Rapid Fitness Elevate Your Fitness to New Heights in MinutesRapid Fitness Elevate Your Fitness to New Heights in Minutes

Jason Van Veldhuysen for his expertly written foreword and overall support of both Rapid Fitness and 5 Minute Fitness. Ade Adelano (Everlast UK Licensee) for his continued support and sponsorship. Chris, Ray and the team and John Blake ...

Author: Zen Martinoli

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781784182946


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Following the success of his first book, 5 Minute Fitness, boxing and fitness trainer Zen Martinoli has produced a new exciting book for those already accustomed to exercise.Rapid Fitness provides short, highly effective, bodyweight only, compact-workouts designed for recreational exercisers and sportspeople alike. These routines can be employed anywhere, anytime without the use of equipment - perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle.Improve your explosive strength, vertical and horizontal jumping power, acceleration or even deceleration ability with one of many, specifically tailored rapid-workouts. Amplify your performance levels and unlock the door to increased speed, strength, power, endurance, functionality, stability, motor-skills and core-strength as well as shedding fat and promoting lean muscle growth.These convenient rapid-workouts can be added to enhance your existing regime or as a standalone program in themselves. And with no need to spend long hours in the gym, there is now no excuse not to convert minimal time into maximum benefit in order to take your game to the next level.


Sex differences in body measurements, rapid fitness index and grip strength among Kolis of Rajasthan. DEGREE OF DISCRIMINATION BETWEEN NORMALS, MONGOLS (DOWN SYNDROME) AND NON-MONGOL. tional intake and daily activity pattern on body ...



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Variation and Evolution in Plants and MicroorganismsVariation and Evolution in Plants and Microorganisms

Chao, L. (1990) Fitness of RNA virus decreased by Muller ́s ratchet. ... Duarte, E. A., Clarke, D. K., Moya, A., Domingo, E. & Holland, J.J. (1992) Rapid fitness losses in mammalian RNA virus clones due to Muller ́s ratchet. Proc. Natl.

Author: National Academy of Sciences

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 9780309070997


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"The present book is intended as a progress report on [the] synthetic approach to evolution as it applies to the plant kingdom." With this simple statement, G. Ledyard Stebbins formulated the objectives of Variation and Evolution in Plants, published in 1950, setting forth for plants what became known as the "synthetic theory of evolution" or "the modern synthesis." The pervading conceit of the book was the molding of Darwin's evolution by natural selection within the framework of rapidly advancing genetic knowledge. At the time, Variation and Evolution in Plants significantly extended the scope of the science of plants. Plants, with their unique genetic, physiological, and evolutionary features, had all but been left completely out of the synthesis until that point. Fifty years later, the National Academy of Sciences convened a colloquium to update the advances made by Stebbins. This collection of 17 papers marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Stebbins' classic. Organized into five sections, the book covers: early evolution and the origin of cells, virus and bacterial models, protoctist models, population variation, and trends and patterns in plant evolution.

Biology and Pathogenesis of Rhabdo and FilovirusesBiology and Pathogenesis of Rhabdo and Filoviruses

Eldredge, N. & Gould, S.J. Punctuated equilibria: an alternative to phyletic gradualism. Models Paleobiol 82, 115 (1972). Duarte, E., Clarke, D., Moya, A., Domingo, E. & Holland, J. Rapid fitness losses in mammalian RNA virus clones due ...

Author: Asit K Pattnaik

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814635356


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Rhabdoviruses and Filoviruses are single-stranded, non-segmented, negative-strand RNA viruses, many of which cause significant morbidity and mortality in humans and animals. Certain members of these virus families have been used as excellent model systems to understand the molecular biology of replication, host responses to infections, and viral countermeasures. Rhabdoviruses have also been used as vaccine vectors as well as oncolytic agents. Studies on Filoviruses have now provided significant insights into how they enter susceptible cells, replicate and cause disease, and also how they evade the host's immune mechanisms. This book addresses the most recent findings on Rhabdovirus and Filovirus structure, replication mechanisms, host cell responses to virus infections and viral countermeasures. Chapters on emerging viruses as well as approaches for therapeutic interventions have also been included. This book represents an authoritative text that brings together the most recent advances on the cellular and molecular biology of Rhabdo- and Filoviruses, including mechanisms of pathogenesis. Contents:Overview of Rhabdo– and Filoviruses (Asit K Pattnaik and Michael A Whitt)Rhabdovirus Structure (Ming Luo)The Pathway of VSV Entry into Cells (Shem Johnson and Jean Gruenberg)Rhabdovirus Glycoproteins (Yves Gaudin and Michael A Whitt)VSV RNA Transcription and Replication (Jacques Perrault)Host Cell Functions in Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Replication (Phat X Dinh, Anshuman Das, and Asit K Pattnaik)Cytopathogenesis of Rhabdoviruses (Douglas S Lyles)Assembly and Budding of Rhabdo– and Filoviruses (Ziying Han and Ronald N Harty)Rhabdoviruses as Vaccine Vectors: From Initial Development to Clinical Trials (John K Rose and David K Clarke)Oncolytic Rhabdoviruses (Nicole E Forbes and John C Bell)Use of Rhabdoviruses to Study Neural Circuitry (Melanie Ginger, Guillaume Bony, Matthias Haberl, and Andreas Frick)Evolution of Rhabdo– and Filoviruses (Isabel S Novella, John B Presloid, and R Travis Taylor)Emerging Rhabdoviruses (Imke Steffen and Graham Simmons)Rabies Virus Replication and Pathogenesis (Andrew W Hudacek and Matthias J Schnell)Activation and Evasion of Innate Immune Response by Rhabdoviruses (Karl-Klaus Conzelmann)Rabies Virus Vaccines (Ying Huang, Clement W Gnanadurai, and Zhen F Fu)Filovirus Structure and Morphogenesis (Timothy F Booth, Daniel R Beniac, Melissa J Rabb, and Lindsey L Lamboo)Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of Filovirus Infections (Logan Banadyga and Hideki Ebihara)Filovirus Entry into Susceptible Cells (Rohit K Jangra, Eva Mittler, and Kartik Chandran)Filovirus Transcription & Replication (Kristina Brauburger, Laure R Deflubé, and Elke Muhlberger)Innate Immune Evasion Mechanisms of Filoviruses (Christopher F Basler, Gaya K Amarasinghe, and Daisy W Leung)Vaccines and Antivirals for Filoviruses (Chad E Mire and Thomas W Geisbe) Readership: Investigators, graduate students, and post-graduate researchers in the field of RNA virology. Key Features:The book describes the most recent advances in our understanding of cellular and molecular aspects of replication and pathogenic mechanisms of these two important viral pathogensUnlike other existing textbooks published earlier, this book brings together several major topics of research such as replication, host response to viral replication and viral countermeasures, viral evolution and emerging viruses, viral vectors, vaccines and antivirals, etcThe chapters in the book are written by renowned researchers in these fieldsKeywords:Negative-Strand RNA Virus;Mononegavirales;Rhabdovirus;Filovirus;VSV;Rabies Virus;Marburg Virus;Ebola Virus;Replication and Transcription;Virus Structure;Viral Pathogenesis;Epidemiology;Virus Entry;Virus Assembly and Budding;Cytopathogenesis;Neuronal Tracers;Viral Vectors;Oncolytic Viruses;Evolution;Emerging Viruses;Innate Immune Responses;Vaccines;Antivirals

Physical Fitness and Athletic PerformancePhysical Fitness and Athletic Performance

Plyometrics Periodisation of strength training usually involves the progression from a large volume of exercise with low ... involving an immediate shortening of active muscles following a rapid eccentric contraction (Hennessy 1990).

Author: A.W.S. Watson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317895527


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Sports Science has increasingly developed both as an area of research and as a university subject. This book gives an authoritative account of the biological basis of athletic performance and training, based on an analysis of scientific and medical research in the area. The findings are presented in such a way that anyone involved in training for high-level sport will find the information accessible and of interest.

Genome StabilityGenome Stability

[20] Chao L. Fitness of RNA virus decreased by Muller's ratchet. Nature 1990;348:454–5. [21] Duarte E, Clarke D, Moya A, Domingo E, Holland J. Rapid fitness losses in mammalian RNA virus clones due to Muller's ratchet.

Author: Igor Kovalchuk

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780323856805


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Genome Stability: From Virus to Human Application, Second Edition, a volume in the Translational Epigenetics series, explores how various species maintain genome stability and genome diversification in response to environmental factors. Here, across thirty-eight chapters, leading researchers provide a deep analysis of genome stability in DNA/RNA viruses, prokaryotes, single cell eukaryotes, lower multicellular eukaryotes, and mammals, examining how epigenetic factors contribute to genome stability and how these species pass memories of encounters to progeny. Topics also include major DNA repair mechanisms, the role of chromatin in genome stability, human diseases associated with genome instability, and genome stability in response to aging. This second edition has been fully revised to address evolving research trends, including CRISPRs/Cas9 genome editing; conventional versus transgenic genome instability; breeding and genetic diseases associated with abnormal DNA repair; RNA and extrachromosomal DNA; cloning, stem cells, and embryo development; programmed genome instability; and conserved and divergent features of repair. This volume is an essential resource for geneticists, epigeneticists, and molecular biologists who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of this rapidly expanding field, and can also be of great use to advanced students who are looking to gain additional expertise in genome stability. A deep analysis of genome stability research from various kingdoms, including epigenetics and transgenerational effects Provides comprehensive coverage of mechanisms utilized by different organisms to maintain genomic stability Contains applications of genome instability research and outcomes for human disease Features all-new chapters on evolving areas of genome stability research, including CRISPRs/Cas9 genome editing, RNA and extrachromosomal DNA, programmed genome instability, and conserved and divergent features of repair

Evolutionary GeneticsEvolutionary Genetics

... showed rapid fitness declines under the inbreeding regime and went extinct within less than 10 generations. Sexual reproduction is an ancient trait, but it most likely originated as an individual adaptation that outperformed asexual ...

Author: Glenn-Peter Sætre

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198830917


Page: 336

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Evolutionary genetics is the study of how genetic variation leads to evolutionary change. With the recent explosion in the availability of whole genome sequence data, vast quantities of genetic data are being generated at an ever-increasing pace with the result that programming has become an essential tool for researchers. Most importantly, a thorough understanding of evolutionary principles is essential for making sense of this genetic data. This up-to-date textbook covers all the major components of modern evolutionary genetics, carefully explaining fundamental processes such as mutation, natural selection, genetic drift, and speciation, together with their consequences. The book also draws on a rich literature of exciting and inspiring examples to demonstrate the diversity of evolutionary research, including an emphasis on how evolution and selection has shaped our own species. Furthermore, at the end of each chapter, study questions are provided to motivate the reader to think and reflect on the concepts introduced. Practical experience is essential when it comes to developing an understanding of how to use genetic and genomic data to analyze and address interesting questions in the life sciences and how to interpret results in meaningful ways. In addition to the main text, a series of online tutorials using the R language serves as an introduction to programming, statistics, and the analysis of evolutionary genetic data. The R environment stands out as an ideal all-purpose, open source platform to handle and analyze such data. The book and its online materials take full advantage of the authors' own experience in working in a post-genomic revolution world, and introduce readers to the plethora of molecular and analytical methods that have only recently become available.

Notices to AirmenNotices to Airmen

WALTERBORO FDC 3/4897 RAP FIT RAPID CITY REGIONAL , RAPID CITY , SD . VOR OR TACAN RWY 14 , ORIG - C ... S - 14 MDA 3780 / HAT 589 ALL CATS . CIRCLING CAT A / B / C MDA 3780 / HAA 576. VDP NA . Lowcountry Rgnl FDC 4/0686 RBW FIT LOW ...



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Pharmaceutical Process DevelopmentPharmaceutical Process Development

Rather it is to develop a fit-for-purpose process capable of supporting multikilogram synthesis with adequate control in a rapid timeframe. The opportunities for early engagement and partnership in synthetic design with the medicinal ...

Author: A. John Blacker

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry

ISBN: 9781849731461


Page: 354

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This book is aimed at both graduates and postgraduates interested in a career in the pharmaceutical industry by informing them about the breadth of the work carried out in chemical research and development departments. It is also of great value to academics wishing to advise students on the merits of careers in chemical development over discovery.

How to Motivate and Retain Your ClientsHow to Motivate and Retain Your Clients

These women were then ready to increase their exercise " dosages " to promote more rapid fitness progress . My suggestion : When developing an exercise prescription , account for adherence concerns as much as fitness goals .

Author: IDEA Health & Fitness

Publisher: IDEA Health & Fitness Association

ISBN: 1887781269



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Metabolic Surge Bodyweight TrainingMetabolic Surge Bodyweight Training

"Metabolic Surge Bodyweight Training" is for anyone looking for an intense workout that can be done with little or no equipment.

Author: Nick Nilsson

Publisher: Price World Publishing

ISBN: 9781936910229



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"Metabolic Surge Bodyweight Training" is for anyone looking for an intense workout that can be done with little or no equipment. This workout focuses on helping you maintain and even GAIN muscle while losing large amounts of fat. It's an extraordinarily powerful and highly-targeted program of diet and exercise designed to accomplish two things: 1.) Strip away body fat as quickly as possible. 2.) Retain and build muscle mass. This unique and groundbreaking fat-loss program uses your own body fat to provide energy for building muscle, practically doubling the speed of fat loss. Every part of the program builds on the next to make the whole program far greater than the sum of the parts.

Sod Sixty Sod Sixty

But athletes also know that even past their peak, once they stop training and start to lose fitness, they lose their ability more quickly than if they continued training. Inactivity leads to much more rapid decline.

Author: Claire Parker

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472925992


Page: 240

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Getting older doesn't matter. Keeping active does. Sod turning sixty, make those small changes now and reap the rewards in your later decades! In the bestselling Sod Seventy! Sir Muir Gray demanded a 'bonfire of the slippers' and a reframing of what it is to be seventy and older, and how to make the most of your seventies, by closing the 'fitness gap' to stay fit and strong. Sod Sixty! is a fun, friendly, hands on guide to navigating your sixties - a very different decade with very different demands. Find out how to get fitter whatever your 'history', how to eat healthily, how to juggle looking after yourself with the responsibilities of family, friends and work, and how to make the most of this decade of change. But this is no boot camp regime. Sod Sixty! acknowledges the reality of our daily lives, and has a balanced approach, packed with achievable, practical and realistic strategies to improve your health and wellbeing. Our sixties are often thought of as the 'turning point' decade. Use this as an opportunity to take stock - to look after yourself, reduce your risk of disease and make simple lifestyle and attitude changes that will have real impact later on. Use your sixties to make sure you face your seventies more resilient and independent rather than more vulnerable as time passes. This series appeals to anyone looking for straightforward, practical, non-faddy advice to help them stay active and healthy.

It s Up to the WomenIt s Up to the Women

... exercise enough so that you keep the ability to enjoy the recreation which comes from rapid exercise in fresh air. ... meal a day with either a light lunch or a light supper will make for both mental and physical fitness.

Author: Eleanor Roosevelt

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781568585956


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"Eleanor Roosevelt never wanted her husband to run for president. When he won, she . . . went on a national tour to crusade on behalf of women. She wrote a regular newspaper column. She became a champion of women's rights and of civil rights. And she decided to write a book." -- Jill Lepore, from the Introduction "Women, whether subtly or vociferously, have always been a tremendous power in the destiny of the world," Eleanor Roosevelt wrote in It's Up to the Women, her book of advice to women of all ages on every aspect of life. Written at the height of the Great Depression, she called on women particularly to do their part -- cutting costs where needed, spending reasonably, and taking personal responsibility for keeping the economy going. Whether it's the recommendation that working women take time for themselves in order to fully enjoy time spent with their families, recipes for cheap but wholesome home-cooked meals, or America's obligation to women as they take a leading role in the new social order, many of the opinions expressed here are as fresh as if they were written today.

Lasting Weight LossLasting Weight Loss

Here's a step-by-step guide to getting started. In this book, the author shares his story of rapid weight loss and gain, a cycle that would be repeated several times over the course of his life.

Author: Earnest Tadych


ISBN: 9798738351389


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Lasting weight loss demands that you transform your eating and exercise habits. It is not a desire. It takes commitment and a well-thought-out plan. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting started. In this book, the author shares his story of rapid weight loss and gain, a cycle that would be repeated several times over the course of his life. He tackles each facet of weight loss in an easy-to-understand manner and also provides tactics and strategies to help you lose the weight and keep it off.

Fitness and Wellness in CanadaFitness and Wellness in Canada

See sexual assault rapid eye movement ... 212 rhomboids 138-139 RHR (resting heart rate) 77 rhythmic aerobic exercise 79-80 RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) principle 56 risky behaviour addiction 243 Ritalin 246, 256 RMR.

Author: Sarah J. Woodruff Atkinson

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9781492592389


Page: 416

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With content targeted specifically toward higher education students in Canada, Fitness and Wellness in Canada: A Way of Life With Web Study Guide presents evidence-based physical and mental health guidance to point students toward healthy choices that will develop into healthy lifestyles. Authors Sarah J. Woodruff Atkinson, Carol K. Armbruster, and Ellen M. Evans have more than 80 years of combined professional experience in health and wellness, the majority of which has focused on the higher education population. This enables them to present the material in a contemporary manner that is relatable and easily understood by students. Relevant information on topics such as cardiorespiratory exercise, strength training, stretching, nutrition, weight management, stress management, substance abuse and addiction, and sexual health will start students on the path to developing a healthy mind and body, which can lead to a better quality of life. Additionally, because Fitness and Wellness in Canada: A Way of Life emphasizes behaviour modification to develop desired habits, students are armed with the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle changes—for both the present and future: A web study guide offers more than 50 video clips and practical learning activities to provide real-life context for the material. Behaviour Check sidebars help students integrate health and wellness concepts into their daily lives. Now and Later sidebars encourage students to consider how their actions today will affect them in the future. The Functional Movement Training section shows exercises to strengthen specific muscles and explains their importance for everyday activities. Infographics, research-based tables, and figures illustrate and reinforce key concepts so they are easy to understand. Canada’s Food Guide is included to assist students in making healthy nutritional choices. The companion web study guide offers students the unique opportunity to engage directly with the content and practice the exercises and strategies presented. Lab activities for each chapter will guide students in completing individual assessments, setting goals, and identifying the pros and cons of modifying their behaviour. Video clips of 48 exercises demonstrate proper exercise technique, and additional learning activities and quizzes gauge student comprehension of the content. In addition, students will benefit from learning aids such as key terms, a glossary, and review questions for each chapter. Instructors will benefit from an abundance of online ancillaries: a presentation package plus image bank, test package, chapter quizzes, and an instructor guide that includes chapter summaries, chapter objectives, class outlines, sample answers to the chapter review questions, and suggested class activities. The primary goal of Fitness and Wellness in Canada: A Way of Life is to provide evidence-based guidance to help students embrace living well. Students will learn how to make healthy choices and positive behaviour changes to lead healthier, happier, and more productive lives, now and in the future.

Braddom s Physical Medicine and RehabilitationBraddom s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

ATP must be continuously resynthesized from adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to allow exercise to continue.78,130 Muscle fibers contain three metabolic pathways for producing ATP: the creatine phosphate system, rapid glycolysis, and aerobic ...

Author: David X. Cifu

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323280464


Page: 1204

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Preceded by: Physical medicine and rehabilitation / [edited by] Randall L. Braddom. 4th ed. c2011.

Goodness of FitGoodness of Fit

During this developmental period, there are significant alterations on both the sides of the equation of individual—environmental interaction that may potentiate the presence of either a good or a poor fit. The rapid changes in body ...

Author: Stella Chess

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135825003


Page: 246

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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.