The Hillside StranglerThe Hillside Strangler

Author: Ted Schwarz

Publisher: Quill Driver Books

ISBN: 1884956378


Page: 338

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This book is the dramatic psychological study of a brutal killer, whose crimes of rape and murder were gruesome secrets he kept even from himself. Written with exclusive information gleaned from countless conversations with killer Ken Bianchi, his girlfriend, his psychiatrists, as well as policemen and journalists involved with the case.

The Hillside StranglersThe Hillside Stranglers

Not a morning or an evening passed for the citizens without their being confronted in the newspapers and on radio and television with news of the killings and the fear, even the certainty, that the Hillside Strangler, as Buono and ...

Author: Darcy O'Brien

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781497658592


Page: 333

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The riveting true crime account of the Hillside Stranglers and the horrific serial killings they unleashed on 1970s Los Angeles. For weeks that fall, the body count of sexually violated, brutally murdered young women escalated. With increasing alarm, Los Angeles newspapers headlined the deeds of a serial killer they named the Hillside Strangler. The city was held hostage by fear. But not until January 1979, more than a year later, would the mysterious disappearance of two university students near Seattle lead police to the arrest of a security guard—the handsome, charming, fast-talking Kenny Bianchi—and the discovery that the strangler was not one man but two. Compellingly, O’Brien explores the symbiotic relationship between Bianchi and his cousin Angelo Buono, their lust for women as insatiable as their hate, before examining the crimes they remorselessly perpetrated and the lives of the unsuspecting victims they claimed. Equally riveting is O’Brien’s account of the trial—one of the longest and most controversial criminal court cases in American history—with the defense team parading, one after another, expert witnesses who had been effectively duped by Bianchi’s impersonation of a man suffering multiple personality disorder. It’s one way a man might contrive to get away with murder. Like Truman Capote in In Cold Blood and Norman Mailer in The Executioner’s Song, Darcy O’Brien weds the narrative skill of an award-winning novelist with the detailed observations of an experienced investigator to unravel this chilling true-crime story.

Language Ideology and Identity in Serial Killer NarrativesLanguage Ideology and Identity in Serial Killer Narratives

... the 2009 book's subtitles codename the killers in question with their definite referenced tabloid nicknames; McGuire is granted “The Ice Queen”, and Ross “The Roadside Strangler”, among others. Much like with Cawthorne's work, ...

Author: Christiana Gregoriou

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136837845


Page: 209

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In this book, Gregoriou explores the portrayal of the serial killer identity and its related ideology across a range of contemporary crime narratives, including detective fiction, the true crime genre and media journalism. How exactly is the serial killer consciousness portrayed, how is the killing linguistically justified, and how distinguishing is the language revolving around criminal ideology and identity across these narrative genres? By employing linguistic and content-related methods of analysis, her study aims to work toward the development of a stylistic framework on the representation of serial killer ideology across factual (i.e. media texts), factional (i.e. true crime books) and fictional (i.e. novels) murder narratives. ‘Schema’ is a term commonly used to refer to organised bundles of knowledge in our brains, which are activated once we come across situations we have previously experienced, a ‘group schema’ being one such inventory shared by many. By analysing serial murder narratives across various genres, Gregoriou uncovers a widely shared ‘group schema’ for these murderers, and questions the extent to which real criminal minds are in fact linguistically fictionalised. Gregoriou’s study of the mental functioning and representation of criminal personas can help illuminate our schematic understanding of actual criminal minds.

Summary of Darcy O Brien s The Hillside StranglersSummary of Darcy O Brien s The Hillside Stranglers

... parked on Colorado Street in Glendale. She was sure that the driver of the Excalibur had been the same young man who had approached her car earlier in the day. #107 The police made many mistakes in the Hillside Strangler case, ...

Author: Everest Media,

Publisher: Everest Media LLC

ISBN: 9798822519336


Page: 31

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 The body of the girl was found in a flowerbed near the northern hills. She had been strangled, and her neck was surrounded by a line of dark, purplish bruises. She was small and thin, and she could not have lived more than fifteen or sixteen years. #2 Salerno believed that the girl had been dumped there deliberately, not tossed or dropped. He thought that two men had carried her from a car. The ice plant next to the curb had been pushed out of place, and the dirt beneath it had been freshly disturbed. #3 Salerno went to talk to the Koehns, who had not heard anything during the night. They told him that they slept like logs. He then went to interview everyone on Alta Terrace. It was a peaceful street. #4 Angelo Buono, the killer, was wiry and had Sicilian coloring. He was kind to animals and had a way with the ladies. He was bored that evening, so he went through the house checking for dust.

The Last Supper A Serial Killer CookbookThe Last Supper A Serial Killer Cookbook

JOHN WAYNE GACY Gacy's Last Supper: A bucket of KFC Fried Chicken, French fries, a dozen deepfried shrimp, and a pound of strawberries. Michael Bruce Ross, “The Roadside Strangler” Bio Bite: Lonely Michael.

Author: C Boccaccio


ISBN: 9781387000876


Page: 152

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""Killer Recipes For Those With An Appetite For Murder!"" 51 SIN-Tillating Recipes Based On The Bios Of The World's Most Salacious Slayers! DARK STORIES... DELICIOUS RECIPES. The Perfect Coffee Table Book For True Crime Enthusiasts! ""We Serial Killers are your brothers, your husbands, your fathers... we are everywhere...You wouldn't believe how dark it is out there...""-- SON OF SAM. Thanks to the FBI Boston, Miami, Los Angeles and to the 3-star Michelin chef for help with these delicious recipes. Each of the killers in this book has touched my heart in some way. Although this author does not condone the actions of the hunters in this volume, these lost souls were the architects of my innocently creative imagination as I was growing up. In that way, I have sought out their knowledge, asking them to show me a world that I could not know, and in that way, perhaps to help me understand the nature of being so completely alone; so completely lost in the true chaos of the human mind... - CB

Serial Killer Quarterly Vol 1 No 1 21st Century Psychos Serial Killer Quarterly Vol 1 No 1 21st Century Psychos

(sung repeatedly) Composure: Sangand showed no remorse To hear a brief clipof Rolling serenading his sweetheart Sondra London, follow thislink: Michael Ross The Roadside Strangler Crimes: ...

Author: Katherine Ramsland

Publisher: Grinning Man Press

ISBN: 9780993823213


Page: 140

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The debut issue of Serial Killer Quarterly, "21st Century Psychos", explores seven of the new millennium's most notorious multiple murder cases and examines how modern technological advancements and political developments are influencing the manner in which serial murder is being articulated. Dr. Katherine Ramsland examines the life and crimes of Israel Keyes - arguably the most organized and mobile serial murderer in American history. In direct contrast to Keyes's secretive slayings, the Beltway Snipers, John Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, murdered random civilians in broad daylight and openly taunted the authorities. Michael Newton - author of 265 books including the groundbreaking Encyclopedia of Serial Killers - details their three week reign of terror in his feature "Islam Will Explode". Lee Mellor's "Web of Spiders" discusses the milestone case of "Slavemaster" John Edward Robinson: the Internet's first serial killer. Other articles in "21st Century Psychos" include: "Love in the Ashes" - Arthur Ellis-award nominee Robert J. Hoshowsky takes on Sheila Labarre - an aging nymphomaniac who seduced, slaughtered, and incinerated three male victims on her New Hampshire farm, challenging our views on the nature of female serial killers forever. "The Interview" - Curtis Yateman's impressionistic look at the 2009-2010 murders committed by Canadian Airforce base commander Col. Russell Williams. "Checkmate" - The story of post-Soviet Russia's most prolific serial slaughterer, "Chessboard Killer" Alexander Pichushkin, as recounted by Grinning Man Press co-founder Aaron Elliott. "Canada's Killer Countryboy?" - Award-winning author,Kim Cresswell, sheds light on clean-cut "country boy" Cody Legebokoff, who at the age of 21 was charged with the murders of four women in western Canada. Is his guilt a certainty, or is there more to this story than meets the eye? Also read...Infamous Words, Feasts of Death and Killer Flicks: Grinning Man Reviews - Mr. Brooks.

Introduction to Forensic PsychologyIntroduction to Forensic Psychology

At least 12 women and girls, ranging in ages from 12 to 27, were victims of the Hillside Strangler, who terrorized the Los Angeles area between 1977 and 1978. The name “Hillside Strangler” was assigned to this serial killer because the ...

Author: Curt R. Bartol

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412958301


Page: 577

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This extensive, up-to-date core text introduces students to new, emerging fields of study within forensic psychology. Emphasizing a contemporary developmental approach toward the understanding of crime and delinquency, the Second Edition of Introduction to Forensic Psychology features a multicultural perspective and focuses on the application of psychological knowledge and research. The authors introduce students to the many careers related to forensic psychology, as well as issues that are an integral part of the day-to-day work of forensic psychologists. New coverage in this edition includes relationships between mental disorders and crime and violence, sexual deviance, death penalty mitigation, restorative justice initiatives, arson and typologies of juvenile fire setters, sexual harassment, and criminal sentencing. New to This Edition! Includes an extensive look at developmental perspectives and biological research as they relate to the formation of delinquent and adult offending Provides a greater emphasis on criminal justice applications in this edition to show relevance for students interested in careers in the field Boasts more examples throughout the text to captivate and hold student interest, such as chapter-opening case examples, the anatomy of an autopsy, date rape, and an Andrea Yates update More accessible to students with learning objectives at the start of each chapter, new review questions at the ends of chapters, a list of key concepts defined in the chapters, boxed excerpts, and chapter summaries, all aiming to reinforce student learning Presents a new two-color design throughout Ancillaries Available! Instructor Resources on CD feature chapter summaries and outlines, test questions, PowerPoint slides, discussion topics, and more. Qualified instructors can request a copy by contacting SAGE Customer Care at 1-800-818-7243 from 6AM-5PM, PT. Student study site at The Student study site offers additional journal articles and a variety of supplemental web resources in support of the both the text and the reader. Intended Audience: This core text is designed for undergraduate and graduate students of Forensic Psychology as well as similar courses in departments of psychology, criminal justice, and criminology. Chat with the authors! Email them at [email protected]

The Killing GameThe Killing Game

Randy Steven Kraft was the Southern California Strangler, who drugged his victims and then would torture them and leave the bodies on the roadside. He was suspected of at least 51 murders. In March of 1978, members from the Hillside ...

Author: Alan R. Warren

Publisher: WildBlue Press

ISBN: 9781947290921


Page: 207

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The “compelling true story” of “The Dating Game Killer” by the radio host and bestselling author of Drinks, Dinner & Death (Burl Barer, Edgar Award-winning author). Beginning in 1968 and continuing into the 1970s, a predator stalked California and New York, torturing, raping and murdering young girls and women. But who was the monster behind these tragedies? Eventually, a suspect emerged, but he didn’t look like a monster. Indeed, Rodney Alcala was a handsome, charming photographer who’d once studied film at New York University under director Roman Polanski. With his wit and easy self-confidence and humor, he’d even been selected as the “winner” on the popular television show “The Dating Game.” But his real game was much more sinister. In 2010, Alcala was convicted of murdering five women in California during the 1970s; then in 2013, as he waited on Death Row, he confessed to the murder of two more in New York. Yet, that might not be the end of the nightmare he caused. At his arrest, police found his “portfolio” with thousands of nude and erotic photographs of women and boys, who may also be among his victims. In The Killing Game, bestselling true crime author and radio show host, Alan R. Warren reveals the shocking details of Alcala’s brutal crimes, as well as the trials and appeals that stretched on for decades and may still not be over.

Trace EvidenceTrace Evidence

The Hunt for the I-5 Serial Killer Bruce Henderson ... LIBRARY JOURNAL " A roadside strangler confounds detectives in this tense and gritty true - crime account . With novelistic urgency , Henderson tells two equally chilling stories in ...

Author: Bruce Henderson

Publisher: Rosetta Books

ISBN: 9780795352126


Page: 457

View: 620

The #1 New York Times bestselling true crime author presents “a solid, compelling account of that most vicious of criminals, the random serial killer” (Library Journal). Through the 1970s and 80s, a dangerous serial killer stalked Northern California along Interstate 5. Dubbed the I-5 Strangler, Roger Kibbe was incredibly skilled at staying ahead of investigators as his victim count rose. Even after he was identified, there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him with murder. Instead, investigators had to build their murder case over the course of months while Kibbe was locked up on an assault conviction. Drawing on hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews with key investigators, as well as other important figures such as the Kibbe’s reclusive wife, #1 New York Times bestselling author Bruce Henderson builds a fascinating portrait of this unrepentant murderer. “Trace Evidence is a gripping, fast-paced account of what it takes to capture and make a winnable case against an elusive serial killer.” —Vincent Bugliosi, author of Helter Skelter "A masterful job…Lusciously detailed and immensely readable.”—Booklist

Talking with Serial Killers Dead Men TalkingTalking with Serial Killers Dead Men Talking

ROADSIDE. STRANGLER. There was nothing they could have said or done. They were dead as soon as I saw them. ... countless letters to me in his neat hand, then suddenly there he was, in person – Connecticut's only convicted serial killer.

Author: Christopher Berry-Dee

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781843586432


Page: 304

View: 933

Having delved into the heads of many of the world's most notorious murderers and published his gripping findings in the bestselling Talking with Serial Killers, for his latest book, renowned crime expert Christopher Berry-Dee has gained the trust of more monsters across the world and entered their prison lairs to discuss in detail their horrific crimes. Looking at the unique reality of their criminal lives and documenting the extent of their brutishness and cruelty, this book delves deep into the dysfunctional minds of a dozen social outcasts. Christopher Berry-Dee has also spent hundreds of hours corresponding with those incarcerated for the rest of their days and those on death row awaiting execution. Every sentence, paragraph and page of their writing provides clues to the reasons behind their homicidal behaviour -- making this book a must-read for aficionados of the genre and anyone fascinated by the extremes of the human condition. As you too come face-to-face with the most evil people in the world, their crimes will undoubtedly sicken and terrify; their words, however, will fascinate as you are drawn in to a world of hate, corruption, obsession, lust, power, terror and ultimately, death. Beyond the headlines, once the courtroom drama has subsided and the prison gates locked behind them for good, Dead Men Talking allows you to get up close and personal with torturers, psychopaths and mass murders, to read the stories that are rarely heard and get the last word from some of the world's worst criminals.