Price of HonorPrice of Honor

A look at the treatment of Muslim women in the Islamic world describes the increasing repressive politics that govern their personal lives and how they are confined, isolated, and even killed to protect "male honor." 25,000 first printing. ...

Author: Jan Goodwin

Publisher: Little Brown

ISBN: 0316320285


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A look at the treatment of Muslim women in the Islamic world describes the increasing repressive politics that govern their personal lives and how they are confined, isolated, and even killed to protect "male honor." 25,000 first printing. $25,000 ad/promo.

Women for Afghan WomenWomen for Afghan Women

Quoted in Jan Goodwin , Price of Honor : Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World ( New York : Dutton / Plume , 1995 ) , p . 84 . 4. Jim Garamone , “ Afghanistan : A Battleground Through the Ages , ” American Forces ...

Author: Sunita Mehta

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 1403960178


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This groundbreaking collection traces the history of women's rights and roles in Afghanistan over the past 30 years; it examines the current human rights crisis, and suggests realistic solutions for post-war Afghanistan.

Books In Brief Rethinking Muslim Women The VeilBooks In Brief Rethinking Muslim Women The Veil

20 John Williams, “A Return to the Veil in Egypt,” Middle East Review, 11, 3, (1979), p.50. 21 Zuhur, Revealing Reveiling, ... 35 Jan Goodwin, Price of Honor: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World, (New York: Plume ...

Author: Katherine Bullock

Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)

ISBN: 9781565643581


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Until now the bulk of the literature about the veil has been written by outsiders who do not themselves veil. This literature often assumes a condescending tone about veiled women, assuming that they are making uninformed decisions choices about veiling makes them subservient to a patriarchal culture and religion. “Rethinking Muslim Women and the Veil” offers an alternative viewpoint, based on the thoughts and experiences of Muslim women themselves. This is the first time a clear and concise book-length argument has been made for the compatibility between veiling and modernity. Katherine Bullock uncovers positive aspects of the veil that are frequently not perceived by outsiders. “Rethinking Muslim Women and the Veil” looks at the colonial roots of the negative Western stereotype of the veil. It presents interviews with Muslim women to discover their thoughts and experiences with the veil in Canada. The book also offers a positive theory of veiling. The author argues that in consumer capitalist cultures, women can find wearing the veil a liberation from the stifling beauty game that promotes unsafe and unhealthy ideal body images for women. This book also includes an extensive bibliography on topics related to Muslim women and the veil.

The Myth of the Islamic HeadscarfThe Myth of the Islamic Headscarf

Price Of Honour sub-titled 'Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World' is a fascinating work which makes easy, uncomplicated and precise reading. The eminent Islamic scholar, the late Dr. Zaki Badawi, former director of ...

Author: Omar Hussein Ibrahim


ISBN: 9780244517687


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A book containing the fullest coverage as to why Islam does not oblige Muslim women to cover their hair. Compiled by Omar Hussein Ibrahim, based in London, using the best academic material and press commentary available today.

Feminist Insiders OutsidersFeminist Insiders Outsiders

Muslim Women in Nigeria and the Contemporary Feminist Movement Ibrahim Olatunde Uthman ... Price of Honour: Muslim women lift the Veil of silence on the Islamic World, (Boston/ New York/ Toronto/ London: Little Brown and Company, 1994), ...

Author: Ibrahim Olatunde Uthman

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443815673


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This book examines different brand of women’s feminist struggles and focuses on the struggles of Muslim women who are insiders in the Islamic Movement, as represented in Nigerian Muslim women’s Islamic activism. Drawing on different secular-Islamic Gender feminist theoretical frameworks, the book closely analyses Islamic texts and these Muslim women brand of feminism, which reflect the effects of their strong Islamic commitment culture on their gender relations, postulations and feminist struggles in general. It argues that the Islamic texts portray the pre-modern basis of these Muslim women Islamic feminism—born in the Prophetic era before the secular feminist movement, contrary to the common notion of the Islamic endorsement of Muslim women stereotypical backwardness, domestication and patriarchal domination. This book demonstrates how Muslim women writers have used Islamic organizations to work for, and contribute to, feminist changes.

Moving in the ShadowsMoving in the Shadows

Violence in the Lives of Minority Women and Children Liz Kelly Yasmin Rehman ... Project on a Mechanism to Address Laws that Discriminate Against Women ... Price of Honour: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World.

Author: Liz Kelly

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317093763


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In the UK the number of people who came from a minority ethnic group grew by 53 per cent between 1991 and 2001, from 3.0 million in 1991 to 4.6 million in 2001. Whilst much has been written about the impact of these demographic changes in relation to policy issues, black and minority women and children remain under-researched. Recent publications have tended to focus on South Asian women, forced marriage and 'honour' related violence. Moving in the Shadows brings together for the first time in a single volume, an examination of violence against women and children within the diverse communities of the UK. Its strength lies in its gendered focus as well as its understanding of the need for an integrated approach to all forms of violence against women, whilst foregrounding the experiences of minority women, the communities they are part of, and the organizations which have advocated for their rights and given them voice. The chapters contained within this volume explore a set of core themes: the forms and contexts of violence minority women experience; the continuum of violence; the role of culture and faith in the control of women and girls; the types of intervention within multi-cultural and social cohesion policies; the impacts of violence on British-born and migrant women and girls; and the intersection of race, class, gender and sexuality highlighting issues of similarity and difference. Taken together, they provide a valuable resource for scholars, students, activists, social workers and policy-makers working in the field.

Gender EqualityGender Equality

See, e.g., Fatima Mernissi, The Forgotten Queens of Islam (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 199;); Jan Goodwin, Price of Honour: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World (London: Little, Brown, 1994)Chahla ...

Author: Linda C. McClain

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139480369



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Citizenship is the common language for expressing aspirations to democratic and egalitarian ideals of inclusion, participation and civic membership. However, there continues to be a significant gap between formal commitments to gender equality and equal citizenship - in the laws and constitutions of many countries, as well as in international human rights documents - and the reality of women's lives. This volume presents a collection of original works that examine this persisting inequality through the lens of citizenship. Distinguished scholars in law, political science and women's studies investigate the many dimensions of women's equal citizenship, including constitutional citizenship, democratic citizenship, social citizenship, sexual and reproductive citizenship and global citizenship. Gender Equality takes stock of the progress toward - and remaining impediments to - securing equal citizenship for women, develops strategies for pursuing that goal and identifies new questions that will shape further inquiries.

Postcolonial Theory and the Arab Israel ConflictPostcolonial Theory and the Arab Israel Conflict

... of study in this sense concerns the 'honour-killings' of daughters/sisters, something numerous scholars argue Islam opposes (see, for example, Jan Goodwin, Price of Honour: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World, ...

Author: Philip Carl Salzman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317996385


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Postcolonial theory is one of the main frameworks for thinking about the world and acting to change the world. Arising in academia and reshaping humanities and social sciences disciplines, postcolonial theory argues that our ideas about foreigners, ‘the other,’ particularly our negative ideas about them, are determined not by a true will to understand, but rather by our desire to conquer, dominate, and exploit them. According to postcolonial theory, the cause of poverty, tyranny, and misery in the world, and of failed societies around the world, is Euro-American imperialism and colonialism. Previously published as a special issue of Israel Affairs, this work examines and challenges postcolonial theory. In scholarly, research-based papers, the specialist authors examine various facets of postcolonial theory and application. First, the theoretical assumption and formulations of postcolonial theory are scrutinized and found dubious. Second, the deleterious impact on academic disciplines of postcolonial theory is demonstrated. Third, the distorted postcolonial view of history, its obsession with current events to the exclusion of the historical basis of events, is exposed and corrected. Fourth, an examination of Middle Eastern culture challenges the assumption that these societies have been shaped entirely, and victimized, by Western intrusion. Finally, exploring the Arab-Israel conflict, the one-sided case of postcolonial Arabism is explored and found to be faulty.

Religion and PoliticsReligion and Politics

1910 Vorlesungen über den Islam. Heidelberg: Winter.) Goodwin, J. (1995) Price of Honour: Muslim Women Lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World. New York: Dutton/Plume. Gran, P. (1980) “Political Economy as Paradigm for Study of ...

Author: Jan-Erik Lane

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000152296


Page: 256

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Offering a timely new appraisal of the political and social impact of Islam, Religion and Politics will be welcomed by political scientists and historians alike. In this work, Jan-Erik Lane and Hamadi Redissi employ a Weberian approach, underlining the social consequences of religious beliefs, to account for the political differences between the major civilizations of the world against the background of the rise of modern capitalism in the Occidental sphere. Compared with Weber and his emphasis upon economic modernization, the perspective on religion is broadened to encompass post-modernity; particular attention is paid to human rights and the rule of law. This thought-provoking work raises the question of whether the tenets of Islam might be reconciled with the requirements of post-modernity.