Punishing RacePunishing Race

RACIAL RESENTMENTS AND PUBLIC OPINION White Americans, especially political conservatives and fundamentalist Protestants, tend to support harsh punishments, including the death penalty. Black people tend to support harsh punishments at ...

Author: Michael Tonry

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199926466


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In Punishing Race, Michael Tonry demonstrates in lucid, accessible language that these patterns result not from racial differences in crime or drug use but primarily from drug and crime control policies that disproportionately affect black Americans. These policies in turn stem from a lack of white empathy for black people, and from racial stereotypes and resentments provoked partly by the Republican Southern Strategy of using coded "law and order" appeals to race to gain support from white voters. White Americans, Tonry observes, have a remarkable capacity to endure the suffering of disadvantaged black and, increasingly, Hispanic men. Crime policies are among a set of social policies enacted since the 1960s that have maintained white dominance over black people despite the end of legal discrimination. To redress these injustices, Tonry offers a number of proposals: stop racial profiling by the police, shift the emphasis of drug law enforcement to treatment and prevention, eliminate mandatory sentencing laws, and change sentencing guidelines to allow judges discretion to take account of offenders' life circumstances. Those proposals are all attainable and would all reduce unjustifiable racial disparities and the collateral human and social harms they cause.

Race Ethnicity and LawRace Ethnicity and Law

The social, psychological, and political causes of racial disparities in the American criminal justice system. Crime and Justice: A Review of Research, 39, 273À312. Tonry, M. (2011). Punishing race: A continuing American dilemma.

Author: Mathieu Deflem

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781787146037


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This new volume of Sociology of Crime, Deviance and Law addresses issues of race and ethnicity within the law and law-related phenomena.

The Exciting History of Auto RacingThe Exciting History of Auto Racing

The Levassor-Panhard car was also one of the few to finish the punishing race. Most of the others dropped out with mechanical problems. Levassor and Panhard won. Like Kenny Bernstein years later, their insides didn't get mixed up, ...

Author: Ross R. Olney

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781300647652


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Two teen-agers back in early day France probably started it all by "borrowing" their Dad's "horseless carriages" and seeing which could go fastest. That was when highly respected doctors were certain that you would die if you moved faster than sixty miles an hour. The human body simply couldn't survive at that speed. Now, racers routinely go two hundred miles an hour, and drag racers go more than three hundred miles an hour in only a thousand feet. Auto racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is daring, dangerous, and exciting, and the winners often become millionaires. This book aimed at young adults is full of stories about racing as it describes the progress from the two kids to modern racing. The author has participated as a driver, photographer and journalist for many years, and has written a number of books on the subject.

Racing Reminiscences and Experiences of the TurfRacing Reminiscences and Experiences of the Turf

1 Two Thousand defeat by beating Gang Forward a head , after a punishing race , though neither was the worse for it , and each won a couple more races before the meeting concluded . Their Derby conqueror did not put in an appearance ...

Author: bart Sir George Chetwynd


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Colorblindness Post raciality and Whiteness in the United StatesColorblindness Post raciality and Whiteness in the United States

Punishing Race: A Continuing American Dilemma. New York: Oxford University Press. Touré. 2011. Who Is Afraid of PostBlackness? What It Means to Be Black Now. New York: Atria. Towers, Frank. 1998. “Projecting Whiteness: Race, and the ...

Author: Sherrow O. Pinder

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137431103


Page: 216

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This book problematizes the ways in which the discourses of colorblindness and post-raciality are articulated in the age of Obama. Pinder debunks the myth that race does not matter and reconsiders the presumptive hegemony of whiteness through the dialectics of visibility and invisibility of race.

Arthur James Robertson Newspaper Accounts of His Races 1905 to 1909 Arthur James Robertson Newspaper Accounts of His Races 1905 to 1909

At the half mile, Nichol went up first, with Owen second and Yorke third. Wood was in front when the bell rang, and a punishing race ensued during the last lap. Owen stayed best, winning by two yards; less than that separated second and ...

Author: Michael Warden

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780244683375


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Newspaper accounts of Arthur James Robertson's athletic career from 1905 to 1909 including the 1908 Olympic Games held in London.