Redneck Night Before ChristmasRedneck Night Before Christmas

Praise for The Night Before Christmas Series: "Forget Dancer, Prancer, Comet, and Vixen. . . . Good Clement, wherever he is, will not be gnashing his teeth." — New York Timers Book Review "Rice is especially good with facial expressions ...


Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 1455611026


Page: 40

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Presents a redneck twist on the well-known poem about an important Christmas visitor, who arrives in a pickup truck accompanied by eight hound dogs.

The Teachers Night Before ChristmasThe Teachers Night Before Christmas

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Author: Layne, Steven L.

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 1455612804


Page: 40

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Exhausted from parties and pageants at school but with presents still to buy, teachers are greeted at the mall by an unexpected helper driving a flying schoolbus.

Librarian s Night Before ChristmasLibrarian s Night Before Christmas

The author of Redneck Night Before Christmas , Trucker's Night Before Christmas , Nurse's Night Before Christmas , Texas Mother Goose , Rock ' n ' Roll Dogs , and Texas Zeke and the Longhorn , Davis has earned widespread appeal for his ...

Author: David Davis

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 1455607355


Page: 40

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A librarian is surprised Christmas Eve when Santa and his six elves come to her rescue in a red bookmobile to the library.

Firefighter s Night Before ChristmasFirefighter s Night Before Christmas

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Author: Kimbra L. Cutlip

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 1589800540


Page: 32

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In the style of Clement Moore's well-known poem, the firefighters from Firehouse One receive a visit from Ol' Sergeant Nick, who leaves them lots of surprises, including a shiny new pumper truck, while they are putting out a fire on Christmas Eve.

Cajun Night Before ChristmasCajun Night Before Christmas

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Author: Trosclair

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 1455601829


Page: 48

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The Cajun Night Before Christmas® has been a part of Louisiana’s holiday traditions since it was first published. Now, more than forty-five years later, a new generation is discovering the charm of Gaston® the Green-Nosed Alligator. First conceived by J.B. Kling, Jr. writing as ‘Trosclair’, the CLIO award-winning sales jingle for the Bergeron Plymouth Company in New Orleans was based on the Clement Moore poem. The exclusive rights were purchased by Pelican Publishing Company and the illustrations of then fledgling artist James Rice brought the story to life. Beloved master storyteller Coleen Salley narrated the read-along CD. Radio personality and voice talent Tommy Joe Breaux became the voice behind the recordings at City Park and on the audio version of the adventures of Gaston®. The book also created what has become the largest segment at Pelican Publishing—;the children’s book division. With the passing of publisher Dr. Milburn Calhoun and his wife Nancy Calhoun, illustrator James Rice, and the loss of Colleen Salley, the people behind the creation of the story are mostly gone. What remains is a long legacy of delight. Each year at the Celebration in the Oaks light show featuring the classic cabin from the story, dedicated staff from Pelican Publishing collect memories of attendees as they flow through the premiere preview parties. From now grown children who remember it as the first Louisiana tale they ever heard to young parents who laugh about a non-Louisiana spouse reading it to their children in full-blown Cajun accent, the book is universally loved and remembered. Teachers talk about how they use it in the classroom, business people mention they send it to out of state clients, and children laugh as they try to mimic the dialect that has all but disappeared from everyday life. The classic tale has been interpreted in gingerbread houses in competitions as far away as California and in cakes at the Edible Book competition at NOMA in New Orleans. For years, the miniature book ornaments have appeared on Christmas trees across the country as a reminder of a faraway Louisiana home. Even the New York Times praised the lilt, the humor, and the rough-hewn drawings of the Cajun tale. At Pelican Publishing, a huge portrait of Gaston® and his bearded friend hangs in the boardroom watching over each new author and illustrator that joins the family.