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Canadian Reference SourcesCanadian Reference Sources

0824-7919 A subject index to articles in Quill & quire , the periodical of the Index des sujets relatifs aux articles parus dans Quill & quire , le Canadian ...

Author: Mary E. Bond

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 077480565X


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In parallel columns of French and English, lists over 4,000 reference works and books on history and the humanities, breaking down the large divisions by subject, genre, type of document, and province or territory. Includes titles of national, provincial, territorial, or regional interest in every subject area when available. The entries describe the core focus of the book, its range of interest, scholarly paraphernalia, and any editions in the other Canadian language. The humanities headings are arts, language and linguistics, literature, performing arts, philosophy, and religion. Indexed by name, title, and French and English subject. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Creating the National MosaicCreating the National Mosaic

Quill & Quire 40.4 (April 1974): 4; A. Ashby, “Response,” Quill & Quire 40.5 (May 1974): 2. 245 Anon., “Gone But Not Forgotten,” Quill & Quire 40.11 ...

Author: Miriam Verena Richter

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789401200509


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The Canadian Multicultural Mosaic has long been recognized as an OCo if not the OCo outstanding characteristic of the Canadian nation at home and abroad. It has, further, come to be regarded as a model worldwide of a well-functioning culturally diverse society. This first book-length study of Canadian multicultural childrenOCOs literature sets out to explore how literature for the young has contributed to the creation of the countryOCOs multicultural discourse as well as to the construction of its national identity. In this context, childrenOCOs literature possesses particular significance, as juvenile literature by nature serves an educational purpose which extends to forming and informing the next generation of a countryOCOs citizens. In order to achieve a deeper understanding of the complex structures at work, not only the fictional works themselves but also CanadaOCOs policy with regard to childrenOCOs culture and literature have been examined. In order to provide an optimally comprehensive picture, chapters include, among other aspects, information on public library services for immigrant children, on Canadian research collections specializing in childrenOCOs literature, on Canadian publishing for children, and on promotional activities. The works of fiction examined cover the period from 1950 to 1994 OCo thus illustrating the development of the nationOCOs multicultural discourse OCo and include various Canadian regions as well as protagonists belonging to different ethnic groups. While the approach is interdisciplinary, the novels discussed are above all read against the tenets of Canadian multiculturalism as manifested in such core documents as Prime Minister TrudeauOCOs 1971 parliamentary declaration and the 1988 Canadian Multiculturalism Act. The chief objective of the present study is to understand the interdependence between ideology, childrenOCOs literature, and the creation of a national discourse."

Writing between the LinesWriting between the Lines

Quill and Quire 43, no. 5 (1977): 38. ———. “New Fiction Spans Cultural Gap.” Quill and Quire 44, no. 17 (1978): 32. ———. “Quebec Writers and Translators ...

Author: Agnes Whitfield

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9780889209084


Page: 318

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The essays in Writing between the Lines explore the lives of twelve of Canada’s most eminent anglophone literary translators, and delve into how these individuals have contributed to the valuable process of literary exchange between francophone and anglophone literatures in Canada. Through individual portraits, this book traces the events and life experiences that have led W.H. Blake, John Glassco, Philip Stratford, Joyce Marshall, Patricia Claxton, Doug Jones, Sheila Fischman, Ray Ellenwood, Barbara Godard, Susanne de Lotbinire-Harwood, John Van Burek, and Linda Gaboriau into the complex world of literary translation. Each essay-portrait examines why they chose to translate and what linguistic and cultural challenges they have faced in the practice of their art. Following their relationships with authors and publishers, the translators also reveal how they have defined the goals and the process of literary translation. Containing original, detailed biographical and bibliographical material, Writing between the Lines offers many new insights into the literary translation process, and the diverse roles of the translator as social agent. The first text on Canadian translators, it makes a major contribution in the areas of literary translation, comparative literature, Canadian literature, and cultural studies.

A Dictionary of English Manuscript TerminologyA Dictionary of English Manuscript Terminology

Quills were most generally made from the Xight feathers (the Wrst Wve ... with a penknife or a quill-cutter. quire In bibliography, a quire is the same ...

Author: Peter Beal

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199265442


Page: 457

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In the first dictionary of its kind a leading expert on English manuscripts defines some 1,500 terms, including types of manuscript, their physical features, writing implements, writing surfaces, scribes, scripts, postal markings, and seals, as well as those relating to literature, bibliography, editing, dating, conservation, cartography, commerce, heraldry, law, and military and naval matters.

The L M Montgomery ReaderThe L M Montgomery Reader

Katie Gowrie, “Booknet Bestsellers: Canadian Fiction,” Quill and Quire, 3 July 2012, http://www.quillandquire.com/blog/index.php/2012/07/03/ ...

Author: Benjamin Lefebvre

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442644922


Page: 451

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"This second volume narrates the development of L.M. Montgomery{u2019}s (1874{u2013}1942) critical reputation in the seventy years since her death. It traces milestones and turning points such as adaptations for stage and screen, posthumous publications, and the development of Montgomery Studies as a scholarly field"--From publisher description.

365 Ways to Market Your Christian Book Specific People Places Procedures365 Ways to Market Your Christian Book Specific People Places Procedures

Published by Quill & Quire magazine . For more info : Alison Jones ... Websites Quill & Quire Omni : ( Daily New Site ) : http://www.quillandquire.com .

Author: Bette Filley

Publisher: Dunamis House

ISBN: 1880405121


Page: 280

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Filley provides readers with hundreds of specific ideas, contact names, addresses, and methods of getting Christian books in front of potential buyers.

The Perilous TradeThe Perilous Trade

The most detailed record of developments in the publishing industry since 1935 has appeared in the monthly trade paper Quill e§- Quire, now supplemented by ...

Author: Roy Macskimming

Publisher: McClelland & Stewart

ISBN: 9781551992617


Page: 512

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A book that will fascinate and inform readers who love Canadian writing “Publishing Canadian books has always been an experiment. Like the great experiments of building a transcontinental railway and a national broadcasting system, it constitutes one of the nation’s defining acts. Publishing, after all, is a people’s way of telling its story to itself.” –from the Introduction Part cultural history, part personal memoir, this accomplished, sweeping, yet intimate book demonstrates that the story of Canadian publishing is one of the cornerstones of our literary history. In The Perilous Trade, former publisher, literary journalist, and industry insider Roy MacSkimming chronicles the extraordinary journey of English-language publishing from the Second World War to the present. During a period of unparalleled transformation, Canada grew from a cultural colony fed on the literary offerings of London and New York to a mature nation whose writers are celebrated around the world. Crucial to that evolution were three generations of book publishers – mavericks, gamblers, entrepreneurs, political activists, and true believers – sharing a conviction that Canadians need books of their own. Canadian publishing has long made headlines -be it Jack McClelland’s outrageous publicity stunts, American takeovers, the collapse of venerable imprints, or bold political moves to ensure the industry’s survival. Roy MacSkimming takes us behind the headlines to draw memorable portraits of the men and women who built Canada’s literary renaissance. With a novelist’s eye for character and incident, he weaves their tangled relationships with authors, agents, booksellers and each other into a lively narrative rich in anecdote and revealing personal recollection. Canadian publishers large and small have nurtured a literature of extraordinary diversity and breadth, MacSkimming argues, giving us English Canada’s greatest cultural achievement.


... 20 academics for Quill and Quire in 2000, one finds a few additional surprises. The top ten books cited on the Quill and Quire list were as follows: 1.

Author: Máire Áine Ní Mhainnín

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443810555


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The essays in this volume are expanded versions of papers that were first presented at the 13th Biennial Conference/XIIIème Congrès biennal of the Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland, held at the National University of Ireland, Galway, in 2006. The theme of the Conference was Canada at Home and Abroad: Text and Territory/Le Canada et ses relations d’ici, de là, et de là bas. The papers debate issues surrounding literature, language and language acquisition, immigration/emigration, and culture, in Canada, Ireland, and in Europe as a whole. From an examination of the place of hockey in the Canadian literary consciousness, to mapping minority language visibility in officially bilingual cities, the focus here is on ways of exploring culture, understood in its widest sense.

Recognition and RevelationRecognition and Revelation

Called Quill & Quire, it told us about the Canadian books that were being published. Canadian books then? You bet. My mother was a staunch supporter of ...

Author: Margaret Laurence

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780228004769



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Margaret Laurence, best known for her germinal novels set in the Canadian prairies, is one of the nation's most respected authors. She was also an accomplished essayist, yet today her nonfiction writing is largely unavailable and therefore little known. In Recognition and Revelation Nora Foster Stovel brings together Laurence's short nonfiction works, including many that have not previously been collected and some that have never before been published. These works, including over fifty essays and addresses that span Laurence's writing career from the 1960s to the 1980s, reveal her passionate concern for Canadian literature and for the land and peoples of Canada. Based on extensive archival research, Stovel's introduction contextualizes Laurence's nonfiction writings in her life as a creative artist and political activist and as a woman writing in the twentieth century. The texts range from essays on Laurence's own writings and on other works of Canadian literature to autobiographical essays, several focusing on environmental concerns, to sociopolitical essays and writing advocating for peace and nuclear disarmament. By revealing Laurence as a socially and politically committed artist, this collection of lively and provocative essays illuminates the undercurrents of her creative writing and places her fiction - often informed by her nonfiction writing - in a new light.

Toronto TrailblazersToronto Trailblazers

Quill and Quire November 1949: 18–20. Tippett, Maria. Emily Carr: A Biography. Toronto: Oxford UP, 1979. Toller, Carol. “A Fine Balance: Can Women Juggling ...

Author: Ruth Panofsky

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781487505578


Page: 304

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Informed by the works of international publishing historians, Toronto Trailblazers artfully captures the lasting influence of women on Canadian publishing.

New Canadian LibraryNew Canadian Library

Quill & Quire 31 (September–October 1965): 19–20. 'New Paperback Series.' Canadian Literature 24 (Spring 1965): 80. 'New: The Best Canadian Writers Now in ...

Author: Janet Beverly Friskney

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802097460


Page: 284

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In the mid-1950s, much Canadian literature was out of print, making it relatively inaccessible to readers, including those studying the subject in schools and universities. When English professor Malcolm Ross approached Toronto publisher Jack McClelland in 1952 to propose a Canadian literary reprint series, it was still the accepted wisdom among publishers that Canadian literature was of insufficient interest to the educational market to merit any great publishing risks. Eventually convinced by Ross that a latent market for Canadian literary reprints did indeed exist, McClelland & Stewart launched the New Canadian Library (NCL) series in 1958, with Ross as its general editor. In 2008, the NCL will celebrate a half-century of publication. In New Canadian Library, Janet B. Friskney takes the reader through the early history of the NCL series, focusing on the period up to 1978 when Malcolm Ross retired as general editor. A wealth of archival resources, published reviews, and the NCL volumes themselves are used to survey the working relationship between Ross and McClelland, as well as the collaborative participation of those who, through the middle decades of the twentieth century, were committed to studying and nurturing Canada's literary heritage. To place the New Canadian Library in its proper historical context, Friskney examines the simultaneous development of Canadian literary studies as a legitimate area of research and teaching in academe and acknowledges the NCL as a milestone in Canadian publishing history.