Resistances to FearlessnessResistances to Fearlessness

They offer a worldview shift via the Fearlessness Paradigm. This is a second major book on this topic, of which the first was Fisher's The World's Fearlessness Teachings (2010). This follow-up book is deep, punchy and provocative.

Author: R Michael Fisher

Publisher: Xlibris Au

ISBN: 1664105085


Page: 576

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The current dominating worldview and its paradigms of operations are unhealthy and unsustainable. Ecological, economic, political and psychological health are at stake. As experts in a philosophy of fearism, they apply a critical perspective on the dominant Fear Paradigm as root cause of the global crises in the 21st century. They offer a worldview shift via the Fearlessness Paradigm. This is a second major book on this topic, of which the first was Fisher's The World's Fearlessness Teachings (2010). This follow-up book is deep, punchy and provocative. It points to the failure of the world to understand the spirit of fearlessness that has existed from the beginning of Life some four billion years ago. The authors, from diverse backgrounds, point to the resistances that work against the recognition and development of the natural 'gift' of fearlessness and the design of a Fearlessness Paradigm, both which can counter the abuses of the Fear Paradigm. With extensive research and philosophical thought, the authors dialogue in a fresh imaginative way to help readers and leaders in all walks of life to better understand what resistances they may have to escaping from what Fisher calls the 'Fear' Matrix.

Non Violent ResistanceNon Violent Resistance

Passive resistance cannot proceed a step without fearlessness. Those alone can follow the path of passive resistance who are free from fear, whether as to their possessions, false honour, their relatives, the government, bodily injuries ...

Author: M. K. Gandhi

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486416069


Page: 404

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This volume focuses on Gandhi's vision of Satyagraha, whereby one appeals to reason and conscience and puts an end to evil by converting the evil-doer. The book begins with an explanation of Satyagraha and proceeds with detailed discussions of the self-training and courage necessary for Satyagraha.

Breakthrough How to Overcome Doubt Fear and Resistance to Be Your Ultimate Creative SelfBreakthrough How to Overcome Doubt Fear and Resistance to Be Your Ultimate Creative Self

Just as it's common to fear failure, people sometimes fear success. There's no need to fear either experience. Both can be beneficial, as long as you realize that what you perceive as failure and success are simply experiences to ...

Author: Todd Mitchell

Publisher: Owl Hollow Press

ISBN: 9781945654893


Page: 368

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"An Immensely valuable book! There are plenty of books out there on creativity, but none like this... an essential read for anyone who is seeking inspiration about the creative life." —Laura Pritchett, winner of the PEN USA Award for Fiction, author of Stars Go Blue Break free of toxic success myths. Transcend the suffering artist paradigm. Actualize your immense creative potential. If you've ever struggled with doubt, fear, procrastination, or disappointment while trying to create, this book is for you. Breakthrough goes where no other books on creativity dare to tread—exposing the toxic success myths that hold people back and revealing radical, perspective-shifting solutions. Through concise, friendly chapters that weave together personal experiences with guidance from research and nondual philosophical traditions, readers are given pragmatic ways to turn potential breakdowns into life-changing breakthroughs.

Thoughts Without A ThinkerThoughts Without A Thinker

This fear is what, in psychoanalytic circles, is often called resistance. The fearlessness of bare attention must take this very fear as object: in contacting it, the patient can then become more real. In bare attention, the courage or ...

Author: Mark Epstein

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780465063925


Page: 272

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Blending the lessons of psychotherapy with Buddhist teachings, Mark Epstein offers a revolutionary understanding of what constitutes a healthy emotional life The line between psychology and spirituality has blurred, as clinicians, their patients, and religious seekers explore new perspectives on the self. A landmark contribution to the field of psychoanalysis, Thoughts Without a Thinker describes the unique psychological contributions offered by the teachings of Buddhism. Drawing upon his own experiences as a psychotherapist and meditator, New York-based psychiatrist Mark Epstein lays out the path to meditation-inspired healing, and offers a revolutionary new understanding of what constitutes a healthy emotional life.

Fear of the Animal PlanetFear of the Animal Planet

In the most provocative book on animal rights since Peter Singer's Animal Liberation, Hribal argues persuasively that these escapes and attacks are deliberate, that the animals are acting with intent, that they are asserting their own ...

Author: Jason Hribal

Publisher: AK Press

ISBN: 9781849350754


Page: 280

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Taking the reader deep inside of the circus, the zoo, and similar operations, Fear of the Animal Planet provides a window into animal behavior: chimpanzees escape, elephants attack, orcas demand more food, and tigers refuse to perform. Indeed, these animals are rebelling with intent and purpose. They become true heroes and our understanding of them will never be the same.

Fear at the EdgeFear at the Edge

"A genuinely interdisciplinary work . . . the best attempt I have ever seen at a truly unified intellectuals' approach to an important issue."—Timothy Wickham-Crowley, Georgetown University "Very seldom does a collected volume achieve the ...

Author: Juan E. Corradi

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520077059


Page: 301

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"A genuinely interdisciplinary work . . . the best attempt I have ever seen at a truly unified intellectuals' approach to an important issue."—Timothy Wickham-Crowley, Georgetown University "Very seldom does a collected volume achieve the academic quality and internal coherence that one sees in this case. It is a major contribution to comparative research on post-authoritarian situations."—Carlos Waisman, University of California, San Diego

Catholic Renewal and Protestant Resistance in Marian EnglandCatholic Renewal and Protestant Resistance in Marian England

... but it may be more accurate to say that it was Foxe who, in representing Rogers, presented a model of fearless resistance in a real, recent and potentially repeatable English context. Fearlessness became, in Foxe's account, ...

Author: Dr Elizabeth Evenden

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754661627


Page: 331

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The contributors to this volume propose that the years 1556-57 saw the Marian Counter Reformation in all its aspects reach its height, with a truly national coordination of both religious enforcement and religious persuasion. With intensifying persecution came intensifying religious reaction. The volume book looks at both from the detailed perspectives of eleven authors from different disciplines (English Literature, History, Divinity, and the History of the Book), dealing with specialised aspects of these issues.

Attack PanicAttack Panic

'What is' in this present moment • is all you have. completely let go of any and all resistance to 'what is'. Remain totally detached from any outcome. Remember, your resistance generates more anxious sensations, which creates more fear ...

Author: Shaun Grant

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483644844


Page: 190

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For fifteen years, Shaun Grant suffered from general anxiety disorder (GAD), social phobia, and agoraphobia. Today, he is completely healed. How did he do it? Well, thats what this book is about. And if you suffer from an anxiety condition such as GAD, OCD, PTSD, panic attacks, or anxiety-related phobias (social phobia or agoraphobia), then this book is for you too. Its time to throw away all your coping strategies, techniques, and safety crutches. Its time to turn your back on medication and therapy. Its time to stop searching for answers. The Building Blocks contained in Attack Panic are the foundation for your own healing and contain all that you need to know, do, and be to end your own suffering. The Building Blocks will help you cultivate the belief, faith, and courage required for you to face your fears head-on, teach you how to disempower panic attacks and phobias, and remove the underlying anxiety condition (GAD, OCD, PTSD) completely. If you are willing to do, whatever it takes, exactly what is asked of you, if you are willing to practise and persevere, your own healing is a matter of fact.

Fearless Major GiftsFearless Major Gifts

But with an engaged spiritual practice, your leaders will be able to face resistance with grace, kindness, and courage. 2. Make resistance an agenda item when you need to discuss obstacles as a leadership group.

Author: Charles LaFond

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9780898690286


Page: 224

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Every major gift is planned, and every planned gift is major, so this book is written intentionally blurring those lines with the premise that if you know how to identify, evaluate, cultivate and finally ask for the gift, it does not matter if it is a major gift or is a will inclusion leaving the details of bequests to the donors, their lawyers and accountants. Clergy and others need help learning how to 'make the ask' before the remaining generous generations of capacity (anyone over 60 especially) die, having given their gifts to the non-profits and schools so willing and prepared to ask for them. LaFond recounts, "I remember sitting with a beloved, dying parishioner who turned to me in her last three hours and quietly said 'I wish I had remembered the church in my will.' I asked why she had not and she said, sweetly, 'They never asked, and everyone else did, and so thoroughly.'” Clergy and lay leaders are terrified of asking for major and planned gifts while parishes need them and donors need to give them. Clergy are not taught in seminary how to do this essential work of ministry. LaFond, in his various roles, is filling that educational gap.

Fearless Church FundraisingFearless Church Fundraising

At root, I believe we sense resistance around money because we are ashamed. Rich and poor among us—we are all ashamed and insecure about what we have, and we are all afraid of not having more or, at least, enough. How much is enough?

Author: Charles LaFond

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9780819228635


Page: 216

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Considering how essential fundraising is to ministry, many church leaders remain terrified of asking for or talking about money. Fearless Church Fundraising removes the terror from stewardship, urging leaders to focus on deep spiritual conversion and a clear, compelling mission before they design the pledge cards. In this rich resource part handbook, part workbook, part spiritual guidebook former monk and popular consultant Charles LaFond combines road-tested strategies and sample campaign documents with a spiritual director's sensitivity. The result is an irresistible, user-friendly text that promises to transform your ministry's fundraising and its spiritual life.