Representations of Women in Theocritus IdyllsRepresentations of Women in Theocritus Idylls

Theocritus a Hellenistic poet showcased a wide variety of women and their relationships to men. This work is the first comprehensive analysis of these women which includes both erotic and non-erotic portrayals.

Author: Marilyn Likosky


ISBN: 1433148706


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Hellenistic poet Theocritus showcased a wide variety of women and their relationships to men in his work. Representations of Women in Theocritus's Idylls: Authenticity of the Female Voice in the Erotic and Non-Erotic Portrayals is the first comprehensive analysis of these women. This book uses a unique and widely inclusive set of tools derived from gender studies, literary criticism, and Hellenistic history to extract the voices of females, as most are silent themselves and spoken for by others. This analysis questions the validity of the female voice and determines authenticity through a method derived from Lacanian psychoanalysis. Author Marilyn Likosky identifies a female erotic voice that according to criteria is not attributed to a woman but rather to the imagination of the male responding to perceived risks in engaging with a female at a time in which she received greater liberties. Theocritus explores a number of candidate strategies for males to lessen disruptions from erotic encounters. Likosky identifies an ambiguity in the presentation of voice, finding it likely an intentional means for Theocritus to engage his audience in troublesome issues. This book supports academic seminars in gender studies, Hellenistic poetry, and literary criticism.

Theocritus of Syracuse Oxford Bibliographies Online Research GuideTheocritus of Syracuse Oxford Bibliographies Online Research Guide

Mimes Idylls 2, 14, and 15 are literary mimes that draw heavily upon Theocritus's
Sicilian predecessors Epicharmus and, ... Explores the often contradictory
representations of women in Idyll 2, where Simaitha enjoys enormous personal ...

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Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

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This ebook is a selective guide designed to help scholars and students of the ancient world find reliable sources of information by directing them to the best available scholarly materials in whatever form or format they appear from books, chapters, and journal articles to online archives, electronic data sets, and blogs. Written by a leading international authority on the subject, the ebook provides bibliographic information supported by direct recommendations about which sources to consult and editorial commentary to make it clear how the cited sources are interrelated. A reader will discover, for instance, the most reliable introductions and overviews to the topic, and the most important publications on various areas of scholarly interest within this topic. In classics, as in other disciplines, researchers at all levels are drowning in potentially useful scholarly information, and this guide has been created as a tool for cutting through that material to find the exact source you need. This ebook is just one of many articles from Oxford Bibliographies Online: Classics, a continuously updated and growing online resource designed to provide authoritative guidance through the scholarship and other materials relevant to the study of classics. Oxford Bibliographies Online covers most subject disciplines within the social science and humanities, for more information visit

Women in Ancient SocietiesWomen in Ancient Societies

Instead of having the witch sing her own song (as in Theocritus, Idyll 2), Vergil
subordinated her to the ritual of pastoral: a shepherd ... representation which I
wish to discuss, this is not the first depiction of the erotic enchantress in literature.

Author: Leonie J. Archer

Publisher: Springer

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This collection of essays represents research currently being undertaken on women's lives and their representations in various ancient societies. It provides a forum for the exchange and development of ideas and methods at a crucial period in the growth of women's studies in the UK.

Women of the FieldsWomen of the Fields

Representations of Rural Women in the Nineteenth Century Karen Sayer ... that
concentrates on nymphs and shepherds, rather than agricultural labours, which
originated in Theocritus Idylls in the third century BC, and was continued in
Virgil's ...

Author: Karen Sayer

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719041422


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Item "describes the work that women did in agriculture, as seen in the parliamentary reports of 1843, 1967 [sic., 1867] and the 1890s, and the meanings given to that work in the local and national press, farming advice books, autobiographies and the art and literature of the period" -- back cover.

Women and Goddess TraditionsWomen and Goddess Traditions

The result , according to Miles , is that “ men usually have created
representations of women out of their fears and fantasies " ( 169 ) . 3 . Liddell and
Scott , A ... Theocritus , Idyll 17 ; and Callixenus , Athenaios , 196 - 204 . 11 .
Sarah Pomeroy ...

Author: Karen L. King

Publisher: Continuum

ISBN: UVA:X004145044


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Goddess religion was widespread in the world of the Bible and is reflected in many biblical texts. This provocative and reliable book, based on thorough analyses of primary sources, examines the role of the feminine deity in religious piety in three areas: Asia, the ancient Mediterranean, and in three contexts today.

Manual of Mythology in Relation to Greek ArtManual of Mythology in Relation to Greek Art

The festival of the Adonia , a special favourite with women , was held in many
Greek countries , and Theocritus records ... existence by the goddess of love ;
Eros , it will be seen , has a whole cycle of representations in art . , I Theocritus ,
Idyll .

Author: Maxime Collignon


ISBN: UOM:39015012118272


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Encyclopaedia of Women and DevelopmentEncyclopaedia of Women and Development

... we can call this ' the same witch - figure ' because the poet Simonides explicitly
set out to translate Theocritus , Idyll 2 , copying the ancient Greek witch ... There
is , thus , a chain of representation stretching from antiquity to the present day .

Author: Raj Pruthi


ISBN: 812610550X


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Women Consisting Half Of The Human Population Have Been Treated As Weaker Sex In All Societies Of The World. Hence Crime Against Women , Rape And Molestation , Emancipation Of Women , Identity Crisis , Discrimination And Many More Phrase-Like Problems Have Been Widely Discussed And Debated. Women Studies As An Independent Discipline Has Already Emerged There.The Present Work Is Unique Amidst The Existing Literature, Which Provides A Panoramic Survey Of Women Studies, Based On Latest Research.The Work Is Organized In The Following Volumes:Women And Development; Women And Society; Women And Science; Women And Sexuality; Women Problems; Women And Laws; Women And Work; Comparative State Feminism; Women And Marriage; Race, Ethnicity And Women; Women And Violence Against Women; Women And Leadership; Widowhood: A Curse To Humanity; Women And Economy; Women And Nation; Women In Agriculture And Trade.This Set Attempts To Present A Complete Picture Of Women From Different Angles Nd Thus, Will Prove An Ideal Reference Tool To All The Concerned.

The Idylls and Epigrams Commonly Attributed to TheocritusThe Idylls and Epigrams Commonly Attributed to Theocritus

Theocritus, Herbert Kynaston. little chilling proverbs ... The bustle and irritability of
the women are excellently shown in this description . See on Id . 2 . 19 ,
quotations from Herodas . If Mimes were intended for representation , such
passages ...

Author: Theocritus




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Ovid before ExileOvid before Exile

Even in Ovid's Fasti 3, Minerva oversees women's woolworking generally rather
than a guild of professional female weavers or the like. The turning point for the
representation of weavings in ... Theocritus's Idylls 15 is of particular relevance
for Ovid's episode, as it stands midway between the two traditions of fabric ...

Author: Patricia Johnson

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 0299224031


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The epic Metamorphoses, Ovid’s most renowned work, has regained its stature among the masterpieces of great poets such as Vergil, Horace, and Tibullus. Yet its irreverent tone and bold defiance of generic boundaries set the Metamorphoses apart from its contemporaries. Ovid before Exile provides a compelling new reading of the epic, examining the text in light of circumstances surrounding the final years of Augustus’ reign, a time when a culture of poets and patrons was in sharp decline, discouraging and even endangering artistic freedom of expression. Patricia J. Johnson demonstrates how the production of art—specifically poetry—changed dramatically during the reign of Augustus. By Ovid’s final decade in Rome, the atmosphere for artistic work had transformed, leading to a drop in poetic production of quality. Johnson shows how Ovid, in the episodes of artistic creation that anchor his Metamorphoses, responded to his audience and commented on artistic circumstances in Rome.

The Renaissance of Lesbianism in Early Modern EnglandThe Renaissance of Lesbianism in Early Modern England

Valerie Traub, Frederick G L Huetwell Professor of English and Women's Studies
Valerie Traub Stephen Orgel, Anne Barton ... In addition , the Idylls of the Greek
poet Theocritus and the Eclogues of his Roman successor , Virgil , provided
powerful inspiration for representations of male homoerotic ... The pastoral
representation of female homoeroticism is derived not from Theocritus or Virgil
but Ovid .

Author: Valerie Traub

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521448859


Page: 492

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Traub analyzes the representation of female-female love and eroticism in early modern literature and drama.

A Companion to Women in the Ancient WorldA Companion to Women in the Ancient World

The Tanagra figurines are also of clear interest in the exploration and
representation of female elegance, beauty, and charm. Who are the women
represented in ... in the public spaces of Hellenistic cities. Theocritus' Gorgo and
Praxinoa (Idyll ...

Author: Sharon L. James

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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Selected by Choice as a 2012 Outstanding Academic Title Awarded a 2012 PROSE Honorable Mention as a Single Volume Reference/Humanities & Social Sciences A Companion to Women in the Ancient World presents an interdisciplinary, methodologically-based collection of newly-commissioned essays from prominent scholars on the study of women in the ancient world. The first interdisciplinary, methodologically-based collection of readings to address the study of women in the ancient world Explores a broad range of topics relating to women in antiquity, including: Mother-Goddess Theory; Women in Homer, Pre-Roman Italy, the Near East; Women and the Family, the State, and Religion; Dress and Adornment; Female Patronage; Hellenistic Queens; Imperial Women; Women in Late Antiquity; Early Women Saints; and many more Thematically arranged to emphasize the importance of historical themes of continuity, development, and innovation Reconsiders much of the well-known evidence and preconceived notions relating to women in antiquity Includes contributions from many of the most prominent scholars associated with the study of women in antiquity

On Coming AfterOn Coming After

Theocritus,. Idyll. 15*. This paper considers various related aspects of Theoc. 15:
the poem's concern with its own form, the relation of the poet to the ruling house,
and the representation of important themes in Ptolemaic public ideology. These
are all familiar subjects, ... with his first beard just showing. After a brief
interruption, Gorgo draws attention to 'the Argive woman's daughter', a pok}idqir !
oid|r, and ...

Author: Richard Hunter

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110210309


Page: 917

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This work gathers together the principal essays of Richard Hunter, whose work has been fundamental in the modern re-evaluation of Greek literature after Alexander and its reception at Rome and elsewhere. At the heart of Hunter’s work lies the high poetry of Ptolemaic Alexandria and the narrative literature of later antiquity (‘the ancient novel’), but comedy, mime, didactic poetry and ancient literary criticism all fall within the scope of these studies. Principal recurrent themes are the uses and recreation of the past, the modes of poetic allusion, the moral purpose of literature, and the intellectual context for ancient poetry.

The Cambridge Companion to Christopher MarloweThe Cambridge Companion to Christopher Marlowe

Ambiguous gender representation emerges as the supreme instance of artistic
skill in the Renaissance , but this raises the ... This myth then became the subject
of a singing competition in Theocritus ' Idylls , an extremely famous text in the ...

Author: Patrick Cheney

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521527341


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The Cambridge Companion to Christopher Marlowe provides a full introduction to one of the great pioneers of both the Elizabethan stage and modern English poetry. It recalls that Marlowe was an inventor of the English history play (Edward II) and of Ovidian narrative verse (Hero and Leander), as well as being author of such masterpieces of tragedy and lyric as Doctor Faustus and 'The Passionate Shepherd to His Love'. Sixteen leading scholars provide accessible and authoritative chapters on Marlowe's life, texts, style, politics, religion, and classicism. The volume also considers his literary and patronage relationships and his representations of sexuality and gender and of geography and identity; his presence in modern film and theatre; and finally his influence on subsequent writers. The Companion includes a chronology of Marlowe's life, a note on reference works, and a reading list for each chapter.

Tradition and Innovation in Hellenistic PoetryTradition and Innovation in Hellenistic Poetry

Furthermore , Theocritus also wrote a significant number of poems with ' realistic '
urban ( Idylls 2 , 14 , 15 ) or rural ( Idylls 1 , 3 – 7 , 10 – 11 ) ... 4 Through the
representation of typical humble characters and their daily occupations , rather
than strikingly defined individuals , the Sicilian mime gave ... ( the author ) has
formed the poem by analogy with Sophron ' s Women Attending the Isthmian
Games ' ( p .

Author: Marco Fantuzzi

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 113944252X



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Hellenistic poets of the third and second centuries BC were concerned with the need both to mark their continuity with the classical past and to demonstrate their independence from it. In this revised and expanded translation of Muse e modelli: la poesia ellenistica da Alessandro Magno ad Augusto, Greek poetry of the third and second centuries BC and its reception and influence at Rome are explored allowing both sides of this literary practice to be appreciated. Genres as diverse as epic and epigram are considered from a historical perspective, in the full range of their deep-level structures, providing a different perspective on the poetry and its influence at Rome. Some of the most famous poetry of the age such as Callimachus' Aitia and Apollonius' Argonautica is examined. In addition, full attention is paid to the poetry of encomium, in particular the newly published epigrams of Posidippus, and Hellenistic poetics, notably Philodemus.

Looking at LovemakingLooking at Lovemaking

... female , 103 ; treatment of , 177 Smikros , 86 “ socker ” mentality , 236 Sogliano
, Antonio , 154 , 178 , 186 somatotypes . ... sexual representations in , 2 , 9 - 10 ,
17 - 18 , 116 , 277 ; women missing from , 9 - 10 Thebes , 85 Theocritus , Idylls ...

Author: John R. Clarke


ISBN: UOM:39015040156195


Page: 372

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"Clarke teaches us to think about how this art was understood and felt by those who lived with it in their daily lives and he speculates that it might even reflect what the Romans actually did. This is the first genuinely contextual and theoretically informed study we have of a vast panoply of classical art about sex. It will be an illuminating book for classicists, historians, and anybody else who finds lovemaking interesting."--Thomas Laqueur, author of Making Sex "There are few scholars as able to take on this material, as well versed in theories of sexuality, and as comfortable dealing with both heterosexual and homoerotic content as Clarke. The topic is timely and the execution is professional."--Natalie Kampen, Barnard College "This book should attract not only classicists, but also scholars of sexuality in any field. Clarke succeeds both in introducing little-known material and in defamiliarizing the familiar examples of erotic art."--Anthony Corbeill, University of Kansas "Looking at Lovemaking proves that the ancients were very different from you and me--that they saw sex not primarily as procreation and never as sin but rather as sport, art, and pleasure, an activity full of humor, tenderness and above all variety. John R. Clarke, by looking at Roman artifacts from several centuries destined to be used by different social classes, reveals that the erotic visual record is far more varied, open-minded and playful than are written moral strictures, which were narrowly formulated by the elite and for the elite. This book is at once discreet and bold--discreetly respectful of nuance and context, boldly clear in drawing the widest possible conclusions about the malleability of human behavior. Clarke has, with meticulous scholarship and a fresh approach, vindicated Foucault's revolutionary claims for the social construction of sexuality."--Edmund White, author of The Beautiful Room is Empty


MIME AND MIMESIS : THEOCRITUS , IDYLL 15 Richard Hunter This paper
considers various related aspects of Theoc . 15 : the poem ' s concern with its
own form , the relation of the poet to the ruling house , and the representation of
important themes in Ptolemaic public ideology . ... After a brief interruption ,
Gorgo draws attention to ' the Argive woman ' s daughter ' , a tolúidpis đoidós ,
and bound to ...

Author: Annette Harder


ISBN: UOM:39015053143445


Page: 266

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Theocritus ' Urban Mimes : Mobility , Gender , and Patronage . Berkeley ... The '
Performative Future ' in Three Hellenistic Incantations and Theocritus ' Second
Idyll . ” CP 90 : 1 ... In Pornography and Representation in Greece and Rome , ed



ISBN: UOM:39015069039108



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The Idylls of Theocritus Ed with Introduction and NotesThe Idylls of Theocritus Ed with Introduction and Notes

To attempt to analyze it would be ridiculous : it must be read at length to
appreciate the delightful representation of third century scandal , scolding ,
crowded streets , bustling women , huffy strangers , domestic worries . Note only
that as xiv ...

Author: Theocritus


ISBN: UOM:39015004730571


Page: 391

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