A guide to the dangers of the Internet covers online etiquette, parental control software, filters, privacy, chat rooms, downloading, security, viruses, Internet marketing, AOL, law enforcement, and child-friendly activities.

Protect Your Children from Internet and Mobile Phone DangersProtect Your Children from Internet and Mobile Phone Dangers

An easy-to-understand handbook for worried mums that explains what they can do to prevent problems from happening to their children when they use the Internet or mobile phones.

Author: Steve Roche

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9780954680541


Page: 96

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An easy-to-understand handbook for worried mums that explains what they can do to prevent problems from happening to their children when they use the Internet or mobile phones.

A Parent s Guide to the Internet and how to Protect Your Children in CyberspaceA Parent s Guide to the Internet and how to Protect Your Children in Cyberspace

It ' s your job to teach your children that these people ARE strangers , no matter
how friendly they sound . If you ' re close at hand , and make it a point to get to
know their online friends , the cyberpredator ' s task will be much harder .
Protecting ...

Author: Parry Aftab

Publisher: Sc PressInc

ISBN: PSU:000043575770


Page: 328

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A parent and an internationally known lawyer, Parry Aftab writes with authority as she shows the difference between what's merely annoying and what's illegal. "A Parent's Guide to the Internet" shows parents how to educate their children about online risks and how to set rules that fit their values. Best of all, the book explains what tools are available and how well they work in keeping kids out of trouble.

Protecting Your Children OnlineProtecting Your Children Online

Kimberly McCabe's Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace: What Parents Need
to Know is a must-have book for parents wishing to protect their children from
Internet Crimes Against Children. As a law enforcement of- ficer with nearly two ...

Author: Kimberly A. McCabe, PhD, professor of criminology, University of Lynchburg

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442274679


Page: 204

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Children are very vulnerable and perfect targets to internet crimes, with that new technology presents complex challenges for law enforcement agencies and victim service providers. This book provides parents with practical advice to combat internet crimes by identifying the types, risk factors and explanations.

How to Protect Your Children on the InternetHow to Protect Your Children on the Internet

This book shares the risks of the Internet by detailing recent, real-world tragedies and revealing some of the secrets of online activities.

Author: Gregory S. Smith

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275994724


Page: 193

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The Internet has transformed the way people research, shop, conduct business, and communicate. But the Internet and technologies that enable online interaction and access to a variety of content can be a perilous place for minors 8-18. This book shares the risks of the Internet by detailing recent, real-world tragedies and revealing some of the secrets of online activities. Filled with practical advice and recommendations, it provides a pragmatic approach to help parents and teachers protect children against the threats of going online.

Protect Your Child on the InternetProtect Your Child on the Internet

Parents need to know how their children are using their webcams and closely
monitor their children's online activities. There have been cases of young people
being talked into exposing themselves for gifts. For example, someone may send

Author: John Lenardon

Publisher: Self Counsel Pr

ISBN: 1551806886


Page: 139

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The Internet is a fun and exciting place for people of all ages. However, it can also be a dangerous place for children. Protect Your Child on the Internet explains what those dangers are and how you can protect your child.The book describes, in non-technical language, how you can see where your children have been surfing on the net, and how to block what can hurt them.The Internet has become an important part of almost every child's life, allowing them to learn and explore a wealth of knowledge about every topic in the world. For many children, it has also become the main communication line to their friends. But this technology is inherent with dangers - parents now have the added responsibility of learning how to make their child's Internet activities safe.This book shows parents what the dangers are and provides simple solutions so that parents can make the Internet an educational and exciting experience for their children.

Keeping Children and Families Safe from Internet PredatorsKeeping Children and Families Safe from Internet Predators

Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Children and Families of the Committee on
Health, Education, Labor, and ... In September 1998 , my book Kids Online :
Protecting Your Children In Cyberspace ( Revell , ) was released as was my
Internet ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. Subcommittee on Children and Families


ISBN: PSU:000047031531


Page: 63

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Understanding Security IssuesUnderstanding Security Issues

As parents, we want to enable our kids' online experiences, while also protecting
their safety at the same time. Some techniques you can use to protect your family
online include the following: – Be aware of kids' online activities. Pay attention ...

Author: Scott Donaldson

Publisher: De-G Press

ISBN: 9781501506505


Page: 208

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With the threats that affect every computer, phone or other device connected to the internet, security has become a responsibility not just for law enforcement authorities or business leaders, but for every individual. Your family, information, property, and business must be protected from cybercriminals in the office, at home, on travel, and in the cloud. Understanding Security Issues provides a solid understanding of the threats, and focuses on useful tips and practices for protecting yourself, all the time, everywhere and anywhere you go. This book discusses security awareness issues and how you can take steps to reduce the risk of becoming a victim: The threats that face every individual and business, all the time. Specific indicators of threats so that you understand when you might be attacked and what to do if they occur. The security mindset and good security practices. Assets that need to be protected at work and at home. Protecting yourself and your business at work. Protecting yourself and your family at home. Protecting yourself and your assets on travel.

Exploring the Offline and Online Collection and Use of Consumer InformationExploring the Offline and Online Collection and Use of Consumer Information

Privacy of Children Online We are committed to protecting children's online
privacy . In order to protect children's personal information , and to meet the
standards of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ( COPPA ) , we do not
knowingly ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection


ISBN: MINN:31951D03619104Y


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Protecting Your Children on the InternetProtecting Your Children on the Internet

This book shares the risks of the Internet by detailing recent, real-world tragedies and revealing some of the secrets of online activities.

Author: Gregory S. Smith

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Education

ISBN: 1578868009


Page: 193

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This book shares the risks of the Internet by detailing recent, real-world tragedies and revealing some of the secrets of online activities. It provides a pragmatic approach to help parents and teachers protect children against the threats of going online. Protecting Your Children on the Internet provides a roadmap to enable parents and teachers to become more engaged in children's online activities, arming them with techniques and tips to help protect their children.

Internet Protect Your KidsInternet Protect Your Kids

Keep Your Children Safe from the Dark Side of Technology Stephen Arterburn,
Roger Marsh ... That being the case , you can go a long way toward protecting
your kids from unwanted sexual advances online by limiting the hours you allow

Author: Stephen Arterburn

Publisher: Integrity Pub

ISBN: 1591455715


Page: 192

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"Easy lessons to teach parents how to monitor their kids' activity online"--Provided by publisher.

Protect Your Home PCProtect Your Home PC

i Net Nanny software combines the benefits of Cyber Patrol and Cyber Snoop, so
both filtering and tracking online ... Parental Internet Control is another monitor-
based software program designed to safeguard children's well-being and privacy

Author: Dana Joy

Publisher: Gateway Pr

ISBN: 1577292871


Page: 240

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Offers advice for protecting computers and data from viruses, hackers, and data thieves while providing advice about repairing computers, networking PCs, designing a security plan, and parental controls.

Absolute PC Security and PrivacyAbsolute PC Security and Privacy

Defend Your Computer Against Outside Intruders Michael Miller ... You should
also take the following steps to protect your children's privacy online : • Caution
your children about providing personal information to any Web site without your ...

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Sybex

ISBN: 0782141277


Page: 560

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If you think anti-virus software is enough protection from hackers, think again! Have you ever engaged in high-risk Internet activities? You have if you've ever shopped, chatted with a friend, played a game or swapped an MP3 file while online. And you'll be shocked to learn how incredibly vulnerable your PC is if you're connecting via cable/DSL. Your risk of Internet attacks is likely to increase in the coming years--in both frequency and destructiveness. It's simply becoming easier for computer criminals to access and sabotage your PC, and even to steal your identity. Learn how to protect your PC from fast-spreading viruses in disguise, Internet-connection hijackers, con artists after your personal information, annoying spam e-mail and relentless pop-up advertising. Absolute PC Security and Privacy shows you how to detect security holes, reduce your chances of attack, recognize when you're under attack and stop an attack in progress. Coverage includes: * Understanding the various types of viruses and how they spread * Learning which virus types you're most vulnerable to * Protecting your PC from virus infection * Recovering from a virus attack and disinfecting your system * Understanding the different types of Internet-based attacks * Protecting your system from an Internet-based attack * Protecting your system in a P2P environment * Defending your home or small business network * Securing your wireless network * Understanding hardware and software firewalls and which type you should use * Recognizing when your system is under an Internet-based attack * Shutting down and recovering from an Internet-based attack * Tips and tricks for safeguarding your personal information * Practicing safe shopping and avoiding auction fraud while online * Protecting yourself and your children from online predators * Understanding how spyware works and how to defeat it * Using passwords, digital certificates, and encryption * How to anonymously surf the Web and send e-mail * How to keep your contact information out of the hands of spammers * How to eliminate spam e-mail and pop-up advertisements

Media AsiaMedia Asia

Talk with your child's teachers , baby - sitters , other parents , and adults who
have supervised your child online . Aftab , Parry ( 2000 ) The Parent's Guide to
Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace , New York : McGraw - Hill . Brunner ...



ISBN: UOM:39076002213911



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Annual ReportAnnual Report

1 Tips for Protecting Your Child Online From A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
US Department of Justice , Federal Bureau of Investigations Communicate , and
talk to your child about sexual victimization and potential online danger . • Spend

Author: Florida Commission on the Status of Women


ISBN: NWU:35559006535409



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My Google ChromebookMy Google Chromebook

It's one thing to protect yourself from cyberstalkers; you also need to protect your
children from online predators. Unfortunately, you can't control what your children
do 24/7; you have to give them some autonomy, and with that autonomy comes ...

Author: Michael Miller

Publisher: Que Publishing

ISBN: 9780133434286


Page: 288

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Step-by-step instructions with callouts to new Google Chromebook photos that show you exactly what to do Help when you run into Chromebook problems or limitations Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your brand-new Chromebook Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Chromebook or ChromeboxTM working just the way you want. Learn how to: Quickly set up your Chromebook or Chromebox, log in, and get productive Get comfortable with Google’s intuitive new Chrome Desktop interface Reliably connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet networks Use Google Drive to access files from your Chromebook or any other computer Securely share files with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ followers or friends Play and edit photos, music, and video online Browse and search the Web with the Google Chrome browser Safely share your Chromebook with other users Get started with free or low-cost web-based office productivity software Build shared calendars, schedule meetings, and manage email Find great new apps for business, education, entertainment, gaming, and more Print to your printer across the Internet with Google Cloud Print Configure your Chromebook for maximum security and privacy Optimize your Chromebook’s performance and battery life Work and play faster with Chromebook’s built-in keyboard shortcuts Evaluate the new top-of-the-line Google Chromebook Pixel Troubleshoot and recover from frozen apps and other problems CATEGORY: PC Hardware COVERS: Google Chromebook USER LEVEL: Beginning-Intermediate