80s and 90sRomanian Writers of the 80s and 90s

Several other ethnic Hungarian , German , Jewish , Russian , Serbian , Armenian
authors were included in the dictionary as they write in Romanian . As for ethnic
Romanian authors who write in Romanian but live abroad , they belong to ...

Author: Ion Bogdan Lefter

Publisher: Pite̦sti, România : Editura Paralela 45

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Romanian ReviewRomanian Review

Besides , if I defected , I was hoping to be able to live without - lying , even if I
might not be able to write literature . ... In Europe , in Paris particularly , an exiled
Romanian writer felt “ known ” , and therefore bitterly aware of the loss of his
former ...



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Romanian Literature as World LiteratureRomanian Literature as World Literature

Writing. in. No. Man's. Land? This situation has barely changed after 1989.
Although they circulate more freely and are no longer censored, Eastern
Europe's extraterritorial writers continue to feel alienated and exiled. They still do
not “belong” ...

Author: Mircea Martin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

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Approaching Romanian literature as world literature, this book is a critical-theoretical manifesto that places its object at the crossroads of empires, regions, and influences and draws conclusions whose relevance extends beyond the Romanian, Romance, and East European cultural systems. This “intersectional” revisiting of Romanian literature is organized into three parts. Opening with a fresh look at the literary ideology of Romania's “national poet,” Mihai Eminescu, part I dwells primarily on literary-cultural history as process and discipline. Here, the focus is on cross-cultural mimesis, the role of strategic imitation in the production of a distinct literature in modern Romania, and the shortcomings marking traditional literary historiography's handling of these issues. Part II examines the ethno-linguistic and territorial complexity of Romanian literatures or “Romanian literature in the plural.” Part III takes up the trans-systemic rise of Romanian, Jewish Romanian, and Romanian-European avant-garde and modernism, Socialist Realism, exile and émigré literature, and translation.

Polish Writers on WritingPolish Writers on Writing

Friday Giedroyo wanted me to reply to Cioran ' s ( a Romanian writer ) article , “
The Conveniences and Inconveniences of Exile . ” The answer contains my view
of the role of literature in exile . Cioran ' s words reek of a basement coolness and

Author: Adam Zagajewski


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Featuring 20th-century writers, including Nobel Prize winners Czeslaw Milosz and Wislawa Szymborska, as well as celebrated poet Zbigniew Herbert and internationally renowned Bruno Schulz, this collection captures the brilliance and originality of a literary culture rightly considered one of the most important and influential of our time. These writers are branded by the political realities of their country — creating literature out of the brutality of the World War II, under the numbing and inhibiting Communist reign, and finally within a free society, but one freighted with the weight of its history.

Literature in ExileLiterature in Exile

That is , I perceive an emotional connection between language and the act of
writing . Second , once a writer chooses a language that is not his mother tongue
( as did Conrad and many Romanian writers , such as Tzara , Ionesco , and
Cioran ) ...

Author: Wheatland Foundation

Publisher: Durham : Duke University Press

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In December 1987 a group of published novelists, poets, and journalists met in Vienna to participate in the Wheatland Conference on Literature. The writers presented papers addressing their common experience—that of being exiled. Each explored different facets of the condition of exile, providing answers to questions such as: What do exiled writers have in common? What is the exile’s obligation to colleagues and readers in the country of origin? Is the effect of changing languages one of enrichment or impoverishment? How does the new society treat the emigre? Following each essay is a peer discussion of the topic addressed. The volume includes writers whose origins lie in Central Europe, South Africa, Israel, Cuba, Chile, Somalia, and Turkey. Through their testimony of the creative process in exile, we gain insight into the forces which affect the creative process as a whole. Contributors. William Gass, Yury Miloslavsky, Jan Vladislav, Jiri Grusa, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Horst Bienek, Edward Limonov, Nedim Gursel, Nuruddin Farah, Jaroslav Vejvoda, Anton Shammas, Joseph Brodsky, Wojciech Karpinski, Thomas Venclova, Yuri Druzhnikov

The Romanian Extreme RightThe Romanian Extreme Right

Everything depended on time and will alone : “ Why don ' t the works of
Romanian writers – a Guardist writer asked reprimandingly - put forth the pathetic
fervor of the present hour ? They write books , novels . One a year . One every
season .

Author: Z. Ornea


ISBN: UOM:39015047728004


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This fascinating study of the intellectual origins and ideological and political evolution of the extreme right of interwar Romania offers a sensitive explanation of the part played by the Iron Guard in the history of Romanianism-anti-Semitism with university-based ideologies in the late 1920s and the 1930s. The work is largely based on analyses of printed literary and political tracts as well as on the nature of propaganda and the evolution of the doctrines of the Guardist movement.

A Bibliography of East European Travel Writing on EuropeA Bibliography of East European Travel Writing on Europe

There are a lot of Romanian travel accounts but you would not necessarily gather
this from reading standard Romanian ... române de la origini pînă la 1900 (
Bucharest, 1979); Dicţionarul scriitorilor români [Dictionary of Romanian writers],

Author: Wendy Bracewell

Publisher: Central European University Press

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The bibliography volume of the three-volume East Looks West: East European Travel Writing in Europe collates travel writing published in book form by east Europeans travelling in Europe from ca. 1550 to 2000. It is intended as a fundamental research tool, collecting together travel writings within each national/linguistic tradition, and enabling comparative analysis of such material. It fills an important gap in the existing reference literature, both in western and east European languages, and will be of use to those working in the growing fields of comparative travel writing, regional and national identities, and postcolonialism.These texts exist in surprisingly large numbers, and include writings of high literary quality as well as of historical interest, but they have been relatively little studied as a genre. Much of this material is rare and difficult to find, even in national libraries. As a result, there are few bibliographical surveys of the literature of east European travel and self-representation, and none that are region-wide or comparative in scope. This is the third volume of a three-part set of East Looks West, Vol. 1 - An Anthology of East European Travel Writing on Europe; and Vol. 2 - A Comparative Introduction to East European Travel Writing on Europe.

Daily Report Foreign Radio BroadcastsDaily Report Foreign Radio Broadcasts

Academácian Zaharia Stancu , chairman of the Romanian Writers Union ,
introduced to Nicolae Ceausescu and the other ... There is no doubt that writing
has played and is playing an important role in the dissemination of advanced
ideas .

Author: United States. Central Intelligence Agency


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Basket I implementation of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in EuropeBasket I implementation of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Fifty - seven Romanian writers signed a protest letter . against this move to the
Writers ' Union . ... Ethnic Hungarian dissidents involved in writing and
disseminating Ellenpontok , “ Counterpoints , ” which first appeared in December
1981 and ...



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Romania After 2000Romania After 2000

Five New Romanian Plays Gianina Cărbunariu Saviana Stanescu, Daniel
Charles Gerould ... Lacking a real infrastructure that would favor the development
of new writing in the state and national theatres , contemporary Romanian drama
blossomed instead in alternative venues . ... fare to embrace the Off -
OffBroadway - style plays of these energetic young writers , actors , and directors
who have almost ...

Author: Gianina Cărbunariu

Publisher: Martin E Segal Theatre Center

ISBN: STANFORD:36105132126611


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The first anthology of new Romanian Drama published in the United States, roMANIA after 2000 introduces American readers to compelling playwrights and plays that address resonant issues of a post-totalitarian society on its way toward democracy and a new European identity. Includes Stop the Tempo, Romania. Kiss Me, Vitamins, Romania 21, and Waxing West.

Philobiblon ClujPhilobiblon Cluj

[ LETTER to Gheorghe Rădulescu ) ” Cluj , 3 October 1984 Dear Comrade
Gheorghe Rădulescu , As coordinators of the Dictionary of the Romanian Writers
we dare to write you as we know your interest in literature and art , as well as
your spirit ...



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East EuropeEast Europe

CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS Romania tools for metal chipping , 5,375 units ( 24
) ; internal combustion motors , 338,000 hp ... He then accused a series of poets
and novelists of not writing for the masses . ... Changes in the Writers ' Union The
administrative shake - up in the Romanian Writers ' Union during its late January



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Contemporary AuthorsContemporary Authors

WRITINGS : " [ My ] advice to aspiring writers : the more you open the mouth the
less you write . As to any of the literary currents , they are like life itself : it starts
with a scream and ends with a sigh . ” Out of Romania ( autobiography ) , Faber ...



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A History of Romanian Historical WritingA History of Romanian Historical Writing

41 In Romanian Moldavia , researchers at the Institute of Linguistics , Literary
History , and Folklore in Iaşi have a compendium of Romanian writers ,
translators , literary critics , and folklorists as well as literary journals and societies
from the ...

Author: Frederick Kellogg


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