Remembering the Holocaust in Educational SettingsRemembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings

The book is divided into two key parts.

Author: Andy Pearce

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351008624


Page: 262

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Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings brings together a group of international experts to investigate the relationship between Holocaust remembrance and different types of educational activity through consideration of how education has become charged with preserving and perpetuating Holocaust memory and an examination of the challenges and opportunities this presents. The book is divided into two key parts. The first part considers the issues of and approaches to the remembrance of the Holocaust within an educational setting, with essays covering topics such as historical culture, genocide education, familial narratives, the survivor generation, and memory spaces in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. In the second part, contributors explore a wide range of case studies within which education and Holocaust remembrance interact, including young people’s understanding of the Holocaust in Germany, Polish identity narratives, Shoah remembrance and education in Israel, the Holocaust and Genocide Centre of Education and Memory in South Africa, and teaching at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. An international and interdisciplinary exploration of how and why the Holocaust is remembered through educational activity, Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings is the ideal book for all students, scholars, and researchers of the history and memory of the Holocaust as well as those studying and working within Holocaust education.

Holocaust EducationHolocaust Education

'Introduction: Education, remembrance and the Holocaust – towards pedagogic memory- work'. In Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings, edited by Andy Pearce, 1–21. London: Routledge. Pearce, A. 2018b. 'Holocaust education at ...

Author: Stuart Foster

Publisher: UCL Press

ISBN: 9781787355699


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Teaching and learning about the Holocaust is central to school curriculums in many parts of the world. As a field for discourse and a body of practice, it is rich, multidimensional and innovative. But the history of the Holocaust is complex and challenging, and can render teaching it a complex and daunting area of work. Drawing on landmark research into teaching practices and students’ knowledge in English secondary schools, Holocaust Education: Contemporary challenges and controversies provides important knowledge about and insights into classroom teaching and learning. It sheds light on key challenges in Holocaust education, including the impact of misconceptions and misinformation, the dilemmas of using atrocity images in the classroom, and teaching in ethnically diverse environments. Overviews of the most significant debates in Holocaust education provide wider context for the classroom evidence, and contribute to a book that will act as a guide through some of the most vexed areas of Holocaust pedagogy for teachers, teacher educators, researchers and policymakers.

Holocaust Education 25 Years OnHolocaust Education 25 Years On

He is the author of Holocaust Consciousness in Contemporary Britain (Routledge, 2014) and the editor of Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings (Routledge, 2018). He has collaborated with numerous institutions and provided ...

Author: Andy Pearce

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429823725


Page: 224

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The year 2016 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of statutory teaching and learning about the Holocaust in English state-maintained schools, which was introduced with the first English National Curriculum in 1991. The year 2016 also saw the publication of the largest empirical research study on Holocaust education outcomes – the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education’s What Do Students Know and Understand About the Holocaust? This book presents a systematic reflection on the outcomes of this quarter-century of Holocaust education in England and the Centre’s wider work to reflect on the forms and the limitations of children’s knowledge about the Holocaust and of English Holocaust education resources. These papers are then contextualised in two ways: through papers that situate English Holocaust education historiographically and in England’s wider Holocaust culture; and through papers from America, Switzerland, and Germany that place the UCL Centre for Holocaust Education’s findings in a wider and comparative perspective. Overall, the book presents unique empirical insights into teaching and learning processes and outcomes in Holocaust education and enables these to be theorised and explored systematically. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Holocaust Studies: A Journal of Culture and History.

Remembering Women s ActivismRemembering Women s Activism

Series Editors: David Lowe and Tony Joel The Remembering the Modern World series throws new light on the major themes in ... Finney Remembering Independence Carola Lentz and David Lowe Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings ...

Author: Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429850486


Page: 254

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Remembering Women’s Activism examines the intersections between gender politics and acts of remembrance by tracing the cultural memories of women who are known for their actions. Memories are constantly being reinterpreted and are profoundly shaped by gender. This book explores the gendered dimensions of history and memory through nation-based and transnational case studies from the Asia-Pacific region and Anglophone world. Chapters consider how different forms of women’s activism have been remembered: the efforts of suffragists in Britain, the USA and Australia to document their own histories and preserve their memory; Constance Markievicz and Qiu Jin, two early twentieth-century political activists in Ireland and China respectively; the struggles of women workers; and the movement for redress of those who have suffered militarized sexual abuse. The book concludes by reflecting on the mobilization of memories of activism in the present. Transnational in scope and with reference to both state-centred and organic acts of remembering, including memorial practices, physical sites of memory, popular culture and social media, Remembering Women’s Activism is an ideal volume for all students of gender and history, the history of feminism, and the relationship between memory and history.

Remembering Social MovementsRemembering Social Movements

Titles in the series: Remembering the Second World War Edited by Patrick Finney Remembering Independence Carola Lentz and David Lowe Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings Edited by Andy Pearce Remembering Women's Activism ...

Author: Stefan Berger

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000390193


Page: 343

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Remembering Social Movements offers a comparative historical examination of the relations between social movements and collective memory. A detailed historiographical and theoretical review of the field introduces the reader to five key concepts to help guide analysis: repertoires of contention, historical events, generations, collective identities, and emotions. The book examines how social movements act to shape public memory as well as how memory plays an important role within social movements through 15 historical case studies, spanning labour, feminist, peace, anti-nuclear, and urban movements, as well as specific examples of ‘memory activism’ from the 19th century to the 21st century. These include transnational and explicitly comparative case studies, in addition to cases rooted in German, Australian, Indian, and American history, ensuring that the reader gains a real insight into the remembrance of social activism across the globe and in different contexts. The book concludes with an epilogue from a prominent Memory Studies scholar. Bringing together the previously disparate fields of Memory Studies and Social Movement Studies, this book systematically scrutinises the two-way relationship between memory and activism and uses case studies to ground students while offering analytical tools for the reader.

The Palgrave Handbook of Britain and the HolocaustThe Palgrave Handbook of Britain and the Holocaust

It is, therefore, telling that despite the Holocaust being a salient feature of the history National Curriculum for more than ... in Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings, edited by Andy Pearce (London: Routledge, 2018), pp.

Author: Tom Lawson

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030559328


Page: 510

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This handbook is the most comprehensive and up-to-date single volume on the history and memory of the Holocaust in Britain. It traces the complex relationship between Britain and the destruction of Europe’s Jews, from societal and political responses to persecution in the 1930s, through formal reactions to war and genocide, to works of representation and remembrance in post-war Britain. Through this process the handbook not only updates existing historiography of Britain and the Holocaust; it also adds new dimensions to our understanding by exploring the constant interface and interplay of history and memory. The chapters bring together internationally renowned academics and talented younger scholars. Collectively, they examine a raft of themes and issues concerning the actions of contemporaries to the Holocaust, and the responses of those who came ‘after’. At a time when the Holocaust-related activity in Britain proceeds apace, the contributors to this handbook highlight the importance of rooting what we know and understand about Britain and the Holocaust in historical actuality. This, the volume suggests, is the only way to respond meaningfully to the challenges posed by the Holocaust and ensure that the memory of it has purpose.

Remembering Asia s World War TwoRemembering Asia s World War Two

Remembering the First World War Bart Ziino Remembering the Second World War Edited by Patrick Finney Remembering Independence Carola Lentz and David Lowe Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings Edited by Andy Pearce ...

Author: Mark R. Frost

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429632563


Page: 288

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Over the past four decades, East and Southeast Asia have seen a proliferation of heritage sites and remembrance practices which commemorate the region’s bloody conflicts of the period 1931–45. Remembering Asia’s World War Two examines the origins, dynamics, and repercussions of this regional war “memory boom”. The book analyzes the politics of war commemoration in contemporary East and Southeast Asia. Featuring contributions from leading international scholars, the chapters span China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore, covering topics such as the commemoration of the Japanese military’s “comfort women” system, forms of "dark tourism" or commemorative pilgrimages (e.g. veterans’ tours to wartime battlefields), and the establishment and evolution of various war-related heritage sites and museums. Case studies reveal the distinctive trajectories of new and newly discovered forms of remembrance within and across national boundaries. They highlight the growing influence of non-state actors over representations of conflict and occupation, as well as the increasingly interconnected and transnational character of memory-making. Taken together, the studies collected here demonstrate that across much of Asia the public commemoration of the wars of 1931–45 has begun to shift from portraying them as a series of national conflicts with distinctive local meanings to commemorating the conflict as a common pan-Asian, or even global, experience. Focusing on non-textual vehicles for public commemoration and considering both the local and international dimensions of war commemoration within, Remembering Asia’s World War Two will be a crucial reference for students and scholars of History, Memory Studies, and Heritage Studies, as well as all those interested in the history, politics, and culture of contemporary Asia.

Tourism and MemoryTourism and Memory

'Beyond Learning the Facts: Tea ing Commemoration as an Educational Task in German Memorial Sites for the Victims of National Socialist Crimes'. In Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings, edited by Andy Pearce, translated by ...

Author: Doreen Pastor

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000466102


Page: 190

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This book considers tourism to memorial sites from a visitor’s point of view, challenging established theories in tourism and memory studies by critically appraising Germany’s often celebrated memory culture. Based on visitor observations and exit interviews, this book examines how domestic and international visitors negotiate their visits to the concentration camp memorials Ravensbrück and Flossenbürg, the House of the Wannsee Conference and the former Stasi prison Bautzen II. It argues that memorial sites are melting pots where family, national and global narratives meet. For German visitors, the visit to memorial sites is a confrontation with Germany's responsibility for the two dictatorships while for international visitors it can be a form of 'seeing is believing'. Ultimately, it is the immediacy of the space that is the most important part of the visit. Rooted in an interdisciplinary approach, this book will be of interest to academics and students in German Studies, Tourism and Heritage Studies, Museum Studies, Public History, and Memory Studies.

Teaching about GenocideTeaching about Genocide

Advice and Suggestions from Professors, High School Teachers, and Staff Developers Samuel Totten. With informative essays providing ... In A. Pearce (Ed.), Remembering the Holocaust in educational settings (pp. 240–256). Routledge.

Author: Samuel Totten


ISBN: 9781475856019


Page: 270

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Secondary level teachers and professors from various disciplines variously present their best advice and insights into teaching about various facets of genocide.

Conceptualizing Mass ViolenceConceptualizing Mass Violence

This year, Sue joined the State Government's Holocaust Education Working Group, to assist with development and ... of Children and Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors (2015) and Remembering The Holocaust in Educational Settings (2018).

Author: Navras J. Aafreedi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000381313


Page: 288

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Conceptualizing Mass Violence draws attention to the conspicuous inability to inhibit mass violence in myriads forms and considers the plausible reasons for doing so. Focusing on a postcolonial perspective, the volume seeks to popularize and institutionalize the study of mass violence in South Asia. The essays explore and deliberate upon the varied aspects of mass violence, namely revisionism, reconstruction, atrocities, trauma, memorialization and literature, the need for Holocaust education, and the criticality of dialogue and reconciliation. The language, content, and characteristics of mass violence/genocide explicitly reinforce its aggressive, transmuting, and multifaceted character and the consequent necessity to understand the same in a nuanced manner. The book is an attempt to do so as it takes episodes of mass violence for case study from all inhabited continents, from the twentieth century to the present. The volume studies ‘consciously enforced mass violence’ through an interdisciplinary approach and suggests that dialogue aimed at reconciliation is perhaps the singular agency via which a solution could be achieved from mass violence in the global context. The volume is essential reading for postgraduate students and scholars from the interdisciplinary fields of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, History, Political Science, Sociology, World History, Human Rights, and Global Studies.

Remembering the Past Educating for the Present and the FutureRemembering the Past Educating for the Present and the Future

Personal and Pedagogical Stories of Holocaust Educators Samuel Totten, Paul Robert Bartrop, Steven L. Jacobs ... I also noted that I was interested in and willing to develop a human rights curriculum for use in high school settings .

Author: Samuel Totten

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0897897099


Page: 256

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This collection of essays about Holocaust education is by educators involved primarily at the secondary level of schooling (grades 7 to 12). Contributors relate the genesis of their interest in the Holocaust and the evolution of their educative efforts.

Historical Justice and History EducationHistorical Justice and History Education

In some small, but important, way hearing survivors speak in educational settings thus potentially offered a sense ... site for the production of social and cultural norms relating to teaching, learning, and remembering the Holocaust.

Author: Matilda Keynes

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030704124


Page: 440

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This book explores how the expectations of historical justice movements and processes are understood within educational contexts, particularly history education. In recent years, movements for historical justice have gained global momentum and prominence as the focus on righting wrongs from the past has become a feature of contemporary politics. This imperative has manifested in globally diverse contexts including societies emerging from recent, violent conflict, but also established democracies which are increasingly compelled to address the legacies of colonialism, slavery, genocides, and war crimes, as well as other forms of protracted discord. This book examines historical justice from an educational perspective, exploring the myriad ways that education is understood as a site of historical injustice, as well as a mechanism for redress. The editors and contributors analyse the role of history education in processes of historical justice broadly, exploring educational sites, policies, media, and materials. This edited collection is a unique and important touchstone volume for scholars, policy-makers, practitioners, and teachers that can guide future research, policy, and practice in the fields of historical justice, human rights and history education.

Mistakes Errors and Failures across CulturesMistakes Errors and Failures across Cultures

Jörn Rüsen zu Ehren (Peter Lang 2016), “Lessons at the limits: on learning Holocaust history in historical culture,” in Andy Pearce (ed.), Remembering the Holocaust in Educational Settings (Routledge 2018), and “Putin's history.

Author: Elisabeth Vanderheiden

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030355746


Page: 628

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This volume provides comprehensible, strength-based perspectives on contemporary research and practice related to navigating mistakes, errors and failures across cultures. It addresses these concepts across cultural contexts and explores any or all of these three concepts from a positive psychology or positive organisational perspective, highlighting their potential as resources. The volume further discusses the consequences of errors and failures at individual, organisational and societal levels, ranging from severe personal problems to organisational and collective crises, perspectives how those can be turned into opportunities for contingent and sustainable improvement processes. The book shows that there are significant cultural differences in the understanding, interpretation and handling of errors and failures. This volume provides practical guidance for transcultural understanding of mistakes, errors and failure through new models, ideas for self-reflection, therapeutic and counselling interventions and organisational change management processes. This book is a must for researchers and practitioners working on mistakes, errors and failures across cultures and disciplines!

Post Holocaust Religious Education for German WomenPost Holocaust Religious Education for German Women

But it was addressed in German family settings , pubs , and clubs , and resulted in a numbness toward the tragedy of genocide against Jews . Pondering the German debate , I realize that remembering in the U.S. appears to be much easier ...

Author: Gabriele Mayer

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3825861457


Page: 218

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Post-Holocaust Religious Education focuses on experiences of second- and third generation non-Jewish German women, highlighting their dual roles as both descendants of a perpetrator community and victims of a patriarchal system. How can they learn to face this perpetrator heritage and integrate it into their identity as women, as Germans, and as Christians? Drawing from a review of literature and empirical field studies, the book concludes by offering a relational approach to religious education; an approach towards a more constructive interaction between Jewish and Christian communities.

Holocaust Education in LithuaniaHolocaust Education in Lithuania

As such, collective memories are selective and they are about forgetting as much as remembering certain events. The promotion of Holocaust memory in Eastern Europe is a prime example of how collective memory can invoke an almost ...

Author: Christine Beresniova

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498537452


Page: 218

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Holocaust Education in Lithuania examines the effects of the controversial policies for Holocaust education that were introduced as conditions of membership for access into post-Soviet western alliances.

Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1992 Justification of the budget estimates Indian healthDepartment of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1992 Justification of the budget estimates Indian health

This will be accomplished , in part , through the development of the National Holocaust Education Resource Center whose ... expand the creation of oral histories for use in the classroom , as well as in many other educational settings .

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Dept. of the Interior and Related Agencies


ISBN: LOC:00186271075



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Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1992Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for 1992

This will be accomplished , in part , through the development of the National Holocaust Education Resource Center whose ... expand the creation of oral histories for use in the classroom , as well as in many other educational settings .

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Department of the Interior and Related Agencies


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119532013



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Justification of the budget estimates Indian healthJustification of the budget estimates Indian health

This will be accomplished , in part , through the development of the National Holocaust Education Resource Center whose ... expand the creation of oral histories for use in the classroom , as well as in many other educational settings .

Author: United States. Congress House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Department of the Interior and Related Agencies


ISBN: UCAL:B4682351



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Performative Holocaust Commemoration in the 21st CenturyPerformative Holocaust Commemoration in the 21st Century

When uttered in the appropriate context by authorised persons, and taken seriously by the receivers, ... Inspired by this pledge, national and international agents of Holocaust education and remembrance share a common mission to reject ...

Author: Diana I. Popescu

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000442755


Page: 162

View: 718

This book charts the performative dimension of the Holocaust memorialization culture through a selection of representative artistic, educational, and memorial projects. Performative practice refers to the participatory and performance-like aspects of the Holocaust memorial culture, the transformative potential of such practice, and its impact upon visitors. At its core, performative practice seeks to transform individuals from passive spectators into socially and morally responsible agents. This edited volume explores how performative practices came into being, what impact they exert upon audiences, and how researchers can conceptualise and understand their relevance. In doing so, the contributors to this volume innovatively draw upon existing philosophical considerations of performativity, understandings of performance in relation to performativity, and upon critical insights emerging from visual and participatory arts. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Holocaust Studies: A Journal of Culture and History.


The Holocaust : Remembering for the Future addresses these and other practical issues in Holocaust education with articles that provide models for curricula in both secondary and higher education settings . In addition to giving the ...



ISBN: UOM:39015046782242



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